Ducati M796

Model M796 made by Ducati got 9 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to fuel system, gasoline. .

Model 2011

Consumer Complaints

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 I have a ducati monster 796. it is approximately 2-3 months old. after the first 6 weeks of riding the plastic fuel tank deformed to such a degree that fuel was leaking onto the engine casing and then to the ground in my parking garage. i was advised not to ride the bike in for repairs because the leaking fuel represented a combustion hazard. the defect posed a serious danger both to myself and other motorists on the roads of new york state. the problem has yet to be rectified by ducati north america but i have been told that the resolution to the problem will be to fit an identical fuel tank to the motorcycle that will presumably fail in a similar fashion to the first tank.
 Molded gas tank on motorcycle has become deformed. common problem on ducati's . risk of leakage and intererance with stearing. see hundreds of customers complaining that ducati is not resolving the issue. they are still replacing defective tanks with defective tanks. see web site link:http://www.ducatimonsterforum.org/index.php?topic=25074.0 also see the law firm that has stated a class action suit for issue: http://www.girardgibbs.com/ducati.asp?gclid=cph7pff2paucfefm5qodmxzg6g ducati north america claims they are not aware of any issues. this is an air cooled motorcycle that has the gas tank mounted dirrectly over the cylinder heads. any leak could results in a fire while a rider was riding motorcycle.