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080100304/25/200310001520Seat belt cinch bar service for various models including 2004 models. *tt06/05/2003


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 There are no injuries or fatalities associated with this alleged defect.while conducting this investigation, odi found that the subject cinches meet the load bearing requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard 208, and that many of the reported failures were due to incorrect child safety seat installations. additionally, the report rate is low (1.60/100k).the information available fails to establish the existence of a defect trend at this time.further allocation of agency resources to this issue is unwarranted and the preliminary evaluation is being closed.

Consumer Complaints

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 Dodge stratus engine die out due to crankshaft position sensor that came in contact w/ a protective shield, which consequently caused a grouted circuit. thereby causing my engine to die out. my vehicle is a lease, and the warranty is up, and i never received any recall information. recall info on this call, and the prior year are numerous deadly one. those which can possibly cause injury, or death. i was almost a statistic today when my vehicle died out completely in an exit ramp off the highway. please help me find out how responsible the dealership is because i never received any!!!! recall letters. i received their bill, but yet no recall info. this vehicle is only three years old. i have prior to this vehicle purchased three other vehicles from yonkers avenue dodge, and have traded them in for new ones, but they too had problems, and the dealer never gave me any breaks in price. they just saw a female walk in, and read the sucker sign on my forehead. anyhow my car is now stuck in a shell gas station, which was consequently off the ramp i was stuck on. i was pushed there to get me out of harms way. i will not allow this dealer to continue to stick people, or chrysler to stick people with the bill to a car that dies out before the lease is up!! if you can help please email me. as well as let other dodge stratus se owners know that the numerous problems these cars suffer from before these owners get killed, or kill others. thank you for your attention to this matter. respectfully, ms. vivian pena. *cb
 The rear middle seat belt latch didn't lock in place and the rear left seat belt wouldn't retract. *ak