Fleetwood Quantum

Model Quantum made by Fleetwood got 1 consumer complain as well as 1 investigation. Consumer complaints with reference to electrical system. . The car had one investigation (equipment).

Model 2004


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 This investigation was opened based on odi's receipt of a congressional letter on behalf of a constituent.the constituent reported incidents where the slide out room of his motor home would inadvertently move (extend) during highway use.odi was concerned that a fully extended slide out would degrade the vehicle's dynamic handling characteristics and/or possibly impact an object or another vehicle, resulting in a crash.odi contacted fleetwood and discovered that slide out rooms were installed in motor homes, travel trailers and folding trailers. as part of the investigation odi visited a rv show and the fleetwood paxinos plant to examine slide outs in various new make and model vehicles and gain an understanding of how the systems work.during the investigation odi learned that there are two methods used to extend slide out rooms.some manufacturers use hydraulic systems and others, such as fleetwood, use an electric motor. (continued on page 2)

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 fleetwood quantum. the contact has experienced electrical failure with the vehicle ever since it was purchased in june of 2004. the dealer replaced some of the wires, but this did not correct the failure. the battery discharges constantly and the contact no longer turns on the battery because the wire that caused the electrical failure cannot be located. he feels that an explosion will occur if the battery is turned on. the current and failure mileages were 7,000.