BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
AS-2176903/01/201110039053Ford: if there is an intermittent lack of power, surge, or hesitation while driving the brakes will override acceleration. *rm07/06/2011
064501/01/2006067110019947Neutral tow capability - service kit requirements. *tt05/17/2006
SI-2000510/01/200710032229Ford/mercury: some vehicles equipped with 6r60 transmissions may exhibit various transmission performance issues. when compared to other transmissions, some of the shift characteristics are different than previous models due to the 100% s02/24/2010
072802/01/200710021279Overheat indication and shift quality improvements - calibration update release - 4.6l 3v with 6r60 transmission equipped vehicles only. *kb03/28/2007
06171310021040Calibration update 4.0l - various symptoms - surge, hesitation, torque converter cycling, no up shift after forced downshift, and poor a/c performance. *kb02/26/2007
TSB-08-18-206/01/200910029205Ford/mercury/lincoln: vehicles may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms: drive away hesitation, loss of rpm on deceleration, difficulty starting, and/or idle rpm less than desired. the f53 motorhome chassis is included. *06/26/2009
TSB-08-9-510/23/200810026385Ford/mercury: 4.0l/4.6l hard start/rough running; after long hot soak/dip in rpm when coming to a stop; built on or before 4/2/08. may exhibit a dip in rpm below normal idle level of 600 rpm on deceleration. *pe10/23/2008
1986507/01/200710023295Multiple vehicle lines - intermittent pcm, fuel pump, ign, coil, a/c, abs or fog lamp operation. *nj11/08/2007
TSB-08-19-305/01/200910028736Ford: some vehicles may exhibit oil separation from the internal lube found in the unitized cartridge seal. oil separation appears to be and is often misdiagnosed, as an axle lube leak. *pe05/20/2009
TSB-08-19-305/01/200910028736Ford: some vehicles may exhibit oil separation from the internal lube found in the unitized cartridge seal. oil separation appears to be and is often misdiagnosed, as an axle lube leak. *pe05/20/2009
SI-2000510/01/200710032229Ford/mercury: some vehicles equipped with 6r60 transmissions may exhibit various transmission performance issues. when compared to other transmissions, some of the shift characteristics are different than previous models due to the 100% s02/24/2010

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Ford sports trac 07, 8 cylinder. automatic, 44000. it began around 20000. when one comes to a stop, the 4 wheel drive or transmission kicks in and the vehicle jumps and slams into gear. it appears to be getting worse the more i drive it. also, a lot of blind spots. *tr
 2007 ford explorer sport trac (2wd) at complete stop. rear ended by a ford focus at about 40mph. impact caused the sport trac seats to recline from an upright position to 45 degrees backwards/reclining), went into park and engine shut off automatically!
 Computer control for the automatic trans. malfunctions causing uneven shifts and engine revs to the rev limiter on the highway. lasts a couple of days until the check engine light illuminates and then it shifts normally. check engine light goes off after a couple of days and the trans. shifts normally for about a week until the cycle starts again without warning. happened when merging into traffic and the trans disengaged causing the engine to hit the rev limiter and almost got hit from behind. have had this happen on and off since the truck was new but it's becoming more common now.
 2007 sport trac,v8 with 6 speed transmission, 2-wheel drive. when attempting to accelerate from a stop, the vehicle at times is slow to respond. the engine revs but you do not move as fast as you should when pulling into traffic. several times i've manually downshifted the transmission to first or second gear to obtain proper acceleration. this is a very dangerous situation when pulling into traffic. the problem is intermittent so you have no idea when it's going to happen. the transmission has the characteristics of low transmission fluid level. the transmission does not downshift to the proper lower gear and therefore tries to accelerate while in high gear which accounts for the slow acceleration and high rev. i've brought my vehicle in three times to two different dealerships for this problem and both state they can not duplicate the problem. again, this is intermittent. the dealership said they checked transmission fluid and it was full. would like to know how they were able to do this since this is a sealed transmission -- you can't check the fluid level. i know of three other people with the same transmission problems and both local dealerships gave the same response saying they do not know what
 2007jun 08 explorer sport trac limited v6 * automatic transmission * 8,000 miles i have a problem with my doors freezing shut. water run along the rubber seal & freezes in cold weather or pools when it rains. last week all doors were froze. when i finally got in, there was an inch of ice in both bottom back door wells & 12 to 14 icicles hanging in the hinges in both front doors. the dealer says this is normal, does anyone else have this problem? i have taken it to my dealer, bert wolfe ford, charleston, wv 3 times. i've talked to other people in my area, theirs doesn't do this. one lady actually went to bert wolfe with me on a rainy day to show hers did not have this issue. jamie six, service manager said, ed @ water doctor said they couldn't do anything else to fix it, they all do this. i told jamie i didn't buy it from ed. i have also contacted ford since i went through the channels, 2 years & no resolution. i wonder who will fix the rubber & rust once the warranty is up? *tr
 I have had my 2007 sportrac 8 cyl. for 1-1/2 years. every morning when i start my vehicle, i must wait a full thirty seconds or more before i can put the car in gear. if i do it sooner, then the engine will rev, but the vehicle will not move. if i rev the engine to 6,000 rpm it will budge a bit. i have taken it in twice for this and the dealer says there is nothing wrong. additionally, i am only getting about 9.5 mpg, and i feel it may be because of this transmission issue. *tr
 Driving at approx. 25-30 mph. applied brakes at light but wheels keep spinning. shove automatic gear shift to neutral, then into park. cut off ignition, start up again and things are ok. this is the 2nd time this has happened in the last 2 months. the consequences are that i could hit a pedestrian or rear end a car, or wind-up in an intersection where cars are moving. will contact dealer next week. *tr
 Transmission has shifted hard from day one of our purchase. put the truck in the shop and the couldn't find the problem. took it in again and this time the said that the computer needed to be re-set. truck ran and shifted perfectly for about a month. took it back in again this time the downloaded a fix from ford. problem went away and was very pleased. took the truck to california on vacation and within 300 miles it started up again. truck shifts hard from the start, lunges, sometimes it won't shift into high gear unless you back off of the gas. i have been in the shop with problem for over a year now and i get the same response form the dealer. ford hasn't come up with a fix yet. but if you notice they have gone back to there 5 speed transmissions for the 2008 year model. *tr
 2007 sporttrac, started downshifting very rough when coming to a stop, took to freeport, il dealer who adjusted parts of the transmission, this made the downshifting much better for a few months, it is back now and worse than ever. you have to have your foot hard on the brake and don't stop very close to any vehicle or property in front of you. i learned hard way last week and hit a cement post with the front bumper, i had actually stopped maybe 6 inches from the post but the surge after stopped propelled me maybe 7-8, it is a very very dangerous situation. i went back to the dealer about a month ago and said the surge when downshifing was somewhat slightly back again, but my main concern then was that the car seemed like it was in 4 wheel drive continually, this was determined due to the sound and whining of gears, i was not in 4 wheel drive but it sounded like it, i bought new tires thinking as the dealer service person said, it might be the tires, it wasn't. now i have the sound and the dangerous surge. i'm going back to the dealer with appointment tomorrow. as i have read other complaints on the same downshift surge problem there definitely should be a recall for the defect issued by ford. this is my first complaint filing so don't know what else to say? *tr
 Transmission jumps into first and second gears from start. engine surges and causes vehicle to jump. no good idea when going through military gate entrances. transmission hesitates when taking off. transmission makes loud noise when you stop. feels like someone crashes into vehicle. action not safe for rush-hour freeway driving or any driving when you must drive slow. such, as in ice and snow. dealer tried to fix, but stated was factory defect and than ford was working on the problem with a modification. problem no evident when vehicle is hot rodded. but safe for average drivers. after almost hitting a marine guard at camp pendledton, i no longer drive the vehicle on base during rush hours or when there are formations for fear of hitting marchers. *tr
 Transmission surges when downshifting when braking. *tr
 Initial complaint was gas mileage. 12 mpg in town and 12 mpg on the highway. dealer found no problem. mileage continued to deteriorate, down to 7 in town and 12 on highway. this is a v6 2 wheel drive auto. then the transmission would not shift out of park, this happened several times and i took the car in again and complained about the gas mileage and transmission problems. dealer called and said i had 2 bad sensors on the car and could get it the next day. customer service called 2 days later and told my wife that they had fried the cpu in the car. it's been almost 10 days in the shop and no repairs. dealer says they have to have a new computer made for the car and that all cpu are special , not something they can get everyday. this unit controls everything on this car, if it was fried what did it do to the sensors on the car? *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 ford explorer sport trac. the contact stated that the vehicle failed to go in reverse on the first attempt. when the vehicle eventually went in reverse, the rpm's began to rev. the vehicle experienced low brake pressure. the emergency brake was applied in order to stop the vehicle. there were no warning indicators. the contact smelled something burning, opened the hood, and noticed smoke rising. the vehicle remained parked for an hour and was able to be driven. the following day, the rpm's began to rev up again and the vehicle was towed. the vehicle was diagnosed as needing a new transmission. the vehicle has not been repaired. the purchase date and a valid vin were unknown. the current and failure mileages were 4,400.
 Dt*: the contact stated upon initial acceleration, the automatic transmission shifted roughly into second gear. additionally, when either the second row passenger window was open while driving various speeds, there was a loud wind vibration that circulated throughout the vehicle. it was inspected by a dealer who duplicated the automatic transmission problem, but was unable to determine the exact cause. also, the dealer determined that was the way the windows were designed, and if the problem persisted, it was instructed not to open the windows while driving. the manufacturer was not alerted.
 Truck sometimes stays in 1st gear for a longer than normal period of time. also hesitates/jerks when accelerating in 1st gear. *tr
 Tl*-the contact owns a 2007 ford explorer sport trac. the contact started the ignition. the gear selector would not shift form the park position. there were several attempts before the gear selector functioned properly. the failure occurred on one separate occasion. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where the technician informed the vehicle operated normal. the vehicle had prior recall remedy repair involving a potential problem that would cause the vehicle to lock in the park position. the nhtsa campaign id number was unknown. the failure occurred a few weeks after the recall service repair was performed on the vehicle. the failure and current mileages were 19,259.