BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
190080511/02/20051900805A10017651Revised power steering system bleeding procedures. *sc11/14/2005
190100411/29/200410011958Power steering fluid contamination. *tt02/08/2005
190030408/27/20041900304A10009785Steering column click sound. *tt10/25/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I was driving home and felt a miss in the engine, placed in neutral to see if it was just a bump or imagination. i watched the engine rpms drop to zero. somehow the vehicle started back up and i was able to stop in time only to have to throw it in neutral again and drive two footed all the way home because the engine was trying to die. so, i drove my truck to work for the next week and then saturday came around and i fired the car up nothing appeared or sounded unusual. i let it idle for about 5 min. backed up and out of the drive way and at the second stop sign i hung a right and heard a pop noise followed by a card in bike spoke sound from the engine, i opened the hood, again no damage ....the valve cover closest to the front of the vehicle had 2 cracks in it! it was oozing out oil. so as it turns out though i got really lucky, i bent 2 valves on #3 piston, also did compression leak down test on all other cylinders they were fine. (if your chain snapped it is a very easy and fast test to determine if your motor is junk or not and should not cost you much at all) dealerships wanted over 6k for long block, the car isn't worth that much! auto parts stores wanted over 400 bucks for timing set only. i found the timing chain set, oil pump, and water pump on line for half the cost of the timing chain set alone. good brand names too! upon removing the timing cover and heads from the engine i found the cause of the problem, the water pump bearings seized, and because that water pump is driven by the large timing chain it was the cause of the chain snapping and almost ruining my entire engine. ## vin failed ## dodge stratus 2004 r engine code 2.7l ## *tr
 Tl- the contact owns a 2004 dodge stratus. the contact stated that the steering wheel was loosening from the instrument panel. the contact took the vehicle to a mechanic, and they made the contact aware of a recall. the contact referenced nhtsa campaign id number: 10e059000 (suspension:front:control arm:lower arm), but the manufacturer told the contact that his vehicle was not apart of the recall. the failure was not repaired. the failure mileage was 70,000 and the current mileage was 90,000. nw
 Tl*- the contact stated that while backing her 2004 dodge stratus (115111 failure mileage) at 1 mph into a parking, she heard a clicking in the steering column and airbag light deployed. the contact continued to drive the vehicle and now the horn is inoperable. she stated that the clock spring broke.
 2004 stratus made a whistling noise that came from the engine when driving 70-80 mph. *ts the consumer stated it sounded as if the front of the vehicle was going to fall apart. the consumer thinks something is loose or broke in the front of the vehicle. he thinks it may be the steering, transmission or the rack and pinion. *jb
 A clanking noise started coming from the front of the vehicle. right front side collapsed onto the ground. vehicle was unable to move, and it was towed to the dealer. mechanic determined that the steering knuckle sheared off and needed to be replaced. *ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 dodge stratus. the vehicle was purchased on june 13, 2005 and the oil light has been illuminating on the instrument panel ever since. the dealer attempted to diagnose the failure on several occasions; however, they stated that cleaning some parts would correct the issue. the failure continued to persist. an independent mechanic stated that the oil switch and plugs were not in place. he replaced them with parts that were purchased from the dealer, but the oil light remained illuminated. four months ago, a dealer diagnosed the vehicle due to noise present in the engine area. the contact was informed that the engine needed to be replaced at the cost of $3,000; however, she could continue to drive the vehicle for a short period of time. while driving approximately 60 mph on september 1, 2008, the engine shut off. the contact was unable to restart the vehicle and it was towed to her residence. the tie rod also failed on another occasion while driving approximately 60 mph. she was able to stop the vehicle without incident and it was towed to the dealer for repair. there was no warranty for the vehicle. the approximate failure mileage was 33,000 and current mileage was 107,000. updated 10/14/08. *lj the consumer was informed the vehicle needed a new engine. updated 10/16/08. *jb
 I purchased a 2004 dodge stratus on 4/13/04. on 5/22/04 i brought the vehicle to a service center for the first oil change. upon placing the vehicle on the rack , they discovered that there was widespread severe corrosion to the undercarriage of the vehicle, including tie rods, the exhaust system, etc.. they advised me that they felt that, left uncorrected, the situation presented a safety hazard. *ak i have jpeg images of some of the affected areas that can be sent by e-mail. from what i can see, the vehicle is unsafe to drive.
 Mounting bracket on rear struts broke