BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
062130622310019380White smoke, lacks power, exhaust odor, surges, runs rough, or no start - 6.0l. *tt03/13/2006
04160111/14/20050522810018745Wds cop kit diagnostic tip - coil on plug (cop) ignition systems - engine misfire or rough running. *tt01/12/2006
1859305/01/200510017910Front seal oil leak - misdiagnosed as oil pressure regulator oil leak. *tt12/07/2005
1863505/01/200510017918High pressure pump o-ring available for concern related to a high pressure system oil leak. *tt12/07/2005
1852504/01/200510017875Buck/jerk, lacks power, black smoke, rolling idle, surge, mil on, and diagnostic trouble codes p2263, p0299, or p0401. *tt12/06/2005
1874907/01/200510017870High pressure oil leak at an injector. a hard start, or no start condition with low or no injection control pressure (icp) - service tip. *tt12/06/2005
1888410/01/200510017810Hard start, no start and/or other symptoms caused by a high pressure oil system leak - service tip. *tt12/01/2005
0521510/31/200510017806Buck/jerk or surge - 6.0l vehicles built before 8/22/2005. *tt11/30/2005
0422106/07/200505101510013393Malfunction indicator lamp on with misfire dtc's spark knock piston scuffing. *eh vehicles built through 4/25/2005 - 5.4l 3v engine. *tt04/18/2005
051201/24/200510013299Temperature gauge reads hot. *tt04/14/2005
1816009/01/200410011339Temperature gauge reading at the top of the normal band (green) or bottom of the hot band (red) when engine operating temperature is actually within the normal range. *tt01/18/2005
TSB-09-20-1204/01/201010032613Ford: some super duty trucks equipped with a 5.4l 3v or 6.8l 3v engine may experience premature automatic shut off of the fuel fill nozzle. *pe04/19/2010
0615210021048Spark plug removal instructions - 5.4 3v. *kb02/27/2007
05262501/01/2006069710020069Misfire, lack of power, buck/jerk, excessive smoke or crank/no start. *tt07/18/2006
0513201/01/20050518310016845Diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0340 and or p0344-5.4 3v engine. *sc10/12/2005
0514801/01/200510016809Low power-cold side charge air cooler (cac) disconnected-oil leak at cac connections-6.0l-vehicles built 4/1/2004 through 2/15/2005. *sc10/11/2005
0513401/01/200510016795Hard start/long crank, rough idle, engine idle misfire-mil-dtcs p0300 through p0308, p0171, p0172, p0174, p0175, p0316, p2195, p2196, p2197, p2198. *sc10/07/2005
054403/07/2005100146446.0 engine overheating with a snow plow installed on vehicles without the factory installed snow plow package. *tt05/05/2005
04251812/27/20040512310014271Crank no start, hard start, runs rough at idle - 6.0l engine. *tt *sc04/29/2005
1830611/01/200410013429Oil leak at the engine oil cooler/oil filter housing - o-ring available for service. *tt04/18/2005
1839702/01/200510012958Lack of power, surge, and/or diagnostic trouble codes p2263 or p0299. *tt04/05/2005
03140408/23/20040416110011162Engine misfire or running - coil on plug (cop) ignition systems - wds cop kit diagnostic tips. to include various 2005 models. * ar this article 04161 supersedes tsb 03-14-04.01/06/2005
1740609/01/20041814710008288Low power, poor fuel economy, fuel gelling cold, excessive white smoke cold, or hard start. *mj this oasis updates previous oasis dated 12/01/03. *tt07/26/2004
TSB-09-20-1204/01/201010032613Ford: some super duty trucks equipped with a 5.4l 3v or 6.8l 3v engine may experience premature automatic shut off of the fuel fill nozzle. *pe04/19/2010
TSB-08-18-609/01/200810027985Ford truck: some trucks equipped with a 6.0l diesel engine may exhibit a hard start/long crank or no start condition due to low injection control pressure (icp). *pe02/25/2009
TSB-08-9-910/23/200810026387Ford: 6.0l diesel hard start/long crank/no start du to low injector control pressure (icp). ipe10/23/2008
05B3201/01/200610019025Customer satisfaction program 05b32 - de-gas bottle fill level label and fluid level adjustment.02/09/2006
0513501/01/200510016846Oil leak or boost pressure leak at hot side charge air cooler (cac) duct-6.0l diesel engine. *sc10/12/2005
0513901/01/200510016842Diesel exhaust smell in cab-6.0l engine. *sc10/12/2005
0511401/01/200510016813Various driveability symptoms-calibration update release-6.0 diesel engine. *sc10/11/2005
1924506/01/200610020150Repeat turbocharger or vgt replacement. *tt07/28/2006
1869406/01/200510017873Lack of power and/or dtc p2263 or p0299 after turbocharger replacement - service tip. *tt12/06/2005
1806908/01/200410011181Low power and/or diagnostic trouble code p0299 or p2263 - turbocharger diagnostic service tip. *tt01/07/2005
05L2609/23/200510018075Special field action 05l26 - vehicle noise emission control information label installation. *tt12/15/2005

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl-the contact owns a 2005 ford f250 superduty diesel. the contact stated the engine would not start. the engine only starts when fuel was added. the vehicle was taken to the dealer several times for the failure. the dealer replaced the fuel injectors but the failure was not corrected. the vehicle has not been repaired. the manufacturer would not assist with the repair. the vin information was not available. the failure mileage was 115,000 and the current mileage was 121,000. li
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 ford f250. while driving at any speed, the contact stated that the vehicle would stall without warning. the vehicle was no longer under warranty and had no related recalls so the dealer was unable to provide any assistance. the manufacturer advised the contact to call the nhtsa hotline to file a complaint. the vehicle was taken to a private mechanic who replaced the ficm. the current mileages were 88,000 and the failure mileages were 85,000. bw
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 ford f250 sd. while driving approximately 55 mph, the contact noticed that the check gauges light illuminated, causing the vehicle to loose anti freeze. the dealer informed the contact that the egr cooler failed and needed to be replaced. the contact did not inform the manufacture. the vehicle was not repaired. the current mileage was approximately 39,000. the failure mileage was approximatley 37,000. bw
 2005 ford f250 diesel. truck engine all of a sudden dies leaving little control of steering and lesser brakes. sometimes will crank back and sometimes wont. happened 3 times while under warranty and now 2 times out of warranty. 3 of the 5 times almost resulted in an acident with other traffic because of the loss of power and limited use of brakes and steering.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 ford f-250 superduty. while driving 55 mph, the vehicle stalled in the middle of the road and would not restart. the vehicle was towed to the contact's residence. the engine completely shut off, but the batteries and other lights in the vehicle functioned normally. there were no warning indicators illuminated prior to the failure. the vehicle is still at the contact's residence awaiting repair from the dealer. the dealer and manufacturer stated that the vin was not included in nhtsa campaign id number 05v270000 (electrical system:wiring). the failure mileage was 153,000.
 2005 ford f-250 with spark plugs lodged in cylinder. consumer states under a routine maintenance visit for spark plug change the spark plugs broke off leaving pieces lodged in the cylinder. consumer would like reimbursement for the repairs. *kb the consumer stated the mechanic had to remove the cylinder head, extract the broken portions of the spark plug from the cylinders and reassemble with new spark plugs, head gaskets and head bolts. *jb
 I have a 2005 ford f-250 super duty i have been having problems with this truck since jan of 2206 i brought it in for an update and it hasn't run right since then. it first started with speed bucking. so brought it back they said it was fixed on my way home it started again then in has no power than it wont shift .. this has been going on and on .. then in may of 2007 the motor blew-up after sitting at ford for 9 week i get in back still doing the same thing i called ford customer care and they sent me back to the dealership so i am now here writing you help me please i can afford to trade it in ... *tr
 The truck is leaking water, overheating, the turbo has been replaced. i can not find the leak, turbo is messed up again it was in the shop two times for this and it keeps doing the same thing. also leaking anti freeze. *nm
 Consumer states: reached 3,000 miles and the engine blew, out. engine light came on. but consumer said may be piston. however, cam shaft fuse was bad. *ak
 Consumer purchased the vehicle, and was driving home after picking it up from the dealership. consumer experienced a headache from a unfamiliar smell. then, vehicle stalled in traffic, and had to be taken back to the dealer for the stalling and the smell.*ak......replaced failed injectors. *ak
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 ford f-250 diesel. the contact stated that the egr cooler is failing a blowing coolant through the engine and out through the exhaust. the egr cooler has parts coming off it because it is defective and blows particles through the engine and can cause it to fail. the dealer stated that they are aware of the problem, but the vehicle is no longer under warranty and the part is not recalled. the is smoking now and is not operational. the failure mileage was 61000 and the current mileage was 62000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 ford f-250 superduty. while driving approximately 45 mph, thick smoke appeared from the rear exhaust pipe. the vehicle began stalling while en route to an authorized dealer. there were no warning indicators prior to this failure. the vehicle was taken to the authorized dealer. the mechanic replaced the 2, 6, and 8 fuel injector components; however, the failure continued. the vehicle was taken to the dealer two additional times, but the failure was not corrected. the first repair was covered under warranty at the cost of $106.50. the total repair cost was $506.70. most recently, the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic, who stated that the previous failures were related to the egr cooler system. the vehicle has not been repaired. the failure mileage was 95,246 and current mileage was 120,000.
 The truck engine died and was unable to be restarted. was told that the stc fitting on the oil pump had failed and was replaced, when road tested the igr valve failed. had to be rescued by the border patrol.
 Ongoing problem with the 6.0 diesel in the 2005 ford f250 super duty trucks
 I have a 2005 ford f-250 super duty which i bought in july of 2005 (own it for 27 months) brand new. recently (3 months ago) the check engine light came on and i took it to the dealer and they said that they could not find anything wrong and that they reset the computer. at that time my vehicle was under warranty. my check engine light came on again last week and once again i took it in to the dealership. now the vehicle has 40000 mile and it is past the warranty period (36000). they are now telling me that the engine needs major repair and that it will need $2600 dollars worth of repair and it could be more once they take the engine apart. i called ford customer service to file a complaint since the truck is only two years old and i don't use it for any commercial business. i only use my truck for yard work and a means of transportation. they said that what i need to do is have the dealership take the engine apart (which i would have to pay for) and then they would decide if they could do anything. i said what if the dealership tells me that the truck needs $5000 worth of work who would be responsible for that. they told me that it could be because i did not change the engine oil and they would not cover it in that case. i then told them that some of the things that they want to replace is the alternator, timing belt and timing chain. what does all this have to do with the oil changes. they told me that the only solution is to have the dealer take apart the engine and they would see from there. *jb
 5/13/06 i came home from about a 75 mile drive, pulling a horse trailer in my 2005 f250 6.0 power stroke. i went in the house and less than 10 minutes later, my girlfriend asked why is your truck steaming? i could tell it was smoke. i was able to get a few items out and noticed the paint bubbling on the hood. i unhooked the trailer and was able to move the truck about 100 feet, less than a minute later the truck was totally engulfed in flames. a total loss. it had less than 8000 miles. i had tools, toolbox, car seat, and over $2800 in tires wheels and lift that were 2 months old. i had full coverage insurance. they offered me $12000 less than a new truck, and that included the rest of my property. today i talked to someone that lives 20 miles from me, they had an 2004 f250 powerstroke. same thing happened to them 11 months ago, parked the truck a few minutes later it's on fire. thanks ford! *nm
 Blown spark plug. trashed head. truck is undrivable. *nm
 Starting the vehicle, the engine revs up to 1500 rpms for 2 or 3 minutes. this should not occur at an outside temp of 80 to 85 degrees. my dealer says the pcm cannot be re calibrated and ford is aware of the problem. *nm
 2005 ford f-250 lurched forward at high speed when the brakes were applied.***no answer required***. *mr the truck also stalled once while driving 10 mph.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 ford f-250 superduty. while driving 20 mph, the vehicle shut off in the middle of the road. both the power steering and brakes failed without warning. the vehicle was towed to the dealer and they kept it for three weeks; however, it still hesitates slightly while in operation. the dealer had over three pages of different issues with the vehicle, which were related to the engine. the failure mileage was 60,000. updated 04/24/09. *lj the battery was replaced. updated 04/28/09.*jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 ford f-250 superduty. the contact stated that the vehicle has a difficult time starting. the failure usually occurs in the mornings. once it starts, it idles roughly. the contact took the vehicle to a private mechanic and was informed of a recall for the same year, make, and model vehicle. the contact called the ford dealer and they stated that the vin was not included in the recall. the contact feels that the vehicle is unsafe because he could be stranded. the vehicle has not been repaired. the nhtsa campaign id number was unknown. the current and failure mileages were 108,000. updated 11/17/09 *bf updated 11/1/8/09
 Purchased 2005 f250 6.0 diesel new sept. 2004. on july 29,2006, (16,000 miles), truck began to lose power on hills in tow mode (5,500 lbs. trlr.). the engine rpm increases,the accelerator is almost to the floor, the truck begins to slow down as if there is slipping in the driveline. took it to the first of 2 dealerships who replaced several parts with no improvement. first replaced the electric cooling fan. then the a thermostat. then they replaced the thermostat again (first replacement must have been bad). then they switched computers with an employee's truck and drove it. no change, so they switched them back. then they took the employee's truck and attached my trailer for a test drive. it drove great, no problems at all. then they put the trailer back on my truck and drove it again. the problems were still there. that is when they threw up their hands and said they had no idea what was wrong, but the truck was definitely not performing normally. next i took it to another dealership in a nearby town. they have been trying to isolate the problem for the past 3 weeks with no results to date. they have installed data recorders twice and replaced the engine oil cooler. it did not stop the problem. truck is at dealership this morning. oct. 2. the loss of power symptoms have occurred approximately 30 to 50 times since it began at the 16000 mile point, on july 29. the truck has been in the shop for diagnosis and repair 14 times. on 2 occasions on the interstate, i barely avoided a catastrophic collision with 18-wheelers because my truck lost power going up a hill and the semi directly behind me kept his power on since i did not show any brake lights when i slowed, he almost took the corner off my trailer. it is dangerous enough on the highways without having to deal with a truck that isn't safe. *jb
 Dt: while traveling on interstate at about 70 mph vehicle lost power.. no warning lights illuminated at the time. was not able to restart vehicle. it had to be towed off an interstate bridge, to side of road out of way where afterwards consumer called ford. waited for 2 hours for a tow truck. tired of waiting consumer tried to start the vehicle. it started and he drove about 20 miles to dealership, who said there was nothing wrong, or no recalls. no repairs have been made because dealership could not duplicate the problem. this vehicle was towed to another dealership in the past, but ford stated they had no record of this, and no clue as to what the problem was. vehicle is currently at the dealer awaiting service. there has always been a problem when turning engine off to put gas in vehicle the engine would not restart, this was a diesel engine. *ak *nm
 F-250, 2004 diesel, fuel milage has dropped and now get smell from exhaust. took to dealer and was told nothing wrong.
 F-250 sd 4x4 short bed pu 5.4l gas engine 4.10 rear end lacks power to tow a 5th wheel (7800 lbs.) up grades on national highways. vehicle struggles at 45 mph to make the hills engine requires over 4000 rpm to maintain or improve speed. vehicle gets 6 mpg while towing. *nm
 2005 ford super duty diesel 6.0 was unable to reregister my vehicle with the california department of motor vehicles, unless i returned my vehicle to the dealer to have a recall/flash memory re flashed. i had no choice but to do this, otherwise the dmv would not renew by registration. dealer stated ford truck did not pass california emissions standards. issue. fuel economy fell drastically, and power/torque not like before upgrade mandated to my truck. since that time, the turbo charger has failed, and unit needs to go in for repair. i think with this reflash, i did not get what i paid for with the recall requirement being done. truck does not have the power and torque as advertised since it failed california smog requirements on a vehicle that does not require smog testing. dealer states ford failed random emission standards test of a unit picked in the field for testing, and all vehicles in same truck family had to be reflashed if serial number under the one they tested. i asked cal air resources board to look into this, they were interested, but 8 months later still no answer. i did not get what i paid for. *tr
 I have a 2005 ford f250, 6.0l diesel. this power plant is used on several ford model vehicles and has an inherent problem with it's egr system. when the egr system fails, the vehicles looses all throttle response. resend 03/05/10. *lj on november 25th, 2009, i was stop at an intersection waiting to merge onto a very busy highway. when the time came to merge onto the highway, my vehicle fail to accelerate, it crept into the path of on coming traffic and i had to perform an advasive maneuver (immediately pull off the highway) to protect me and others from a potential accident. this situation has happen to me on more then one occasion and is intermittent. when i reported this to my dealership, they performed a procedure to clean out the carbon buildup within the intake system and told me that this was considered routine maintenance, this is not mentioned anywhere in the operators manual. i believe this is a public safety issue that ford should recognize and provide a fix. *tr
 I could have been killed. in sept. 2005 i leased a f250 and since it has given me nothing but trouble. exhaust problems (3 times for that) injector failed, many little bugs that the dealer cant fix. on 6-24-06 on i-94 doing a 65-68 mph, the engine hesitates for a second then suddenly the wheels locked up and i lost control, skidding almost hitting 3 other cars and the wall on the shoulder. finally after steering to the shoulder - stopped and basically had a panic attack, saw my life flash before my eyes. sat for a couple minutes then got out to look at the wheels and under the truck for any clues as to what had just happened. i start up and stroll along the shoulder to the nearest exit the tow / haul light is flashing on and off. drive about 30 mph on a city road with my flashers on.. not but a 1/8 of a mile it locks up again and then frees up, and rolls. i am now freaking out. and now the engine light is on . called ford roadside i am a wreck! i'll never put my 4 month daughter in it. first diagnosis 3 days later after the lock up happened to the mechanic test driving the truck they guess the range sensor in the transmission and two days later called to tell me it was ready. 1 hour later the service tech called ,said we need to keep it longer 2 wks later they diagnose that a main wiring harness was leaning against the exhaust and burned up shorting the computer & told the trans to shift. i told them i do not want the truck. i don't feel safe and won't risk my life or my family. ford legal finally contacted the dealership after many contacts to them and upon their decision 3 wks after they towed it i must accept this vehicle, because it is supposedly fixed. i feel that ford is not taking this case seriously, and i wont feel safe driving this truck again. my service director among many of the service agents at the dealership as well as the ford factory rep. say that they would not feel safe driving in this truck if it were their truck, and would not drive it. *jb
 Diesel fumes came out of passenger air vents making myself nautious and sick from co2 poisoning. bought it in to the ford dealer and service manager smelled the problem, said that there might be a problem with the y flange on exhaust manifold. called back and pulled manifold and didnt see a problem was going to order a new one. says not an uncommon problem.