BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
0318109/15/200310004027Remote keyless entry (rke) - service tips. *tt11/14/2003
1679704/01/200310002670Vehicles with keyless entry pad may exhibit dead battery, no start, interior lamp/headlamp self-activation, or inoperative keyless entry pad. *tt09/10/2003
0019209/18/2000618579Some vehicles may exhibit an inoperative courtesy, glove compartment, underhood, running board lamps, power windows, radio and rear wiper in the morning or after vehicle is left unattended for 45 minutes. *jb04/17/2001
1222712/01/1998615488For all vehicles with generic electronic module (gem) concerns that require a module replacement, the technician must call for approval before removing and / or replacing the module. *tt01/17/2001
008704/17/2000613581Concerns with courtesy, glove compartment, underhood, running board lamps; power windows; radio; and rear wiper all inoperative in the morning or after vehicle is left unattended for 45 minutes. *mr07/21/2000
690509/01/19996090213Information on removing and / or replacing the generic electronic module (gem). *tt03/10/2000
9824612/07/1998604059Ford motor company has released a new electrical grease ( f8az - 19g208-aa ) to reduce the possibility of moisture corrosion at the terminals. *yc03/16/1999
024503/04/2002636065Information regarding discharged battery charging service tips and guidelines. *tt11/05/2002
466008/01/1998615196Subject regarding the nagative battery terminal cover on some vehicles. *tt01/03/2001
1309808/01/19996091898Subject regarding mega fuse bracket cover. *tt11/16/2000
99686908/01/1999608801This online bulletin mentions that vehicles built on or after 6/25/99 no longer are equipped with a mega fuse bracket cover (xl34-14a099-f). the mega fuse bracket is located on the passenger side of the cowl, under the hood. *tt12/06/1999
9916408/09/1999607657Concerns with a hard to turn ignition key and / or a hard to remove key from ignition cylinder. *tt10/04/1999
016204/02/2001619266Vehicles equipped with passive anti-theft system (pats) may not start or crank. *tt05/22/2001
99-619305/01/1999607010Information on resetting the passive anti-theft system (pats). *tt11/03/2000
1215411/01/1998613173Some vehicles equipped with pats (securilock) except certain models now have availability of fleet keys through rotunda. *mjs06/19/2000
585603/01/1999605243Information on diagnosing passive anti-theft system (pats) issues. *tt06/04/1999
99-618905/01/1999607005Subject regarding abs electronic module now available for service. *t11/03/2000
991313808/01/1999609050Information on replacing and removing the generic electronic module (gem). *tt12/07/1999
01211310/29/2001627774Some ignition switch lock cylinder assemblies may exhibit rougness and / or excess effort in turning, key does not fully return from start, a malfunction indicator lamp may illuminate with p0500, p1502 and u1039 stored in powertrian control02/22/2002
9922210/18/19996089681Subject on a wire harness terminal repair kit available for repairing electrical wiring harnesses. *tt02/11/2000
1408604/01/2000613724Exhibiting a delayed operation / inoperative instrument cluster with koeo or koer. *tt08/07/2000
858204/01/2000613688Some vehicles may exhibit a delayed operation / inoperative instrument cluster with koeo or koer. **mr07/27/2000
980501511/01/1998613036Brief information stating that certain vehicles are equipped with a new hybrid electronic instrument cluster (hec). *tt06/16/2000


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Odi has received 39 reports alleging that water leaks around the windshield causing electrical failures, including but not limited to the windshield wipers and the headlamps.ford reports that water entering the vehicle can wet the power distribution box (pdb) and the generic electronic module (gem).these components control various electrical systems in the vehicle.this investigation has been upgraded to an engineering analysis, ea05015, to allow further investigation of the issue and to assess the nature of the potential safety consequence.
 Consumers alleged that when it rained or snowed, water leaked into the vehicle around the windshield.moisture flowing through the seal that surrounds the front windshield follows a path through the seal into the generic electronic module (gem) and fuse box, and may cause the electrical components in the vehicle to malfunction.overall, the number of reports alleging wiper failures and lighting failures is relatively small.in reviewing a large sample of the 1503 complaints for windshield leaks, odi's analysis reveals that 0.04% of the total vehicle population reported improper windshield wiper operation and 0.01% of the total vehicle populationreported lighting failures.the warranty claims reveal that approximately 0.10% of the population has been serviced for wiper malfunctions and 0.08% for lighting malfunctions as a result of windshield leaking. odi's analysis of the field performance statistics and available technical information has not established that a defect trend exists in the malfunction, failure or intermittent operation of the front windshield wipers or headlights.see the attached summary report.
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 ford expedition. while the vehicle was parked with the engine turned off, the rear brake lights and instrument panel began to illuminate. the contact disengaged the battery cable to prevent the malfunction from continuing. the vehicle had not been diagnosed or repaired. the manufacturer was not notified of the defect. the approximate failure mileage was 155,000. the vin was unavailable. kmj
 Tl-the contact owns a 1999 ford expedition. while the vehicle was parked and the engine turned off, unexpectedly the rear brake lights and instrument panel began to illuminate. the contact disengaged the battery cable to prevent the malfunction continuing. the vehicle had not been diagnosed or repaired. the manufacturer was not notified of the defect. the approximate failure mileage was 155,000. the vin was unavailable. js
 The radio would turn on and off without the key in the ignition, the starter tries to start the vehicle without the key in the ignition. while driving down the road the interior lights flicker and the headlights will turn on and off randomly. automatic door locks will not always work.
 Tl- the contact owns a 1999 ford expedition. the contact stated water penetrated the vehicle causing the general electrical module, and fuse box, to corrode, also causing the vehicle to starts by itself, radio, heather, and all other electrical function to fail. the vehicle was taken to the dealer numerous times for the failure the dealer replaced the electrical module, and the fuse box, several times, the windshield was replaced, but the dealer wasn't able to locate were the water penetrated the vehicle. the manufacturer took a report 0478403130 they advised to take the vehicle back to the dealer. the failure mileage was 30,000 and the current mileage was 135,000. li
 My 1999 ford expedition went up in flames last night (june 26) in my driveway. i had driven the truck home, turned it off and walked inside to go to bed. approximately fifteen minutes later, i was awoken to my car having seven foot flames coming from the hood. the fire department was called and we began trying to fight the fire. the truck is a total loss. i bought this vehicle in may of 2008 and i understand that there was a recall on this vehicle. i was never notified of any recall.
 When it rains my 1999 ford expedition turned on the lights all by itself , and then proceeded to try and crank itself with no key. radio and air comes on by themselfs, clicking noise under dash , found several complaints saying that it is aleak in the windshield causing the computer to get wet
 Our battery died because the air fan inside the car would not shut off. once i got car jump started noticed that many electrial devices were either not working or turning on and off by themselves. these problems continued after i replaced battery. i took it to the dealership and was told that the windsheild in 1999 ford expedition leaked causing electrical shortages in most electrical compoents in the car. and would cost $1000.00 to fix and the windsheild would need to be replaced for another $200.00. after researching this i have found that this is a well known problem in this model but no recall has been established.
 Unusual circumstances such as window switch working the wipers, digital odometer going off and on, brakes working the interior dome lights,blower motor for heater coming on without a key even in the ignition,door locks don't engage until moving for a minute or two,after blower motor kicked on without a key, took to shop and they said water had gotten in the power dist. box and floorboard had moisture also. will cost me over 700.00 but i cant afford to fix on my 600.00 disability check i get a month. thanks ford!!! *tr
 1999 ford expedition. suv has been random electrical anomalies over the past month from today. gauges, interior fans, and lights would stay on when the ignition would bee in the off position and key removed. upon inspection from a local ford dealership service department, it has been noted from them that corrosion of the general electrical module and fuse box are the cause, most likely from a water leak from the front windshield. improper information from dash consoles can lead to stalls on roadways or improper driving due to improper information received from the instrument panel. in my case, it is limited to battery drain, improper fuel readings, windshield wiper failure, and failure to start. in the end it is mainly a resemblance to odi complaint ea05-015. *tr
 1999 ford expedition windshield leaks and shorts out electrical system. happens when unattended often and turns on lights and other systems so battery goes dead. had ford dealer repair one year ago and problem has returned. *tr
 Electrical system malfunctioning on 1999 ford expedition. lights, door lock, windows, air conditioning, radio, flashers, lights, gauges. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1999 ford expedition. the contact stated that she previously experienced failures with the battery losing power and the vehicle shutting off without warning. the battery was replaced three times, but the failure was not corrected. on may 16, 2009, while driving approximately 30 mph, the battery lost power and the windshield wiper washer released fluid. within seconds, the vehicle shut off. the dealer stated that the gem module was corroded. the manufacturer filed report number 0481541389 and stated that there was no recall; therefore, they would not assist. the vehicle has not been repaired. the failure mileage was 80,000 and current mileage was 130,000.
 Water leaks in the windshield causing blower motor to stay on after ignition is on, randomly tries to start when key is not even in ignition, lights blink, could cause fire. *tr
 It started off with a beeping, that happened once and a while. i also noticed when the defroster was turned on black dust like stuff would blow out. then one day my husband and i heard the expedition trying to start. no keys in the ignition, no one in the truck! my husband had to disable the battery to get it to stop. we were going to take it to the ford dealer,but when we started it, it continued to try and turn over. therefore my husband had to disconnect the battery again and we had to pay for a truck hauler to take it to the ford dealer. while at the dealer we told them it couldn't be started, because of it trying to turn over, but apparently they did let it run and now we have starter problems. also they had the windshield seal replaced, but it still leaks. we will be taking it back to them to have their repairs repaired. it's a shame, i was so proud of my suv, now i just don't know. *tr
 Windshield leaked into fuse box and gem module, growing a fungus and needing replacement, creating electrical functions to turn on and off at will with the potential of causing a fire. *tr
 Electrical system had intermittent failures, lights going on and off, dash lights flashing, radio going on and off, ammeter fluctuating. *tr
 Unwanted electrical activity that can result in fires. radio, wipers and hvac blower turn on spontaneously when vehicle ignition is off. burning rubber smell sometimes. *tr
 Every time it rains. when suv is parked and turned off the wipers come on. headlamps and flashers go on and off. radio turns on and off. vehicle tries to start itself without key in the ignition. battery discharges. *tr
 I own a 1999 ford expedition truck, this truck caught on fire and blew up tuesday october 2, 2007 at approximately 7:02 pm. i had just finished parking the truck 7 minutes prior to it catching on fire and blowing up. the vehicle is now of no use. *tr the consumer stated wrote ford twice about the defect but ford informed him there was nothing they could do due to the extensive damage on the vehicle. new jersey incident report. updated 11/06/07 *tr
 My ford expedition caught on fire on 4th of june 2007. in my driveway at 5 am - my garage was burned and the car was a crisp. *tr
 After going through a car wash electrical system on my 99' ford expedition started to malfunction. all gauges going back and forth violently many warning lights illuminating loud clicking and popping noises like shorting out noises in fuse box area. battery died shortly after while in traffic heading home leaving me stranded could have caused an accident. replaced old battery with new one and still experiencing electrical failures. vehicle is still sitting to this day! *tr
 I sent you an e-mail about a week ago bringing to your attention to this safety issue with ford trucks. what happens is in a hard rain water comes into the fuse panel, it shorts out, the gem shorts out, the pcm shorts out, > > you smell an electrical burning smell, all gauges start going crazy and truck cuts out instantly! this has happened to our family -once pulling out into oncoming traffic (during a hard rain) the truck stopped running instantly. got someone to jump start the vehicle. the second time at least six months later, again in hard rain - same situation this time my husband was 170 miles away. this time he smelled an electrical burning smell. after smelling this he got out of the truck and pulled out the battery in fear of what was next. later put the battery back in however, this time a jump wouldn't work . he got a new battery and that didn't work either. the truck has been towed to the nearest ford dealer lake ford in lewistown, pa. here's what they say. the fuse panel has to be replaced it was shorted out along with the gem, and the pcm. with all that totaling over $800.00. and just yesterday i talked to lake ford and they informed me their going to put in a new alternator and it also needs a new instrument panel due to it was burned out also. (approx $700.00) and they tell us that even after all of the above is fixed the trucks radio and air bags! will not work they too were shorted internally. so when we get our truck back and paying over $1,500 we will have no airbags! all due to a ford manufacturing error.(windshields not sealed properly). even more important than the dollars we will have to pay. what will happen to the next person will they be able as lucky as us and avoid a serious accident? i have brought this to the attention of the ford motor vehicle company several times and they are failing to address it. there should be a safety recall put in on these ford trucks right away. *jb
 Many ford trucks have a water intrusion problem leading to serious safety issues. some of their windshields are not sealed properly -in a hard rain water leaks into the fuse box causing an electrical burning, causing the vehicle to stop running instantly! ford is aware of this and is failing to address it. *jb
 I have a 1999 ford expedition eddie bauer 4x4 that has all the symptoms of your investigation #ea05015. i took my vehicle in while it was still under warranty and i was denied a claim for them to fix it at my local dealer because they said that the cause was due to moisture and it was not covered by under warranty. this sounded to me to be a manufacturing defect and felt it should have been fixed by them. during that time i had to replace my transmission and transfer case which are controlled in some way by the gem module so i am told. i have not been able to fix the gem and fuse box to this date due to the high cost that was presented to me. i am not certain of the actual date this took place but it was identified while the vehicle was still under warranty. *jb
 Events leading up to failure: (1) started with fog light switch not working. (3) took it in for service and was told the windshield was leaking and shorted the switch. service attempted to correct leak by leaving windshield in place and providing more sealant. (1) leak in windshield discovered to persist after battery drained due to radio and various electrical functions would continue even without the key in the ignition. most recently, the starter would repeatedly attempt to start the engine randomly after the engine was started and even while the key was out of the ignition! (2) with this uncontrolled electrical activity battery drain was causing stranding and the most recent occurrence the smell of an electrical fire was noted. (3) the car was taken immediately to a ford dealership for service, where currently the gem module and fuse box are getting replaced as well as the windshield to fix the leak - i was told that the original windshield cannot be re-sealed as it will break when removed. i don't have vin with me at this very moment, but can submit it later. what does oem mean next to the defective elements i've listed? *nm
 1999 ford expedition burned in garage, destoying garage and damaging house. not driven for over 12 hours. burned so badly investigators could not determine how it started. recall was done for cruise control switch. *nm
 During driving of vehicle all gauges went to zero, lights wouldn't work, radio went out, ac went out, windows, etc. replaced the battery and it worked fine for 1 day. put in a new battery and all of the lights started flashing on and off with a clicking noise coming from the fuse box. replaced the alternator and tried to hook up battery. vehicle started doing the same thing. now we are looking at having to replace the gem and fuse box due to water/moisture. isn't there something we can do about this? it is obviously a problem as you can see from other complaints. *nm
 1999 ford expedition 5.4 liter v8 eddie bauer - vehicle odometer began to fail intermittently, then radio, then random dash lights, i.e. 4x4 - even after car turned off. all of the above and then some went haywire and car stalled out. got to safe place w/out power steering, brakes, etc. took to mechanic and had alternator replaced. after 3 days same event occurred. mechanic replaced alternator again and battery - said battery was problem now. after 3 days event has begun to recur. co-worker has 2000 model and is experiencing same problems. no info on recall but internet reveals several similar complaints. *nm
 1999 ford expedition, eddie bauer with 67,000 miles. during/after rain certain electrical components malfunction (i.e. four wheel drive system, lighting, windshield wipers (front and rear), radio, climate control (important in alaska). problem is intermittent and occurs without warning. at the suggestion of the local ford dealership, the dealership replaced the generic electronic module ($350.00) but this failed to correct the problem. the technicians stated they did not know what to do or why the problem is occurring. *jb
 Dt*: the consumer stated there was a recall 05v388000 concerning the cruise control. the vehicle was taken to a local service dealer for repair under the recall. when the dealer made the repairs the 5 amp fuse in one of the circuits was replaced with a 15 amp fuse without the consumers knowledge or consent. the manufacturer was contacted and indicated the dealer should not have replaced the fuse with a large amp when completing the recall work. as result of a larger amp fuse being installed in the smaller circuit the electrical circuits were melted. the four wheel drive will no longer disengage, the windshield wipers and the front defroster will not work. the consumer discovered the larger fuse when inspecting the fuses because of the other electrical problems. *jb updated 2/28/2006 - *nm
 Major electrical problems: air suspension stop working; interior and exterior lamps continually click on and off; rear windshield wipers stop working. abs warning clicks on an off, when off brakes tend to lock during braking. *jb
 It started a year and a half ago. the windshield wipers would come on for no reason. it didn't happen very often at the time i took it in to evaluate the problem. the dealer told me they could not fix a problem they didn't see. slowly the problem got worst, especially in wet weather. about eight months ago, the headlights would go out if the steering column was lowered. i can no longer raise or lower the column anymore for fear the wipers, locks and headlamps will not work. at times, the locks to the back seat would not respond to the power lock buttons. the rear wiper does not work anymore, you can hear the motor run at times, but no movement. the odometer blinks on and off at times. there have been times it doesn't come on at all. that normally happens when i'm on the road for a long period of time. with all of that going on, the worst thing is to drive the car in the rain and snow and not know if the wipers will work at all. *jb
 My 1999 ford expedition has a recurring problem with a supposes safety feature. the door ajar warning light comes on even when there is no door open. part of this system turns on the dome light at speeds between 5 and 18 mph. this light makes it difficult to see out the windows. imagine yourself backing out of an unlit driveway at night and not being able to see if there is a child approaching the rear of your car. there is no way to turn off or over-ride the dome light short of removing the bulbs. ford tried to fix the problem once and it worked properly for a while, but the problem returned. it is frightening when you have your sight impaired. i would rather have the dome light warning system disabled that have it malfunction. the odds of an incident happening due to impaired vision are surely greater than of an open door not being noticed and subsequently causing an incident. *nm
 Back wiper failure odometer failure running board light failure radio failure rear door lock failure. *nm
 Vehicle fire - possible engine fire with extensive property damage. *ak
 The interior lights would flicker on and off intermittently. the windsheild wipers would turn on and off intermittently. the radio would turn on and off without anybody touching the controls. truck switches into 4x4 mode when driven thru car wash. i could have neglected to fix the problem, but, decided to have necessary repairs done to the 1999 ford expedition at a cost of almost $2000 to me..... my extended warranty did not cover the necessary repairs.......and ford (the manufacturer), would not help either. i had 2 gem modules replaced in this vehicle within 1 and 2 years. the second time ford/ford dealer replaced the gem module. the vehicle still switches into 4x4 after going through a drive thru car wash......water must be causing an electrical problem somewhere underneath the truck??????? the first gem module is available----i paid for it, so i kept it.....brookdalke ford (dealership), said there was water damage to the printed circuit board which is what the gem module is made up of.......there is no visible water damage to this part. i work for an electronics manufacturer......and a few of our technicians agreed ---no water damage.......it's a design problem by the manufacturer or the designer....... thank you, delano maudal 3082 highcrest road roseville, mn 55113
 Dt: 1999 ford expedition. consumer had a spark plug blow out. the spark plug came out when consumer's wife was driving. the plug was still attached, and there were sparks coming from this. the vehicle was pulled over and turned off. consumer heard a funny noise. a local mechanic stated they can fix it with a thread insert. when consumer called ford, they stated they would not fix the problem, but they would change the head. this happened on august 1, 2005, at 100,000 miles. the owner's manual stated there should be no spark plug maintenance until 100,000 miles. these were the original spark plugs. consumer states vehicle could have caught on fire. *ak
 1999 ford expedition gem module problem. ***no answer required***. *mr this is the second time the gem module has been replaced. *nm
 Water leaking under dash around windshield dealer tried twice to fix problem and to date it leaks when subjected to rain.
 In rain, wipers fail, dash lights fail, radio fails, hvac fails, 4x4 engages
 Vehicle parked 90 mins, noticed smoke from hood, raised hood flames 12-14 high, cc did not work 6 mos prior to vehicle fire
 1999 ford expedition collided head-on with another vehicle. both were travelling at highway speeds. the expedition immediately caught fire, including the passenger compartment.the fire wall failed and fuel apparently fed the fire.
 Upon starting vehicle consumer smelt smoke from within the cabin. consumer proceeded to turn the vehicle off, and lifted the hood. engine compartment was on fire. dealership was notified. fire was extinguished, and vehicle was towed to dealer. an electrical problem caused the fire. component that failed unknown. vehicle was repaired, and returned to the consumer. *ak
 While driving vehicle beeping noise like an alarm started to sound. then the radio, the light saying the washer fluid and the 4x4 start flashing on and off when car is shifted into park it stops. also on an occasion the heater was running the car was turned off key out of the ignition. had to restart the car to get the heater to stop.
 Every time it rains or snows, several functions controlled by my 1999 ford expedition's electrical system begin to function irratically. as an example, while driving in the rain, the windshield wipers do not function continuously. in addition, if the vehicle is sitting in the rain, several functions come on automatically and the battery inevitably dies. i've had to replace a battery and i would like for ford to acknowledge and repair the problem before i sink anymore money into it. it appears that others have had the same problem and it has been linked to a leaky windshield and the gem module of the vehicle. a recall has been issued for explorers and mountaineers with this problem, but to date, nothing has been done about the expedition.
 (1) 1999 ford expedition would not start, dead battery. replaced battery, determined all electonic components shorting out and inoperable: headlights, brake lights, and interior lights goes on and off, wipers work only intermittently.*ak (2) vehicle taken to local ford repair facility. dealership was immedietly familliar with problem. failure attribuited to leaking windshied and subsequent water leakage on vehicle gem (general elecronic module) and fuseblock (3) repairs consisted of replacing winshield, repacing gem module with improved water resistant variation (result of tsb), replaced fuseblock, replaced starter motor. problems with some electronic systems persist after repair. (4) resuling $1,650.00 repair bill for 5 year old, 70k mile garage kept vehicle due to being left in the rain for two days.
 While vehicle was parked it caught on fire. the night before it caught fire the emergency brake light illuminated the dash board. *ak
 My 1999 ford expedition spontaneously combusted in the early morning hours on 1/21/04 while we slept. the car had been sitting for many hours - with the engine turned off. a loud noise woke us up and the ford expedition was on fire. the fire completely destroyed the ford expedition, the cadillac deville(parked across from it), the portcache, and the roof of our house. *nm the fire was coming from the engine compartment. cruise control stopped working for a period of time. it stopped about a week before the fire. two of the running board light bulbs had also gone out. no aftermarket equipment. the fire spread to the structure and another vehicle. will e-mail pictures to bruce york. vehicle was insured by state farm policy number 930041594. state farm did a fire investigation.
 While consumer was driving and coming to a stop sign there was a loud noise. consumer pulled to the side of the road, and the vehicle cut off. after having the vehicle towed, it was discovered the spark plug blew out.*ak
 Spark plug has blown out of the head.*ak
 I have a 1999 ford expedition,and while i was driving on the highway, one of my spark plugs popped out of cylinder. *ak
 I have recently discovered (local news cast) that a problem i encountered with my 1999 ford expedtion has been reported to you dept on several occasions. i would like to add that i was told by a local mechanic that this is a common poroblem with the ford expedition and f-150's. the damage to my vehicle @1700.00 was casued by a spark plug shooting out of the cylinder casuing damage to the engine and the needed repairs were expensive abd time consuming for our family not to mention the need for a rental vehicle that pushed nearly 700.00. thanks for you response to this matter greg jensen burnsville mn. *ak
 I own a 1999 ford expedition.i have had 3 spark plugs blow out of the heads. 2 didnt take the threads out but 1 completely ripped the threads out with it. i had it retapped and a helocoil put in but that only lasted about a month. now best ford is telling me i need to replace the passenger head at a cost to me of 2500.00, and ford will not do anything about it due to the mileage. i have spoken to fords customer relations center trying to work something out to no avail. i have found hundreds of consumer complaints on the internet of defective aluminum cylinder heads with the same thing happening to them. people experienced the same problems with there trucks with as low as 25 thousand miles. *ak
 Spark plugs blow out of cylinder heads on the 5.4 v-8 and on the v-10 motors as well. this has happened to me three times and ford recognizes the problem. it needs to be investigated as this is a potential fire issue, and may result in loss of control.*ak
 1 engine blew-100 deductible 2 electrical,lights wont go off - 3 electrical,radio/windshield wipers inop-4 transmission leak-5 transmission going bad-6 alternator bad all within a year and 4 months, been walking more than riding, have not enjoyed truck yet, scared to drive past 200 miles out i got a real lemon that i still have to pay 535 for, i hate ford, will never buy another if it was free, going to iraq, but ill be back 4 justice.... *jb
 The vehicle stalled without warning. the consumer had the vehicle towed to the dealer. the mechanic informed the consumer that the spark plugs blew out causing the engine to fail. *ak *nm
 Interior lights malfunctioning, daytime running lights not working correctly, heating/cooling system not working properly; stays on even when key is not in ignition. when ignition is turned on or off, the woofer makes a loud thumping sound. woofer inoperable. right sign wing never worked properly/ will not open or close. braking system is doubtful, it squeaks, and when gas is released engine and braking are not coordinated smoothly . constant squeaking when in motion. dealerships service repair personal neglect and refuse to find the causes, even though vehicle is still under warranty. *nlm
 The passenger side cylinder head needed to be replaced to the very common spark plug blow out. from other websites i have seen this to be a very common occurrence among expedition owners. the repair cost was in the area of $1800.00. ford does not acknowledge this as a defect and yet it happens to people every day. *nlm
 While driving the vehicle stalled without warning. it was later determined that the vehicle spark plugs were defective. *nlm
 The vehicle caught fire. mr scc *nlm
 There is a problem with vehicle's electrical system. all doors lock/unlock intermittently without engagement. also the vehicle's interior and exterior lights engage on/off. ph
 Windshield wipers intermittently wipe without switch being activated, rear wipers fail to wipe at all.
 Vehicle continually experiences a no start/turn over condition, consumer can jump the vehicle with cables and it is fine, this situation happens speratically, dealer does not know what the problem is, they have replaced the module, however it still continues. *mjs
 While driving could smell engine burning oil which came through the vents. there was no oil leaking. coil broke in the engine/ windshield wipers would come on by themself, while the rear wiper does not work at all/ passenger door panel was loose & came off/ electrical system would cause lights to flicker on & off, and fuel gauge failed to register the correct amount of fuel when filled.*ak
 Experiencing intermittent problem with all exterior lights going out on two occasions. dealer notified. *ak
 Dt: the contact owns a 1999 ford expedition. had to have repairs done several times. the first time it was the alternator. then, there were problems with the motor. the last time there were transmission problems. *ak
 Windshield leaked into fuse box and gem module, growing a fungus and needing replacement, creating electrical functions to turn on and off at will with the potential of causing a fire. *tr
 Had to have electrical components and fuse box replaced due to windshield leaking water into 1999 ford expedition. also replaced winshield.
 While driving at highway speeds, the sparks plugs blew out causing the vehicle to shut down. please provide further details. *ph
 The vehicle experienced the same defect with it's electronic function as stated in recall 00v 072 000. the vehicle was not included in the recall due to vin. *ak *scc *jb
 Water in the fuse box causing many shorts. there is a leak in the wheel well. no water is any where else in the suv. shorts include, radio off and on, flashing lights on the dash, all lights off on dash, suv starter relay shorted and tried to start the ignition without any keys or anyone in the suv. because it is considered water damage my extended warranty will not cover it. ford motor company has been contacted by myself and they have apparently heard of this complaint and will not assume responsibility at this time.
 Turn signal/wiper control stem shorting out with electrical arc sounds as long as stem is in l/r position. same item occurred in similar vehicle owned by same: 1997 ford expedition, vin#1fmeu17l3vla98362. suspect this is a defective assembly which may cause accidents due to lack of ability to indicate turning intent, especially when turning left or changing lanes. *ak
 Started my vehicle and heard a loud noise followed by a steady popping noise. i opened the hood and found the rear spark plug on the passenger side had been blown out of the engine. i have since read hundreds of other complaints of this occurring, some causing fires. *jb
 While driving a loud pop was heard followed by an exhaust-type sound emanating from engine compartment. vehicle was driven 4 blocks to our home where inspection revealed the blown plug. *jb
 My 1999 ford expedition has had to have the ignition coil packs replaced at least 4 times. the symptoms are misfire and a resulting severe engine vibration upon acceleration. once the vehicle reaches a cruising speed, the problem appears to go away, but only until you accelerate again. ford motor company knows there is is design flaw in these vehicles which causes water dripping from some source (the air conditioner or a windshield that is not sealed) to short out the ignition coil packs. they have a technical service bulletin out on the problem, but the problem is not always reported as a check engine light and they fail to diagnose this properly in some cases. the first 2 times this happened, i took the car to two different ford dealerships. both trips cost me close to $400 each time. the third time it happened, we went to our local garage and the guy said this was a common problem, well known to auto mechanics, but that the individual failing cylinder could not be readily diagnosed by the computer codes, so it was an expensive repair because they might have to try all 8 coil packs to locate and identify the offender. the last coil pack that failed was replaced by my husband at a cost of $45.00 as the failing unit was easily accessible. you can see the great difference in cost of doing it yourself vs. both of my trips to the dealership. my truck is failing again now and of course, it is exhibiting the same symptoms of a coil pack failure. this time, however, the coil pack in question is not easily accessible for the home mechanic and we will be forced to take it in for repair.
 Spark plug (believe it was #4) blew out of the cylinder head. 66k miles. these were original plugs, so not attributable to faulty mechanic. head re-threaded, new plug inserted.
 1999 ford expedition blew #3 sparg plug out of head
 The truck will not start, even though there is power. after waiting a few hours it starts up without a problem. it may run fine for a couple days and then have numerous problems for days on end. this has been going on for more than a month now. called three dealerships and was forced to take it back to the original dealership (two hours away). the problem did not happen when at the dealership, was not logged on the computer and was charged $100.00 to do nothing. i have heard from numerous people that this is a common problem with the alarm system (that does not log problems on the computer) that is under warranty. have called ford customer service and was told that there was nothing that they could do. after numerous times of lack of starting, the original dealership told me that we needed to leave the truck with them for an extended period of time (three to four days).*ak
 The engine starts normally after the key is turned but dies when i shift into gear. after the first failure, the truck was towed to the dealer who performed diagnostics. the tests did not show any abnormalities. i was told that they could not identify the faulty part therefore could not replace anything. they said it could just be a fluke and might never happen again. this was while the truck was under manufacturer's warranty. the second failure occured two days ago, approx. 6 months after the first incident. i was eventually able to get the vehicle started on my own and drove straight to the dealer. again, they were unable to find any faulty parts. the vehicle is now out of manufacturer warrenty but is under an extended warranty. however, the repair shop said that they could not just start replacing parts without a clear cut diagnostic becasue the insurer would not pay. i am now afraid to drive the vehicle any distance from my home or office in case the defect stalls the car again or manifests itself in some other, more destructive way. i cancelled my trip for the fourth of july and am waiting on a dealer call back. i am assuming this is a glitch in a computer chip or something relatively minor, but difficult to find. however, the problem is a major one in my life as i do not feel safe driving this vehicle. the dealer has been responsive and is researching the problem. i do not know if they have access to a data base of other expedition/f110 owners who may have had this same problem, so i am trying to distribute my information to a central organization that might be able to recognize a pattern of failure and identify it's cause. the vehicle has been maintained per the manufacturer's recommendations.*ak
 Had spark plug coil go out on #4 cylinder, shakes at higher speeds tires wear unevenly burning oil smell after you drive it had it to dealership 3 times and they couldnt locate a leak ( maybe there techs should read these tsb's?) finally reconized as bad head and gasket replaced still was leaking then i told i needed a total engine replacement! now its outta warrenty and my problem according to ford dealership. even though had it in for burning oil smell when under 36,000 (dot number: na tiresize: 275r16)
 Failure of the #3/#4 coil packs seem commonplace on ford expeditions primarily due to the design of the heater hose (sits above the coil pack): if the hose drips, the result is a costly repair. this problem is reported frequently on the www.xpedition.net mailing list, and finally showed up an my vehicle. there are reports on the mailing list of people having this problem multiple times (2, 3, 4..). *ak
 While driving could smell engine burning oil which came through the vents. there was no oil leaking. coil broke in the engine/ windshield wipers would come on by themself, while the rear wiper does not work at all/ passenger door panel was loose & came off/ electrical system would cause lights to flicker on & off, and fuel gauge failed to register the correct amount of fuel when filled.*ak
 Tire defect: driving under normal conditions with my family of five we heard a bang and realized the rear right tire had blown. because of the severity of the blow out we felt immediately that this was a manufacturing defect and expressed our concern to nemer ford. the ford expedition has never been used for any off-road purpose. nemer ford refused to do anything and simply referred us to the firestone dealer. we contacted our local firestone dealer and they told us it must have been punctured, which we knew was not true. we have not replaced the tire and still have the original tire to prove to someone that the tire is defective! firestone told us we needed to purchase another tire, i will not risk my family's safety by purchasing another firestone product.( dot number: tire size: p265/70r )
 Engine suddenly running very rough and engine check light on. dealer investigation showed coolant leak on coil pack 4. coil pack removed and replaced and hose clamp tightened. repair was not done as a defect although many other vehicles have had the same problem. *ak
 Car on board computer had to be replaced. *tr
 Computer system affected temperature gauge. this caused it to run hot and stall. been to dealer 5-6 times for problem. mechanic claimed to have repaired it each time, but problem reappeared. *ak
 When vehicle began to move transmission began to slip. when stopping one can feel the transmission jerking. dealership changed the spark plug and the hose clamp, (2) test drove vehicle, and recognized the slipping, but could not remedy the problem. (3) engineer checked transmission and it was okay. second engineer tested and said it was normal. manufacturer said if brakes fail they would be able to fix them. *ak
 Vehicle was parked in school parking lot and the vehicle just started up with no keys in the ignition. the second time this happened the vehicle was parked in a grocery store parking lot. consumer went in, came out, and the truck was running. key was in the consumer's pocket. this has happened at least five times. contacted the dealer. they admitted there was a problem, but couldn't resolve it. *ak
 Hi. i have a 99 ford expedition and read on cnn you are conducting an investigation. i have had so many issues with the leaking windshield, and spent over 2200 dollars with no resolution. in the end, i found you could drill holes in parts of the fuse box. the really frustrating thing is i went into many different ford dealers with documentation in hand regarding others with the same issue, and they all acted like they had never heard of the problem before. it's very upsetting. can you please tell me what else i need to do to ensure my complaints are considered as part of your investigation?
 On january 15th, 2005 my wife had returned from a short trip from the grocery store in our 1999 ford expedition around 9:30pm. she had been home about 45 minutes when i noticed the smell of smoke. i looked out the door to the garage and saw flames coming out from under the hood near the windshield. i quickly took the keys and tried to crank it to get it out of the garage and away from the house. fortunately it did crank. after i attempted to put the fire out with a fire extinquisher the local fire department put out the fire. the car was declared a total loss by my insurance company a couple days later. i have no doubt that this fire was caused by a faulty cruise-control de-selector switch. the cruise-control had stopped working about 4 or 5 months ago. after the fire i noticed a puddle of fluid on our garage floor. i now know that was brake fluid from the master cylinder. i called montgomery motors service department on tuesday january 25th and they said they had never heard of this problem with expeditions. two days later ford announces a recall on certain year model expeditions (not 1999). i'm upset that ford knew of this problem and did nothing about until there were over 63 fires (not counting this one). and now they are only recalling a few year models when it is obvious that this is a problem with 1997 thru 2002 models. i was very fortunate that my home and family was not burned up in this fire. some other families may not be as lucky. thank you in advance for your attention to this dangerous problem. *ak
 The rear wiper motor failed due to loose wire. yh
 Vehicle fire of ford expedition - total loss. *tr
 Dt*: the contact stated while the vehicle was parked in the driveway with the ignition turned off, flames erupted from underneath the hood and engine compartment area without warning. the fire department was alerted, and extinguished the fire. the police were also alerted, and a report was taken. there was extensive fire damage; an insurance adjustor deemed the vehicle a total loss. the manufacturer was not alerted. *ak
 1) noticed in mid may that the cruise control on my 1999 ford expedition stopped working. no other performance issues were noticed and since it was not critical it was not repaired at that time. 2) on july 27, 2005 the 1999 ford expedition caught on fire and burned. the fire chief on site indicated that the fire started in the area of the master cylinder, where the speed control deactivation switch is located. 3) my insurance company, usaa is in the process of investigating the cause of the fire and i am awaiting information from them. i have not contacted ford at this time. *nm
 I have a '99 ford expedition and i developed a problem where i lost the brake and turn signal lights in my car. i replaced the fused and it immediately popped again. so i took it to my mechanic, and he looked at it. there was brake fluid up in the cruise control switch, all the way up in the cable harness (in the wires), and in the connector at the junction/fuse box. when he removed the cruise control switch, he discovered that the cruise control switch was the new switch and it sparked and it caught fire. luckily the flame was contained to just the switch and the mechanic was able to cut the switch out of the car and blow it out before the fire spread. he told me the car had to go to ford and he suggested that i not drive it, as it was a fire hazard. so it was towed. the ford dealership got in and investigated and they determined that i needed a whole new cabling harness because of melted wires and brake fluid contamination and that the price was going to be $500 and a new cruise control switch and fuses. i instructed ford to go ahead with the repairs and to save all of the old parts. ford said that because the cruise control switch had already been replaced, this vehicle was not subject to the recall despite the entire list of other coincidental failures that could have led to a fire and possible loss of life. i have no doubt that had the old switch still been in place, there would have been a fire already. as things were, my mechanic joe taylor, at taylor's automotive said it was just a matter of time before this one would go up.
 Spouse woke up to glass popping, ran out of house, and saw garage completely engulfed in flames - one week prior to vehicle fire turn signals and hazard lights would not work - blown fuse and replaced it. cruise control would jerk while activated. *ak
 While vehicle was parked for 1 hour a fire started under the hood. vehicle was totaled. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 After vehicle was parked for 3 hours a fire started under the hood. vehicle was totaled. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 At the end of october fuse to the brake lights blew out. replaced fuse, and saw smoke coming from under hood. removed fuse, and opened hood to find source of smoke, it was the brake switch on top of the master cylinder. took it to dealership, who reported that they replaced the switch. 3 weeks later vehicle was parked in driveway for 1 hour after driving for .5 hours and it caught on fire. also, house caught on fire. the fire was in the engine compartment. the hole in the hood was centered on the driver's side near the middle. insured by progressive. *ak
 Vehicle vibration at speeds of 65 mph or higher. burning smells coming from under hood and vehicle smoke from under hood.
 Several times this happened. after rain or snow the electronics in my 1999 expedition goes crazy. such as vehicles fan runs after truck is turned off, when in drive radio goes out, beeping noises etc etc. this is known to be caused by a leak in the vehicles windshield which is undetectable by the owner. water leaks behind the fuse panel and the gem module and causes electrical havoc. car will even try starting on its own w/o keys in it. ford has known about this windshield defect and will do nothing to rectify it. this started this year several times. the dealer is replacing the windshield because to reseal it has to be removed and in the process they crack. the fuse box and gem module also has to be replaced due to corrosion over time caused by the unknown leak. the water leaks down the front pillar and then behind the dashboard. all the while the owner is unaware of this happening over time. ford has known about the defective seal on the windshields of several year models of expeditions. this is also a definite fire hazard and a definite danger esp. those who park in there attached garages. repairs cost the owners between $600.00 to well over $1000.00. this isn't fair when a defect like this is common knowledge to all dealers and owners of these vehicles. my vehicle is a top of the line eddie bauer model and the price new was in the $40,000 range. the nhtsa should fully investigate this and demand a recall and reimbursement to those who paid dearly for this defect that came straight from the assembly line to us. *jb
 The 1999 ford expedition caught fire and burned the entire car and garage it was stored in. the fire investigation reports the fire started in the fuse panel. *jb *sc
 1999 ford expedition eddie bauer 4x4 the emergency brake was removed by the dealer when they sold it to me and never put one on it, also the /c blows out hot air up front and cold in the back, and the odomitter does not work, it goes in and out and the dealer refuses to fix it. several of my friends have the same truck and they have the same problem
 I bought a 99 expedition used in march 2004, from the local ford dealer in clarksburg, wv. from the 2nd day i had it home it has had electrical problems in the rain. the rear wiper would stop immediately and the front wipers would not come back on if the car was in drive after you had turned them off. during the first incident i stopped to get gas and when i got in to leave the pumps my headlights would not come back on. i drove the two blocks to my house by the street lights. i know from the internet i'm not the only person to have this water leak in under the dash of a ford expedition of f-150. it is a miracle if no one has wreck in a sudden down pour. *nm
 On sunday windshield wipers started goinig crazy.they started to go on and off for 5 minutes after several attempts to shut them off.finally my husband pulled over and turned the car off, and the wipers shut off.the dealer was not notified .on tuesday at about 7:56 am i was driving to go to a gas station and as i was turning to the left i heard a loud sound that sounded like an explosion and the truck turned off.i tried tunring the car on since i have had problems with the car turning off before and i realized that the car was smoking fron the inside.i tried to open the door from outside they did not open. so in fear that the car would blow up that i tried to start the car and it started. i opened the door quickly before the car blew up.then the the plastic started to burn under the running board and by the time the fire dept came the inside of the car was on fire.the car was towed to the dealership.the inside of the car was destroyed. *ak
 I was driving to nyc and went to park in a rest area and as i was turning to park the car shut off.i turned it on again and it was fine.one hour later again while driving and making a right turn the light in the dash board turned on and the radio shut off and then it the truck drove fine.the next day i went over a small break on the road and the lights on the dash board went on and the radio off and like always i had no problems driving it home.on 10-30-99 i was driving and i could not go faster than 35 miles it felt like the car lock or i was driving in neutral and all the sudden the truck took speed and it was driving fine until i tried turning right the stering wheel became hard to turn and it was making a click click sound when i turn the stering wheel to the right.iwas able to drive home as long as i didn't turn right.after i park the car i turn the wheel to the right and it continued on making the click click sound.
 Windshield wiper light goes on and chimes whenever it feels like it. all parts have been replaced 3 times and the problem still has not been fixed. the dealer know states that they do not have a fix for this yet ; they will contact me when there is a fix. in the meantime, i am driving a car that distracts every day with this sensor light and chiming. the will not allow me to leave my car a fourth time for repair. i think this is due to the ca lemon law. help!!!!! what are my rights-what can i do?