Fbs Gts 1000

Model Gts 1000 made by Fbs got 6 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to service brakes, hydraulic. .

Model 1993

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 On emergency braking, anti-lock failed to activate and rear tire locked.
 Hydraulic unit of the abs system failed on the rear portion, causing rear brakes to lock anytime rear brakes were fully applied. dealer noted confirmed the problem and discussed with yamaha customer service who acknowledged the problem. the abs hydraulic unit had to be replaced to correct the problem. several others with same vehicle have experienced the same failure on the abs with the same component. dealer advised that the unit appeared corroded before replacement. the hydraulic unit was replaced under an extended warranty plan purchased from yamaha by myself. the hydraulic unit replacement is identical to the original part and could over time fail as the previous one has. the dealer listed has performed all service and maintenance on the vehicle since purchased as described by the manufacturer. *ak
 Hpu was replaced under warranty 1 yr ago. abs system is not improved and has to be bled approx once every 2 months to get the air out of the brake system or the rear brakes are disabled. *ak
 Anti lock brakes continually fail causing lock up. *mjs
 Does the nhtsa contact canadian authorities on any information forwarded to you? no safety defects listed in summary. *ak
 There is a very high rate of failure of this component. replacement of the hydraulic unit is the only course of action offered by yamaha, & if not within warranty period, is a cost prohibitive $2000 approx. i repaired the hu myself by cleaning & polishing the existing parts. i would like to at least have access to replacement parts since this appears to be a chronic problem. *ak