Consumer Complaints

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 Overheating large amount of fluid leaking under car and steam or smoke coming out of tail pipe? tow truck was called car towed to local dealer. my 2012 ford explorer has been in shop 3 different occasions for same thing: no heat , no air conditioning, overheating, my ford sync recall???
 In the words of one of the several ford motor co. customer care case manager i've spoken to since i purchased this vehicle about 6 weeks ago, ford's mytouch system is totally dysfucntional. the software upon which this system is based was apparently co-authored by microsoft and ford is currently telling customers they have to wait for the next release, supposedly due to be released in the first quarter of next year. has anyone ever heard this kind of message before...think ms vista! my explorer has an approx. 8x5 touchscreen in the middle of the dash. it is supposed to come on when i start the vehicle and many functions of the vehicle are controlled by touching icons on the screen. unfortunately, when the screen fails to come on, usually for about the initial 20 minutes after starting the vehicle, the driver controls are unavailable. this includes features like being able to view the rear-view camera, turning on the heated seats, climate control features, dealing with phone calls and selecting music sources and radio channels, etc.. mytouch also includes a feature where its supposed to sync to the driver's mobile phone, but this only works intermittently at best. the worst problem with this system, which i believe makes the vehicle unsafe for nighttime driving, is when the touchscreen, which cannot be turned off or dimmed, starts flickering (ford's term is strobing) very rapidly while driving after dark. this can continue for up to 30 minutes at a time, and is incredible distracting while trying to drive. i've posted a video on youtube under the heading ford mytouch stobing. this problem has been known to ford since the 2011 model year and they continue to sell these problematic vehicles without telling customers until after they take possession.