Consumer Complaints

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 My name is jovan j. mathews, and i am a twenty-four year old father of three who is currently receiving social security. i am writing this letter today because i am having some problems with my 1996 dodge stratus (vin# 13ej46x5tn118925). the types of problems that i am having consists of air conditioning leaks, electrical circuits that malfunction, transmission troubles, premature brake wear, head gasket problems, and poor driveability. chrysler motor corporation prides itself as representing value, quality, durability and reliability, but i cant seem to see that as a true statement with all of my current problems. i could not believe all the problems that i am having with this vehicle at one given time so i decided to research my difficulties on the internet and i found that i am not the only one with these same issues. i feel that daimlerchrysler corp should be held responsible for my repairs due to circumstances caused by shoddy parts and quality. so far i have replaced the timing belt, hydraulic tensioner, water pump, alternator, alternator belt, rotors, bake shoes, rear wheel cylinders, pcv valve, dryer, ac compressor, tires, all filters, and fluids. i am in dyer need of a exhaust manifold, windshield, struts, shocks, steering wheel, head gasket. also, i am experiencing steering wheel oscillation/vibration above 50 mph, rough ride on road with irregular surface & bottoming out on pothole, erratic idle, performance loss, overheats in traffic &/or a/c becomes inoperative, warm-up sag, hesitation & driveway die out, rear grid defogger indicator light malfunctions, inside lights work improperly, erratic, late or harsh automatic transmission shifts , frequency rumble or gear noise from front between 50 & 70 mph , musty odor and defroster fails to clear glass. as it appears i need a lot of work and being low income i need help.*ak
 Trunk light continually stayed on, burning item in trunk due to . mjs (attorney for consumer).
 Trunk cargo light stays on while door is closed. light was so hot that it burned through a camping bag. also light is without protective shield. dealer/manufacturer were not notified at this time. can nhtsa help in this matter.*ak