BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
090010512/10/20050900105A10013774Cylinder head bolt re-torque procedure. gpop - issue review system. *tt04/26/2005
180400410/21/200410010535Driveability improvements. engine stumbles, runs rough, idle fluctionation, or surge when at idle or coming to a stop. *eh11/30/2004
180240406/01/200410008426Idle fluctuation and or malfunction indicator lamp (mil) illumination diagnostic trouble codes p0300, p0301, p0302, p0303 or p0304. *tt07/30/2004
090110404/27/200410006892Incorrect oil filter usage. also includes 2005 sebring and stratus. *tt05/18/2004
090070403/02/200410006455Irregular engine snapping sound. *tt05/03/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Car was parked in the driveway about 1 day. as i started the car i heard a big bang, and the engine seized up. car will not turn over. no warnings or anything to indicate something was wrong with the engine. i decided to look under the hood, and i pulled out the dipstick and spotted a dark milky substance. i bought this car about 3yrs. ago, and kept the maintenance up on the car.
 I was driving home and felt a miss in the engine, placed in neutral to see if it was just a bump or imagination. i watched the engine rpms drop to zero. somehow the vehicle started back up and i was able to stop in time only to have to throw it in neutral again and drive two footed all the way home because the engine was trying to die. so, i drove my truck to work for the next week and then saturday came around and i fired the car up nothing appeared or sounded unusual. i let it idle for about 5 min. backed up and out of the drive way and at the second stop sign i hung a right and heard a pop noise followed by a card in bike spoke sound from the engine, i opened the hood, again no damage ....the valve cover closest to the front of the vehicle had 2 cracks in it! it was oozing out oil. so as it turns out though i got really lucky, i bent 2 valves on #3 piston, also did compression leak down test on all other cylinders they were fine. (if your chain snapped it is a very easy and fast test to determine if your motor is junk or not and should not cost you much at all) dealerships wanted over 6k for long block, the car isn't worth that much! auto parts stores wanted over 400 bucks for timing set only. i found the timing chain set, oil pump, and water pump on line for half the cost of the timing chain set alone. good brand names too! upon removing the timing cover and heads from the engine i found the cause of the problem, the water pump bearings seized, and because that water pump is driven by the large timing chain it was the cause of the chain snapping and almost ruining my entire engine. ## vin failed ## dodge stratus 2004 r engine code 2.7l ## *tr
 I have a 2004 dodge stratus that i recently was having rough idle and ended up stalling on me. the problem started several months ago and i had a tune up done on the car and the spark plugs where replaced. i then continued to have issues and the independent shop replaced the ignition wires. they said the computer was not giving a code however they could monitor the system and see a misfire on cylinder one. they changed the wire on 1 to 3 and 3 to 1 and then the same behavior occurred on cylinder 3. i had the car for about 3 days and after staring it up and letting it warm up on a cold winter morning i would hear it running rough. the car sounded like it could stall and the engine light started flashing. i took it back to the independent dealer and they could not duplicate the problem. i asked them about a tsb i found that was related with flashing the pcm and related with cold starts. i had the pcm flashed at a dodge/chrysler dealer who said they never heard of the issue and did not think the pcm needed updated. they said they hooked up the computer and found that it did need to be updated. i have been running the car for about 1 month and so far no issues. i believe their is a know problem with the 2004 dodge stratus and the original pcm code causing the car to run rough and cause the engine light to turn on. *tr
 Tl* the contact owns a 2004 dodge stratus. the contact was driving approximately 70 mph on normal road conditions. the engine warning light indicator illuminated on the instrument panel. the vehicle exhibited a rough running during performance. the warning indicator remained illuminated until the engine was turned off. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic for diagnostic testing on three separate occasions with replacement of three different computer chips. currently, the vehicle is being serviced at an authorized dealer to reprogram the computerized system. the failure mileage was unknown.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 dodge stratus. while idling, the vehicle surges forward sporadically without warning. when the failure occurs the rpm's rapidly increase and braking capability is reduced. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer numerous times, but they cannot determine the cause of the failure. the failure has not been remedied. the failure mileage was 40,000 and current mileage was 56,500. updated 6/8/09 *cn the consumer stated when stopped at a light, the engine would suddenly start to race just over 2000 rpm's. updated 06/11/09.*jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 dodge stratus. the vehicle was purchased on june 13, 2005 and the oil light has been illuminating on the instrument panel ever since. the dealer attempted to diagnose the failure on several occasions; however, they stated that cleaning some parts would correct the issue. the failure continued to persist. an independent mechanic stated that the oil switch and plugs were not in place. he replaced them with parts that were purchased from the dealer, but the oil light remained illuminated. four months ago, a dealer diagnosed the vehicle due to noise present in the engine area. the contact was informed that the engine needed to be replaced at the cost of $3,000; however, she could continue to drive the vehicle for a short period of time. while driving approximately 60 mph on september 1, 2008, the engine shut off. the contact was unable to restart the vehicle and it was towed to her residence. the tie rod also failed on another occasion while driving approximately 60 mph. she was able to stop the vehicle without incident and it was towed to the dealer for repair. there was no warranty for the vehicle. the approximate failure mileage was 33,000 and current mileage was 107,000. updated 10/14/08. *lj the consumer was informed the vehicle needed a new engine. updated 10/16/08. *jb
 This letter in regards to my service contract #23013588 for # 2004 dodge stratus. i purchased the vehicle on 10/14/06 and it had 50,000 miles on it. i have put approximately 36,000 miles on the vehicle and have done routine oil changes every 3 ? 4,000 miles. i have changed the oil myself by draining the oil and replacing the oil filter and new oil. i have no receipts for this and was not aware i was required to keep detailed records of this. nowhere in my service do i see anything that says to. on 08/10/08 my car began stalling and i was able to get it towed to jack powell chrysler dodge in escondido, ca for service. mike lewis recommended i have the engine dismantled to further investigate the problem. upon his investigation he saw metal shavings and ?sludge? near the bearings. chrysler sent a 3rd party investigator to take a look at the problem. it was the inspector?s decision that the problem was due to lack of maintenance and the repairs would not be covered. this is absolutely preposterous! i have taken excellent care of my car and was a very happy customer until this incident. i am requesting in writing an appeal to this decision and demand that the car be repaired as designated in my service contract. i purchased the additional warranty for the comfort of knowing that if something like this were to happen i would certainly be covered. i contacted your company and was told this is the proper channel to make this request. the person i spoke to said you replace engines everyday and doesn't see why this would be a problem. i need to have this repaired as i cannot possibly afford what it would cost to replace the engine. i am a good customer and i cannot understand why my service contract is basically useless. these repairs must be covered and there was in no way a lack of maintenance. please take whatever actions are necessary to resolve this matter in a timely fashion. i refuse to just be swept under the rug. *tr
 The car will idle roughly at slow speeds and stall in parking lots and intersections, with just 6,000 miles the brakes are now going bad as well. it also will lunge forward without warning at stop lights and stop signs, my wife was almost in an accident yesterday and refuses to drive the car. it is at the dealership again for the same problem today. last time they told me i did no know what it means when a car stalls because the computer says it did not and they drove it a few miles and did not have trouble. i wish i could get rid of it today. *nm
 While at a stop engine light illuminated. vehicle then started to jerk forward. consumer preceded to drive home. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 Car does the following at random- when driving at low speeds it dies, sometimes when pulling into parking spaces the engines surges and causes car to lunge forward. once when i backed out of my driveway and put the car in drive it surged and lunged forward. the engine, on several occasions has idled very roughly, the engine light stayed on once and the other time it flashed 5 or 6 times and quit. noe the motor in the rear window is defective! i have had this car to the dealership 6-7 times for this problem and they can't duplicate the problem.the lemon law in tennesse requires 4 visits for the same problem, have exceeded that by far! i am done with dodge/chrysler and all their products. i will buy a foreign car befor i ever buy another product from them!!!*ak
 While driving at low speeds vehicle stalled. *ak after the vehicle stalls it cuts off even when the consumers foot is on the accelerator. sometimes it feels like the gas pedal has been kicked because the vehicle jerks forward. *tc
 Dt*: the contact stated that while driving 40 mph on wet roads, smoke began to erupt from under the hood. the vehicle stalled completely, and could not be restarted. the vehicle was taken to a service dealer, where the dealer determined that the fan blades had detached and pierced the radiator.
 Our 2004 dodge stratus engine seized up completely and without warning in the middle of an intersection while my wife was driving home with our children. this car is equipped with the 2.7l v6 engine which only now have we become aware of the long history of this catastrophic type of failure. we bought this car new and have taken meticulous care with maintenance as noted by the service manager at our dealership. none the less, now i am expected to spend $6,700 to replace a motor that was clearly defected in design.
 Car stalls, sputters, jumps, kicks and all without warning. shakes a bit while driving but really acts up when slowing or stopped. *tr
 2004 stratus made a whistling noise that came from the engine when driving 70-80 mph. *ts the consumer stated it sounded as if the front of the vehicle was going to fall apart. the consumer thinks something is loose or broke in the front of the vehicle. he thinks it may be the steering, transmission or the rack and pinion. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while attempting to start the vehicle, the engine revved and the tires spun. the vehicle accelerated the hit the consumer's garage. the vehicle and garage sustained damage. the vehicle was taken to the dealership for inspection but they were unable to duplicate the problem. the manufacturer was alerted, however no repairs were made. updated 3/20/2006 - *nm
 My car sometimes shuts off while in parking lots or at red lights. when i got out last time i let my car sit for about 30 minutes and underneath the hood was all hot! the dealer cannot find the problem because it only happens spontaneously and they would need to duplicate the problem. i read a website forum full of stratus' that all have the same problem. they stop without warning, the radio stays on and everything! this could lead to a wreck!*jb
 2004 dodge stratus with rear end problems. consumer had the resonator replaced, and then was told the rear struts needed to be replaced. when her dad was replacing the struts they broke into pieces because of all of the corrosion. *kb the consumer stated when she purchased the vehicle, there was a minor problem with the horn. the consumer stated she thinks there may be a problem with the transmission. as the vehicle changes gears, it will not change smoothly and ends up jerking back and forth as she tries to increase speed. the consumer stated the only way to stop it, is to take her foot off the accelerator and then accelerate through to the next gear *tr
 I purchased a 2004 dodge stratus on 4/13/04. on 5/22/04 i brought the vehicle to a service center for the first oil change. upon placing the vehicle on the rack , they discovered that there was widespread severe corrosion to the undercarriage of the vehicle, including tie rods, the exhaust system, etc.. they advised me that they felt that, left uncorrected, the situation presented a safety hazard. *ak i have jpeg images of some of the affected areas that can be sent by e-mail. from what i can see, the vehicle is unsafe to drive.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 dodge stratus. while driving 60 mph, the vehicle experienced engine failure at the head of the engine. the contact pulled off the road and the vehicle was towed. he discovered that the machine head was constructed incorrectly, which prevented oil from reaching the cylinder. the head was replaced under warranty. the contact had to pay a $100 deductible and was told that the expenses would be taken up with the chrysler dealer. the current and failure mileages were 31,000.