Ducati Monster 695

Model Monster 695 made by Ducati got 9 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to fuel/propulsion system, fuel system, gasoline.

Model 2007

Consumer Complaints

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 The plastic fuel tank on my 2007 ducati monster 695 is deforming on the sides. the plastic fuel tank used to be smooth on all surfaces but now the sides are rippled and the rippling is steadily getting worse. today is may 30, 2012 and i first noticed the ripples in november 2011. the motorcycle has never been crashed or even dropped and it is garage stored. i suspect the gasoline is softening the tank or the tank is absorbing something. it is winter here, so it is not temperature related.
 Plastic fuel tank is expanding laterally. tank does not fit onto frame as originally intended and as sold. steering stops have been altered to the point that the bike cannot be locked in park postion. this is to accommodate the steering controls not damaging the tank.