CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
04V165000FORD MOTOR COMPANYfrom 01/31/2000 to 09/11/2002V (Vehicle)32190304/21/2004ODIFORD MOTOR COMPANY04/06/200404/14/2004
Defect SummaryOn certain sport utility vehicles equipped with 3.0l v6 engines, during deceleration, the engine can stall.
Consequence SummaryShould the engine stall, a vehicle crash could occur.
Corrective SummaryDealers will reprogram the power control module (pcm) with the appropriate calibration. owner notification began on april 21, 2004. owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact ford at 1-800-392-3673.
NotesFord recall no. 04s13.also, customers can contact the national highway traffic safety administration


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
1817309/01/200410011344A final drive whine at 25-45 mph (40-72 km/h). *tt01/18/2005
1736611/01/200310008185Final drive whine most noticeable at 25-45 mph during light acceleration or deceleration. *tt07/22/2004
1605607/01/2002636254Cd4e transaxle may exhibit a final drive whine / warble type noise mostly in the 25-45 mph speed range on light throttle acceleration or deceleration. *tt11/07/2002
1611608/01/2002636139Subject regarding throttle body service replacement / transmission vent hose bracket instructions. *tt11/05/2002
0414101/01/200410009323Transmission control indicator lamp (tcil) on with diagnostic trouble code p1783 and/or p0733 cold climate shift/engagement concerns with a cd4e transaxle. *tt09/23/2004
04210712/13/200404241410014086General (pcm) power train control module programming procedures. *tt04/28/2005
0423211/29/200410013406Wheel speed sensor removal tip. *eh04/18/2005
0421711/01/200410013369General power train control module (pcm) programming procedures. *tt04/15/2005
1483804/01/2001619324Some vehicles with cd4e transmissions built 7/1/2000 thru 12/20/200 may exhibit intermittent loss of both first and second gear, (reported as a loss of power) tcil lamp flash, malfunction indicator lamp may illuminate, with diagnostic troub05/23/2001
0314807/21/200310003748New transmission cooler flusher - service tips. 2003 escort and super duty f series included. *tt10/29/2003
1489305/01/2001620178Some vehicles may exhibit driveline binding, wheel hop on tight turns, or a clunk type noise from the driveline during torque reversal. this is caused by operating in the 4x4 on mode on dray or merely wet pavement. the 4x4 on mode is no07/19/2001
0118109/17/2001625715Brake shift interlock.*jb11/30/2001
1671703/01/200310001954Automatic transaxle shudder. *tt *jb07/28/2003
022402/04/2002630631Some vehicles equipped with the cd4e transaxle may exhibit harsh and delayed 1-2/2-3 upshifts after transaxle or turbine shaft speed sensor replacement, possible diagnostic trouble codes 628, 642, 645, 646, 647, 648, p0731, p0732, p0734, p004/19/2002
1506207/01/2001621063Some vehicles equipped with a manual transaxles may exhibit gear shifter buzz or rattle whine in 3rd or 4th gear. *tt09/06/2001
1455201/01/2000620474Some vehicles equipped with manual transaxles may exhibit gear shifter buzz or rattle while in 3rd or 4th gear. this condition is under investigation. *tt08/09/2001
1476103/01/2001619486Cd4e transaxle may exhibit a leak in the transaxle converter housing near the cooler line connector. *tt06/01/2001
017704/02/2001619271Rear axle pinion seal leak at the rotary blade coupling (rbc). *tt05/22/2001
0018209/01/2000618586Some vehicles may exhibit no forward gear ranges due to the misalignment of the forward / coast clutch cylinder snap ring with respect to the legs of the forward clutch piston. *jb04/17/2001
01020101/01/2001618040Subject pertaining to transaxle differential shim measurement. *jb04/03/2001
0124112/10/2001630505Some vehicles may exhibit a condition of not being able to disengage clutch as the clutch pedal is stroked or the clutch pedal remains on floor. *tt04/18/2002
1543011/01/2001630360Some 4x4 vehicles may exhibit driveline binding, wheel hop on tight turns, or a clunk type noise from the driveline during torque reversal. *tt04/16/2002
1765703/01/200410007421Clutch chatter when cold. *tt06/22/2004
1552401/01/2002630051Some vehicles may experience gear shifter buzz or rattle when in 3rd or 4th gear.*yd04/12/2002
1455201/01/2001617926Vehicles may experience manual transmission shifter rattle or buzz. *jb04/02/2001

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl the contact owns a 2001 ford escape - he stated that on february 15, 2010 the vehicle accelerated in reverse the vehicle was taken to a dealer, however the failure could not be duplicated . on june 9, the vehicle accelerated again and he had to use the keys to turn it off to stop the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to a repair facility to be diagnosed. the manufacturer was contacted and he was advised that he should take the vehicle back to the dealer and the diagnostic test would be at his expense. the failure mileage was 25,000 and current mileage was 30,422..
 Gearshift cable broke. *tr
 I was traveling at 70 mph when i heard a noise, the transmission quit working, i had the vehicle towed to the dealer. he called and said the snap ring popped out of the servo case causing the transmission to fail. they repaired it and said it was fixed, started home and got 15 miles when it blew again. had it towed back and they tried to repair it again but said they could not , needed a new tranny. i questioned them that a 51,000 miles, the part should not have failed, they could not give me an answer. i took it some where else to be repaired. the person said that there is to much pressure that it blew it out. i feel that the part was defective. *ph **dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis**768335
 I just bought a used 2001 ford escape v6 on dec 13th 2002. on 1 feb 2003, while driving down a hill, the car's engine stalled completely. with much difficulty, due to loss of all power, i was able to stop the car before it entered the intersection on a red light. i put it in park and it did start up again. i called the westland ford service dept. they said they had never heard of that happening. i asked if they could put it through a diagnostics check and find out what's wrong. they said unless it's happening when the car is there they probably wouldn't find anything. i called the ford customer service and they also said they had never heard of that happening. they agreed that it would be hard to diagnose the cause. they said they would submit my complaint to engineering... since i bought the car used, it's not under warranty. i feel that they sold this car to me knowing that it had a problem. do i have any recourse? help!
 While driving at about 40 mph, with both children in the car, my car stalled in a busy intersection. my brakes, steering, accellerator, and electrical(radio and speedometer) went out. i was forced to coast down the street to find somewhere to pull over. i have sent it to the dealership and they acted like it was my fault that it happened and that they hadn't heard of such complaint. i am scared to drive it even after they said it is fixed. i have heard of this happening,after i did some reasearch and people have reported it happening again. i would like some kind of trade or reimbuirsement. my reason being is for the saftey of my children and myself. the car is only 11 months old.*ak
 Tl- the contact owns a 2001 ford escape. the contact stated that the vehicle would only shift into drive and would not shift into park or reverse. the contact was unable to remove the key from the ignition switch when the failure recurred. the vehicle was neither inspected nor repaired for the failure. the failure and current mileage was 113,319. kmj
 Tl- the contact owns a 2001 ford escape. the contact stated the vehicle will not fully go into park. the contact is unable to get the key out of the ignition switch when the failure occurs. the contact stated the vehicle will go into to drive, but it will not go into reverse and the gear shift stops before it goes into park. the vehicle had not been inspected. the failure mileage and current mileages were 113,319.rl
 The automatic transmission on my 2001 ford escape v6 xlt suddenly downshifted into second gear while driving on the freeway at 65 mph. i exited at the first available exit, and drove the vehicle back home in second gear. prior to the failure, the transmission exhibited no signs or symptoms of anything being wrong with it. at present, second gear is the only gear that still works in the transmission. it now sits inoperable in my driveway because i don't have the $3000-$4000 required to get it fixed. after much internet research, i've found that transmission failures in this vehicle and later years of the same model are quite common, with several people experiencing multiple transmission failures on the same vehicle. a common consensus, is that the failures are due to a four cylinder transmission being installed in a higher torque and horsepower v6 model. ford must be forced to recall these vehicles and fix the transmission problems once and for all. it's really unfair that the consumer is required to pay huge sums of money to repair shops to get problems fixed that shouldn't be happening in the first place. i've written to ford, and visited the dealership that sold me the vehicle and both are unsympathetic.
 My over drive light came on suddenly and continually flashed during a ten minute drive home. the rpm needle spiked straight up a few times during the drive and it seemed like i lost power. dean sellers ford diagnosed an internal transmission failure requiring a whole new transmission for $3600. i have never used a service other than lapeer ford and dean sellers. i bought the escape (2001 xlt 4 wh) from lapeer ford with 16,000 miles on it. the car never showed signs of this failure previous to yesterday. dealerships. searching the internet, i found that there was one transmission recall but when i put in my vin it was free of recalls. dean sellers charged me $89 to diagnose the car. i got another quote at american transmission in troy. they towed my car in. ford test drove my car and electronically checked it. previous repairs all done at lapeer ford and dean sellers ford: new tire at 16,000 miles; new ignition at 25,000; check engine light at 33,000; plug tire at 40,000; new windshield at 43,000; 4 new tires at 44,000 due to numerous flats (lapeer gave me 3 free); front brakes and wheel bearings at 55,000; tire nail at 60,000; new blades at 61,000; belt recall and tie rod and master cylinder at 69,000; crank case oil leak and rear brakes at 74,000; front brakes at 76,000; washer pump and multi-function switch and fuel filter at 78,000; rear wiper at 85,000; abs light module, front brake pads, rotor pads right front abs sensor at 86,000; air filter and battery cleaned at 89,000; license plate bulb and both front sway bar links at 90,000; front lights kept flashing, replaced daylight running lights control assembly at 93,000 and now at 94,000 the transmission. no one at dean sellers today told me that i might not make it home! but immediately upon leaving the dealership the transmission stalled especially during turns. *jb
 Vehicle is 2001 ford escape xlt 4x4. full transmission failure and stall in overdrive on interstate with no advanced warning. vehicle has under 70,000 miles. no wreck involved only by miracle. cost of transmission is over $4,000. happened to fast and with under 100,000 miles has got to be a defect. *jb
 Stop right in street and no way could make it go if someone was behind me we would of been hit. *jb
 For a few months now, my 2001 v6 automatic ford escape has had a problem trying to shift into the last gear at 45-50 mph. the vehicle's rpm's will be near 3000 for a good 30 seconds before it finally engages into the next gear. the problem is definitely worse on colder days, but it is still certainly noticeable on warmer days too. there is no smell emanating from the vehicle. i had a complete transmission flush at about 40k. the vehicle now has 65k on it. have there been any similar reports filed and if so, could you please notify me? thank you. *jb
 Dt: after the contact was pulling out from a highway on october 11, 2005 the vehicle acted like it was losing power. it would slow down, and then it would only go less than 10 mph. when this occurred the overdrive light started flashed. three of the children in the car sustained minor injuries. the contact stated that seven months before she had the transmission flushed. there were no problems at that time. the contact took vehicle to the dealership, and they said that the computer showed the code p0733, that the problem was with the automatic transmission, and it would need to be replaced. the contact found that there were other people with similar transmission problem. *ak.
 (1) [2nd failure] no warning. (2) transmission failure could have resulted in crash. (3) transmission replacement. *jb
 2001 ford escape 33063 miles vin 1fmyu03141ka13914 could have resulted in crash. (1) no warning (2) transmission failure (3) transmission was rebuilt by dealer under warranty. *jb
 We are a leasing company and have had three (3) 2001 ford escapes to date that have had failed transmissions. ford refuses to acknowledge our attempts to get reimbursement.
 Automatic transmission is starting to fail. the gear shifting is becoming more and more jerky. grinding sounds are now audible during gear shifts.
 The o/d light started flashing .i drove the vehicle about 5 miles to my driveway.when i went to move the car it wouldn't go in reverse. contacted dealer with no results. sent car to transmission shop and had a rebuilt transmission put in.
 Transmission failure resulting in unsafe operating conditions. vehicle developed intermittent shudder during accelerations along with intermittent loss and slipping of forward gears. hazardous conditions when merging with traffic or under normal driving conditions since condition was unpredictable and vehicle did not respond to driver's input. appeared to happen mostly in cold weather conditions. failure also resulted in non compliance with fmvss regulations since shift lever did not correspond accurately to operator's intended vehicle driving mode (i.e no forward motion when shift selector was in drive position). multiple technical service bulletins exist for this cd4e auto transaxle relating to this failure mode in ford system and also on nhtsa website, so condition is known and is widespread on many vehicles. created very hazardous driving situations before catastrophic failure resulting in inoperative vehicle.*ak
 Myself and a friend, deane griggs, have had the transmission fail in our 2001 ford escape, suddenly and without warning, at approximately 60,000 miles. *jb
 The transmission would hesitate before accelerating in reverse. the dealership repaired the problem. please provide more information. *nm
 Transmission failed at 83,000 while driving on a highway at speed of 60mph. was told by dealer this was a lack of maintenance and would cost approximately $3,800 to fix. took to local mechanic who replaced trans. for $3,000. while taking apart old trans found that an internal component fell apart causing the entire transmission to fail. said this was a defect in the transmission and not fault of 'lack of maintenance'. have contacted ford since and they refuse to reimburse for expenses.*ak
 The vehicle jerks and rapidly accelerates when pressing the gas pedal in reverse. when taken to get serviced they could not determine the cause of the problem.*ak
 Sudden failure of automatic transmission, necessitating replacement with complete new transmission and cooler. *ak
 Engine surge - ford escape 2001 - transmission failed at 54,000miles. in relation to intermit problems with the transmission, the vehicles (often when placed in park setting) engine would surge causing that tachometer to race to about 5 to 6 thousand revolutions per minute. on december, 8, 2004 while in a parking lot and attempting to park the vehicle with the transmission set in d, the vehicle engine surged is the same manor as described above, and caused the driver to hold the brake with full force in order to keep the vehicle from hitting a parked car. the vehicle was taken to the dealer (freedom ford, hampton va) when they replaced the transmission. they were not able to reproduce the engine surge.*ak
 Purchased escape new in 2001. in 2002, with 30,000 miles, transmission had a severe shudder, so i took into the dealer and was charges over $100 for a transmission flush. shudder came back about 3 months later, went back to dealer and they said that another $100 transmission flush was needed. i did not agree and left. in june of 2004, without any warning, transmission started whinning and would not shift. i was driving in the city at slow speeds. managed to get it home(20 miles in about an hour!) and parked it. after that, it would not move at all. had it towed to transmission shop(dealer wanted $120 just to run a check on it) and they said it needed a new transmission at a cost of $2600. did not have the money, so it has been parked now for almost six months. transmission is the cd4e, a problem child for ford. i contacted ford and they acted as if they had never heard of such a problem, and said they could not help me. now, still making payments on it and with only 84,000 miles on it, i have no recourse but to let it sit until i can save the money to have it fixed. *jb
 Nar 02/13/2003. the automatic transmission would shift to drive from over drive, the vents automatically switched to frost. the vehicle completely stalled on a separate occasion, the relay assembly was replaced. the cruise control was inoperative from the time of purchase. the windshield wipers stopped working, the consumer continued to experience problems with the transmission and the gas mileage was poor. *jb
 2001 ford escape began having transmission shudder during shifting at approximately 20,000 miles. at 30,000 miles, dealer performed transmission fluid flush which resulted in the shudder going away. recently the shudder has returned. the vehicle has approximately 56,000 miles. the transmission failed while traveling at highway speeds resulting in a sudden loss of power. the rpms suddenly jumped up to between 5000 and 6000. the vehicle is no longer driveable. *ak
 Just driving, came to a slow are and when accelerating it feels and sounds like the transmission wouldn't shift gears or it would stall in the gear. took it to the don kott ford for service and they charged me for a transmission service.*ak i took it back and after one day it had the same symptoms. this problem has been ocurring several times. i'm just waiting for it to fully break down because i need this vehicle for transportation and i don't have the time or money to get it repaired. i feel like i got ripped off for a useless transmission service. to this day the transmission seems to feel like it has a problem. what i'm doing to get it to work is starting the engine and putting it in drive. i press on the overdrive button that is located at the end of the gear shifter. this will get me going as i start to accelerate. however, if i didn't press on the overdrive button to get going, the acceleration would be poor and sometime not go. there were several situations when the vehicle was put in reverse to back up and if it need some acceleration to get going nothing would happen when i pressed on the gas pedal. you could hear the engine reving up but no acceleration. another time was when i was making a left turn and upon acceleration the gears didnt' seem to kick in. the vehicle made the oncoming cars either stop or slow down or swerve. luckily i'm use to knowing how the vehicle operates and i make sure that i have plenty of time before turning. i believe this is a flaw in design and workmanship and that ford should be looking into this and even compensating those who have this problem before someone gets seriously hurt and a lawsuit ensues.
 Early failure of transmission. ford escape 2001 cd4e transmission failed shortly after ford recalled it and reprogammed pcm. this had been meticulously maintained and the product failed early. ford should bear the burden to repair this and they refused.*ak poor product and numerous design flaws are documented on line.
 Transmissions shifts roughly (jerks) when going into overdrive. 2001 ford escape with less than 40,000 miles. asked service manager about problem he said they were unaware of problem.-*ak
 Overdrive on/off light flashing coincidentally with the illumination of the check engine light after driving on the highway at 60 mph for 5 to 10 miles. while off the highway the transmission shuttered while accelerating from a stop. driver took truck to dealer and was told an internal bushing on the transmission failed. dealer said the transmission needs to be replaced at a cost $3,000. vehicle is 3.5 years old with 63,000 miles.*ak
 While driving 30 mph transmission failed, and vehicle popped out of gear. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 Transmission failure- while driving my od light started flashing. when i started car after 8 hours, could drive approx. 100 yards. transmission fluid pump failed without explanation, causing troque converter to fail, causing burnout of low gear. vehicile is inoperative. needs trans. rebuild or replacement $3,000. - $3,500. service dept at dealer can't offer an explanation for pump failure. vehicle has 60000 miles. to soon for this kind of problem! *la
 Stalls when shifting gears taken to dealership repeatedly. problem can not be found, take car home still stalls! *ak
 Vehicle is equipped with automatic transmission. when it is in a inclined position the vehicle will roll backwards. *ak
 While driving the odometer light blinked on and off. driver stopped the vehicle and shut off engine. then, attempted to start vehicle, but it would not move forward. transmission would work only when cold, once the system warmed up all gear selections were lost. vehicle was taken to dealer, who explained the transmission would have to be rebuilt. consumer stated that transmission fluid was not burning, clutches were okay, but a couple of the bushings were seized to the drums. this problem occurred with two days of slow city driving. *ak
 Premature transmission fluid failure causing a shuddder in the transmission as the gears shift from 3rd to overdrive.*ak
 I own a 2001 escape xls with v6, auto and 4 wd. have 29k miles on it. my transmission is completely ruined because of an internal failure which burnt off all the transmission fluid. this transmission (cd-4e) seems to have a history of problems in various ford and mazda vehicles. it is ridiculous that something like this is happening frequently. i would like somebody to look into this transmission and the various problems it has created. *jb
 My 2001 ford escape has a cd4e transmission which has a long history of problems. it burned up at 60,000 miles which is consistent with many other complaints that i have seen with regards to that model. one web site registers 25,000 complaints about that transmission. the problem seems to be consistent across the board, that the transmissions are not kept cool enough and the main shaft ruptures. the time table is also consistent. ford talks to me as if they have never heard of the problem before. how can they replace 25,000 of the same thing and have never heard of it until i mention it to them? the cost to me is $3,031.00. this is far less than the implied life of the part, in my opinion, and those of every transmission person i have talked to. *jb
 O/d light flashes, transmission will not engage in d, sometimes in 2 or 1. reverse works fine. if car moves starting in 2nd gear, then it can be shifted to d and all gears work normally, even if restarting from a full stop. *jb
 Transmission shudders and shakes when accelerating on highway, will not go into reverse when in four wheel drive half of the time. ford service never finds anything wrong with it and says since there are no codes onto the computer it must be ok. *la
 2001 ford escape transmission went out after the vehicle kept stalling out! *la
 While driving at 30 mph consumer heard a loud noise. vehicle engaged in neutral. driver behind him helped push the vehicle out of the road. vehicle was towed to an independent shop where they replaced the automatic transmission at the owners expense of $2400. there are two technical service bulletins containing information on how to fix the transmission. *ak *ph *nm
 Automatic transmission failed. prior to this incident , while driving at 40/60 mph, vehicle failed to accelerate for approximately 2-3 seconds when accelerator pedal was depressed. manufacturer was aware of this issue. *ak
 The vehicle shutters and vibrates between 30 to 50 mph. the driver has to slow down for vehicle to stop vibrating. *ak
 While driving at any speed and without warning the engine stalled. the consumer pulled to the side of the road and the vehicle was towed. the transmission also failed. it wouldn't shift properly from first gear to second gear. *ak
 Loss of all forward gears in a 2001 ford escape. this occurred while driving on an on ramp to an expressway. *nlm
 2001 ford escape has repeatedly stalled during normal driving. car currently has 33,000 miles; however, i began having problems early on. car has stranded me several times. car has been towed in several times and dealership can find nothing wrong it. dealership has replaced alternator, transmission, fuel hoses, sensor, computer, etc. and car still stalls. this week it had to be towed from my garage to the dealership because it would not start. dealership again could find nothing wrong with car. i love the car, but am terrified to drive it as when it stalls everything locks up and i have had a couple near miss accidents trying to get off the road. i have an infant and this is unacceptable. *nlm
 I purchased 2001 used vehicle from hertz car sales with 27,000+ miles. transmission had to be replaced second week we had vehicle. also realized that ac/heating system had whistle which could not be turned off. major problem has vehicle stalling while driving, losing all power, brakes, etc. fortunate not to have been rear-ended. ford dealer has worked on problem, replacing transmission, fixing ac/heat system and attempted to repair the stalling problem. thought it had been repaired, however, it happened again yesterday. car at ford dealer once again. it is strange to me that they do not comment that this has happened not once but many hundred times! i definitely feel there is a major problem with the escape stalling and being unable to control. as we drive on mountain roads, this could cause a major accident. ford has certainly lost my future business by not facing this very serious problem. must there be fatalities before they act? *jb
 While driving down hill, all dash lights came on and vehicle stalled out losing steering and brake power. dealer reprogrammed pcm and replaced eec power relay per tsb. *tt
 While driving 30-35 mph, vehicle will shut off without any notice. contacted dealer, who was not willing to do anything.*ak. numerous parts have been replaced regarding the stalling, but the problem still exists, the engine light also illuminated, consumer stated the transmission was replaced in april 2002, the engine cooling fans were replaced, and also the rack and pinion was replaced.*jb
 The shifter on the steering column jumps out of gear while driving on the road. i have taken this car to the shop numerous time for the same problem. the first time they looked at it the linkage cable to the drive shaft & steering column was loose. other times they state they couldn't find anything wrong with it. however, as of this day the same problem occurs at least 2-3 a day. i have a 16 yr old son who just started driving and uses my car from time to time. this is a very serious issue and a real safety concern. this is not normal for any vehicle to have the shifter jump out of gear. a field engineer took a look at the car on 3-18-2002. he stated that the condition described is operational characteristic of this vehicle and is completely normal. the service & parts manager stated that no matter what we do to the car nothing will make it any better. he also stated that there hands are tied and they are unable to fix it. this could cause a real serious accident for me, my 16 yr old as well as other drivers on the road. also there is a clunking noise when engaging the gears from park to reverse and drive to park etc, which they also state is completely normal.
 Shifter on steering column jumps out of gear while driving. when engaging gears from drive to reverse and drive to park, etc it makes a loud clunking noise. engineer as looked at the vehicle and stated the condition discribed is operational characteristic of this vehicle. they are unable to fix it.*ak
 While driving on highway shifter popped out of gear in a downward position, and brakes were squeaking. if shifting vehicle from park to drive there is a noise underneath the pedal. *ak
 I was traveling at approximately 30mph when suddenly i could not steer the car. i noticed the oil light on first and managed to pull over. all the dash lights were then on, the car had died while i was moving. i was able to start it back up. in reviewing edmunds auto site i then discovered that others had this same problem with the escape and tribute. i printed off some of the responses, took the vehicle in to long ford in eureka, mo on 9-11-01. they were not able to find any problem and also talked with the ford engineers. they would not replace any parts stating that ford would not authorize it unless they knew what the problem was. i then contacted ford directly so there would be a record, but was not advised of any fix for this serious problem. this is an extremely dangerous situation especially when driving the number of miles i drive each day on very busy interstate highways. i am nervous even moving out of the right lane because i feel like i need to be close to the shoulder in the event this occurs again. i have been told you can shift into neutral and restart and hopefully if this happens again i will be able to do that before the vehicle slows and i have an accident. i am especially concerned when making left hand turns as well. surely with as many people as have complained, they must have some idea of what is wrong and how to fix it. *ak
 Consumer is calling to report a failure in gear shift. vehicle will jump from reverse to forward without going into neutral. dealer has yet to be contatced. please provide further details. *ak
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 1.) complete loss of power and all electrical systems while vehicle was being operated. vehicle refused to restart; and 2.) gear stick shakes or shimmers vigorously when engaged in third (3rd) gear.
 Briefly, the transmission fails to shift upon acceleration above 50 mph, this has caused 2 near collisions on i-95, tire split open & roof rack blew off while driving*ak (dot number: a3083jj390 tiresize: a3083jj390)
 Engine stalls when shifting from drive to reverse. engine has stalled when coasting in traffic. dealer cannot find/repair problem. *ak
 Transmission lost reverse gear. problem not found until trying to back from parking space. vehicle needed to be pushed out of lot. no previous indication of problem until it occurred.*ak
 Consumer was unable to shift from drive to park, dealer replaced a broken cable. dealer did not explain repairs. *ak
 Had shifted into reverse and it started to backup. then, it hesitated when brakes were applied, sounded funny. rpms revved up, and vehicle started to shake. vehicle suddenly accelerated while still in reverse.*ak
 While driving transmission pops out of gear and goes into netural, cause unknown. after vehicle is parked for approximately 15 minutes it returns to normal conditions. please give any further details. *ak
 When trying to shift gears it gets stuck. when the gear is in reverse if you put your foot on the gas pedal the engine just revvs. you have to slam the gear shifter up and down to get it into the drive position. *ak
 When transmission gear is shifted from neutral into reverse nothing happens, engine revvs, but vehicle does not move. consumer has to shift back and forth until vehicle is finally in gear. took vehicle to dealer 3 times, cannot remedy problem. *ak the problem also occurs from reverse to drive. the gear indicator light goes off too. *yh
 I have had intermittent installing since 2003. recall 04s13 was for the powertrain control module. took my vehicle in for the recall and still today 12/6/07, i am having the same problem. my car will stall in parking lots, drive thru's, at traffic lights, and in traffic when coasting. when i am finally involved in an accident, i will be suing ford for failure to meet my needs with this complaint. the dealers say i have to bring it in when it happens. i can't make it happen and it doesn't happen consistent to meet this requirement. i will not buy another ford as a result of their lack of concern for my safety or lack of concern that their product is a good product. *tr
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving in stop and go traffic, the vehicle had a rough idle and stalled intermittently. the vehicle was taken to dealer for inspection; however the problem could not be duplicated. after a short period of time the vehicle had the same problems again. the vehicle stalled and was towed to the dealer. the dealer replaced the pcm but this did not correct the problem. the dealer stated the wiring under the dash needed replaced. there is a nhtsa recall 04v165000, regarding the power train: automatic transmission: control module pcm and a nhtsa tsb item #617976, regarding the electrical system: wiring under dash. the vehicle has the same problems as indicated in the recall and technical service bulletin; however it is not included in the recall due to the vin. the consumer was informed the vehicle had an electrical short. updated 04/11/06. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving at 40 mph, the transmission shifted into overdrive and the vehicle stalled. there is a nhtsa recall, # 04v165000 which relates to the power train: automatic transmission: control module. the vehicle was not included in the recall due to the vin.
 Consumer received recall 04v165000 concerning engine stalling. vehicle stalled intermittently when slowing down or coming to a stop position. vehicle was still experiencing this problem, and dealer was unable to correct this problem. however, dealer was s charging the consumer for diagnostic check when taking the vehicle back in for the same problem, concerning this recall.*ak
 The vehicle is stalling more since the dealership reprogrammed the power control module as stated in the engine stalling recall 04v165000. dealership serviced the vehicle 3 more times, but it was unable to correct the problem.*ak
 Vehicle experienced the same problem described in engine stalling recall 04v165000. but this vehicle was not included in the recall due to vin. *ak
 2001 ford excape 4x4 xlt. stalls while coasting downhill. i have taken this to the dealer (in warranty) twice to have this problem looked at. the dealer replaced various items but has failed to correct the problem. when the engine stops, not only does the steering wheel become very difficult to manage, but the brakes become very hard. i was barely able to stop the vehicle for a vehicle that was turning in front of me several hundred yards ahead.
 Dear ntsa: i have recently submitted a service repair with ford motor. my purchase of a new 2001 ford escape has been most troublesome. i contacted the ford headquarters about the issue with i.a.c. vale causing sudden loss of power when releasing acceleration pedal. i never got a satisfactory service with their rep. i made more than 3 phones call about this event, and ford felt since it is over 36,000 mile warranty i am then obligated to pay for out of pocket cost for a defective product to the ford dealer service center. the ford dealer at my location diagnoses and determined a defective i.a.c. vale that require a replacement. the cost of the replacement including labor is $275. i cant believe my suv is under 2 years old and is already due for a service repair. symptom: during the acceleration and passing of another vehicle, i noticed a sudden loss of power as i merged into a slower lane and releases the acceleration pedal while gently applying the brake. i could have been in an accident since a sudden lost power as the rpm dropped below the minimum requirement for idling and begin to stall. other vehicles were force to break. the car is no longer operational and being service at ford dealer. i will have to pay for the defective parts and labor totaling $275. i believed ford doesnt care for my situation as long i make another ford purchase. this is issue affected my vehicle and may soon affect other vehicle as they meet or exceeded certain mileage. sincerely chatt fudurich 120 wisteria way covington, ga 30016. *ak
 Vehicle is stalling at low speed. has been taken to dealer 4 times. powertrain control module/ wiring assembly and pcm relay were replaced. did not remedy the problem.*ak
 At 50mph when foot was let up from accelerator, there would be a delay in deceleration, also steering column would shake. cause unknown. dealer notified.*ak check engine light came on and stayed on. the vehicle did not always accelerate or decelerate correctly. the dealer replaced the pcm computer system three times, but the problem continued to exist. *yh
 Hose clamps on both trans cooler hoses in front of vehicle were not fixed onto hose. top hose blew from transmission cooler and resulted in lose of most all trans fluid. trans stoped working. fluid was all over front lower part of vehicle including both insides of disk brakes. we were traveling at 40 mph and in a residential area. warranty repair is in progress. tow truck operator stated this was not the first time he had encountered this situation with this particular vehicle.*ak
 Transmission would leak fluid while parked. fumes would enter vehicle. had taken vehicle to dealer 5 times for problem, and had plugs and casing seals replaced. problem of leakage would always reappear. *ak
 Intermittently gear shifter does not lock into gear. dealer has inspected vehicle, but could not correct the problem.*ak *slc
 The shift lever when placed in the d drive position does not lock in place. additionally the shift level extends 3-4 into the radio and control panel for other instruments like rear defogger and parking light swithch. if shifter is bumped while trying to change radio or to play a cd or cassette, the shifter easily gets knocked out of position. i have repoted this to my dealer, they checked other escapes on the lot. they all have the same problem. i emailed ford directly about this problem, and they have not as yet responded. i belive that this problem can cause a serious problem if not fixed.
 Consumer is unable to use radio because transmission pawl is in the way and is too far, causing consumer to shift gear while driving.*ak
 Gear shifter will not go down all the way. when moving hand, gears will change while driving. *ak the gear shifter handle gets stuck half-way down when changing gears due to design flaw. *yh
 Tl* the contact owns a 2001 ford escape. while driving at speeds of 2 mph in the reverse position, the gear shift selector fractured. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileages were 70,248.
 Transmission shift linkage broke. causing vehicle to go into neutral and roll down driveway. 3rd incident of same problem on this vehicle. *nm
 Gear shift lever sticks in front of radio. when changing radio stations hands knocks gear shift into neutral while vehicle is in motion.*ak consumer states that the vehicle produces so much brake dust that the wheels turn black only after three or four days of driving, ford states nothing can be done. *slc
 Gear shift lever sticks in front of radio. when changing radio stations hands knocks gear shift into neutral while vehicle is in motion.*ak consumer states that the vehicle produces so much brake dust that the wheels turn black only after three or four days of driving, ford states nothing can be done. *slc
 Transmission in my ford escape xlt has had a vibration for 2 years or so and i just found out that the torque converter is now bad! i spoke with a friend at apple ford in lynchburg virginia and he told me that the factory recommends a fluid flush first and it didn't fix the problem! torque converter must be replaced! it seems like to me that the factory is definitely trying to patch the problem by flushing the system and using a new type of transmission fluid to mask the problem so the car is out of warranty before the torque converter fails again! *nm
 Dt: the consumer owns a 2001 ford escape that experienced a transmission failure. while driving on the highway at 55 mph the overdrive light flashed. the consumer exited the highway and was stopped at a red light. when the light turned green the vehicle revved, but would not move forward. the transmission would not shift. the consumer was able to engage second gear and drive 10 miles home. the vehicle was shaking or lurching back and forth on the drive home. the vehicle was taken to a dealership where a diagnostic check was performed and suggested a new transmission. the dealer could offer no explanation other than it may be the torque converter. this happened at 71,000 miles. this was the second transmission. the exact same thing had happened at 49, 000 miles. the consumer split the cost with ford with the first transmission. the second transmission has not been replaced. the consumer was negotiating with ford about the problem. *ak
 At 50,000, the transmission began to shudder. i found out why on escape-central, and then proceeded back to the dealership. they informed me that they do not have the machine to perform the flushing, and to try somewhere else. wasted day one. i went to another ford dealership, and wasted a morning there before they told me that they did not have one either, and that i should try a lincoln mercury dealer. i finally got fed up and contacted the local mazda dealer, who had the machine and was more than will to take my $150.00. he did not perform the oasis change though. all was good, and the escape ran great. at 58000, the transmission shudder reappears. i take it back to dealer one, who informs me they cant see any problem. one week later, i bring it back in saying that it is most certainly there. i get to take out the transmission expert for a test drive, and recreate the problem. he says yup, thats the torque converter problem. all the cars we make with that transmission have that problem at some point or another. as he explained it basically water is attracted to the plate in the torque converter, and any moisture in the system causes it to shudder. i ask the logical question of what should i do about it. his response is that he would rather cut off his two arms than replace the torque converter. 12 hours of labor on top of the ~$300 part. he suggests i get it flushed again and see if that helps. back to mazda&. i have the flush done at mazda last week and they ask about the tsb oasis update. i said that it wasnt done, and they perform the update and flush the escape. my escape now runs worse than it did before, and the shudder happens when both locking and unlocking the torque converter. it actually shakes the change in my cupholders.*ak
 At over drive shifting ,the transmission chatterswhen the car reaches about 2000 rpm. to upshift. this happens at any speed. problem seems to be torque converter pressure is not enough to engage the higher gear. ford dealer recommended transmission fluid change to fix the problem , but it still exists. i asked another repair dealership what it could be ,they recommend changing the torque converter,the fluid change will not correct the problem. they need to go back on the day it was still covered under warranty and replace the torque converter under warranty. *jb
 The left front axle made a clicking noise as the vehicle turned. the problem was fixed by the dealer. my concern is that the dealer replaced the axle with an axle from the original design. there's a good chance that this axle may cause the same problem since ford has not redesigned this part. i'm also a bit suprised that my dealer had replaced the same axle on another escape and ford still has no tsb or recall.*ak
 The front axle and cv joints completely fell off. there was no evidence of the saftey connector bolt being installed at factory. i have photos. might be called a lower ball joint.*ak
 Was struck in the rear end by another vehicle, evidently, after that the two front hub bearings went bad. dealership stated it was not due to accident.*ak
 2001 ford escape 4cyl/standard... 64,000 miles pilot bearing in the clutch went... unable to shift gears... had to have complete clutch replaced... *la
 The clutch pedal bracket assembly bent at 20,000 miles and was repaired. the bracket failed numerous times after initial failure. as a result the brake pedal to lock up, the clutch slipped, the cruise control switch broke and the clutch blew out. *jb *nlm
 Consumer states that the clutch slips and vibrates when engaging. dealer notified. nlm jlg
 Consumer states there is noise in the clutch, dealer replaced the clutch, but it is again making noise. *yd
 2001 ford escape, 61,000 miles, clutch failure, clutch pedal went to floor, would not disengage. was on entrance ramp to interstate highway, in slow moving traffic, otherwise extremely dangerous. investigated on internet and found that this problem is described in ford technical service bulletin 1-24-1, so is obviously a known issue. one of relatively few tsbs that could cause a catastrophic accident if it occurred at speed. most of the tsbs are for things like whining/buzzing in audio system, engine oil recommendations/applications, intake manifold gaskets--fuel smell to the interior. while some of these may be significant, few of them would cause a catastrophic problem if they occured at speed. the general recall and safety recalls categories, which include things like speed control cable defect and rear driveshaft replacement differential leak seem to me much more appropriate places for this serious problem to be reported. had vehicle towed to ford dealer. conversation with them this morning. confirmed that problem was with master and slave cylinder which they said needed to be replaced. denied knowledge of a known problem of this type. said that this was not covered under warranty. i told them to go ahead and replace the cylinders.
 Cable came off clutch pedal under the dash. pedal went completely to floor and was unable to shift care. cable was replaced by vehicle owner, but failed to stay on 2 more times.
 The front axle and cv joints completely fell off. there was no evidence of the saftey connector bolt being installed at factory. i have photos. might be called a lower ball joint.*ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 ford escape. while attempting to accelerate from a stop at 8 mph, the transmission and steering wheel began to shake. the shaking continued for five miles until the contact smelled burning rubber and pulled the vehicle over. she took the vehicle to the mechanic and they stated that the cause of failure was the transmission. the current and failure mileages were 68,308. the consumer stated wants to be reimbursed for repairs. updated 09/18/07 *tr
 Third time my rear differential has leaked!!! first time was in 2003, second time in 2005, and this time in late 2006. *nm
 Left rear passenger restraint was jammed after the first use. this part was replaced and it was jammed after the first use. it was replaced a second time and is currently fuctional but this is the first time in 4 months since purchase date that it has been functional. rear differential had a broken seal and was leaking. this part was replaced and is now functional. the master cylinder was cracked and replaced. this part is now functional. the power steering was effected when part of the power steering system fell out of the car when the vehicle was put in park. the parts (including alternator, belts and spring) literally fell off the car. this could have resulted in many fatalities as the vehicle was on the highway only minutes prior with a car full of passangers. the results of this incident would have been drastically different if this had happened when the vehicle was in motion. ford has not been responsive to my needs as a consumer and has minimized the safety hazard posed by this defective vehicle.
 2001 ford escape properly maintained, second time reporting drive train noise. first time dealer replaced stabalizer bar, now @ 41000 miles both tie rod ends need to be replaced. i bought a reliable car to save money, and now putting money into a 3 year old car. part on back order, wonder if anyone else is having the same issue.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 ford escape. while driving 10 mph, the vehicle stalled intermittently when the clutch was depressed. the mechanic was unable to diagnose the cause of failure. the manufacturer stated that her vin was not included in nhtsa campaign id number 04v165000 (power train:automatic transmission:control module (tcm, pcm)). the powertrain was unknown. the failure mileage was 110,000 and current mileage was 120,000.
 On friday 8/11/06 i was on my way to work driving my 2001 ford escape (with 5-speed manual transmission). i was going at around 45 mph in a busy road. suddenly there was a total transmission failure and my vehicle came to an instant total stop. there was screeching of tires and i was very fortunate not to crash and that the vehicles behind me did not hit me. it was also a matter of luck that there were no persons killed nor injured. my car was stuck on gear and could not be pushed forward or backward, so it had to be towed with a platform truck. i bought this vehicle new in 2001 and have been the sole owner. i have given this vehicle all of its recommended maintenance every 3,000 miles. i informed ford motor company about this failure and they were not helpful at all. i think the general public has to be informed about this safety risk with 2001 ford escapes. *nm
 The transmission on my 2001 ford escape, went out i had 58,000 miles on the truck. had to put in a new transmission. now 4 months later, the engine light comes on. the engine coolant warning light keeps coming on even though it is full. all of the lighters/sun roof have no power to them they all quit. i have replaced all fuses, with no luck. now the all lights on the radio are gone, but the radio still works. *ak
 Consumer states gear stick shakes or shimmers vigorously when engaged in third gear. *slc
 Sluggish driving after a oil change, could not find anything wrong, next week, shift went out. after getting vehicle back brake pedal seems loose and the steering was not right. wiper transmission went out, replaced.
 Transmission failed. *slc
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 Tires make a humming noise. consumer feels that they may be leaving ground like hydroplaning, and at 65 mph vehicle wobbles, vehicle is not stable at high speeds with window down. *ak the vehicle hesitates when a/c unit is in operation and a/c make a loud cyclic clicking sound. transmission makes sound. the vehicle was unstable at 65 mph with a slight wind and front end makes tumbling sounds on rough roads. the alternator light comes on intermittently. the cruise control turns off automaticaly by itself. the front brake has excessive dust. the vehicle had numerous interior system failures and malfunctioning. *yh
 Linkage cable from column shifter broke, rendering vehicle non drivable. same vehicle had cable unjammed from column assembly approximately one year earlier. *la