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Consumer Complaints

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 Our 1995 ford f-150 burst into flames in our garage after being parked and not running for one hour. it was fine just ten minutes before the fire started. the fire in the garage caught the entire house on fire - we lost everything, although no personal injury. state farm forensic report shows origin to be driver side, on the engine side of the fire wall, and having something to do with the brake mechanism (i'm still waiting for a copy of the report). can you compare my complaint to others and maybe tell me what might have started this fire? we have suffered a terrible loss, so we would like to know what started the fire if possible. there was brake work on this truck only six days before the fire. *jb
 While refueling at a gasoline station the vehicle shut down and flames started coming from underneath the vehicle. *nlm
 The vehicle had a history of fuel mileage problems, after being service by the dealer several times the vehicle suddenly caught fire while driving, the driver suffered serious 3rd degree burns and other bodily injuries. *yh
 Fuel is leaking from either rear fuel tank or gas line, cause unknown. *slc
 A sudden and substantial amount of power steering fluid leaked from the fuel pump/hoses/fittings resulting in fire while being operated on the highway. (attorney for client)aw
 I requested recall info from dealer; they said no recall. no summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 While vehicle was parked it caught fire and burned totally. fire marshal said it was caused by fuel line, no warning signs at all.*ak
 Fuel from rear tank is returning to front tank, causing the front tank to overfill. the gas comes spewing out. this is also causing vehicle to sputter, and lose power.
 Rear fuel pump overfills the front fuel tank. my mechanic installed aftermarket fuel pump and problem reoccurred. he then installed both front and rear fuel pumps bought from ford dealership for more money then i care to admit, system worked good for two monthes the overfilled front tank again. my mechanic stated that ford had recalled the fuel tranfer valve . however the dealer says they have not ??? at this time i don't dare drive the truck wih any gas in the front tank. *ak
 Fuel pump/heater core/driveshaft/battery/fuel gauge/fuel lines/seat spring/headlights and front wheel hubs failed.
 Fuel pump failed causing gas from rear tank to be pumped into front tank which in return made the front tank overflow.
 Electric fuel pump replaced due to short.
 Electronic fuel pump located in the gas tank underneath the bed is inoperative. if shortage occurred it could result in vehicle fire. *ak
 Fuel pressure on the gas causing vehicle to surge. air bag did not deploy. tt
 While refueling the vehicle the fuel line melted and caused a fire. *nlm
 Fuel pump/heater core/driveshaft/battery/fuel gauge/fuel lines/seat spring/headlights and front wheel hubs failed.
 I was filling a five gallon metal gasoline can while it was setting in the bed of the truck on the plastic bedliner. when i started to remove the pump nozzle from the can a static electricity spark ignited the can. i was burned on face, hands and arms. i had second degree burns on hands and arms. the truck was totaled as well. i purchased another 1995 ford f-150 to replace it. the dealer, al white ford, placed a sticker in the rear window warning of this hazard. the dealer said this is the result of instructions from ford. it is gratifying that education efforts have been implimented. *ak
 4-wheel drive locking hubs engage randomly while driving or don't disengage properly or only half engage. also, replaced fuel pressure regulator. *ak
 When brakes applied, vehicle vibrates out of control, attempt to repair 6 times to no avail, abs system. tt transmission slips. wiper control module failed. replaced radio. rear bumper replaced due to rust at only 8915 miles. clunk noise when turning in driveway, dealer tightened front shocks and crossmember. brakes cause vibration, squeaks, grinding, dealer replaced pads and rotors. poor gas mileage. front hubs replaced. *slc
 The truck is equipped with dual fuel tanks. when the truck is running on the rear tank, and the front tank is full, the rear tank pumps fuel into the already full front tank, causing it to overflow out of the fuel cap and spill down the side of the truck onto to the ground. the ford dealer said that the 1989 to 1993 models were covered by a recall for this problem, but not the 1995 models. i called ford but they would not do anything. i believe that a recall should be ordered on this problem this could be a real fire hazard. *nlm
 After filling up truck, gas will flow from one tank to the other causing an overflow of gas to leak through gas cap. there is a recall for this problem, however not for this year vehicle. *jg *ak
 Fuel is leaking from rear fuel tank. had a dealership confirm this. contacted ford and received no help what so ever. its my problem. i have also had to rebuild my transmission. but this is my last ford product. next is going to be a toyota. *ak
 Both dual fuel tanks are leaking gas due to corrosion of the tanks. dealer states both tanks need to be replaced. *ak
 The rear feul tank is leaking fuel at a very alarming rate. even as it is empty the front tank will drain into it so not using the rear tank and only using the front will not help the tank leaks 24 hrs a day and is eventually going to cause a fire. i also want to state that the oil pan is a few months away from rusting through and that is another issue i will have to take up with ford.*ak
 Fuel tank: auxillary selector and switch: the truck is equipped with dual fuel tanks. when the truck is running on the rear tank, and the front tank is full, the rear tank pumps fuel into the already full front tank, causing it to overflow out of the fuel cap and spill down the side of the truck onto to the ground. the ford dealer said that the 1989 to 1993 models were covered by a recall for this problem, but not the 1995 models. i called ford but they would not do anything. i believe that a recall should be ordered on this problem.*ak
 Fuel is being pumped from one tank to the other, tanks are leaking fuel.*ak *tt
 Fuel is bypassing from one tank to the next. this has created overflow conditions in one tank, resulting in a fuel leak. consumer has made note of a recall for this problem, only affecting model year 1993. *ak
 Check valve damaged allowing fuel to be transfered from one tank to the other, overfilling the non-operating tank, and resulting in fuel overflow past the filler cap.*ak
 When both fuel tanks were partially full fuel would overflow from one valve to another ,causing fuel spillage. manufacturer has previously issued service bulletin, but did not include this vin. dealer has remedy but on consumer's expense. *ak the manufacturer acknowledged the problem for pre 1993 vehicles but not for 1995 ones. *yh
 Dual fuel tank system does not operate properly. fuel from rear tank will be forced into front tank, causing excess fuel to leak onto ground. dealership has not examined vehicle. please provide any additional information/attachments.*ak
 Dual fuel tanks-when full back tank overflows to front one causing spillage outside of the tank. *ak
 The gas tank rusted and leaked severely. the consumer contacted. *ak *sc *jb
 Leaking fuel tanks. both of my fuel tanks leak on my 1995 ford f150. this is not an isolated incident. i also have a 1992 f150 with the same problem. ford has known about this problem. for years, yet has done nothing to correct the problem. *la
 Consumer called complaining about fuel system problems.also stated that while standing in the vehicle and the vehicle was running with air conditioning on gasoline had leaked all over the floor. manufacturer was contacted, and stated that they won't fix the vehicle because there was no recalls, and because the vehicle had no warranty. consumer had replace the fuel tank three times so far.*ak
 I have a 1995 ford f150 with duel fuel tanks. i drove home from work and found my truck flowing fuel out of the front tank filler after the truck was shut off. i researched quickly on line and found that there are many other people with 94-95 trucks that have had the same problem. then i checked your internet site. the following are recall numbers for the same problem...except they are for the years of 1990-1993. 01i0080000 , 93v125000 , 00v424000 . i went to my local ford dealer that i bought the truck from in september of 2002. they said nothing could be done by them because there is no recall for my truck. i would like some answers...this is the exact same problem that they admitted to in the earlier vehichles! ford needs to be held accountable for this problem. the service writer at the dealership said that they had seen this before in this year vehicle. i would like to know why ford can get away with such an obvious safty issue. should i fill both fuel tanks and park my truck in front of thier showroom door? please help me rectifiy this situation. thank you for your time. greg hanson
 Gas tank is rusted and leaking fuel. when consumer tries to fill vehiclee fuel it will just leak out. contacted dealer, and the dealer is not willing to do anything. *ak
 Consumer states rear gas tank is rusted through behind the support straps, dealer and manufacturer contacted. *tt
 Sensor in rear gas tank is bad. gas leaks out of rear tank were screw in nozzle is located. this is causing a large puddle of gas under the truck. consumer feels this is very dangerous.*ak
 Slow leak from rear gas tank. looks like it is from under the tank strap. fuel is fire hazard and has ruined spare tire. *ak
 Fuel tank leaks. dealer has been contacted for this problem. please provide further details.*ak
 Bottom of oil tank is leaking due to corrosion. *ak
 Dealer states warranty run out ! (should this be a recall before a fire occurs) ????? no defect mentioned in outline.
 There was a leak in fuel tank. dealer has replaced fuel tank.*ak
 Truck is leaking fuel from either the fuel tanks or the connection at the fuel tanks. *ak
 Fuel is leaking from rear tank due to rust. dealer has been notified.*ak
 After replacing the fuel pump in the front gas tank 2 years ago, the front gas tank began leaking and had to be replaced. now , 2 years later, the rear gas tank has begun leaking and the gas leaks on to the exhaust pipe.
 Previously reported front fuel tank leaking. now rear fuel tank leaking. both tanks leaking due to corrosion of tank and /or wearing against components.
 This truck is only 5 years old and the fuel tanks are leaking already. when i talked to the dealer he told me to blame ny state dot using salt on the roads.
 Rear fuel tank was leaking. vehicle was taken to dealer and was requested to be repaired under extended warranty. rep for warranty was called in and inspected fuel tank. rep said it was not covered because tank had rusted. i quested service manager as to why a stainless steel fuel tank would rust out in four years and only 52360 miles as i have driven vehicles 200,000 miles and have never had a rusted tank. it was explained to me that there was a protective matting on the tank to protect from vibration and abration. the problem with the matting was that it would collect moisture and due to its location, does not have a chance to dry out completely. the service manager said they have had some problems with this, but not many. he di when this happened, i have since talked with several people who are familiar with. this appears to me to be a design problem of which ford does not want to recognize or change. is this because of their past problems with tank explosions? it may not be, but it seems to be a problem that could be easily taken care of. if not, they are looking for another potential saftey hazard. or maybe they just want to take a chance and keep selling $500.00 replacement tanks every four or five years. i have every package you can buy on this truck, including rust proof and under coating. i appreciate any help or thoughts or information to the general public that you might provide on this dangerous problem. *ak
 Gasoline is steadily dripping from the front of the front fuel tank. inspection reveals that the gasoline is leaking from the front seam of the tank, the tank has not been punctured or subject to any abusive treatment. the dealer and ford customer service have been contacted. ford customer service says that the truck is out of warranty. the leaking tank problem is not covered by any recalls at this time. a fuel tank should be robust in design to last the life of the vehicle in normal service without leaking fuel. the leaking gasoline tank is a fire and explosion hazzard. it is unforgivable that ford will not repair this obvious defect and the potential safety problem of gasoline leaking.
 Noticed rear bumper on truck was bent and had a small dent. hit while parked. no other visible damage. subsequently began smelling gasoline. small spot in driveway; subsequently saw slow drip from the rear tank area onto exhaust pipe. upon removal of rear tank by dealer, dime-size rust hole found towards rear of tank underneath mounting strap. ford takes position that the hole was caused by rust and is normal wear and tear and not covered under any type of warranty or recall. rest of tank looks fine except for dime size rust hole that formed under the rear end of mounting strap. hole is in thinner, rear part of the tank, which is the first part of tank that's emptied. also appears to be rusted from the outside in, not from the inside out. i retained the faulty tank. ford denies manufacturer's defect. nationwide insurance appraiser surmises hole was probably caused by either a manufacturer's defect in the tank or by an installation defect, but it was not caused by a mild collision to the rear bumper.
 Fuel pump/heater core/driveshaft/battery/fuel gauge/fuel lines/seat spring/headlights and front wheel hubs failed.
 Gas tank has corroded. *ak
 Fuel tank failed due to rubbing against the frame of the truck causing worn spot.
 Fuel tank had a fatigue crack, causing leakage . the fuel tank assembly replaced by the dealer. *ak
 The front disc brakes are always warped and there is unstable braking.tt consumer states there is grinding noise on right front brake, was advised to wait until it got worse, rotors and pads were finally replaced the original rotors were warped, consumer has had to have rotors and pads replaced four time due them being warped, was told that he would be getting a new truck, but has heard nothing else about that consumer also states fuel tank was leaking and also power steering noise, windshield wiper skips when there is light rain and noisy, passenger door handle haas a poor fir, exhaust system is loose, and rear sway bar bushings inoperative, temperature guage always low, shift indicator is off, head lamp is too high.*jb
 The forward fuel tank near the axle its hanging down, only thing that holds it is rear strap. tt
 Straps that hold fuel tank allow moisture to get between straps and tank, causing fuel tank to rust and develop leaks.*ak