Consumer Complaints

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 Vehicle will accelerate for no apparent reason wile at a stop or coming to a stop, took to dealer in 2009 did not find anything wrong but has done this ever since. today it actually accelerated harder wile at a complete stop making me hit a vehicle in front of me no damage.
 04/20/2012 drove out of drive way down heading down the street to stop sign *(cul-de-sac) heard something like a bang...drove back in to drive way. open hood...found an open gap on left side of cover showing time chain exposed...had a mechanic look over car, while he was checking under the engine , releasing a few bolts to repair saw timing chain guide had broken off causing time chain shift and go out of position causing the cover to bust open...i was told vehicle was not repairable. due to the timing chain guide . purchased in decemeber 2011 failed components timing chain and timing chain guide and pulley.