BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
1721509/01/200310004076The amber anti-lock brake system (abs) warning light on with diagnostic trouble codes c1235, c1236/c1237 stored in memory. *tt11/17/2003
1762603/01/200410007404Standard abs (not advance trac/ivd) built prior to 2/9/2004 may exhibit an intermittent amber abs light on with diagnostic trouble code (dtc's) b2900, u1900 and possibly c1805 stored in memory. *tt06/21/2004
0326307/05/200310008281Anti-lock brake system (abs) lamp illuminated and diagnostic trouble code (dtc) c1235, c1236, c1237 on vehicles with differential-mounted rar wheel speed sensor. *tt07/26/2004
1772804/01/200410008229Anti-lock brake system (abs) light on with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) b2900, u1900 and c1805. *tt07/23/2004

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 While driving, the cruise control stopped working and car stalled. at the same time the abs light comes off and on. *tr
 While driving, the cruise control stopped working and car stalled. at the same time the abs light comes off and on.
 On april 6th of this year i purchased a 2004 ford explorer. the next day i took the car for city inspection...it passed. the very next day (sunday) the check engine light came on. the abs light would also illuminate. i took the car to autozone to have it diagnosed (egr valve). only the check engine light could be diagnosed because because the abs light came on at random while i was driving. the car was still under the 1000 mile warranty so the egr valve was replaced and a speed sensor believed to be the problem with the abs light. i purchased an independent extended warranty so i would be covered for any surprise expenses. i had my chance to use it in just a few months later when the car ran hot. the repair was not covered. this happened in july, just a few months after buying the car. earlier this month (november 2012) the service engine light came on again but it didn't stay on so i couldn't get it diagnosed. no need to have it diagnosed because the battery light came on too. i took it to autozone once again and the battery tested bad. it wouldn't start at the store. i bought the battery, it was installed and checked again. the alternator showed it wasn't charging. i had to have the alternator replaced. with the cold weather, i discovered the defrost vents don't work. air only blows from front vents. on the morning of november 19th, i was taking my son to school and the overdrive light started flashing. it happened again while on my way home from work on november 21st. so now i suppose i have transmission problems. ford needs to answer for their horrible engineering.
 Transmission shifts very hard so bad that it jerks me and my children's heads forward when it happens. this occurs the worst when going into reverse and into 2nd and 3rd gears. brakes lock up/stick after being pressed for 3 seconds. *tr
 Transmission shifts very hard so bad that it jerks me and my children's heads forward when it happens. this occurs the worst when going into reverse and into 2nd and 3rd gears. brakes lock up/stick after being pressed for 3 seconds.
 I have a 2004 explorer limited and just turned 14,000 miles and my abs light comes on every time i start the car and accelerate. also the cruise stopped working. from what i have read it sounds like the abs module which ford has apparently been aware off. not happy!! i would not expect this sort of problem with only 14,000 miles. *tr
 I purchased a 2004 ford explorer in july 0f 2011, and traded in my 2001 oldsmobile of 5 years. i also purchased the 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. before driving it off the lot i had the dealer fix the abs system because the light was on. there is a crack going down the back of the trunk but nothing else was wrong at the time so i left the crack alone. in april of 2012 i took it to the dealership for a belt, check trans, shocks, ball joints, and a ticking in the heater when knob was turned to heat (not cool). i told him to just fix what was on the warranty and also give it a oil change. he informed me that the trans was fine. after getting the car back my heat went out and i was told by a mechanic buddy that my brakes, rotters, emergency brake pads and the back tires were shot. so i had him replaced them because this was also not covered on warranty. just last week my rpm started jumping with miles over 65.(no lights were on at the time)so i took it to 6 different places getting estimates on what could be wrong. all shops said the same thing. start with fuel filter, oil filters and oil change. the day after i paid for all this the service engine light came on. (egr valve code) the man at auto zone told me to take it off and clean it with spray and let it dry before replacing. i took it to a shop and had them do this. the same day i picked up the car my service engine light came on again, o/d light and the car was driving like i was hauling a bus and jumping. i took it back the next day and he replaced the egr valve new since the same code was showing up. later that day after getting it back the car started doing the same thing after driving for 5 miles this was friday 9/21/12. *tr
 I backed suv out of garage and put in park, got out of vehicle while still running (to close garage door), closed the suv door, turned around and saw that suv was moving forward into my garage. i opened the suv door while it was moving and jumped in the drivers seat, pushed on the brake and suv did not stop, i was looking down at the floor to see why suv did not stop, pulled up my foot and placed it back down on the brake. suv still did not stop. it then made a loud noise like the engine was reeving up and then the suv took off forward, ran through the back of my garage, ran through my back yard, ran over a tree in the yard, ran through my back yard fence and my neighbor's fence and crashed into the back side of neighbor's house. all while this was occurring, i was inside of the vehicle with my left leg sticking out of the car (since i jumped in the suv in a hurry, i didn't realize that my leg was still out of the suv), i continually attempted to step on the brakes (each time lifting my foot up so that i could place it directly on the brake), the engine reeved up again while going through the yard. the only thing that stopped the suv was the tall concrete foundation of my neighbor's house that it ran into. i jumped out of the suv, fell to the ground and laid there for a few seconds before i realized that my suv was still running, then i jumped back into the suv and turned the ignition off.
 Tl* the contact owns a 2004 ford explorer. while braking from speeds of 25 mph, the abs warning light illuminated on the dashboard. the vehicle was taken to a local mechanic where the contact was informed that the brake sensor would need to be replaced. there were no prior warnings. the current and failure mileages were 92,505.
 When driving vehicle the vehicle stalls when braking. this failure occurs only when the vehicle is at 1/4 tank of gas or less. vehicle has been to ford for repair on 3 occasions. the have replaced the abs sensor, throttle body and a fuel injection cleaning was performed. none of this has fixed the problem. dec 4 2009 was the first occurrence and has occurred several times with the last being today 2-24-2010. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2004 ford explorer. the abs warning light was illuminated on the instrument control panel. the rear brakes also failed during brake application on gravel roads. the vehicle was taken to the dealer at least five times, and was repaired according to the extended warranty. the failure mileage was 5,000. the current mileage was 62,000.
 Easter sunday, my family was on their way back home on the freeway. out of no where they hear loud snapping noises and next thing they knew the rear passenger tire came off. the cars skidding on the road and finally comes to a stop. luckily for my family they walked away unharmed. the car is currently at my home, won't turn on anymore, the wheel studs are all broken off, the rotor along with the rest of the assembly is damaged. the car is a mess and now i'm trying to figure out how im supposed to deal with the situation. *tr
 Brake system issues, 2004 ford explorer. braking systems makes a significant bump and noise when applying brakes. *jb
 2004 explorer had problems with brakes and windows. *ts three months after the vehicle was purchased thee was a recall on the transmission. the abs malfunctioned and the power windows would not go down. the rear hatch door would not open. the transmission began to slam into gear. the rotors vibrated in the rear. consumer heard a howling noise at 40-55 mph. the dealer replaced the ring and pinion. nm
 Multiple problems with my explorer. when shifting into reverse car jolts with a clunking noise. while driving car jolts occasionally. when braking car shakes. abs light is on and 4x4 high light flashes. explorer was taken in december 2004 and fixed for the truck jolting into reverse. truck now having the same problem. truck to be taken back to the dealer next week. *nm
 The consumer experienced a problem with the cruise control. the consumer would set the cruise control and then it will shut down by itself. the consumer took the vehicle to the dealer who as of today, was unable to find a defect. *jb the failure resulted in a life threatening situation when the vehicle reached speeds in excess of 100 mph on it's own while hitting the resume button in cruise control. the vehicle had been in to the dealer for the repair of the braking and tire pressure gauges, throttle control, transmission slippage, cruise control, traction control default, general computer defaults and the rear trim piece at the liftgate opening was distorted. *sc
 The brake line is leaking fluid. this would cause the pedal to go to the floor when depressed and extended stopping distance. the dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. please provide more information.
 2004 ford explorer xlt having recurring problems with antilock brake system. *nj the consumer stated the abs light illuminated twice. the first time the problem occurred, the dealer diagnosed the problam as a faulty switch which they replaced. the second time the light illuminated, the dealer stated the problem was a speed sensor on the rear axle. *jb
 2004 ford explorer had brake problems**cc the abs locked up and caused the vehicle to overturn. the air bags failed to deploy during the accident. *nm
 We have experienced multiple problems with the electrical systems of our 2004 ford explorer along with other miscellaneous problems. the electrical problems have not been corrected to date. in november 2006, the rear window of the liftgate broke off the hinge. we were told there were no recalls for this problem and had to pay for this repair out of our pocket. today, january 16, 2007 the frame of the rear liftgate cracked in the middle. *nnm
 Dt*: the contact stated while applying brake pressure at various speeds, the antilock brakes activated on normal road conditions without warning. the vehicle was inspected by a dealer who replaced the wheel speed sensor. afterwards, upon applying brake pressure at any speed there was a pronounced vibration within the brake pedal. the vehicle was inspected by a dealer who was unable to duplicate the problem. the manufacturer was contacted.
 Dt: while driving on september 16, 2005 the abs failed. when this occurred it caused the consumer's vehicle to almost hit another vehicle. the abs, maintenance, and four wheel lights came on and blinked when he lost the brakes. a diagnosis test was performed, and it showed that there was a problem with the speed sensor. the dealership replaced the speed sensor in the rear which was called asy-t. the fuel gauge broke. it showed the fuel tank level was higher than what it really was. the driver's rear window motor had to be replaced. the cover over the hatchback handle had to be replaced. also, had to replace the weather stripping. there has been a repair done to the four by four unit. there were multiple problems with the vehicle. *ak
 While driving vehicle suddenly started accelerating uncontrollably. driver applied the brakes and the pedal went to the floor. vehicle continued to accelerate excessively. while making a right turn driver hit the curb and flipped four times landing upside down in a ditch. driver and passenger sustained injuries, and were transported by an ambulance to a hospital. vehicle was towed and totaled by the insurance company. *ak
 While driving 70 mph check engine light came on, then, moments later the engine revved up and down, and the brakes failed, not allowing the vehicle to stop. dealer stated the vehicle jumped timing. *ak
 At all times the abs brake light is on. also, when vehicle is used in wet weather it will skid. vehicle is scheduled to go to the dealer in the near future. *ak
 2004 eddie bauer explorer 4x4: engine failed, safe mode when nothing appears to be an issue. others on news groups claim they found it to be faulty abs electronic control unit.*ak
 Loud pop from rear-end. abs light,wrench,and check engine light came on. found to be a bad speed sensor and defective rear-end. suv has been in the shop for 2 weeks and no rear-end in sight. *ak
 My 2004 ford explorer has several issues since 38,000 miles, the recent complaint at 57,000 miles is the abs module and the cruise control. the abs light came on and at the same time the cruise control stop working. took it to the dealership i purchased it at. they tried to reset the computer. advised me i would need a new acs module for the abs. i contacted ford motor company to try and get the module replaced under warranty. the best ford would do is to split the cost of the module with me, but i would have to pay for labor to install. when asked how much the module cost. was told 1160.00. this would not guarantee that i would not have this problem again. the dealership told me they would try to find a used module. i called back after several days and was informed they could not find one. the next day i got on the phone and within 20 mins had found a module at a local salvage yard. asked the dealership if they would purchase the used module with the money ford was going to provide with the new module to fix it. they said no. ford motor company is aware that many of the 2004 explorers have abs and powertrain issues, yet they fail to acknowledge. now i can tell a difference in my braking. sometimes now when i have to use the brakes, i can feel something is not right. i am worried that when i will need the abs to work i will not have the ability to stop. i am disappointed that the cruise control has stopped working as well with this amount of mileage. the dealership has been unable to tell me if the cruise control is related to the abs module. they never check the cruise control problem and was not aware of it till i had called them back on the used abs module. ford needs to step up and take care of these major issues with these explorers....poor parts installed at time of manufacturing. ford should be liable. *tr
 Multiple problems with my explorer. when shifting into reverse car jolts with a clunking noise. abs light is on and 4x4 high light flashes. service engine light on but no hose leaks can be found. wrench light comes on even after tps replacement suggested by obd-ii. very unhappy with this vehicle. i have owned 7 fords, this is the worst i have owned. *tr
 While going to open the rear hatch of my 2004 ford explorer, i noticed a crack in the hatch door from just below the window down to the next panel. when i opened the window on the hatch door, i noticed that the left hinge that holds the glass is coming loose. i am unable to utilize the rear cargo area of my vehicle now for fear that the left hinge will break off resulting in the entire door coming off the vehicle and falling or dropping onto me or one of my children, causing severe personal injuries. the mileage on my vehicle is approximately 70,000 miles. nothing has been done yet to correct this failure because after reading other people's experience with having ford refuse to acknowledge the problem and the government thus far refusing to issue a recall, my hands are tied. i do not want to pay for the repair myself because i have already been burned by ford on other issues relating to this vehicle, i.e., the abs module and the air conditioning system. *tr
 Brake master cylinder resevior leaks brake fluid. this has been replaced once and continues to leak.dealer states ford insists it is normal to leak. dealer states 3 out of 4 explorers leak brake fluid.has been to dealer on 3 different times to be repaired, still leaks. once a week the fluid has to be washed off the resevior and inner fender well.*ak
 Tl*- the contact owns a 2004 ford explorer. while driving at 60 mph the contact felt the brake pedal shutter when the brake was depressed. also, the contact felt the steering wheel vibrate. the dealer stated that the problem was due to the rotors. the dealer resurfaced the rotors at 12,000 miles. approximately eleven months later the contact experienced the same problem. the dealer stated the rotors needed to be replaced. the dealer replaced the rotors at 24,000 miles. two months later ,the dealer replaced the rotors again, and the rotor assembly at 26,000 miles. four months later the contact had the same problem. the dealer resurfaced the front and rear rotors at 30,000 miles. there have been no further occurrences. the vehicle currently has 36000 miles. *ak
 After only 300 miles on the odometer---discovered the 2 front rotors were warped and the car shook when braking. we asked that they be replaced. ford area rep would not allow it...the dealer, instead, turned the rotors by taking off 50% of surface. ford said this still met their spec for warranty repair. we believe it is unfair!! *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 65 mph on a dry interstate, there was a loud pop that sounded like a balloon popped. when the brake pedal was applied, the pedal would not move. the vehicle spun around and ran into a ditch which resulted in an accident. there were minor injuries sustained and a police report was taken. the vehicle was towed to an independent body shop who determined the master cylinder had fractured apart.
 Dt*: the contact stated while applying brake pressure at various speeds, the antilock brakes activated on normal road conditions without warning. the vehicle was inspected by a dealer who replaced the wheel speed sensor. afterwards, upon applying brake pressure at any speed there was a pronounced vibration within the brake pedal. the vehicle was inspected by a dealer who was unable to duplicate the problem. the manufacturer was contacted.