BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
025811/25/200202234636052Inoperative or inacurrate speedometer, 4x4 lamp illuminatd, and / or diagnostic trouble code p1635 or p1639. *tt11/04/2002
1373703/01/2001620269Inoperative or inaccurate speedometer as well as 4x4 light inoperative and / or diagnostic trouble code p1635 and / or p1639 after a powertrain control module (pcm) has been replaced. *tt07/23/2001
0014207/10/2000618529Inoperative or inaccurate speedometer, 4x4 lamp illuminated and / or diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) p1635 or p1639 present after a powertrain control module (pcm) or instrument cluster replacement. *jb04/16/2001
1374501/01/2000612742Some vehicles may experience a condition of no 4 x 4 low range engagement or a stuck in 4 x 4 low range. *mjs06/12/2000
1574903/01/2002636384Some vehicles equipped with 4 wheel drive may exhibit a notchy or sticking feeling in slow speed turns with no effect on steering efforts or assist while in the automatic 4x4 position. *tt11/07/2002
0113707/09/2001620988Some vehicles equipped with a 4r70w automatic transmission may exhibit a clunk noise during the 2-1 downshift event. *tt09/05/2001
1445301/01/2000620453Some vehicles equipped with 4r100 transmission were built with and without the #8 thrust washer. *tt08/08/2001
001501/10/2000612203Information regarding the new transmission cooler flusher- service tip. *mjs06/06/2000
735311/01/1999610785Some vehicles may exhibit a condition of no 4x4 low range engagement or a stuck in 4x4 low range, with no diagnostic trouble codes stored in the gem module. *tt05/15/2000
99211110/18/19996089677Service procedure for orange service tagged 4t100 transmissions. *tt02/11/2000
99141207/12/1999608428Service procedure for green service tagged 4r70w transmissions. *tt11/30/1999
04210712/13/200404241410014086General (pcm) power train control module programming procedures. *tt04/28/2005
1491805/01/2001620183This bulletin states that on some vehicles (including 2002 blackwood) a battery disconnect or parameter reset is required during powertrain control module (pcm) or instrument cluster (vic / hec / icm) replacement. *tt07/19/2001
0314807/21/200310003748New transmission cooler flusher - service tips. 2003 escort and super duty f series included. *tt10/29/2003
00231011/13/2000616522Subject regarding contamination from prior transmission concerns or excess wear may be trapped in the transmission fluid cooling system. *tt03/05/2001
003802/07/2000612343Vehicles may experience solid particle contaminants from prior transmission concerns or excess wear, may be trapped in the transmission fluid cooling system is not properly flushed, fluid in-line filter kit. *mjs06/07/2000
1603307/01/2002636226Some vehicles with electronic shift-on-the fly may exhibit an inadvertent 4x4 low engagement while driving. *tt11/06/2002
836703/01/2000612766Some vehicles equipped with a4wd may exhibit a driveline pulsaton / shudder vibration under low speed acceleration in a straight line. *tt06/12/2000
0118109/17/2001625715Brake shift interlock.*jb11/30/2001
0561804/01/200510017892Rear axle noise repair. *tt12/06/2005
1375701/01/2000612786Vehicles equipped with limited slip/traction-lok rear axles may exhibit a chatter noise while turning. *mjs06/12/2000
1512308/01/2001624629Some vehicles may exhibit a driveline vibration at speeds between 60-70 mph. *slc11/08/2001
1589705/01/2002637779Subject regarding driveline angle-related vibration at various speeds and load conditions. *tt12/06/2002
1531910/01/2001630231Some vehicles built before june 8, 2000 and equipped with a4wd may exhibit a high-speed moan or driveline pulsation/shudder. *tt04/15/2002
1445303/02/2001616537Some vehicles equipped with 4r100 transmission were built with and without the #8 thrust washer. *tt03/02/2001
1501106/01/2001622824Exhibiting an uncommanded shift wheel low during low speed maneuvering. *tt10/23/2001
0114107/23/2001620991Some vehicles may exhibit inadvertent 4x4 hi or low shift events, 4x4 and / or low range indicator flashing or solid or vehicle stuck in 4l after uncommanded shift. *tt09/05/2001

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 When making a right turn onto a high-traffic, four-lane surface street, both rear lower control arms failed under acceleration. this failure caused the rear axle to twist, the rear differential to shift position, and for the drive shaft u-joints to bind. the result was an effective loss of power and an in inability to accelerate to match traffic flow. several vehicles had to brake hard or swerve into the adjacent lane to avoid the obstruction my vehicle created. *tr
 Rolling up driver window-clicking noise/ticking in front end during slow turns-slowing down/engine vibration and roaring on acceleration/accelerator sticking while using cruise control/electrical problems(i.e-windows rolling up and down w/out prompting, door locks inoperable, running board lights flashing on and off or non-functioning, illuminated temp. and compass flashing or non-functioning, fan in a/c running for no reason w/vehicle off and keys out of ignition, indicator lights in dash flashing on and off, wipers operating w/out prompting, rear window wiper non-functioning, stereo only working in park and reverse or not at all, electrical clicking noise under the dash, left blinker faster than the right)/black foam substance coming from a/c vents/thumping noise right wiper when in use. the problems have been reported to ford dealer and they stated it was a bad gem module and told us that it was getting wet. they stated to disconnect the battery when the vehicle is parked. these problems are worse when it rains. they also stated that this will happen if it is humid. we live in florida, i don't think that we should have to disconnect the battery everytime we park the vehicle. but if we don't, we have all of this going on when the vehicle is off and then the battery goes dead. i was driving on the highway and all of these things started happening at one time, it was raining. i almost lost control of the vehicle trying to get the wipers to function and get the vehicle off the road until all of this stopped. i bought the truck used from a local dealer back in november of last year. the problems began almost immediately. as the problems have gotten worse, i looked this up on the internet and found that ford knew about the problem with the gem module, just as they knew about the cruise control problem and they are doing nothing to fix it. as i stated above, their answer to the problem which they knew existed, is to disconnect my battery everytime i park the vehicle. *nm
 Consumer states that after having recall done the tire that they are replacing it with, is causing the speedometer to be off by 31/2 miles and the odometer to be off also. contacted dealer ,cannot fix problem. mr
 Tl-the contact owns a 2000 ford expedition. upon shifting the vehicle into reverse a screw detached from the steering column and the vehicle would not begin driving in reverse. the vehicle was then shifted into park but continued to move forward. the driver engaged the parking brake and shut the vehicle off. he attempted to restart the vehicle but it would not start. the vehicle was not taken to have the failure diagnosed and was not repaired. the failure and current mileages were 215,000. the vin was unavailable. sm.
 In the days prior i would sometimes have to manipulate the gear shift (automatic) in order to start the car. the car was in park on the flat part of my driveway when i stepped into the garage for less than 10 seconds. the car rolled away doing several thousands of dollars in damage to my vehicle and taking out the neighbor's tree and landscaping. the gentleman that helped me can attest that when he went to back the car up - the car was in park and he had to physically put it in reverse to move it.
 2000 expedition windshield was replaced in november leak caused vehicle to do crazy things like try to start when i turned the headlights on with key out of ignition and had a burning smell. this morning vehicle wouldn't start after rain. after jump starting vehicle overdrive light on gearshifter handle was blinking and vehicle wouldn't go into gear feels like you're driving with brakes on. no problems moving in reverse. problem started out of nowhere, also lights flicker when tried to jumpstart. connected cables wouldn't start lights went dead repositioned cables lights came on after doing this for over an hour car finally started with the above noted problems. *tr
 Special message #15773 these problems have existed for years. and although i have taken my vehicle in to have correct these problems, at no time did any service personnel reference the above message, or fix my vehicle in accordance with prescribed guidelines. the following is a summary of the services performed on my vehicle that are a direct result of this problem. i will be more than happy to provide copies of these documented services upon request.*dec 2000: my husband and i purchased our vehicle in washington with 13,000 miles on it while on christmas leave from germany, and our truck sat in storage until our return in sep 2001. we then drove our vehicle from california to our new duty station at fort belvoir, virginia.*jan 2002: we had issues with the electrical and transmission modular. we took the vehicle to the world of ford dealership in arlington, virginia. they replaced the power train control modular, airbag light, and the check engine light, and reprogrammed the gem modular. the odometer reading at this time was 26,795 miles. fortunately, the vehicle was still under warranty.*jul 2002: i took the truck back to world of ford in arlington, virginia for the following problems: transmission slipping, check engine light, airbag lights, and abs lights. ford said they could not duplicate problems. the vehicle was still covered under warranty with an odometer reading of 30,481 miles. again, although the ford special message had been released in april of 2002, at no time was it mentioned to me as a possible source for these problems.*sep 2004: i went back to world of ford with the same problems mentioned above, plus the trip meter/odometer was blinking in and out. they replaced the led and electrical connections under the driver seat, and fixed the lights on the dash. *jb
 Purchased 2000 ford expedition-new - at 33,000 the transmission started slipping from 1st-2nd. took vehicle in to local dealer was rebuilt under warrenty. took vehicle in at 58,000mi. for the 60,000 mile service (pre-empting a vacation road trip) while on the trip the transmission went completely out--only 25,000 miles on the re-built tranny. the vehicle had 3 children--1 with autism and the other a newborn. the vehicle had died in an intersection of an emergency room and busy street. i could only go in reverse in order to get out of the intersection leaving me stranded in a left turn lane. i tried all greers from low on up and tried to engage any of my 4x4 capabiliies without anything. the vehicle was pushed out the intersection and had to be towed to a dealership in that town visiting. it is still presently there coming up on 14 days. i was given a loner car by a family member in order to get back home with my fmaily. the dealership it is presently at has again rebuilt the tranny-free of charge-due to still being under a 3yr/36,000 mi. warrenty that was placed on the 1st rebuilt tranny. now i am told that almost everything inside the tranny was destroyed and was either rebuilt or replaced. ford felt that is was still cheaper to rebuild instead of replacing with a new tranny. i am now given a 12mon/12,000mile warrenty on this 2nd rebuild. at this point, my autistic child is having problems with the thought of getting back in this vehicle (mind you i still don't have it yet), not alone the safety concerns i have with driving this vehicle. the safety of this vehicle is most definately a concern of me and my family. i don't trust this vehicle--what happens if it dies again and this time i am not so lucky in a major intersection !?
 (1) air bag light stays on after vehicle started. (2) dealer stated air bag would not deploy in accident unless sensor replaced. (3) sensor has been replaced once and wiring harness has been replaced once. (1) instrument cluster odometer flickered then failed. (3) instrument cluster replaced. (1) engine knock (2) 5.4 engine failed at 32,000 miles. (3) engine replaced under warranty. (1) transmission slipping at 55,000 miles. (2) transmission slipping. (3) transmission replaced. (1) transmission began slipping again at 76,000 miles. (2) high rpm before shifting into next gear. (3) body assembly replaced under extended warranty. *jb
 Prior to the replacement of the original tires purchased on the vehicle due to the safety recall of tires, i had no apparent problems with my transmission or rear suspension. immediately following the tire replacement i noticed a scrubbing or dragging noise. the vehicle was immediately returned to the ford dealership and questioned as to why the vehicle was now making a noise that was not there before. i was told that the tires were a little larger than the original ones and that the noise would subside. the noise did not. the vehicle was taken back again and i asked what was wrong with the expedition because the noise was very annoying and appeared to get worst. i was worried that the rear suspension was having problems. the expedition was placed on the rack and examined by the same ford dealership, i was told that there was nothing wrong. the noise continued and then the transmission began to experience problems. we took the transmission to have it flushed and then started experiencing increased problems almost immediately after having it flushed. so much so that it was returned to the service department the same day because we thought maybe they had forgotten to put something back together. we were referred to a transmission repair shop to check. at that time, the transmission service repair man said that he had never seen anything like it on his machine. when we returned home, we noticed that the problem appeared to worsen so we did not drive the exp for about a month hoping that we would be able to research the problem and find someone else who had experienced and fixed it. to no avail, we did not. the exp will not even move anymore. these problems did not occur until the tires were replaced. *ak
 Total transmission failure on 2000 ford expedition with 35,070 miles on it. the car clunked and had metal on metal sound before coming to a stop. car undrivable at that point. towed to ford dealer and diagnosed with total transmission failure. cost to replace transmission $2,600 - out of warranty based on age of car!! very unhappy with ford motor company!!*jb
 After taking my 2000 ford expedition for a routine transmission service and brake job at al packer west in royal palm beach, fl, the transmission went out approximately five to seven miles from the dealership where it was serviced. i had it towed back to the dealership. in order for them to repair it, i was told i would have to pay $529 after i had just paid them #300 for the routine service and brake job. i live 35 miles from the dealership, and drove having no problems with the transmission. when i picked it up; however, my transmission failed. after researching with other mechanics, i feel that it was their error and their products liability insurance should have covered the expenses. *la
 Concern: engine running rough with hesitation between shifts (automatic) and the amber service engine soon light is on. correction by dealer: test eec, r&i upper intake, clean egr passages, replace pfe sensor and number three coil, replace spark plugs *la
 There are several incidents, with different symptoms involving the electronic automatic transmission beginning 4/00, this has become an ongoing problem. back in shop at the moment, going into 4x4 by itself. the incident that i reported, involved complete failure of the range sensor, vehicle could suddenly not shift beyond second gear on the interstate. max speed i could maintain was 50mph at 3400rpm's. dealer replaced sensor, 30 miles later went out again, next dealership replaced again and main processor. now unannounced goes into 4x4 difficult to turn, and then in a few miles, goes back off. this symptom, is now the second occurrence in 2 years.
 While driving in higher speeds vehicle will drop to lower gear and rpms drastically increase. vehicle checked by dealer who advised consumer that transmission speed sensor range is failing.*ak
 When vehicle is put into reverse gear it will shift into 4x4 low gear, which could result in an accident.*ak
 When traveling on the highway, vehicle cuts off without prior warning, also lights on dashboard flashed on and off, dealership was aware of problem. *ak the vehicle cuts off while driving due to crank sensor failure. while driving right rear wheel jingles. vehicle cuts off while accelerating, after stopping the vehicle restart and idles up to 1100 rpm at times. consumer states transmission slips, the dash was rattling and the pedal button on the left steering wheel was installed backwards. *yh
 Since purchasing this vehicle in march 2000, we have had problems with rough idling, transmission not wanting to shift, front end clunking, rear end suspension and sudden acceleration. extensive repairs have been done on this vehicle, including replacing the transmission, yet none of the above items have been repaired. it is extremely dangerous to be driving a vehicle when suddenly it will accelerate and drive on its own. the car can drive at 50 - 60 mph for several miles without stepping on the accelerator. when stopped at a traffic light you have to listen to the engine, watch the rpm's and be ready to put the car into neutral and push forcefully on the brakes to keep the car from plowing into the car ahead. last week i pulled into the bank parking lot and with no warning the car's rpm's jumped to 3,000 and i barely missed hitting two parked cars. in addition, the front end makes hard, loud grinding noises, when backing up the four wheel drive goes out and it feels like the car has two flat tires. it also does this sometime going forward and turning, so it is difficult to steer when it does this. from the day that this car was purchased it has idled like an old car that desperately needs a tune up. all these problems still exist after having the car be at the dealer for 39 days this year. because this vehicle is not safe, i have notified chino hills ford, ford and the arbitration board that i want ford to repurchase my vehicle because it is not safe.*ak
 While pulling out of a parking space at low speed consumer heard a popping noise coming from front end of vehicle. * ak consumer states transmission makes a clunking noise when downshifting, dealer replaced the main control valve body, transmission pan gasket, and accumulator pistons. dealer installed bearing strips in the adjusters for the suspension noise, however later found the noise was coming from the left front floor body mount. outside door handle was loose, dealer installed a nut and panel. tires made vibration noises at 65 mph and up, dealer replaced two tires due to excessive run out. head liner was sagging down. left rear trim was loose at back edge, dealer replaced. a connection was loose at mirror, dealer secured. *et
 Transmission went out at approx. 4000 miles. ford replaced transmission under warranty, but ford will not acknowledge transmission problem with expedition. i feel transmission should be on ford recall list. i know of numerous other expedition owners who have had to replace their transmissions. i also have an engine acceleration problem, which ford has acknowledged is very common on the expedition. they are supposed to fix it on 8/27/01. ford tech. told me it is very common problem and they may have a recall on it. (the acceleration problem. *ak
 Customer states transmission slips, no codes or conditions found by dealer. *tt
 Vehicle is not shifting into gears correctly. when shifting into park, radio and interior lights come on without operating them. also, while driving radio and interior lights cut off without operating them. consumer has contacted dealer. dealer unable to determine cause of problem. *ak *slc
 On a dry-flat road, the suv was stopped - put in reverse - the suv automatically accelerated to 50 miles per hour - the brakes would not stop the suv - an ey-witness said the the suv was bucking - possibly from the brakes catching but not stoping the suv. the svu hit a tree and flew into the woods -- only then did it stop. ford corp. has not responded to any inquires - this needs attention - the next time - someone could be seriously hurt!*ak
 June 5, 2003 to:mr. william clay ford, jr.via fax  313-845-6073 from:judy hardin (281-272-2845) re:outraged over scam ford motor is pulling on customers who own a ford suv!!!!!! we will make sure this scam stops here and now!!!!! you knew when you designed the ford suv vehicles that the intake valves were a piece of junk!!!!!!!!!!!!! my husband and i went to arkansas in our 99 ford explorer. the 2nd day we arrived the vehicle stopped at the hotel. it would not start. we contacted a ford dealerships service department and before i could explain exactly what was going on, the serviceman informed me he knew exactly what te problem was. he stated they had several vehicles in the shop prior and at that time with the same problem. when we arrived at the service area, there were 7 individuals besides my husband and i, with ford explorers, waiting to have their vehicles repaired due to the same problem, the intake valve. a coincidence???? i think not!!!!! that repair cost my husband and i over $300.00. the serviceman even informed us he would never buy a ford suv and he works for your company!!!!! my brother, alfred anderson, who purchased an american made vehicle for the 1st time in 15 years. made the biggest mistake of his life when he purchased the ford expeditioneddie bauer. the vehicle was placed in the shop last week and guess what the problem was, oh yeah, the intake valve!!!! he had to pay over $300.00 also for a problem you knew about all along!!!! not only that, several of his co-workers, of which are starting a petition, placed their ford suvs in service for the same exact issue. my brothers suv overheated yesterday, which cost him over $400.00 to have repaired. this is yet another way ford is making money from customers !!!! this will not continue!!! i am outraged and disappointed because my husband and i purchased only ford vehicles (trucks) in the past but, this is the first and last time we will purchase a ford suv!!!
 On day of purchase, vehicle shook, pulled to right and required constant steering corrections to maintain course. steering is very sensitive and there is a tracking problem. returned to dealer three times and vehicle has been at dealer for correction of these problems 14 days.
 Vehicle experienced shift cable failure. when this occurred the shift lever became difficult to shift, also, driver was unable to indicate what gear the vehicle was in. the cable was removed and replaced. there was recall on 97 v 171 000 on this issue, but this vehicle was not included. *ak
 Consumer was traveling inside of a parking lot of a drive through window. consumer pulled forward, and vehicle put itself into four wheel drive. consumer couldn't disengage system. turned, vehicle off and it was still in four wheel drive. it felt like emergency brake was on. dealership was aware of problem. also, vehicle was towed twice for same problem.*ak
 Vehicle intermittently jumps into 4-wheel low when in reverse, and thenjumps in 4-wheel high when in drive. switch is suppose to control 4-wheel drive on and off.*ak
 Car was left in park, when vehicle suddenly started rolling backwards. driver managed to jump in,and gear shift lever had moved to reverse. took vehicle to dealera, and they stated that a rock had gotten into gear box. please provide any further information.*ak
 Engine was on with vehicle in park when it suddenly began rolling backwards. consumer managed to jump in and saw switch lever went into reverse on its own. *ak the vehicle was parked on an incline. consumer put the vehicle in park and turned the engine off. the vehicle rolled backwards. consumer started vehicle and pulled forward, placed in park and vehicle rolled. the mechanic found a rock in the shifting mechanism on the outside of the transmission. *jg
 While in park the car jumped into reverse and hit a truck. shifter remained in park through the incident.*ak
 Vehicle is not shifting into gears correctly. when shifting into park, radio and interior lights come on without operating them. also, while driving radio and interior lights cut off without operating them. consumer has contacted dealer. dealer unable to determine cause of problem. *ak *slc
 Vehicle was running outside while consumer was inside the house when heard a clicking noise. when she returned back to the vehicle the gear has clicked into drive, and it was in park. vehicle hit the curb, and the front tire busted. *ak
 Concern: surge/hesitation at speeds between 55-65 as gears are shifting (automatic) dealer corrrection: needs torque converter. *la
 All bearings on right tire have fallen off which almost caused tire to fall off. *ak
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 Vehicle experiencing rear differential noise while driving consumer waited for parts and had the vehicle repaired but the problem still exists.
 Its a loud thump at the bottom of the truck, at a very low speed??*ak
 Shimmy at speeds 70 mph and above, diagnose vibration, tried to balance rear driveshaft, driveshaft removed and sent out for balancing. cj
 When making a left hand turn at various speeds transfer case (4 wheel drive) would engage without warning. cause has yet to be determined. *ak
 Drivetrain, had repaired but still has the same problem here and there. *jb