Earthbound Morrison

Model Morrison made by Earthbound got 6 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to unknown or other. .

Model 2011

Consumer Complaints

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 Cpsc#i1190336a. 2011 earthbound morrison rv. consumer stated the single pedestral dinette table sometimes become unstable and unusable and may contribute to electrical or propane malfunctions in the rv. *ln
 The early 2011 model year earthbound morrison rv uses a single pedestal dinette table that is secured to the floor by pressing the pedestal into a floor mount. regardless of the method of insertion or pressure used in inserting the pedestal, the dinette table may become unstable and unusable and may contribute to electrical or propane malfunctions in the rv, or other potential damage as it may become an unsecured projectile while the rv is in motion. the table may work loose while the vehicle is in motion without the tow vehicle driver or occupants becoming aware. the table is in close proximity to the main electrical circuit panel in the rv and it may be possible for the table to come in contact with the main electrical panel or damage it while the rv is being towed and in motion. the table may allow hot food and liquids to slide off onto the chest and lap of persons seated at the table during the normal course of dining at the table while the rv is stationary. the table may be so unstable that when a person leans against the top of the table with only slight pressure, the table may deflect both vertically and horizontally with a significant likelihood of the individual loosing their balance and falling, in some cases against a propane cooktop while the cooktop is in use with the potential for significant burns or scalding. the manufacturer admits they altered their design for the table pedestal in mid-2011 to opt for a more stable pedestal, but has taken no affirmative action to date to retrofit earlier production units that are under full warranty.