Consumer Complaints

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 Dt: the contact stated in december 2005 the air bag light illuminated. afterwards, the steering wheel became extremely hard to turn left or right, and a there was a crackling noise in the driver's side steering column. also, the horn and the cruise control were inoperative. there is a technical service bulletin 0801001 on the clock spring. *ak
 Dodge stratus 2001, 46000 miles. car was purchased used from the us government on public sale. air bag light on, horn does not work, cruise control also affected. this is caused by faulty clockspring part located in steering wheel. i called dodge after discovering on your web site that there was a recall for 1,500,000 grand caravans that had a same problem caused by their faulty clockspring. grand caravans also had air bag light on, horn was not working and cruise control was off. i express my concern to dodge since this is a safety issue and i was hoping they will consider fixing this. i been told to take the car to dealership for diagnostics and after they receive results they will consider fixing this. diagnostics were performed and result was that the clockspring was broken. dodge declined my request for fixing the problem. i end up paying for diagnostics to find out what i already knew. i believe that clockspring mechanism for dodge stratus is something what should be recalled for this model since it is safety issue, that appeared on other recalled models.
 2001 dodge stratus - crackling sound in steering wheel, air bag light on , no horn. the vehicle is still operating. there is also another report on your site of the same problem although i have not checked the cruise control yet. date of prior complaint was 02/07/05.*ak