BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
18010002/04/2000609988Subject regarding misdiagnosed leak detection pump systems with diagnostic trouble codes p1494, p0442 p0455, or p0456. *tt04/12/2000
09079812/11/1998603107Subject regarding oil seepage at cam position sensor / misinterpreted head gasket leak. *yc11/17/1999
09089909/17/1999090598607916Technical service bulletin regarding multi-layer steel (mls) head gasket installation procedures. *tt10/18/1999
09079909/17/1999607914Information regarding 2.5l v-6 head gasket application. *tt10/18/1999
09059811/06/1998602898A new multi-layer steel ( mls ) head gasket has been developed and is being implemented into production vehicles. *yc01/20/1999
983006/01/1998601763Subject on labor operation time change for domestic 2.ol dohc and 2.4l head gasket replacement. *yc08/24/1998
18189804/10/1998600764Excessive cold crank time, start die out or weak run-up, sags/stumble/hesitation after a cold start, idle rpm cycling. *yc06/05/1998
180200108/17/2001623153Exhibiting rough idle, hard start and start & stall.*cls10/26/2001
090080001/12/2001618396This bulletin involves installation of a new component to assist cam seal retention. *jb04/12/2001
09099712/19/19976088858Information on gasket surface preparation on aluminum engine components. *nlm01/10/2000
18309809/04/1998602429Conditions with sagging/ hesitation / and stumbling after a cold start. *ak11/04/1998
80302/01/1999604810California emissions recall on reprogramming the powertrain control module. *tt05/14/1999
25029810/23/1998602881Subject regarding i/m ( inspection maintenance ) testing - obd ii carb readiness monitor information. *yc01/20/1999
2500102A09/02/2002250010210006129Malfunction indicator lamp (mil) illumination, diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0442, p0455, or p0456 - leak detection pump (ldp), leak detected. this bulletin supersedes 25-001-02 dated feb 11, 2002. *tt04/21/2004
7931/793212/01/1998604813Catalytic converter may have been welded with incorrect weld wire. *ak05/14/1999
98033103/31/1998601251Improperly welded catalytic converter assemblies. *ak07/14/1998

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Well i have had to replace my oil pressure sensor about 6 times already, it seems like i replace it ever 6 months or so, it has been leaking out of the electrical end of the sensor but never leaks out of the threaded end that goes into the block, it almost caused me to blow up my motor that last time it happened, it is just becoming a huge hassle there has to be some defect in the part, because it doesn't matter which parts store i go too they all end up leaking. *tr
 Throttle cable frayed and stuck in cable housing not letting the engine to idle down. *tr
 1998 dodge stratus caught fire under the hood. *kb ohio traffic crash report. *jb
 1998 dodge stratus caught on fire in the engine compartment. daughter turned a corner when the power steering went out. she pulled over as the engine caught fire. it was extinguished by the fire department.the car was totaled. *jb
 Dt: consumer stated vehicle caught on fire. the vehicle was smoking , and took it to the repair shop. they could not find anything wrong with it. the fire started while the vehicle was in use. it started smoking where the oil filter was the vehicle has not been inspected to see why the fire started. the fire department did come, but the report should be available today or tomorrow. this happened on sunday july 24, 2005. the brakes were serviced about 5 days ago. also a police report was issued. *ak
 While driving vehicle overheated. consumer had to stop to constantly add coolant. took vehicle to dealer for an oil change. dealer found that the head gasket blew out. oil had sprayed from the front end to the back end of the vehicle. *ak
 My 1998 dodage stratus leaks oil to the tune of at least 1 qt every other day. i have to keep a case of oil in my trunk to keep up with the leak. and then it still barely registers on the dip stick. i have a large oil stain in the grass of my driveway. i was told the leak was due to a faulty head gasket. it hasn't blown (yet) but it is only a matter of time before the rest of the car falls to pieces. i emailed a complaint to daimlerchrysler and i got a we are sorry for your dissatisfaction. that was it. i have read all of these complaints and i was just wondering where the responses to them are? has anyone gotten anywhere with this issue? *ak
 Slow oil leak, but not enough to turn on low oil indacator on the dash board. i eventually put a quart of oil in the engine.then i took my car to have it checked out and found out that i had a cracked head gasket.i was very angry when i had found that out especially with only 53,465 miles on the car!!!!!
 The vehicles head gasket failed and the manifold cracked. *nlm *nlm
 Head gasket leak
 1998 dodge stratus head gasket cracked i have 48 thousand miles on the car oil leaking into the cooling system called chrysler they were no help at all this seems to be a very common problem with the dodge stratusthis is going to cost me between eight and nine hundred dollars.i feel the company should make good of this problemi also understand there may be a class action suit against them. hope there is something you can do to help with this problem.i honestly don't feel this type of repair should have to be done at 48 thousand miles
 While driving and without warning the head gasket blew causing oil to leak. dealer notified. ts
 While driving head gasket blewout, causing an oil leak. *ak
 Oil was leaking from engine. consumer couldn't tell where it was coming from. 2 quarts of oil a month had to be added. recently 4th of july 2001, vehicle started to overheat alot. air was coming through the water reservior. thermostat and radiator were replaced, but nothing worked. dealer knows of problem.*ak
 No summary listed for abov evehicle. *ak
 Oil was leaking from engine. consumer couldn't tell where it was coming from. 2 quarts of oil a month had to be added. recently 4th of july 2001, vehicle started to overheat alot. air was coming through the water reservior. thermostat and radiator were replaced, but nothing worked. dealer knows of problem.*ak
 1998 2.7 v-6 engine in dodge stratus vehicle. oil light came on and then the engine quit running. when attempting to obtain information on cost of repairs, i was told by many individuals that this engine has failed in this same manner for all of the vehicles. the oil was changed every 3000-5000 miles, more often that suggested by the owners manual. the owners manual states to change it every 7500 miles or 6 months which every comes first. most of the repair places that i spoke to said that this engine should have been recalled due to this failure. *tr
 Bought a car with a defect in the head gasket. *jb
 Head gasket failed with mileage of less than 35,000. gasket was replaced at owners expense by dealership. *nm
 1998 dodge stratus developed problems with the head gasket.***no answer required***. *mr *nm
 Head gasket failure. cannot afford to replace, just hope the engine will not catch fire. *nm
 Re faulty head gasket on 1998 chrysler dodge stratus. *bf the faulty head gasket caused oil to leak from the engine. the consumer had to put at least 1 quart every other day and even then the oil barely register on the dipstick. *nm
 Engine headgasket failure. i have a 1998 dodge stratus with a 2.4l and a year ago when i noticed that my engine had a very significant oil leak coming from the head gasket. the car has 75000 miles. i contacted dodge recall center and they told me that there is no recall for this problem. i have called for repair quotes and it can range from 600 to 800 dollars to repair. *ak
 Nar 03/17/2003 the head gasket were defective and leaked prematurely in the 1998 dodge stratus. the consumer requested that he be reimbursed for the attempt to repair defective head gaskets in the amount of $ 300.00 from the dealer. *cb *jb
 Head gasket leaks oil at about 70,000 to 80,000 miles and causes extreme fire hazard all over engine. *ak
 While driving the check engine light flashes, on and off, intermittently on the dashboard. the driver noticed oil leaking from underneath the vehicle while parked. the driver took the vehicle to the dealer for inspection. the mechanic informed the driver that a sensor needed to be replaced due to worn part. please fill in additional information. *nm
 Head gasket leaking oil 1998 dodge stratus 2.4 engine with only 41,000 miles. fire hazard.n *ak
 My 1998 dodge stratus is leaking oil to the tune of 2 quarts every 7-10 days. 2 mechanics have looked at it and both feel it is at the very least a defective head gasket and possible rear seal? both have told me it will need about $20 in parts but cost in excess of $800 to fix. i feel this is ridiculous. this has been a problem for some time now and though it started slow at first, it has now become a real safety concern. after researching the internet, i find that this is really a common problem and the manufacturer even redesigned the head gasket because of it but has offered no recall or assistance to the owners that bought the cars on good faith. please advise as to what you intend to do. *jb
 While driving the head gasket leaked oil. *nm the consumer was told by many mechanics that this was a common problem. the consumer had to pay a deductible to have the part replaced. the consumer feels the part should have been replaced free of charge. *nm
 I just bought a 98 stratus with 36000 miles. the first day the weather turned cold and i started it, a huge oil leak developed. the head gasket is out. where can i sign up for the class action suit? *jb
 Consumer noticed oil stains on driveway. upon inspection of the vehicle by the manufacturer he indicated that the engine head gasket was leaking. *ak
 1998 dodge stratus 2.4l engine automatic 1. the engine is severly leaking oil. two mechanics have looked at it and both said it needs a new head gasket. this car only has 76,000 miles on it. upon research, this is a rampant problem. i have seen hundreds of complaints. they have changed the gasket type to fix this problem. this should be a recall item! 2. trunk latch seems to have a sticking problem. this too seems to be a very common problem. *la
 I've started experiencing both head gasket leaks as well as air condition issues. i have paid out over $2,500 combined over the past 18 months. now, i read that this is something that everyone that has a 1998 dodge stratus.*ak
 Engine head casket is blown, causing major oil leakage. *nlm
 I have a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder dodge stratus that has 49,000 miles on it. it has developed a head gasket leak. i've obtained several estimates ranging from $700-$950 to repair the problem. daimler chrysler will not issue any type of recall for this car or many other models like the breeze, neon, avenger and cirrus. they are aware of this problem and have been for some time yet they refuse to cover the problem under warranty nor have they attempted to redesign these engines so the head gaskets don't leak. when you put an aluminum head on a cast-iron block, there will be leaks. the two different metals have too many differences in how they react to temperature changes. as long as these metals are paired together (and the unsuspecting public keeps buying this ill-thought-out design) there will be leaks. *jb
 Engine head casket blew out due to excessive oil leaking. dealer notified. *ak
 The famous head gasket failure that nobody wants to touch. yes, i have a 98 dodge stratus that is leaking at the head gasket. i had to buy one of those flat pans to catch the oil in while the car is parked in the garage. my 2 year old got out there the other day and decided to play in the used oil. is this not a safety issue? having to keep a pan of dirty oil under a car? i drain it once a week and get at least 1 quart. (and have to pay to dispose of it) come on here! so, on top of the fire hazard (hot oil on a hot catalyst), now we have poisoning issues with our children. is anybody going to help us, or should we just start the whole class action lawsuit? i am sure there are enough people here to back me up on this. according to all of the complaints here, dodge already knows about it and made a stronger gasket to replace it with. *nlm
 The vehicle lost oil, and the brake pedal traveled to the floor when applied. the dealer replaced the brake tube and clamp. *jb
 I have been told by 2 mechanics that i have a head gasket leak. my car is only 5 years old and has 37,250 miles. the repair cost is 7-8 hundred dollars. i am retired, on a fixed income and feel chrysler corporation should repair this defect.*jb
 Oil leak in my 1998 dodge stratus after only 35,000 miles. *jb
 1998 stratus, 78000 miles, leaks oil badly. started about 76000 and has worsened. hope this can't catch on fire. *jb
 The head gasket failed.jb
 The engine/head gasket had an oil leak. scc *jb
 Head gasket is blown. oil in the coolant. all hoses and radiator cap have to be replaced and not covered by warranty. 62000
 Timing belt tensioner broke while driving full speed on the freeway. the engine stalled and i was lucky to get to the side of the road safely. now the car has been at the shop for two weeks and dodge states the parts are not in production and unavailable until a later unknown date. i have been told that the part is being remanufactured to eliminate the problem, but the new part hasn't been produced yet. there is not a date set for when the part will be available. dodge obviously knew the part was defective or they would not have improved it for replacement. why was my safety put at risk for a part they knew was a problem?
 I have a 1998 dodge stratus and like many others the head gasket needs replacing. i was told about this in july 2002. i was told by service that this was a known problem and that chrysler would participate in the expense of the repair and it would only cost me $200. at the time i could not afford the repair. also, the leak was not that bad. i was led to believe that the $200 would be the cost when i had the repair work done. when i called to make the appointment jan 20, 2003 because the leak was starting to get worse, i asked the service person if this $200 cost was still in effect. he said he checked on it and was told it was. after i dropped off the car, i got a call later in the morning telling me it would cost me full price. my issue is that since this is a known problem on the 98 stratus why hasn't chrysler (dodge) been made to issue a recall. the realized the problem with the head gasket because they changed the headgasket part approximately nov 1998 in production and replacements.
 Head gasket has busted. it's leaking fuel all over the exhaust. i took it to the dealer who said it could start a fire. he said it would cost about $800 to fix. it requires me to put a quart of oil in it weekly.
 Consumer called complaining about having problems with the head gaskets. also stated that has been on our web site where there is more then 40 complaints.dealer was not contacted at the time of this phone call. mr
 When checking the oil, consumer states the oil reading kept decreasing rapidly. consumer took to dodge, dodge says the gasket is too thin and is causing a leak. please provide any further information. ph
 Car began leaking oil, but has gotten really bad in the last couple of weeks. i took it to my mechanic and it has been diagnosed as having a faulty head gasket. apparently a common and wide spread problem with this type year car. dt
 Oil leak under engine head, causing smoke to come into car.*ak
 While traveling noticed a burning smell and oil stains under vehicle. dealer has been contacted, and indicated that head gasket needed to be replaced. *akconsumer spoke to a dodge representative who informed consumer that this was a common problem with these vehicles. *jg
 Head gasket is leaking oil. the dealership diagnosed problem and gave me a quote of $800 to replace head gasket. i told the dealer that there are numerous complaints surrounding this particular vehicle. i did not feel i should have to pay all of the expense.*ak
 Head gasket was replaced originally in nov 00 and was replaced 3 additional times within the next 6-8 month period. i noticed the same problem again earliers this year and am preparing to take it in for the 5th time.*ak
 My head gasket hasn't totally blown yet but my car is going through a quart of oil a week. i've had the gasket cover replaced and new spark plug wires installed. oil still coming out . i take care of my car but not through the dealer. i had to replace the rotors at 16000 miles. albany dodge said that they could resurface them for $90 a piece. i believe the rotors should not have been messed up at that time.*ak
 March 2002 noticed oil leakage. had it checked and found that the head gasket needed replaced. the car didn't have even 60000 miles on it. secondly, the car starting just this summer has stalled on numerous occasion. the temperature has always been above 90 degrees and the air conditioning has been running on high. it stalls only when i'm at a stop or in bumper to bumper traffic trying to shift from first. i have a standard, the clutch doesn't feel like it is slipping, and i'm sure it's not user error. this just started stalling this summer. i've had it to the dealership, but they didn't find anything wrong with the car. but it stalls consistently when the temp. reaches above 90 degrees.*ak
 Head gasket is leaking oil due to faulty gasket. *ak
 Head gasket is leaking again. the dealership replaced while it was still under warranty at 71000 miles, however it now is leaking again at 107000 miles. i have had so many major problems with this stratus, such as failed brake line, air conditioning system, continual misfire on the engine when the ac is turned on and requires a downshift, failed rack and pinion system, leaking cam position sensor, failed tie rod ends, leaking oil pan, continual oil leaks after numerous attempts by dealership to stop leaks, etc.*ak
 Head gasket leaked oil and caused major damage to car. there was suddenly a big oil puddle under vehicle which is also a safety hazard. it is a factory defect (head gasket was redesigned by chrysler since 98) but they refuse to provide compensation for repair.*jb
 Vehicle was losing oil while driving. vehicle was taken to a repair shop, and a dealer. both informed consumer that vehicle have a blown head gasket. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
 Dealership replaced sensor inside of engine compartment. currently, vehicle is leaking oil from underneath the hood.*ak
 A significant oil leak developed because of a failed head gasket in 10/2000. mileage at time of failure around 42,000. replacement gasket (dodge replacement as per service bulletin # 09-08-99 installed by dodge dealership mechanics) failed in 3/2002 after 21,000 miles. *ak
 Oil was leaking from head gaskets, cause unknown. consumer is concerned that this could eventually cause a fire. please give any further details.*ak
 My car has been leaking oil, i am not sure how long. after calling several places to get estimates i found that every machanic was aware of the problem. i researched the internet to find out if anyone else had complained about the head gasket and found that there are a lot of complaints. my car is in the shop now and the cost to repair is more than i can affford. also, since i do not know how long this has been leaking i feel that this is a serious environmental problem.*ak
 Vehicle is leaking oil, leak is extremely bad. vehicle has to be refilled with two quarts of oil every couple of days. dealer has been contacted.*ak
 The head gaskets fail on these cars pre-maturely and oil leaks from the engine spraying oil mist onto the catalitic converter wich could in turn start the vehicle on fire. i have read hundreds of complaints on the internet and have called the daimler-chrysler recall line and they have no intention on making this problem correct for the consumer. estimates to repair this defective head gasket have ranged between 700 and 800 dollars. i firmly believe that these vehicles need to be recalled and repaired for free it is clearly a defect in material/workmanship that never happens to cars normally and a fire hazard from the oil mist contacting the very hot catalitic converter. please help us. *ak
 I have had numerous problems with this vehicle, other than those listed, plus there is much more information to support the problems i have listed. i have experienced a heater core failure, brakes replaced already twice on the vehicle with less than 40,000 miles on the car. i have had a defective seat belt (passenger), the timing chain is a major engine repair that i just had down. now i am still dealing with the residule prodblem with my heating/defrost since k & m replaced my water pump on 10/17/01. overall i consider this car to be a real piece of crap and i absolutely would never buy another stratus and in fact, i will never buy another chrysler vehicle ever. i feel i have stung with a lemon and basically i no legal recourse which is very unfair to me, the consumer. i am still paying on this piece of crap. if nothing else, i hope to warn anybody else, please do your homework ahead of time and don't buy a dodge stratus. any assistance nhtsa might offer would be greatly appreciated. i can provide any documentation and detail that you require. thank you.
 Even though this is a known problem chrysler refuses to pay for the repair. after replacing the headgasket twice, they are now telling me that the oil leak is due to a possibly warped cylinder head. so far the best chrysler has done is pay for half of the cost.*ak
 Head gaskets fail on chrysler 2.4 liter engines lots of people with the same problem head gasket had to be redisigned see service bulletin # 090598 my oil was leaking from head gasket and blowing onto the exhaust manifold posing a fire risk dealer replaced head gasket however didnt cover the entire charges. *ak
 At approximatly 49,500 miles on my 1998 dodge stratus i noticed an oil leak while doing an oil change. i kept a watch on this and determined that the head gasket was where the problem was. at this time i did some research on the internet and found out that there were many complaints and service bulletins on the head gasket on this model and engine size. i then contacted the dealer where the vehicle was purchased and they verified that the head gasket was the problem and that it was going to cost me $600.00 or more to have the problem fixed. i then did more research into this and found out that there is an excessivly high incident of the head gasket failing on this model in both the 1997 and 1998 years, and when questioning people in the surrounding area found out that nearly every person that has purchased this model and engine combination have had the same failure and most of them with around 50,000 miles. i do not feel that i should have to pay the full amount to repair something that is a known and commen manufacturer problem ( dodge implemented a new gasket design on the 1999 model year to correct the problem). also i think that based on the frequency of this failure there should be a full manufacturer recall, this problem also causes a safety concern of the possibility of a fire in the engine compartment due to the severity, and location of the oil leak .*ak
 While driving noticed smoke coming from under hood. stopped vehicle and lifted hood. head gaskets was leaking oil onto engine. had no prior warning. took vehicle to mechanic, and had no indication what caused leakage.*ak
 We just notice a oil leak today and took it up to repair shop and they stated that it was th e head gasket and this is a common problem with dodge/ chrysler cars. *ak
 There have been 5 technical service bulletins issued in regard to the head gasket on this vehicle. i feel that it is a problem that chrysler has been aware of since manufacturing it, and they should have extended the warranty to cover this part. i had not driven the car for 36 months yet but my mileage was over the 36,000 limit, i feel i should be reimbursed the $412.71 i was charged as this has been a problem with this vehicle. *ak
 Head gasket already faulty at only 71,000 miles. should have lasted until at least 100,000
 Head gasket is leaking oil, it is only leaking a few spots here and there, but most of the oil has leaked in consumer's driveway. consumer has contacted dealer and the dealer is not willing to do anything. *ak *slc
 1998 dodge stratus 64,000 miles with head gasket problems????? doesn't seem right. *ak
 Engine was leaking oil and consumer had to add a quart a week. dealer originally said it take $600-$800. after consumer told dealer there were alot of complaints on the internet, dealer reduced the price to $150.00.*ak
 The vehcile was leaking oil, progressively getting worse, but was fixed by the dealer. the consumer stated that head gasket was a common problem with this model of the vehicle. *yh
 The vehicle developed an extensive oil leak due to a faulty head gasket design. nlm
 Head gaskets blewout, causing oil leakage. dealer has inspected vehicle.*ak
 I noticed oil on the outside of engine. i brought our car to downtown tire in hastings, mn where they told me that there was a headgasket leak. the mechanic also told me that he has heard about and seen a lot of problems with the dodge stratus and headgaskets. told us to take it to the dodge dealer and have it fixed. ron becker, inc told us that there really wasn't any problems with headgaskets but they would check our car out. they then called us to say it was definetly the head gasket it cost me $99 for the parts and $552.50 for labor. i have been checking the internet and have found out that there has been a number of head gasket leaks and would like something done or compensation.*ak
 Warranty expired on10/27/01.was told on 1/31/01 that head gasket leaking needs replacement.two months out of warranty,35,571 miles yet needs new gasket?checking your database,service bullentin 090598,seq. 291,nhtsa # sb602898,states that chrysler develope new mls gasket to be implemented on 1999 models to correct such a problem.incomplaint database,odi # 714001, states chrysler aware of gasket failures.a head gasket is a costly/time consuming job especially when not under warranty.if this is a known problem,and a new gasket has been introduced,should there not be a recall or a update nade to the 1998 models.? could you please help out this situation? *ak
 I took my car in because i needed to have the brakes repaired as a regular item of repair, secondary to wear and tear. this was early in december 2000. the mechanic also checked over the car and reported that as with many 1998 dodge stratus' i will need to keep an eye on the cylinder head gasket. the mechanic also informed me that i should check with the dealer and see if this item has yet been recalled. i then had no problems for the next few weeks when i was turning around a corner slowly and an awful noise occurred. i then parked the car and when i returned i had a large oil leak on the ground. i scheduled an appointment with my trusted mechanic and they checked it over when they noticed that the head gasket needed replacing, the entire pulley system was seizing up and needed replacing and my manifold needs to be replaced. the cost of this was $1,000 and that was without replacing the manifold, as i could not afford it at that time. i have called the dealership and they reported that they would have to schedule an appointment to look at the car, submit a claim to the regional manager of daimler chrysler and they have been known to help out with approx. $200. of the repairs. well since i was in the process of moving to ga from ca and had to stay on schedule i was unable to stay back for the appointment which wasn't until a week later. upone my request for the name and number of the regional manager of daimler chrysler, they said , i cannot give that information to you. we are the only ones with this information and you must bring to car in for us to inspect. when i asked them if this inpection would cost, they reported, depending upon the tests needed. i knew that financially, even if i was approved for $200 assistance i was better off getting this fixed by a trusted less expensive mechanic and fight the battle later. clearly a vehicle with 70,000 hwy miles, with oil changes every 3,500 miles should not need a new manifold, a new pulley system and all new gaskets
 Consumer noticed large amount of oil on driveway. dealer has been contacted. technician stated that head gasket needed to be replaced. *ak the head gasket failure results in leaking oil on to the engine which would be fire hazard a s well. *yh
 My vehicle developed an oil leak at the head gasket, the dealer says an entire head assembly is necessary, my research at your site shows service bulletins & other complaints about this leak. is there any recourse to the manufacturer, since i am looking at a $750 repair bill on a vehicle that should not have this problem this soon.*ak
 Check oil light alerted me to a problem which was confirmed by a licensed mechanic. the problem is a blown head gasket. while car was in the shop, mechanics suggested i look for a recall. none at the present time. talked to dodge dealer. was told that since i had over 75000 miles and a non-dodge mechanic was repairing the problem, there was nothing they could do. it has become obvious that this is a growing problem. this should be addressed as a recall. i caught it early. dodge should step up and fix the problem, regardless of the number of miles on the vehicle. some poeple properly maintain their vehicles. *ak
 Noticed oil leak that would come and go. recently noticed oil leaking from head gasket. mechanic says it is verry common on these cars. is there any help offered by dodge? *ak
 This car has been a major problem. head gasket failed at approx 11,000 on my way to airport to pick up family on april 10, 1999. couldn't get it in for service until april 14, 1999. transmission clutch started catching or scraping on something shortly after head gasket was replaced, i was told when work was completed (replaced cables on 11/18/1999) that problem was manufacturer defect mileage was 18,373. was again experiencing same problem with clutch on 2/29/2000. upon speaking with service team, was told there was a bad bearing in the transmission and they would be replacing both the cables and transmission parts; i also asked for them to check the engine light , because it was coming on and had a strong smell of gasoline; vaccum system was replaced. on 3/24/2000 internal parts of transmission were replaced at 22,349 mi. on 06/05/2000 engine stalled and was difficult to restart, engine was running really rough, replaced mapping computer @25,008 mi. came home from work on 8/23/2000 strong odor of gasoline. opened hood and watched gas leaking all over exhaust manifold. had it towed to dealership on 8/24/2000 w/ 29,539 mi. replaced cracked fuel injectors and leaking hoses. the car is now in again because of yet the same transmission/clutch problem previously complained about. think . . . i'm driving down i 95 with my family in my car. transmission fails, big truck runs the car over . . . does chrysler want that headache?
 Head gasket on the vehicle has failed. upon research of this issue , i find more people with the same problem. one person had it replaced 4 timess. the company won't recall it . this is unexceptable . a high percentage of these vehicles have this failure at the 50,000 mile mark. why is there not a recall. oil and heat....fire!
 I have talked to other stratus/breeze owners and they told me to expect the leak because crysler was having problems with their gaskets. at the time i didn't have a problem, but sure enough, it's starting to leak alot!*ak
 Car began leaking oil..though it was due to last oil change .took car back to place where oil was changed and was told head gasket was gone and was a common problem with the model engine.car was repaired by dealer without cost to me. *ak
 Gasket replaced with new style gasket. chrysler realizes the old one fails. mechanics at this garage have done numerous ones
 There are several references in internet newsgroups about this head gasket problem but a clarksville dealer says that it is not a common problem
 Head gasket leaking, millage 69310,total cost $1003. *ak
 My dodge stratus 98 has a major oil leak from the head gasket which can blow my engine - according to my friend who is a mechanic. he says that most of these models have this problem but there was recall only for 95-96 models. is there anything on process to extend the recall??? the car is worth $2,600 and the repair will cost me $2,000.*ak
 At 78,000 mile delevoped a bad oil leak, don't know if it can catch on fire. it sure smells bad. *nlm
 At approx 60,000 miles my 1998 dodge stratus, developed an oil leak at the head gasket, a cracked exhaust manifold, a timing belt tensioner and cover that have failed, a leaking water pump that needs replacing. my mechanic estimates $2150.00 to replace and repair all these items. to top this off my mechanic tells me that it will take 2 to 3 weeks to get the timing belt tensioner and cover because there's a big back order on these items. meanwhile i'm without a car! by reveiwing the complaints on the web, i see that this vehicle's head gasket was redesigned by chrysler since 1998, also the timing belt tensioner has been redesigned. the car has been great up to this point. however i feel, all these recent problems are clearly pre-mature especially since chrysler has had to redesign the head gasket and tensioner in order to correct the problems with these items. should there not be a recall on the 1998 dodge stratus for all these breakdowns? do i have any recourse on this? could you please help out. thank you.
 Massive oil leak from head gasket there is a consistant problem with the 98 (and other years) dodge stratus engines. the head gasket is leaking oil massively. whe you are driving it splatters down the underside of the car, landing on the catalytic converter, the exhaust pipes and muffler. i have no fires of yet, but we have restricted use to short trips. here is a link to a message baord with similar people with problems. http://www.cartrackers.com/forums/live/chrysler/8.html
 Please contact me if you have any information on this subject. dt
 Head gasket failure internet reveals widespread problem. dealer acknowledged problem. called chrysler they said individual dealers would handle problem on a case by case basis. reputable dealer also aaa offered to repair as good will for $378. i hope someone else benefits from my experience. what is the correct thing for a manufacturer to do when it appears every single engine will eventually fail before the expected life of the part? can the gov't help us? dt
 Started with an oil leak that required about a quart of oil per tank of gas. this suddenly got much worse, about three weeks ago. car began to overheat and also had no heat inside. my first thought was a thermostat and i purchased one and went to replace it, only to find the coolant looking like chocolate milk. seems to be a clear indication of a ruptured head gasket. engine will still run and there seems to be no structural damage, only that the oils is blowing into the water. with no heat on the inside, i would hope that a heating/coolant system flush will take care of that. dt
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 On three occasions, consumer noticed engine oil and service engine soon lamp had illuminated, dealer found engine oil was leaking, but could not determine from where, dealer changed engine oil, replaced oil filter, and checked engine, but problem still exists, consumer is placing up to three quarts of oil every week. vehicle stopped completely causing vehicle to jerk violently and causing an accident. *tt
 My dodge stratus/98 has recently began giving me a load of problems.it all began summer 2001 with the drivers side door not being able too close.i did not think anything was wrong untill i attempted to continuously close my door and it would not shut.so i looked carefully and the latch that locks the door in place was comming undone.i than tried to make the door shut but the problem was greater than that.the screw was gone and the second was almost out of tact.the labor and screw replacement along with the towe cost me around $60.00.than luck would have it the same incident occured again on the left-hand front passenger side with labor and parts costing $30.00.the problem with my engine began in november, i had noticed that my car oil and engine warning had appeared so i took my car to a mechanic had oil-filters,air-condition fluid,water,& engine all checked and repaired.the mechanic told me all i needed and $360.00 was well invested.i thought all was fine but the service signal for oil and sometimes engine were constantly appearing. i took my car back and the mechanic told me that i needed more oil and when did i last have my car checked,i advised him that it was not long ago he than emphasized that i was lucky my car had not locked.the next week the same thing but another mechanic.he told me my oil was leaking he could not determine from where so he recommended i change my oil-filters,oil brand and put car on machine dialiysis.he did all this totaling $73.00.yet a week later i'm having to place up to three quarts of oil every week.i contacted a local dodge dealer here in eastman ga 31023 and he told me of daimler luck would have it you all had just sent me notification of brake change. i made the complaint and no one contacted me so now today i had a bad accident my car completly stopped leaving me stranded and when my car stopped it jerked me leaving me stunned but concious and my car is now out of service. *ak
 They want me to pay $900 for a defect that occurred to the 1995 model. nlm
 I have contact chrysler and told them and they are unresponsive. no safety defect listed in summary. *ak
 I have heard a lot of people complain about this problem. dodge apparently has a service bulliten out on extending the warranty, but it's hard to get dealers to look into it. no safety defect listed. *ak
 Oil leak leaks onto exhaust pipe , concern of fire hazard and ground contamination. *ak
 While driving oil leaked onto spark plugs, causing vehicle to hesitate. consumer took vehicle to a mechanic, and they stated that head gasket needed replacing. please provide any further information. *ak
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 I noticed my car oil light came on - so i checked the oil and much to my amazement i showed no oil level on the dip-stick so i added oil until it showed on the dip-stick which ended up being 2 qts low. since january i have added at least 3 qts a day, costing me a numerous amount of money. also my windshield has been cracking since feb, 99 the crack has almost reached the drivers side. *ak
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 Engine leaking a quart of oil a week. serious environmental issue. *ak
 1998 dodge stratus faulty head gasket. *ak
 Engine serpentine belt failure.*ak
 Engine serpentine belt was frayed.*ak
 The exhaust manifold has cracked. attempts to find a replacement have been difficult. all salvage yards that had one says that theirs is also cracked. *tr
 While the vehicle was parked consumer noticed fluid leaking from underneath the vehicle. it was taken to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic determined that head gasket'; return true; onmouseout=window.status=''; return true;>head gasket needed to be replaced. *ak the consumer stated that the tie rod fell off. *tc
 I recently bought a stratus from a used car dealer and i know buyer beware. any how, i was told by the dealership that they got it from a dodge dealership and they said it had a head gasket leak. the dealership that i got it from said they looked it over and it wasn't a head gasket, but an oil pan leak. anyhow, i bought it(hook-line and sinker). went to get an inspection and was told that it was a head gasket leak. took it to a couple others and they said it was that. so, i told the company i bought it from and got 300.00 back . then proceeded to take it to a dodge dealership(gladstone dodge) here in town. they said that it was a head gasket leak, but also said it was many other thing to the tune of 2000.00, i didn't have the money for that so i took it to another dealership that just found a head gasket leak and a few other minor things and fixed it all for a 1000.00. what i dont understand with all these problems with the head gasket is why they haven't been recalled? unfortunates, i don't have the old parts to this but wish i did. *ak
 Mechanic determined that intake manifold was cracked. and coolant spilled inside the engine and the overflow. *ak
 Problems with vehicle's head gasket. *mr the consumer was told that this part was not covered under warranty. *sc
 Consumer had the oil changed in the vehicle, and was told that the head blew a gasket. manufacturer informed the consumer that the gasket was defective, but no recall was anticipated for that part. *ak