BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
9811601/19/1998605577Information regarding comprehensive pull and drift diagnostic procedure developed to assist technicians with vehicle service. *tt07/12/1999
1673504/01/200310002643Various noise issues from the rear leaf springs while driving. *tt09/09/2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 On icey road the vehicle started sliding sideways and enter into a ditch and tipped over. vehicle tipped over one other time in the driveway after making an sharp turn.
 Faulty suspension caused shimmy/vibration in vehicle while driving, consumer has balanced and rotated the tires 4 times, replaced radius arm bushing, alignment, replaced inner and outer bearings, replaced shocks and replaced the goodyear tires, the consumer later found out about tsb 960415a, the dealer refuses to fix the problem at their expense. *slc
 Vibration at 60 mph and above. have replaced 3 sets of tires (good year) and vibration persist. other used sets of tires resold and no vibration was reported by new owners. was told that this is a problem with ford explorer by tire balancing company. they also stated that they believed the problem may be in the suspension.*ak
 Ford explorer very unsafe if you need to make a quick move use lose all control and vehicle just wants to start rolling over
 While car pooling on the highway heard a boom. then vehicle started to wobble. consumer thought it was a flat tire, but then lost control and vehicle flipped 3 times. the only thing that was left was the axle. vehicle flipped over 3 times before coming to a stop. consumer felt this was a serious defect, and were lucky that they weren't killeed. police told consumer that the whole rim and tire had come off. *ak
 The entire automobile shakes when driving above 55 mph, and dealer will not do anything about. *ak the consumer stated that the manufacturer has a modification kit for shake, but refuses to pay for it. *yh
 While driving on highway on a 7 hour trip there was very bad vibration. replaced two tires on fronts, didn't solve the problem. contacted dealer, and they said shaking problem was with the 1993 vehicles. needed to install motor mounts brackets and shock absorbers on the rear. not under warranty will not repair. *ak
 Consumer was driving approximately 35mph when crashed into a gaurdrail. mechanic replaced fender/bumper/radiator/grill/ radialand radial support/ball join, and installed lift kit. however, vehicle still vibrated, even more when driving with 4 wheel drive. also, when making a turn steering locked up in 4 wheel drive. consumer then replaced all four tires. vehicle still vibrated. mechanic said the radius arm was bent, and replaced it. also, replaced the springs shocks/ abs sensors/ rear shield and bearings. *ak
 Violent shaking starts at about 63 mph., *mjs
 Battery/manifold absolute pressure (map) sensor/radius arm bushing/hydraulic lift cylinders (rear door) and driver's side mirror failed.
 Excessive vibration over 60 mph.
 Supension vibration.
 Vehicle rolled over during vehicle collision.
 While driving at 60 mph, the vehicle vibrates, causing lack of control. please provide any details. *ak
 Suspension defect, causing extreme vibration while driving.
 Vehicle vibrates violently when driving between 55 mph to 65 mph, is at its worst at 57 mph. *ak
 The vehicle floor and steering wheel vibrates excessively at 55-65 mph. assumed to be aftershake addressed in tsb #94-2-20 (nhtsa#sb035605).
 Radius arm bushes failed. *sd
 The front end pulls to the right and water leaks from the front window. tt
 Radius arm failed, causing front end noise when vehicle goes over bumps. *ak
 The whole
 Multiple failures, continually brake problems. the vehicle also overheated, thermostat replaced several times. a/c compressor malfunction, etc. *bf a blowout ripped the running board assembly, the abs light was intermittent and the mechanic could not figure out why, the brakes locked up on the vehicle and violently skidded to a stop, the exhaust was replaced twice, there was a noise that lingered on in the front end and a loud creaking sound. *sc
 The problem first displayed itself at 8000 miles, i contacted the dealer and was told to bring it in. on 7/14/93 they did a front end alignment. when i picked it up i questioned the unusual tire wear on the front, they told me there was nothing they could do, about this. this condition persisted and i again contacted the dealer and was told to bring it in on 10/19/193. they performed another front end alignment and rotated the tires due to the exterme wear. the problem continued i again called the dealer and was advised to bring it in on 2/11/94 at which time another realignment was performed and a part replaced. the problem only became worse i again contacted the dealer and was stalled repeatedly. in desperation i contacted the ford rep in atlanta (matt darnell) and requested his assistance. again i was stalled almost ignored, the problem became so bad while waiting for mr. darnell that i was forced to take it to firestone who performed another front end alignment and rebalanced the tires. the tires were worn so badly by this time , the damage had been done. there were other repairs made to this vehicle by claxton lawrence ford who at one point refused to repair it because we did not purchase it there. at this point we had to contact ford directly and threaten legal action in order to effect repairs. at this time the explorer was new on the market and information that is now widely available was not available to us or others. it is my belief that ford motor company knowingly knew they had problems and now that i reflect back on it mr. darnell alluded to me in one conversation to that effect, but at the time i did not put it together. i too was involved in a roll over with my explorer and it was totally destroyed along with my life and career. had ford been more forthcoming with information that they had things may have been different for myself and many others. i have contacted an attorney who told me to much time had passed for me to take my case to court. *ak
 No summary
 The vehicle has a severe vibration/shaking problem with the front suspension. i have had it checked with no problems according to my local dealer in blackfoot, id. the tires are brand new and they are balanced properly. ford has refused to fix this problem since the warranty has expired. i wrote them a letter explaining that it is a safety issue and not a warranty issue but they blew it off as an expired warranty issue. ford has admitted to the defect through publishing of a tsb # 96-4-15. it resolves a vibration/shaking problem with my model at various speeds of which my problem exists at 60-75 mph. it violently shakes the front end to make it difficult to brake heavily and maintain control on all road surfaces. the fix is a newly redesigned left and right engine mount and an addition of a lateral shock absorber installed in the rear of the truck. i wanted them to fix it as a safety recall but they refused. i'm currently taking other actions such as reporting this problem through your site. evidently, ford thinks they can get away with it.
 Consumer was driving approximately 35mph when crashed into a gaurdrail. mechanic replaced fender/bumper/radiator/grill/ radialand radial support/ball join, and installed lift kit. however, vehicle still vibrated, even more when driving with 4 wheel drive. also, when making a turn steering locked up in 4 wheel drive. consumer then replaced all four tires. vehicle still vibrated. mechanic said the radius arm was bent, and replaced it. also, replaced the springs shocks/ abs sensors/ rear shield and bearings. *ak
 While driving at highway speeds, vehicle vibrates badly and consumer can lose control of vehicle. dealer said had to replace a bushing, but now they are saying needs to have a new kit. please provide further information and vin#.
 No summary
 Vibration, sometimes severe, at approximately 50 mph and faster. ford dealer aware of the problem, but say they cannot repair. dealer has suggested that tires and shocks be replaced, which i have done but to no avail. had front end aligned, left camber shim installed, radius arm bushings replaced, tires balanced and re-balanced, front right tire replaced but the problem still persists. vibration becomes severe at higher speeds. not safe. i have contacted the ford motor company customer service rep., but they tell me to see the dealer! getting the run-around. vehicle is only 5 years old with only 68000 highway miles. this should not happen! i have spent approximately $1,000 to repair the problem without success. please help me! i am concerned that, with all of the vibration, something will loosen while i'm driving with my wife and children causing an accident. i feel this is a design flaw as i have spoken with several other explorer owners who have the same problem. i do not drive the vehicle hard. i take excellent care of the vehicle and, for the most part, it has been a good vehicle except for the incessant vibration. i feel that it is the responsibility of ford to pay the price of repair (or replacement) before someone gets hurt or killed from this obvious design flaw. anything you can do will be very much appreciated. thank you, greg halpern.
 Front end suspension continually vibrates replacement of the shocks did not remedy vibration.
 Driver experiencing shimmy and vibration from vehicle at 65 mph. the tires were changed out, rotated balanced and the problem has not been resolved.
 Vehicle vibrates.
 Vehicle pulls when applying brakes. *sd
 Theres no camber adjustment. tt this causes excess tire cupping and wear. *slc
 The vehicle pulling to the right side can not find the the problem. tt
 Vehicle vibrates at 60mph, cannot fix front end. tt consumer has replaced tires and vibration is still present. *slc
 Vehicle vibrates 20 to 65 mph; vibrates more when applying brakes. vehicle pulls very hard to right, sometimes to left; possibly caused by faulty engine mounts.
 Purchase new had to replace the rotor, front end alignment wear out the front tire . tt
 The vehicle shakes at speeds exceeding 55mph, the dealer cannot find problem, mfg has a service bulletin out, but no remedy. tt
 The front end just exploded for no reason. please describe. tt
 Noise when going over bumps or turning vehicle.
 Vibration of front end at speed beyond 65 mph. tt
 Vehicle vibrates when going over 60 mph. tt
 Ball joints are completely shot. consumer feels wheel could fall off. please provide any further information.*ak
 The consumer is experiencing problems with front end suspension. while driving vehicle started pulling towards the right on its own, causing a loss of control. the bracket that held the control arm to the frame broke loose. the manufacturer has been contacted. *ak
 Front ball joints failed.
 When traveling about 10 to 15 mph, and upon applying force to the brake pedal, the right front ball joint broke, causing the wheel to separate. vehicle awaiting service from dealer. *ak
 Upper and lower ball joints failed.
 Upper and lower ball joints failed.
 Shocks failed causing vibration.
 Worn out front shock absorbers, causing front of vehicle to bounce. *ak
 While vehicle was elevated for tire rotation, i noticed a crack in what i call the torsion bar on both sides of the front end of my vehicle. the torsion bar is attached to the outer end of the cross beams inside each wheel. the cracks looked like fatigue failures. they encircled the rear end of the torsion bar bushing where it goes through the support bracket. both sides were about to completely fail. to my knowledge i had not hit anything that would cause these parts to fail. if i had continued to drive and a failure had occurred i would have potentially lost control of the vehicle and possibly have rolled over. i returned the failed parts to my local ford dealer, ken stoepel ford in kerrville, texas, and suggested he let the manufacturer know. *ak
 I have had 3 blowouts at 60-70 mph all on the right rear, 2 with firestone and 1 with goodyear, also premature right rear wheel bearing failure that i feel have been caused by vibration at hiway speeds. ford has a tsb 96-04-16 that repairs this vibration at a cost of $1600. with the explorer these failures are a serious safety concern and should be made a safety recall made available to all 90-94 explorer owners at no cost . thank you.*jb
 The car shakes at speeds in excess of 65 mph. it shake soo much i believe we are damaging parts of the car that could lead to and accident or premature deterioration and wear and tear. i am not satisfied with the dealers response sighting normal wear and tear. i beleive there to be a design problem with this car more than normal wear and tear. other problems i have had with this car include 3 front end wheel bearing replacements which in hindsight might have been caused by this vibration before it became so noticeable. i am very unhappy with the performance of the engine mounts. they are a basic and integral part of the car tha should not wear out. i am concerned enough that this severe vibration could cause an accident and warrants consideration from nhtsa and ford motor company.
 While driving the front end was making a banging noise, it was an anoying noise that caused the consumer to become worried. when it was looked at by a mechanic it was determined that the bushings were damaged. the dealer has been contacted. *ak
 Wheel bearing failed.
 While driving at speeds of 55mph, the vehicle's front left wheel bearing seized, causing the wheel to lock up. *ak
 Defective wheel bearings cause grinding noise in front end.
 Wheel bearings replaced.
 Repeated brake problems,pulling to the left very violently.front wheel bearings failed. tt
 Radius arm bushing replaced.
 Bushing replaced. *sd
 Consumer stated the rear shocks were replaced.*jb
 Engine mounts and rear axle-to-frame lateral shock absorber kit installed as per service bulletin due to excessive vibration due to component failures.
 Shock absorbers failed. *sd