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22019706/13/19976089038Information on tire and wheel runout. *nlm01/12/2000

Consumer Complaints

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 On 9/19/00 we took our car to tire mart, in staunton, va to have tire pressure checked. we were informed that the tires had stress cracks and that the tread appeared to be starting to separate from the tire. this was on all four tires. the dot icur p21 has a box with a # in each box, which is 488, 099, 488, and 448. we don't know if this number is significant but have included it. we would like to know what to do, as we fell that our safety may be in jeopardy? we have e-mailed bridgestone and have not received anything back from them. thank you, hazel and hinman strange. *ak (dot number: icur p21 tiresize: p205/65r15)
 Consumer was driving 55-65mph, approximately 5 hours of driving from point a to point b and back to point a, steering became impossible. vehicle was taken to bridge port auto, and had both broken tie rod ends replaced. tie rods were factory packaged, and there was no way to grease them. tires were also ruined due to tie rod end breakage. *ak
 Tire blew out.