Excelsior-henderson Hcx-super X

Model Hcx-super X made by Excelsior-henderson got 1 consumer complain as well as 1 investigation. Consumer complaints with reference to child seat. . The car had one investigation (vehicle speed control).

Model 1999


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 Warranty campaign 99-01 was issued on august 2, 1999.the bulletinaddresses a fuel line that could disconnect from the fuel pump regulator body.this would result in the loss of fuel pressure and consequently stall the motorcylce.this investigation is open to evaluate the scope of the problem and to determine the safety consequence.

Consumer Complaints

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 The retainer clip used on the 5-point harness of the evenflo horizon v convertible car seat (which is the same one used with many other 5-point harnesses) is inadequate to protect our children. my son figured out how to unhook the retainer clip at 9 months, and at 14 months does so about every 5 minutes of travel. once he unhooks the retainer clip, he is able to slip his arms out of the straps unless i rehook the clip immediately. these seats are made for children up to 40 pounds (my 14 month old is an average 23 pounds, so we expected many more months of use from this seat), but even if my son could be called an escape artist, surely thousands of 2-year olds have figured out how to escape as well. i am extremely disappointed in the inadequacy of this retainer clip and the fact that it is in use on so many car seats when it offers no protection if the child can unhook it so easily.