BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
080100105/25/2001620059Subject regarding airbag / clock spring service for various models including 2002 model year jeep liberty. *tt07/10/2001
0800600REV12/29/2000080600618049Subject regarding wire splice repairs. *sb04/03/2001
19020003/03/2000610631Brief information regarding ignition lock cylinder service. *tt05/09/2000
08060002/25/2000609995This bulletin provides a revised wire splice procedure and related parts. *tt04/12/2000

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Had dodge stratus 2000 es for ten years. mileage at approcimately 53,000. this year when interior hot the following do not work: windshield wipers, dash gauges, security system, dash indicator for transmission gear, cool air through air conditioner. sometimes while driving this problems happens and am unable to see what gear car is in, what speed, fuel left, wipers not functioning all which are safety issues. when interior cool, all functions return. worked with a good mechanic who diagnosed faulty body control module also called a multi function module. $750 dollars later, car ok.
 2000 dodge stratus caught fire while car was parked. fire dept. believes the problem was electrical. fire began on driver side near fuse bow and door panel area. fuses did not blow. *tr
 The car's engine went up in flames the car was parked, and off. the firefighter said that it appears to have started in the car's battery box. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 dodge stratus. the contact was informed by neighbors that her vehicle was on fire. the vehicle had been parked for only five minutes. the fire and police department extinguished the fire. the vehicle was towed back to her residence. the weather was approximately 75-78 degrees and cloudy. the # of cylinders was unknown. the current and failure mileages were 144,000.
 Tl*- the contact stated that on 07/30/06 the 2000 dodge stratus was parked in a parking garage. after parking the vehicle it became engulfed in flames. there were no warning lights or any indication of a failure. she stated that the fire department came and extinguished the fire. the fire department was not able to tell the contact what caused the fire due to the extent damage. the contact didn't have any reports for the cause of the fire. the fire damaged another vehicle that was parked next to her vehicle. she stated that she had no insurance on her vehicle, and had to pay for the damage of the other vehicle out of pocket. the contact stated that she will be able to obtain the insurance claim from the other vehicle owner. the current and failure mileage were both 87000.*ak
 My daughters drive a 2000 model dodge stratus. on one we have replaced the heater resistor switch that controls the fan on low speeds three times. on the other one we have replaced it once. *jb
 Ac blower motor would only work on high. replaced the resistor 4 times. when i asked about at the dealers they said most likely the blower motor was bad. replaced the blower motor and that seems to have fixed the problem for now. *jb
 Tl* - the contact stated that the 2002 dodge stratus got stuck in mud. contactb went to get help when she returned approximately 15 minutes later the vehicle was engulfed in flames. the vehicle was towed to a junk yard. the contact stated there were no warning indicators. she had not had any recent repairs. *ak
 Dt*: the contact stated the vehicle caught fire while parked in a parking lot. the contact noticed a smell of burnt plastic inside the vehicle and the power door locks stopped working prior to the incident. the contact went to school and returned to inspect the vehicle a couple hours later. the radio did not turn on and white smoke was noticed coming from the power mirror controls. a 6 inch flame erupted 2-3 mins later. the contact poured water on the flame near the power mirror controls, which extinguished the fire. the fire or police department was not contacted. the manufacturer was contacted but offered no assistance, and refused to take a safety complaint.
 When putting car in reverse, lights fail and blows the fuse. am using appropriate fuse called for in owners manual. also, noticed trunk light bulb was burnt and melted, when i purchased it. took it back to dealer that sold me the car, said they could find nothing wrong. however, the problem still remains. *nm
 While driving the car,noticed white smoke i pull over to look under the hood noticed that smoke was coming from behind where the spark plugs are just to the right of the power steering cap(while looking at engine with the hood up). smoke subsided continued to drive noticed smoke 2 other ocassions the same day same area of engine, pulled car into driveway and approximately 15 minutes passed my 2000 dodge stratus was in flames from under the hood. *nm
 Fire under hood in 2000 dodge stratus. *nm
 After having used my 2000 dodge stratus, i stationed it in my house and as to the to 30 minutes i smelled cable burning, when i left home, the left side of the motor was throwing away smoke and immediately a fire erupted, i called 911 and the police and firemen attended the fire. with chrysler of puerto rico and i notify them of what happened but they only tell me that are not heads, at present i am working that case with my insurance company. my car was totally destroyed. *jb
 Dt: the main computer shorted ot and caused a fire. consumer was working with a mechanic and that was when the computer shorted out. they were working on the air conditioner. another mechanic stated that this was a common problem for this vehicle, and he knew at least three other people that this happened to while they were driving with the air condition turned on. consumer havd to disconnect the battery because it would short out becuase ccould not get to the battery quick enough because of the way the car was designed.*ak
 Dt: car burned in driveway. was driving the car and the car started to smoke. the smoke stopped after the consumer got home. about 20 minutes later, the car caught on fire under the hood. the car was a total loss. had the car towed to a body shop. the manufacturer's investigators came, and consumer's claim was denied. the vehicle was totaled. the dash lights were flickering and the power steering made a lot of noises prior to the fire incident.
 The heat in the consumer's vehicle stopped working at only 32,000 miles. *bf *nm
 Driving on i 35 going north mile marker 34 , i smelled smoke, stopped care, got grandson out. open hood, and flames shot from car engine. a volunteer firefight was behind me and stopped and put out the fire. lathrop fire station was notified. and they came just as the fire was out. i called my wife sally meyer and told her of events and my grand son and i got a ride home. the care was towed to a-1 auto located in cameron missouri by scotty?s towing service out of cameron m missouri. our insurance company american family insurance is currently investigating it. i have noticed there are other fires that have been reported for this year. are you going to do something about this? obviously there is a serious design flaw in the electrical system. we are now with out a car. is there anyone that can help us with the dodge company to rein verse us for this damage?*ak
 Started car and lowered window (power). minutes after i started to drive, the power mirrors on both sides began to move by themseves. minutes later smoke started coming out of the driver side door panel. minutes after that flames shot out of top of door panel. i pulled over and got out of car. the fire was put out by someone with a fire extinguisher. the body shop ewald chrysler mayfair on mayfair road in wawatosa wi replaced the door. to my knowledge no fused had to be replaced. i don't know if parts are available. *la
 Driving down road and the tention pulley fell out . also, driving after it was fixed car died when turning corner and will not start. just bought 5 months ago. *la
 I owned until last night a 2000 dodge stratus, well now i am another fire victim i guess. car was parked had ignition in the aux position to listen to music while i was cleaning up our storage area. got into car to start it up and boom. first heard a pop followed by immediate engulfing fire under hood engine compartment. whole thing burnt to the ground in less than five minutes. i have pictures if you need them. thanks terri *tr
 My dodge stratus 2000, 65,071 mileage, caught fire in the engine compartment. everything under the hood melted. the fire did not reach the inside compartment of the car. the firefighters were speedy at putting out the fire. there was smoke coming out from under the hood after about 10 min. of driving. and a burning smell which i thought was engine oil. i took it to a dodge dealer for repair. they replaced the transmission pan, the valve cover gasket, spark plugs and belts. the car continued to smoke and, as i told my husband, i thought there was like sooty ashes being deposited on top of the hood. i assumed it was burning off the old oil that had spilled on the engine. after two days of driving i called the dodge dealer in the morning when i confirmed that the car was still leaking transmission fluid and oil and still smoking. they said to bring it back on monday. i went home that evening, picked up one child from day care and then we both went to pick up another child from her after-school place. we walked out about 12 minutes later and half the street was engulfed in thick smoke. i could see fire under the front of the car. we ran back in and called the fire dept. my insurance investigators could not determine the source of the fire because everything was melted in the engine compartment. they totaled the car. the dealer said leaking oil does not cause fires. they believed it was electrical. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated while exiting the interstate white smoke came from under the hood and engine compartment. although the temperature gauge remained at a normal level the smoke persisted and the contact continued to drive home. once pulled over the hood was opened and flames shot out of the engine. the contact closed the hood. the fire department came, but the closed hood already extinguished the fire. a fire report was taken, but did not identify a source of ignition. the vehicle was towed to a dealer. the dealer did not replace the engine, but repaired the parts of the engine that were damaged by the fire. over a year later, under the same driving conditions, the contact noticed white smoke coming from the seam of the hood and fender. the contact immediately pulled over and called the fire department. the fire was extinguished and a report was filed, but again they were unable to identify the source of the fire. the vehicle was towed to the dealer. the dealer did not replace the engine, but repaired the parts of the engine that were damaged by the fire. afterwards, the engine started but the vehicle did not accelerate at a normal speed, and distributed a loud noise from the engine compartment. *ak
 Vehicle shut down. consumer got out of the vehicle and saw there was a fire under the hood. fire department arrived to put the fire out. vehicle was totaled.*ak *bf *nm
 After being in an accident head on there was not much damage to vehicle, soon after consumer got out of vehicle, it caught on fire. contacted dealer, and the dealer was not willing to do anything.*ak consumer stated abs failed.*slc
 About 3 months ago my heater stopped working only from low to medium. if it is put on high it works no problem. the lights on the heater/air conditioning knobs have all stopped working as well except for the defrost light. the knob for the temperature control is also very hard to turn. i know i am not the only one. the driver side window has also decided to work when it likes. i know this is not the button because i have had to replace the button on the passenger window. why is it when the car is covered under a warranty they give you the run around but when the problem is not cover any more they want to charge a lot of $ to fix it? *jb
 Heater a/c blower only works on high. does not defrost properly