Eagle Trailer E18-208bnf

Model E18-208bnf made by Eagle Trailer got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to tires, wheels.

Model 2004

Consumer Complaints

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 I was pulling my boat to the lake. had checked tire pressure prior to leaving. i was about 70 miles from home when tire blew out . the tire is manufactured by carlisle tire. i had 3 other tires on my old boat trailer that were carlisle blow out. i was told by selling dealer that carlisle had cleaned up their act and there tires were safe. this tire is 14 months old and have around 2500 miles on them . i have several friends that have experienced the same problem but with the older design carlisle. the fact is carlisle tire is still an unsafe tire and putting hundreds of people in harms way, not to mention the cost of the damage done. this company needs to recall there unsafe products and be held accountable for there product. i would be happy to provide you with 5 other people that have had the same problem. the one gentleman damage was so bad his trailer needed replaced and did $3500. damage to his boat. another persons blowout did about $1800.00 dollar in damage to his trailer. these tires are unsafe and going to eventually lead to a fatality if it hasn't all ready. 8jb
 While driving on the highway, the left driver's side wheel of the boat trailer separated and rolled down the highway. the trailer was towed to a dealership. the left wheel lug bolts had shredded off. this occurred because the hole in the center of the wheel was larger in diameter than the hub. the wrong wheel was on the trailer. *jb *nm

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