CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
96V251000FORD MOTOR COMPANYfrom 11/26/1995 to 07/08/1996V (Vehicle)2200001/15/1997MFRFORD MOTOR COMPANY12/18/199612/20/1996
Defect SummaryVehicles originally sold or currently registered in the following states: alaska, montana, north dakota, minnesota, wisconsin, michigan (upper peninsula), new york, maine, vermont, and new hampshire. operation at highway speeds during extreme cold, northern climate winter conditions, can result in ice forming in the throttle body of the engine.
Consequence SummaryThis ice can cause the throttle plate to remain in the highway cruising position after the accelerator is released or the speed control is deactivated. under such conditions, the vehicle stopping distances would be increased possibly resulting in an accident.
Corrective SummaryDealers will install a foam insulating sleeve on the line from the pcv to the hose fitting on the throttle plate.
NotesOwner notification:owner notification will begin january 20, 1997. note:owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact ford at 1-800-392-3673.also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at 1-800-424-9393.
05V388000FORD MOTOR COMPANY to 08/20/2002V (Vehicle)450000009/12/2005ODIFORD MOTOR COMPANY09/07/200509/07/2005
Defect SummaryOn certain pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles equipped with speed control, the speed control deactivation switch may overheat, smoke, or burn.
Consequence SummaryA fire at the switch could occur.
Corrective SummaryBy letter dated september 12, 2005, owners were instructed to return their vehicles to their dealers to have the speed control deactivation switch disconnected. owners who have had their speed control deactivated are being notified that parts will be available and advised to make an appointment to reconnect the speed control beginning in february 2006. owners who did not have their speed control deactivated are being notified to have their system remedied beginning in february 2006. owners are urged to avail themselves of the free disconnect service as soon as possible because of the significant risk of fire. owners may contact ford at 1-800-392-3673. (note: also see recalls 05v017 and 06v286)
NotesFord recall no. 05s28.customers may also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (tty 1-800-424-9153), or go to
98V007000FORD MOTOR COMPANYfrom 11/29/1995 to 11/02/1997V (Vehicle)4500003/30/1998MFRFORD MOTOR COMPANY01/21/199801/26/1998
Defect SummaryVehicle description: light duty pickup trucks equipped with a 4.2l engine and originally sold or currently registered in one of the following states: alaska, montana, north dakota, minnesota, wisconsin, new york, vermont, new hampshire, maine, michigan, idaho, wyoming, south dakota, colorado, nebraska, kansas, iowa, missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, pennsylvania, and massachusetts. the throttle is unable to return to idle due to ice forming in the throttle body when the temperature ranges from -10 to -40 degrees fahrenheit.
Consequence SummaryIncreased brake pedal efforts or some increase in stopping distance could result.
Corrective SummaryDealers will install a revised pcv system on these vehicles.
NotesOwner notification began march 30, 1998. owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact ford at 1-800-392-3673.also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at 1-888-dash-2-dot (1-888-327-4236).


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
0219309/30/200210008588Driveability-idle-high idle speeds-throttle sticks after steady state driving in extreme cold ambient temperatures-vehicles built through 12/31/01 equipped with 4.6l engine. *mj08/09/2004
0318309/15/200310004029Dedicated compressed natural gas (cng) rough idle or no start when cold vehicles equipped with dedicated 4.6l or 5.4l cng engine only. *tt11/14/2003
0121510/29/2001627762A condition may exist, where throttle sticking may occur on a few vehicles in very cold ambient temperatures after operating at steady speed or extended idle for a period of time. *tt02/22/2002
BC315397021902/19/199751749Inoperative or erratic cruise control operation along with harsh transmission shifts. *tw07/17/1997
0026112/25/2000616826Some vehicles equipped with a 4.6l, 5.4l, or 6.8l engine may exhibit a rough idle / miss after start-up in cold ambient temperatures. *tt03/13/2001
986903/30/1998601320Concerns with hesitation, stumble, surge, miss, rough idle, stall at idle. *tt07/22/1998
BC069396102310/23/199650365Investigating 7.3l irregular idle. *tt04/24/1997
BC520196100110/01/199650477Investigating 7.3l irregular idle. *tt04/24/1997


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 Ice forms int he throttle body impeding the return of the throttle plate
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Ea05-005 is closed with ford
 Alleged that the floor mat on driver's side may become mispositioned and interfere with proper operation of the throttle pedal potentially resulting in a compromise to vehicle control
 Alleged that the floor mat on driver's side may become mispositioned and interfere with proper operation of the throttle pedal, potentially resulting in a compromise to vehicle control

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl-the contact owns a 1997 ford f150. while driving 3mph the accelerator pedal went full throttle. the rear wheel started spinning and the vehicle started going 120 mph. he then thrust the gear in neutral and the engine went back to normal. the road was wet because of the rain. two different dealers were called and informed him unless they inspect the vehicle they cannot stated the caused of the failure. the manufacturer was not contacted. the failure mileage was 132,
 Tl* the contact owns a 1997 ford, f150 pickup. the vehicle speed control switch failed while driving without warning. while activated he depressed the brakes, and then pressed reset, but it would not turn back on. the vehicle was taken to the dealer. the technician stated that since the warranty expired, and there were no recalls, he was not provided with any assistance. the failure mileage was 193,901.
 A 1997 ford pickup was put inside the garage. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1997 ford f150. the vehicle caught fire while parked in the driveway. the vehicle was destroyed. a report from the fire department will be available. a case number was obtained and police report number pd080825409115 was filed. the cause of the failure was listed as the vehicle speed control. the failure mileage was unknown.
 Tl*the contact owns a 1997 ford f150. the contact stated that the vehicle caught fire while parked in his parking lot. the fire originated underneath the hood. the vehicle was destroyed. the saturn vue next to his vehicle was burned and damaged. the exterior of the apartment building received smoke and fire damage. a police and fire report were filed. the contact has pictures and a video. nhtsa campaign id number 05v388000 (vehicle speed control) was referenced. the purchase date and vin were unknown. the current and failure mileages were 197,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 1997 ford f150 pickup. he received a recall notice for the vehicle speed control in december of 2007. as of march 24, 2008, the dealer had not repaired the vehicle. the current mileage was 162,000 and there had been no failure to date. the purchase date was not available. updated 4/23/08 *cn the consumer stated the dealers do not have the parts available for the recall. updated 04/23/08 *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1997 f150 ford pickup truck. the contact received a safety recall notice for the vehicle speed control in august of 2007. as of march 24, 2008, the dealer had not repaired the vehicle. the current mileage was 156,000 and there had been no failure to date. updated 4/23/08 *cn the consumer stated while trying to get the recall work performed on the vehicle he is informed there aren't any parts available to perform the recall each time the consumer calls to schedule a recall repairs. updated 04/23/08 *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 1997 ford f150. in 2006, the contact received a notice for recall number 05s28. the vehicle has yet to be repaired. the vehicle speed control has not been disconnected. there had been no failure to date. the current mileage was 134,000. updated 01/29/08 *bf updated 01/29/08 *tr
 Vehicle was parked in driveway with doors locked and ignition in the off position. no one was near or in the vehicle. looked out window and noticed what looked like mist from a water sprinkler from the front side of truck. looking closer, i realized it was smoke and then saw flames from the tire well and under the hood by the windshield wipers. called 911. the fire department arrived very quickly, putting the fire out. their assessment was it was an electrical short which had caused the fire. the fire caused the hood hydraulic lift to explode like a rocket, hitting the windshield, cracking it and then shooting off into the yard. the frames inside the engine housing by the drivers tire burnt the housing completely away. the wiring has been completely burned and melted away inside the engine compartment. all the plastic fluid containers melted, the entire engine housing, engine and all electrical components under the hood were burned up or damaged in some way by this fire. the truck will not start or run. none of the lights work, radio, heat, air or power functions work. the truck is totally inoperable. i contacted the insurance company and they directed me to this site to look for fire related defects and to file a complaint. the truck has not been repaired as it is beyond repair since all the wiring and most of the insides under the hood have burned up or melted. *jb
 Vehicle caught fire sitting in front of home. all wiring is destroyed and dashboard melted. vehicle had not been running for at least 48 hours prior to the fire. had no fire insurance on vehicle so took a complete loss. later learned that ford had recalled this model for cruise control deactivation switch. contacted ford and they claim no liability for the fire. *jb
 Cruise control had not worked for a few months. just backed truck into driveway from parked on street. went into the house. within 5 minutes, my neighbors alerted me to the fire. i put it out with an extinguisher. the origin of the fire was at the cruise control switch at the master cylinder. vehicle is in the process of being fixed at this time. *tr
 Tl*- the contact stated that while the 1997 ford f-150 was parked in the driveway the vehicle caught on fire under the hood. the fire department arrived to extinguish the fire. the fire damaged the engine, electrical wiring, piping ,and anything that was made of plastic melted in the vehicle. the contact could provide pictures of damaged vehicle, and a fire department report.*ak updated 02/28/07. *jb
 1997 ford f-150 i made a left turn ,stepped on the gas pedal & the pedal stayed to the floor. about 100 yards later i hit head on into a guide rail. i'm not sure if this is related to the cruise control recall. *nm
 Cruise control switch (brake pressure switch) on my 1997 ford f-150 over heated and caught on fire after sitting for 3 hours in the parking lot at my work. no serious damage to truck. i had the truck towed to the local ford dealer for repair. i was aware of a recall for the 2000-2001 f-150's with this problem. the dealer was very professional, however ford also has a problem with the 1997 models and should be recalled . if this fire had not been noticed by one of my co-workers i might have losted the truck. this costed me around $170 with towing and i feel ford is aware they have a serious problem with this vehicle and should do the right thing for safety and at fords expense.
 Dt this saturday july 9th, my vehicle caught fire up under the hood, the vehicle setting in the yard. it had been setting there for about a hour. have contacted ford they are having a consumer contact me. the fire started on the drivers side and that where most of the damage is. melted everything up under the hood was able to put it out before it got to the cab of the vehicle. *nm
 The rpm's increased and the consumer experienced sudden acceleration while on the road to 80 mph while it was down hill. the driver had to stomp on the brakes several times in order to stop the vehicle. manufacturer was notified by consumer. *jb
 While at a stop vehicle accelerated at a high rate. consumer turned off the vehicle in order to stop acceleration. *ak *mr
 While coming to a stop the throttle became stuck and caused the vehicle to run into a ditch. the dealership has been notified but did not resolve the problem. please provide any additional information. *nm
 Gas pedal got stuck, causing sudden acceleration. consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle, and pulled over to the shoulder. consumer had vehicle towed to the dealer for analysis, and the mechanic replaced the speed sensor.*ak
 The vehicle accelerated twice on it's own. the first incident occurred at 20 mph, the driver shifted to neutral and stood on the brake pedal to stop the vehicle. the distance traveled was about one city block. the second time the vehicle accelerated it was at 55 mph while passing another vehicle, the driver again shifted to neutral, and the engine kept revving. the driver was unable to slow the vehicle by applying the brakes. the driver then placed his foot under the accelerator pedal to pull it up. *ak *scc *jb
 I still have the original rims and tire size ,and my speedometer is off by eight miles per hour. my speedometer says i am going eight miles per hour slower than i really am.*ak
 The speedometer on the vehicle is not calibrated correctly and as a result it has a 7 to 8 mph speed error at highway speeds, the consumer believes this is a widespread problem with ford vehicles. *jg *nlm
 Had cruise/control set & push accelerator to pass an vehicle when my truck reach approx. 75m.p.h. the acclerator pedel automaticly went all the way to floorboard & stuck with full trottle all the way open. when i tap brake pedal it did not trun off cruise. then push the off buttton on cruise,it did not shut off. when i shut off engine & got truck finally to stop . ihad to reach down & pull up on the accelerator pedel to unstick it. then i started the truck up again & everything appeared to be working okay again.*aky
 I have replaced the speed sensor on the driver side. i now have a leak from the abs unit where the lines leave going to the brakes. i am trying to find out if there have been any other reported problems with other 1997 f150 trucks.*ak
 Airbag light is on. vehicle taken to dealer 5 times. dealer cannot solve problem. *ak consumer states that the throttle stuck on vehicle while driving in heavy traffic when vehicle only had 8193 miles on it, dealer replaced throttle body and air intake, throttle stuck again at 28104 miles, dealer replaced same parts. pittman arm was replaced. *slc
 Stopped to get gas upon starting vehicle started kinda race when put in gear took off brake would not hold laid black marks hit concrete spacer by gas pumps with side of truck went out onto public road saw 3 1/2 ft ditch took ditch to get stopped hit head on air bags did not go off broke my back at contact. *ak
 I started to pass a pickup in front of me. as i got along side i noticed i was already up to 70 mph. i stepped on the brake and pushed the coast and off buttons for the cruise. i let off the brake slightly and was now up to 90 mph. i pushed the brakes hard and turned the key off, coasting to the shoulder. when i turned it back on it went to full throttle instantly. i disconnected the cable for the cruise and turned it on. the engine idled and the cruise cable pulled all the way in. the next day i checked the cruise cable and it was not pulled in with the engine running. i was lucky there were no cars on the highway in front of me when it happened. in the last week the ford dealer has done nothing.*ak
 Accelerator pedal locked up with speed control engaged while driving at highway speed of 68-70 mph, could not deactivate speed control by applying brakes or disengaging it by the on/off switch. disengaged by shifting into neutral and turning vehicle off. this caused engine problem. vehicle was taken to dealer, and informed consumer that engine was blown, and needed replacement. provide any further information on this matter. *ak neede replacement. provide any further information on this matter.
 Accelerator sticks when first applied. consumer has to press harder , then vehicle surges forward. *ak *slc
 Had cruise control on while traveling. stopped to get gas, and upon starting truck it was fine. as soon as, i slipped it into gear it took off full throttle went flying out of parking lot, almost hit a church. took ditch instead of hitting someone broke my back as a result. *ak
 Ice forming in the throttle body of the engine, dealer denied recall repair (98r-01). yh
 Gas pedal dropped from under drivers foot to the floor and truck accelerated out of control, down shifted to neutral before gas pedal came back up. cruise control not on, dealers said cruise control was the only thing that could cause that kind of incident and they disconnected it.
 While driving down the road noticed that brake lights were out. also, when the brakes were applied, cruise control didn't disengage. contacted dealer. dealer informed consumer that vehicle was not under warranty. *ak
 While driving 60 mph in heavy traffic and applying brakes, vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly accelerated, cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
 Consumer started vehicle, but didn't put it in gear, but car took off and went into the intersection. hit three vans, two of them were demolished. from the impact, the third vehicle stopped the car . there was one person injured. *ak
 Vehicle was recalled for the throttle linkage. but manufacturer said that this vehicle was not in cluded in the recall. *ak
 Consumer was getting ready to turn around, had put on brakes, then all of a sudden car statrted to race. consumer had to push harder on the brakes, then back tires started spinning as though they were going to take off if front brakes were not working. consumer felt that car would have tooken off. consumer had to put car in park.
 See prior reprt. sudden failure while vehicle traveling at 35mph caused truck to shift into 4x4 low range causing increased rpm's and rapid deceleration of truck. could have caused accident if it had happened on highway. $515.60 amount listed on damages is cost to replace module. at this time no other damage (transmission ?) is known to have occured to the vehicle
 While decelerating engine race up to 5 to 6 rpm, causing rear tire to smoke .the only way to stop vehicle from going through the intersection is to turn the iginition key off. *ak
 Vehicle been experiencing intermittent problem wth cruise control engaging without turning it on. also, horn would intermittently operate. dealer/manufacturer notified, and informed consumer that vehicle was not under any recall concerning speed control . can nhtsa provide any additional information. *ak
 While driving vehicle suddenly accelerated due to a stuck throttle. this could have caused a crash. please provide further information. *ak
 Upon quick accelleration throttle stuck. had to go off in a ditch and kill engine before hitting a semi.
 While driving at 25 to 30 mph on icy roads uphill the vehicle suddenly accelerated unexpectadly. the accelerator pedal went to the floor by itself. i stomped the pedal but it would not decelerate. i did not touch the brakes because of the icy conditions. i was already out of control so i shifted to neutral and tried to recover the truck. no recovery was possible and a accident involving the truck rolling over occured. thankfully i was the only person involved or hurt.
 While applying the brakes the vehicle accelerated. driver stopped the vehicle by applying the emergency brake. the manufacturer has been notified. *ak
 Sudden acceleration after shifting in gear and pressing down on the gas pedal. vehicle commenced to accelerate and took off while front brakes locked up. dealer notified and informed consumer to call nhtsa and manufacturer. *ak
 Ea98018; alleged loss of throttle control. whenever the cruise control is set at 45 going uphill, the throttle will stick. driver has to press the brake pedal really hard to disengage system. the manufacture/dealer is not aware of the problem. *ak *ml
 While driving approximately 50 to 55 mph, the vehicle began to gain speed on its own. trying to avoid hitting another vehicle, the car went into and hit an embankment head-on. neither air bag deployed, and none of the three seat belts held passengers. driver sustained face and head injuries. front passenger suffered neck and shoulder injuries. back passenger sustained head injuries and abrasions. dealer and manufacturer were notified. *ak
 Throttle position sensor fails continually causing power hesitation.
 Throttle stuck wide open twice.
 Throttle sensor is defective. incident occurred five times. dealer has replaced the chip and the problem still exists. *ak
 While driving vehicle suddenly accelerated out of control, struck two vehicles. vehicle sustained substantial damage.
 Consumer is experiencing problem with intermittent high acceleration while driving. vehicle been in/out of dealer shop on several occasions, and the problem cannot be resolved or reproduced. *ak
 When vehicle is shut off on an incline in first or neutral, the vehicle accelerates. the dealer says that vehicle was made this way. *ak
 While backing up vehicle throttle stuck, resulting in owner having an accident. cause of problem unknown. *ak
 Consumer had cruise control set 65 mph. went to deactivate cruise control by applying brakes, engine began to downshift. kept the maintained speed of set cruise control. consumer had to keep pressure on brakes for over a mile before vehicle could slow down. had to put vehicle in neutral to disengage engine, casuing the consumer to burn out brakes. dealer could not determine problem. *ak
 Vehicle experienced sudden acceleration resulting in a collision.
 Vehicle experienced sudden acceleration several times, resulting in a collision.
 The accelerator gets stuck on driver's side floor mat due to location of floor mat. this only happens upon full acceleration. *ak
 Owner claims that the cruse control system in car wouldn't cut off when pressed the button. *ak
 The truck accelerated in the driveway, tried to stop but the brakes wouldn't stop, causing the truck to hit a brick wall in the garage. the airbag didn't deploy. the truck accelerated to about 30 mph. *ak
 While in passing situation, the throttle stuck, causing vehicle to accelerate in speed. had to kill engine to stop. *ak
 Throttle stuck wide open due to a piece of insulation that fell from hood and was lodged in the throttle linkage. in addition, abs brakes had to be replaced due to warpage caused by severe use in stopping vehicle. *ak
 Accelerator stuck on floor mat with throttle wide open.
 Vehicle was coming to a stop and then the engine just accelerated, and had to apply brakes hard in order for the vehicle to stop. *ak consumer states that after parking vehicle, the rpms went to 3000 and back down as if he were pressing the accelerator very fast. *slc
 Owner states while driving vehicle his throttle stuck at 85 mph. owner noted that he had to turn ignition key off to let vehicle coast to the shoulder of the road. *ak
 Coming to a stop has taken foot off the gas pedal and there is no decrease in the speed. motor idles very high. *ak
 Owner received a recall 96v251000 for his throttle. there were no parts available. owner notes that dealers made contact to duncon ford to have recall fixed on three seperate occasions and there were no parts. *ak
 Upon startup of vehicle while in park position engine surged forward. *ak
 The cruise control would not disengage when at 55 mph, even after shuting off the vehicle and turning back , the motor was still going at 50 mph. dealer picked up vehicle today. (1/21/97). *ak
 Poor acceleration with air conditioner on.
 A/t: started engine, noticed motor idling high; shifted from park to reverse, foot on brakes, vehicle lurched backwards, kept sliding, hit parked vehicle. *ak
 While driving down an icy hill, the throttle became stuck. the driver had to shut off the engine to stop the throttle from sticking. driver lost power brakes and steering, but was able to come to a safe stop. *ak *jb
 While driving throttle stuck, and vehicle started to accelerate at a high rate. consumer depressed the brake pedal numerous times to decelerate the vehicle, but it was of no avail. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 While driving throttle stuck. this caused the consumer to drive into a ditch. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 Consumer was attempting to merge onto highway and depressed gas pedal for acceleration, b ut vehicle did not have sufficient power for acceleration and jerked excessively.*ak
 Gas pedal stuck and the consumer lost control on pavement. *dt
 When consumer attempted to step on the accelerator it became stuck. ts scc *jb
 When vehicle is at a dead stop suddenly it feels like someone slammed foot on accelerater. vehicle acts as if it wants to take off. please provide any further information.*ak
 While starting to accelerate by pushing on gas pedal vehicle continued to accelerate when consumer took his foot off pedal. consumer had to turn ignition off in order to bring the vehicle to a stop. vehicle has not been examined by a dealership or mechanic at this time. please provide any additional information/attachments.*ak
 Intermittently accelerator pedal sticks. dealer has inspected vehicle.*ak
 Accelerator sticks when first applied. consumer has to press harder , then vehicle surges forward. *ak *slc
 Throttle hung three times at night with outside temp at or below o degree,there is a recall but did not show up on my truck acording to mt. orab ford. i need this problim fixed as i drive at night when temp is lowest. thanks for your time joe morris. my vin would not show up on your progams.*ak
 Accelerator pedal became stuck when consumer went to pass a vehicle , causing vehicle speed to accelerate up to 90 mph. only way to stop acceleration was by consumer bending down and pulling up on the accelerator from floor. dealer claimed parts was on back order.*ak
 In passing a vehicle, the accelerator stuck. speeds went past 90. the brakes would only slow the vehicle to 70. finally downshifting slowed the car and the accelerator became unstuck. if there had been another vehicle in the road ahead, the only choice would have been to ditch the vehicle. no one should have to experience this type of failures. *ak
 On occasion the gas pedal sticks and there is a loss of throttle control. the problem is intermittent and occurs at various speeds. *ak
 My gas pedal stuck. i had just quit using my cruise control as i approached a junction at the freeway. then rounded the bend, my truck just sped up. i tapped the brakes to make sure the cruise control was disingaged. the truck surged forward again, although this time it really took off like i had mashed the gas pedal full force. luckily enough i was on a freeway and not in a normal neighborhood. by sheer determination, two good legs, low traffic, and god, i stopped that truck. something is wrong with my truck. please tell me what should be fixed.
 Had foot on accelerator pedal while on an incline. if foot is removed off accelerator pedal, vehicle would roll backwards. the accelerator pedal would stick after being applied again. *ak
 The accelerator is sticking to the floor in a wide open position, causing loss of vehicle control. *ak
 I had the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor while passing another car. after passing, the accelerator was stuck at full throttle. i tried pressing the brakes, and that didn't work. i tried to put it in neutral, and i accidently put it in either park or reverse and then the tires squealed. i was finally able to get to the side of the road (avoiding running into a schoolbus), and put it in park and put the emergency brake on. the pedal was still all the way down at full throttle. i reached down with my hand and pulled the accelerator up to 'unstick' it. i do not believe that the floor mat had anything to do with this, or that a floor mat is capable of holding the pedal all the way down at full throttle. the ford dealer is currently investigating the problem, but after 1.5 days they say that they can't find anything. but, the ford dealer manager has the identical truck, and said that this happened to him also, but he just thought it was the floor mat. i told him to demonstrate how that could happen, and i think he will tomorrow if they do not find anything wrong with the vehicle. he also said that he doesn't know what to look for as far as the 'sudden acceleration' complaint. *ak
 While driving at 25 mph in traffic and applying throttle pedal, pedal got stuck, causing vehicle to accelerate. *ak
 Brake pedal depressed lower than gas pedal by a large amount, causing both pedals to depress, resulting in acceleration. *ak
 Gas pedal gets caught on floor mat when floored to pass another vehicle.
 Increased speed for passing 55mph pedal sticks in resume position. owners solution: total engine shut down. dealer unaware of calamity. probable result: vehicle crash. second/third incidnet occurred @ 80mph and 50mph. *ak
 While driving entered a 30 miles zone and the pedal went to the floor, causing the vehicle to pick up speed at 70 mph. the pedal went to the floor and the pedal became stuck. the cruise control was not on. *ak
 Upon depressing the accelerator pedal the floor mat and the pedal get caught together, causing unwanted acceleration. consumer has to turn the vehicle off to stop the vehicle when the problem occurs. *ak
 Consumer notes that due to the design of the accelerator pedal when depressing the pedal, the hook on the back side of the pedal is sticking to the floor mat, resulting in unexpected acceleration. consumer has contacted the dealer about the problem. *ak
 While driving, experienced thottle sticking, when tried to decelerate, engine surged then raced, overpowering brakes, throttle stuck continuing to accelerate wide open, turned off ignition, then pulled up pedal, cruise was not engaged. *ak
 Dt: on july 2 2005 while driving down the road the throttle cable broke. the owner was coming down a two lane highway. the consumer noticed that the accelerator wasn't being pushed, the cruise control wasn't on, and the vehicle was speeding on its own. the consumer engaged the parking brake, while going 50-55 mph. after engaging the parking brake, the truck took about 3/4 of a mile to come a stop. the vehicle finally hit an oak tree and stopped and no air bags deployed. the owner's wife was injured with upper neck and back. injuries. the owner''s daughter was bruised on the face. the vehicle didn't come in contact with any other vehicles. there was no other problems with the vehicle accelerator sticking before. ford reported that there was no recalls about this. the owner has contacted the dealership. the vehicle has not been deemed a total loss. the owner has to replace the brakes and throttle cable. insurance will pay for repairs to the body. about a week before the crash, the consumer had to replace the oxygen sensor. that warning light stayed on about a week before repair. at this time owner is waiting for the repair work to be completed. owner stated that dealership said that the problem could have been caused by a throttle cable housing. *jb
 Throttle stuck and vehicle accelerated forward. driver could not make the vehicle slow down by applying the brakes. driver had to downshift gears in order to stop vehicle. dealer could find the cause. *ak
 Throttle cable sticks in wide open positon, causing a loss of throttle control. driver able to use brakes to stop vehicle and shut off engine. dealer not contacted yet. *ak *ml
 1997 ford f150 pickup truck, the fire appeared to have started under the hood in the engine. the insured stated to the firemen that it looked electrical . this model of truck has been known to burn due to a faulty cruise control switch. they included a copy of the recall notice from ford. the insured was not sure if the recall was ever completed. they stated the cruise control had not worked in some time. *ak
 At around 5:45 pm est 1/13/2007 my husband was working on our computer while my son and i watched a movie. the doorbell rang and i went outside to find my husband's 1997 ford f150 with flames shooting high out of the hood. i grabbed my son and came back inside and screamed for my husband. he grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to put out the fire but it was far too involved. a neighborhood kid had been walking by and saw the fire and rang the doorbell - he waited with us down the street for the fire trucks. i called 911 and evacuated the house and ran down the street. the fire department arrived within 5 minutes or so - while we waited there were several minor explosions but the fire department was able to extinguish the fire before it got to the house (only a few feet from the truck) or the other car parked right next to the truck in the driveway. the truck is completely destroyed - the hood and windshield are gone - the interior is black and devastated and the tires are melted - the paint is gone - it looks nothing it did a few hours ago. *jb
 My truck ford f150 1997 was parked on front driveway and get on fire by itself. engine was cold and truck was idle for more than 4 hours. damage was total. fire marshal was at the scene and get to the conclusion that fire was caused by cruise control switch. *nm
 I had the 05s28 ford recall performed on my f150 on 9/12/05 - they did not disconnect my cruise control to wait for the new harness - they installed a brake kit - at christmas time - i went home to minnesota and had problems with the cruise control on the way back - when i got home i called the dealership and they said that there was a problem with something with the cruise in northern climates icing up and if it didn't stop when i was home in oklahoma to call them back - it didn't do it anymore so i didn't call back. on july 8th i went to broken arrow and after i shut my truck off and parked it - it caught fire and burned to the ground. only took about 8 minutes to burn. everything from the cab back window forward is burned to a crisp. the fireman said they were writing it up as engine electrical malfunction. everything on the drivers side is gone - the battery is completely melted away - the intake manifold is melted - there is more missing and melted on the drivers side - so the fireman suspect it started there on the drivers side in the engine compartment. there were no injuries. the fire was so hot that it melted some pallets of pvc pipe that were stacked about 8 feet from where i parked the truck and they fell over on top of the truck and one of the firemen. they got him out and he was uninjured. i lost my truck, the fireman got my trailer unhooked with minimal damage, i lost most of my tools and a lot of personal belongings. police came but left it up to fire department to write a report. *jb
 1997 f150 caught on fire. *ts eight months after the consumer's vehicle caught on fire he received a recall on the cruise control deactivation switch (05s28) which indicated that eh deactivation switch could overheat and result in a fire. the consumer submitted pictures to the manufacturer and had the vehicle inspected at the dealer. the manufacturer refused to provide and financial assistance stating that the truck was too badly damaged to determine what actually started the fire. *nm
 On the night of jan. 19, 2006,1:30 am, we were awoken by an explosion. my husband and i jumped up and starting running toward the front door window and realized that our 1997 ford f150 was inflamed. my other vehicle was parked directly in front of the truck, meaning that the gas tank was about 1-2 feet away from the truck. the first thing i did was called 911 while running around trying to put clothes on. my husband was outside with a water hose trying to put a huge fire out. which knowing in my mind that any moment we could all blow up. by this time i hurried and got my 5 month old baby, and my other 2 children and ran out of the house. while my husband is still trying to hold a huge fire down with a hose pipe, i am watching the top of my carport burn the fire dept. arrives and takes control of everything. (great job mcfd you are greatly appreciated) after the fire was out. i thanked the lord for my family lives. the next day i realized the damages we had. first,we have no truck, our carport is damaged, and our other vehicle has some burned damages. aprx 2 weeks later ford has got in touch with us and has denied our claim. they told us that the truck was so burned that the fire was undetermined. thank you ford for our time in need when it is not our fault.....people get on the computer and check for recalls on your vehicles and get it taken care of because ford in not fessing up. since the fire we have learned that our 1997 ford expedition also had the same recall(speed control deactivation switch) knowing that the expedition had that same recall i could not sleep at night with it parked in my drive way. trust and believe it is now sold. there will never be another ford in my drive way. *nm
 Dt: the contact states there is nhtsa recall 05v017000 on the vehicle concerning the cruise control. the parts needed for recall repairs were not available at their local dealership. the contact spoke to the manufacturer, who confirmed that the parts are not available at this time. *ak updated 01/11/06. *jb
 Dt: the contact stated the solution for cruise control was not available until further notice. the cruise was disabled as part of nhtsa recall 05v017000. he has not contacted ford.*ak
 1997 ford f-150 truck was parked next to my home & hadn't been driven this day, after returning home after being gone for the day i found that my truck had caught on fire! after talking to neighbors & got details they had told me that the fire looked as if it had started somewhere between the rear of motor & the dash. after looking at the recall site for this yr. truck i found information that leads me to believe that the recall for this vehicle could have been the problem & as i have not received any letter from ford on this matter as of this date. *nm
 Consumer concerned with vehicle recall over heating and catching on fire. *ts consumer received recall notice on the underhood speed control deactivation switch. the consumer has disconnect the cruise control deactivation switch. the consumer believes that the real problem is a porous switch on the master cylinder that allows brake fluid to get into the bottom of the connector thus creating a resistance that will cause the connector and switch to overheat. *nm
 Dt: the contact stated vehicle burned two years ago on 10-16-03. she was told at that time that vehicle was not included in any recall. she received a recall notice in the mail on 9-26-05 concerning the scds. she has contacted ford numerous times ,and they have not contacted her at all. today was the fifth phone call she made to them. the vehicle was parked when it burned. the fire originated under the hood. the fire department was called and they said the fire did originate under the hood. the truck was totaled. the consumer did not have fire and theft insurance at that time. she contacted ford, and they told her there was no recall, and urged her to contact her insurance company. the contact e-mailed pictures of the truck to nhtsa in washington, dc in may 05. the contact stated that in may-05 someone from nhtsa called her, and it was then that she e-mailed them the pictures. she reported of having no problems with the cruise control at the time of the incident. but her husband stated that the cruise control was not working two weeks prior to 9-1-03. she reported her husband was having problems getting the truck out of park. the same day the truck burned.*ak
 Dt: after driving and parking the vehicle it caught on fire on september 11, 2005. the driver's side left front tire exploded due to the heat. this was what had alerted the consumer to the fire. when the fire marshall inspected the fire he said it was due to cruise control. the fire caused damage to the consumer's home and another vehicle. the consumer received recall 05s28 on t september 23, 2005. the vehicle was beyond repair. the consumer was in contact with the manufacturer. *ak
 Dt: the consumer stated the 1997 ford f150 caught on fire and burned on 9-24-2005. the consumer stated that the fire looked like it started under the hood. the only thing left of the truck was the rear end. the entire cab of the truck was destroyed. there were no problems on the truck, everything was working. the cruise control was not used in the truck. the truck had been parked for five hours. the owner was going to take pictures today. the fire department ruled out arson. fire and police reports were taken. . the dealership has been contacted. the dealer said they would send the complaint to the claims department. the manufacturer was contacted also. ford told the consumer that they would send the complaint over to their law department. there was additional property damage. the lexus next to the truck was damaged.*ak
 Faulty cruise control deactivation switch. *ak
 9-1-05, 8:00 am, sherri adams parked the 1997 f-150 at l-3 communications, greenville tx. the truck remained parked and locked all day. at approximately 5:20 pm security notified sherri the truck was on fire. partial fire depart report below. 9-6-05 insurance fire investigator determined the cruise control switch was cause of fire. 9-7-05 insurance adjuster determined the truck was a total loss. 9-8-05 adams contacted ford to report incident. to date, have not been contacted by ford. fire depart incident report: date: 09-01-05 incident: 05-09-001 description of incident: on thursday, 09-01-05, at 1709 hours, security notified fire control of a vehicle fire in the parking lot for building 180. fire control responded with firefighter hopson in #7 followed by lt. turner in #8. the vehicle was located in the parking lot south of building 180 next to the fence at mccullough blvd., just east of the intersection of ave. d. security was in place and assisted. upon arrival at the scene there was heavy smoke and flames coming from the hood and windshield area of a 1997 ford f-150 xlt pick-up (tx license # 56y yhi), belonging to tim and sherri adams. neither of the owners were present or located before fire control cleared the scene. the vehicle was locked and the left side glass was shattered to gain access. fire was present in the hood compartment and under the dash on the left side. the handline of #7 was used to knock down the fire and then to cool down the area. the vehicle suffered heavy damage in both areas. there was a vehicle parked east of the truck within 3 feet but it sustained no damage. persons unknown notified greenville fire department, which responded with an engine company. the fire was out by the time they arrived and no assistance was required. fire control remained in the area for cool down, until 1740 hours. approximately 70
 Within 1/2 hour of truck turned off, fire erupted, caused by the cruise control switch. luckily i was close by and had a fire extinguisher in the back of the truck, i put out the fire before the truck went totally up in flames. *jb extensive repairs were made to get the truck back up and running. i spent almost $3,000.00. i tried to contact ford several times, but got the run around, and they just dusted me, telling me it's not their fault, no recalls, no defects. i tried to explain that this same type of fire happened to my brother's other 3 trucks, f-150's, just a week prior to mine igniting. *jb
 In feb./ 05 cruise control quite, mechanic couldn't find problem, aug 15/05 abs light comes on. thinking brake fluid is low, i pop the hood and notice plug on master cylinder is burned/melted. car wont shift out of park, and no brake lights. i get a new plug and harness from dealer and replace blown fuse. i still have no cruise light on on dash but brakes and cruise work. dealer said no recall but plenty of service bulletins. $15.00 part
 Abs light started flashing 16 times with pause then repeats. noticed #13 fuse was blown. replaced and looked up immediately to find white smoke billowing out of hood. pulled out fuse to find that it was blown (thank goodness). heard on internet forum that it may be the cruise switch on master cylinder. looked there and found switch partly melted. disconnected switch and battery, replaced fuse and hooked up battery, but not the switch. no more blinking light, but now no cruise control, of course. still have yet to contact ford about the failure.
 My son told me he didn't have any brake lights on his truck, a 1997 ford f150. i thought it might be a fuse since he said that he replaced the bulbs. when i replaced the fuse there was a abundance of smoke coming from underneath the hood. to locate the source of smoke with the hood open we replaced the fuse again. the smoke was coming from the cruise control module on the master cylinder. we replaced the part and i have kept the old part. i can supply the number on the part or send it anywhere you like. *nm
 Dt: 1997 f150 ford super cab pickup truck. the cruise switch caught the brake reservoir on fire and in turn, the consumer did not have any brakes. the consumer opened the hood and threw an old towel over the fire and smothered the flames. had the road service tow it to the place where normally the service was done on the truck, and they said they could not fix the problem because this was a ford problem. then, it was towed to a ford dealership, and the dealership gave consumer the manufacturer's number, contacted manufacturer, and they said a customer representative would call back no later than tuesday, and on monday afternoon the manufacturer did call and informed consumer that this vehicle was not involved in the recall due to vin. consequently, they would not do repairs for free. consumer called the insurance company, and they were going to send a fire inspector to investigate the vehicle. the insurance company said that this was ford's problem also. moreover, the insurance company was going to send a claims adjuster. no injuries reported. *ak *jb
 Dt: the consumer stated that the 1997 ford f 150 caught on fire and burnt completely. the owner parked the truck at 6 pm in the garage and at 9 pm heard the horn. the owner then went to the garage to check on the truck and found the truck burning. the fire was coming from the driver's side under the hood. the owner said the fire was from the cruise control switch. claimed that he was just seconds from losing his house. the owner had not seen anything in the tv news or news papers about the ongoing investigations with the switch. the owner had not used the cruise control that day or did not notice anything funny about how the truck was driving. a fire department report, and an insurance report were issued. pictures were taken. the vehicle has already been moved from the fire location. the vehicle was a totaled. loss and there was damage to the owner's house, severe smoke damage throughout the house. the insurance took care of the smoke damages. there were no injuries. *ak
 Dt: consumer owns a 1997 ford f150. vehicle caught on fire. the consumer drove the vehicle the previous day approximately 5 hours and parked in the driveway. yesterday, august 16, 2005, around 8:30 pm the consumer heard a noise . he looked outside to see the vehicle on fire. the fire was in the front of the vehicle, underneath the hood. there were no indications that there was a problem with the vehicle. there was no other damage reported. the consumer assumed the fire was caused by the cruise control switch. he believed it was an electrical fire because he did not smell any type of gasoline odor. a police report was taken. the consumer was going to take photographs of the vehicle. *ak *jb
 While watching cnn news august 16 2005, a report was on what should have been a recall of ford vehicles that have a faulty cruise control switch. i was parked and had been sitting for approximately thirty minutes when i noticed smoke coming from under the hood. at that point, i opened the hood and saw where the smoke was coming from, then grabbed the wiring way above the heat source and started pulling the wires until they broke loose. the wiring was attached to a switch at the end of my brake cylinder, it was the cruise control for the vehicle. the vehicle would not crank and i could not remove it from park, i had to call for help. a day or so later, i saw a report on cnn news about the problem for this switch and ford was not doing anything about it. it would have been good ,if ford would have notified me of this problem. i had driven my mom to visit someone in a nursing home, otherwise my truck would have been on my carport. is there more hidden problems that ford is hiding that could, or would, have destroyed my house by fire if i had not been in the vehicle at the time? is it safe to park in my garage now? i asked cherokee ford in wookstock, georgia if they knew of a recall on this since it was on the news, and they said some vehicles were, but not mine, and to keep watching the news and if, (big word)ford did have a recall, come back and they could reimburse for the part only, since my repairs were complete.*jb
 Dt: there is a recall for the vehicle speed control for the 2000 ford f150, stating it can lead to fires. vehicle was parked in a parking lot and the ignition was off. went out to the vehicle and there was a burning smell. some wiring melted. contacted ford, they said the recall was for 2000 models. the consumer had vehicle repaired, they replaced the speed control deactivation switch. this happened on june 23, 2005. the consumer did not have any pictures of the vehicle, but did have the invoice from where the vehicle was repaired. *ak
 Dt: 1997 ford f150. the consumer states on august 10, 2005 h vehicle caught on fire. the vehicle had been sitting for approximately 7 hours before this occurred. the vehicle did not have any problems prior to fire. the fire department was called and they filed a report. ford has been notified. the vehicle has not yet been inspected to see why this occurred. the consumer suspected it started under the hood on the driver's side. it was the cruise control switch. the vehicle was totaled. *ak
 1.well first the cruise control on my 97 ford f150 went out. then my brake lights went out too. replacecd brake lights ,then fuse went out in interior fuse box so, truck would not go into gear. replaced fuse then it blew it again. replaced again truck could now shift into gear. i went home parked truck the truck in drive way and did not move it for the truck for the rest of the day. was waken up about 3 in the morning by cops telling me my truck was on fire. the truck ended up burnt everywhere but the bed total loss pretty much un drivable. burned a 95 caravan and part of a 2002 ford excursion. i know have i vehicle to move my kids that are in school and myself and my wife which also now has some serious nerve damage she has nightmares of other vehicle burning and can hardly sleep. tried contacting ford but c.s. department puts me on hold all day. *jb
 Nhtsa: this is in relation to an under hood fire in a 1997 ford f150 pertaining to the speed control deactivation switch, brake pressure switch. on july 23, 2005 a neighbor came banging on my door yelling your truck is on fire. there was a fire coming out from under the hood where the brake master cylinder is located. the truck was parked in my drive under my carport and had been idle for approximately 2.5 hours. i ran to get my fire extinguisher and attempted to extinguish the fire. my neighbor called the fire department and then came out with another fire extinguisher. another neighbor grabbed his extinguisher and gave it to me and that also failed. i grabbed my hose to try to minimize the fire until the fire department arrived. i only had on shorts (no shoes). i received several burns on the bottom of my feet the hole that was melted in the hood of the truck clearly shows where the fire was located. the day before that i had went to a mechanic to have my a/c looked at. the mechanic pointed out that brake fluid was leaking onto the speed control deactivation switch. on a ford recall web site it says the following signs could indicate that you have a problem with your cruise-control switch: cruise control is not working properly (mine recently stopped working); brake fluid leaking around the switch (exactly what the mechanic pointed out); fuses are blown near the switch, (that morning the truck would not go into gear and a mobile mechanic came out and he replaced the brake pressure switch fuse). everything points to this problem with the speed control deactivation switch recall problem ford is having. i contacted ford to see if they wanted to investigate the situation and they said no and showed little to no concern. *jb
 Dt: the caller parked the vehicle and one and a half hours later it burst into flames. the caller thought a report was filed by the fire department. the dealer said that the caller had insurance and not to worry about it. the manufacturer urged the caller to contact the dealer if he wanted to know what was being done. the fire damage was done to the driveway, and a tree was destroyed. *ak *sc
 Dt: contact stated the cruise control on his 1997 ford f150 went out. then the brake lights failed. when the consumer took it to the dealer to get the brake lights fixed there was smoke coming from under the hood. it was smoking where the cruise control switch was. this happened on 9-17-04. he disconnected the switch. he bought a new switch and installed it, and never had any more trouble. he wanted to file a complaint so nhtsa would be aware that the 1997 ford -f150 had a bad cruise control switch . he was not aware of any problems until he had heard it on the news that the 2000 year models had a defective cruise control switch. *ak *jb updated 03/29/06
 Dt: 1997 ford f150 caught on fire with the engine off and parked in the driveway. a neighbor alerted the consumer that there was a fire at about 2:45 am. the neighbor said that there was a sound like a shotgun blast. the fire was coming from the driver's side wheel well. the fire department came because the fire spread to the consumer's house and the neighbor's house. the vehicle was a totaled. it burned all the way back to the tool box. there was excessive damage. fire department suggested it may have been the cruise control switch. the consumer sustained smoke inhalation, and went to the hospital. the consumer e-mailed ford and asked for someone to contact him, and no one did. there was an ongoing insurance claim. there was massive property damage as a result of the fire. *ak *sc
 1997 ford f150 caught on fire underneath the hood near the cruise control mechanism.*mr when the consumer contacted the manufacturer about faulty cruise control switches, he was told his vehicle was not included in the recall. *jb
 Parked the vehicle about 1:15 at about 1:43 the vehicle was reported on fire. prior to the fire a fuse had blown multiple times that prevented getting out of park. after first fuse change it lasted a couple of weeks then it blew again. the fuses that were used were the proper size. the owner called ford to figure out why could not get out of park. the cruise control was not used often. the vehicle was insured by state farm and was investigated. owner has post fire pictures and will send.
 Vehicle fire involving the speed control disconnect switch ((cruise control defect)) on this 1997 ford f150. limitted burn in engine compartment. vehicle is in very good condition, and this fire pattern/evidence is a prime example of the failure of this vehicle component. salvage is presently preserved for inspection.
 On july 11,2005 jason went to work and parked his 1997 ford f-150 pickup in the parking lot of his job rolled up all the windows and locked the doors and took the apromently 9.00am he went out for his break to find the fire department at his truck its a total loss.the only thing left is the cab of the truck.
 Dt: the cruise control switch was burning. the consumer could smell smoke while walking past the vehicle. the consumer was able to stop the smoke before the switch actually caught on fire by disconnected the wire leading to the switch.*ak *nm
 Dt: consumer states when she went to get into the vehicle there was smoke coming from under the hood. when shelifted the hood, it was discovered the smoke was coming from the cruise control sensor and unhooked it. at that point the vehicle stopped smoking. the vehicle had been in the driveway for approximately 45 minutes. the dealership told them it wasn't under recall although there have been reports of the same problem. the vehicle hadn't caught on fire.*ak
 Dt: the cruise control switch burned the wiring harness and the wire was burned in two. the connector that comes into switch was burnt and the brake fluid was leaking out of the switch. the vehicle had been sitting for about a day before it burned. owner never smelled any smoke or saw any flames. the switch just melted. there were no other major concerns with vehicle, it is regularly serviced. after the switch was burned owner replaced the switch and connector with another one bought at a local auto store. the owner has not yet reported to ford.*ak
 The vehicle parked for 5 hours, observed flames on driver's side of hood, it was completely engulfed. the cruise control quit working one year prior. *jb
 Dt: truck was parked and engine was not running, consumer drove about a half hour before he discovered vehicle was on fire. flames were coming from driver's side under hood near cab of truck. flames were extinguished by 4 witnesses with a fire distinguisher. fire department was not called. mechanic on site opened hood and suspected the fire began near the master cylinder. no repairs were made since this occurred. *ak
 Dt: cruise control caught 0n fire. had reported to ford before this came out bought another cruise control, but then had disconnectedit. vehicle overheated and burnt the brake fluid, but was in time to put out the fire.*ak
 Dt: cruise control has been disconnected because it quit working, and because of its potential to start fire. cruise was working fine when i consumer bought the truck. *ak
 Dt: the contact owns a 1997 ford f150. the vehicle caught on fire from the speed control deactivation switch. *ak
 Dt: consumer parked truck wednesday night, when he got back into truck the next morning it would start once but not move out of gear. it would not come out of park. the engine was barely running and missing. there was a smell of smoke. turned engine off due to the odd smell. inspected under hood. there had been a fire that evidently burned out itself. cruise control quit earlier. the truck could not be driven due to this problem. afraid to move or attempt to repair anything for fear it may catch on fire again. consumer called ford, no recall on that particular model, but they were having a problem with those vehicles, but will not do anything until there was a recall. the most fire damage was seen on the master cylinder, suspected that the brake fluid may have had a hand in the fire along with the sensor. was missing brake fluid upon inspection. *ak
 Abs light came on as we were pulling up to our back garage door. we opened the hood of the truck to check the brake fluid level. that area of the engine was on fire! we were able to quickly put out the fire. we had the vehicle towed to the repair shop. they replaced all the parts that were burnt (unfortunately we did not think to keep the old parts). as a side note, the technician working on the vehicle mentioned that ford has a recall out for 2000 and newer vehicles for the cruise control switch - which they have determined is the cause of fires in these models. he said the cause of the fire in our vehicle was the cruise control switch, the very same part that ford has the recall for. the cruise control switch the repair shop used to replace the burnt up one was obtained from ford and is the very same part they are using in their recall. unfortunately, our vehicle is a 1997 ford f150 and therefore does not falling within the recall.
 Dt: the consumer owns a 97 ford f150 and the cruise control switch caught fire and burned the master cylinder and wiring harness at the switch. also it blew a fuse in the circuit that kept it from burning further. when the consumer went to start the vehicle, it would not shift out of park because the abs circuit was disabled. the consumer bought materials to repair the damage. after which ford had recalled later model pick ups. the consumer feels this is a wide spread problem and other years were affected also. *jb
 Pick up truck caught on fire. the consumer believed it was due to electrical problems. the fire started in engine near the steering column. the consumer then stated it may have been due to due a cruise to control switch.
 I purchased a 1997 f150 on friday april 22, 2005. truck was seemingly in excellent condition. i drove the f150 truck to work around 40 miles on tuesday april 26, 2005, parked and went inside. about 2 hourrs later i saw smoke from the engine compartment. we opened the hood, and found that a fire had erupted on/near the brake system/brake booster. we put out the fire within about 1 minute from seeing the smoke. the damage was contained to the driver?s side engine compartment, including; brake fluid reservoir/booster, power distribution box/fuse box, wiring along firewall, hood and paint, windshield, wiper motor/wiper, vent between hood and windshield, dash, inner driver?s side fender. insurance company was notified, outcome pending.*ak
 Vehicle was parked in the owner's driveway along with 2 other vehicles which were burned along with the f-150 which was engulfed by fire. vehicle was parked for over 5 hours before the sheriff department was notified of the fire. *ak
 1997 ford f-150 was parked in garage and caught on fire in the engine compartment at the master cylinder. *ak
 After sitting unused for 2 days, the cruise controll switch caught on fire. it was put out quickly after disconnecting the battery and putting soda on the switch. i had the truck towed to a ford dealer who said it was not listed on the recall, and i would have to pay. i decided to take it to my normal repair shop for correction. it was corrected with a new switch. i belive i should be reimbursed for entire cost.*ak
 Vehicle was parked for over an hour and a neighbor bought the fire to consumer's attention. fire was coming from under the hood on drivers side. *ak
 Vehicle was parked in the garage, consumer came out to get into the vehicle, and saw smoke, and fire coming from under the hood. consumer contacted the dealer. *ak
 Vehicle was parked in front. ten minutes later,the truck caught on fire. driver called the fire department to extinguish the fire. vehicle was towed by the insurance company. the insurance adjuster informed the driver that the cruise control switch started the fire inside of the truck. *ak
 Nhtsa recall campaign 05v0170000 concerning cruise control. vehicle was parked in the garage for some 8 hours when the smoke detector went off. consumers immediately exited the home, and the fire department responded. the home and two vehicle were destroyed in the fire. *ak
 While vehicle was parked for 9 hours a fire started under a the hood. vehicle was totaled. *ak updated 2/28/2006 - the cruise control was not working at the time of the fire. the consumer noticed that it had stopped working on 2-18-05. *nm
 The truck caught on fire and burned to the ground while parked on the street. this occurred 15 hours after the vehicle was serviced by an independent repair facility for a cruise control failure. the fire department extinguished the fire, but couldn't determined the cause of it, just that the fire started in the engine compartment. *ak the vehicle was not running and or warm when the fire occurred. *sc *jb
 Parked vehicle at 7:40 am and 10 minutes later a witness saw smoke and flames coming from the vehicle near the driver's side wheel well. no problems with vehicle prior to the fire. had not used the cruise control in a very long time. the turn signals would sometimes click very fast, indicating a bulb was out, but no bulbs were defective. this had been going on for a year or more. a new engine was installed about 1 year ago. no after market equipment. vehicle was insured, but a claim was not made due to minor damage. mechanic, who repaired vehicle, indicated that speed control deactivation switch caused the fire.*ak
 While parked in a public parking lot the vehicle caught fire without warning. the consumer states two days prior the cruise control had malfunctioned and the dealer stated that the part was unavailable. please provide additional information. *nm
 05v017000/ford cruise control deactivation switch. the vehicle was parked for over 9 hours. the next morning there were flames coming from under the hood in front of the driver seat. the owner contacted the fire department and had the fire extinguished. owner also contacted the ford manufacturer who told the owner that this vehicle was not included in the current recall. provide further details. *jb
 While the vehicle was parked, a fire started under the hood. the vehicle was totaled. the dealership is aware of the problem. *jb other vehicle's were damaged during the fire and one person was burned on the arm while trying to contain the fire with a fire extinguisher. the consumer request reimbursement from the manufacturer for the damages. *nm
 While the truck was parked in a parking lot it caught on fire without warning. there were no injuries reported. the driver called the fire department to extinguish the fire. the vehicle was towed, and declared totaled by the insurance company. *ak *sc *jb
 Cruise control switch burnt. *ak
 While parked, the vehicle caught on fire. the fire department stated that the fire started in the wiring of the cruise control. *ak *sc *jb
 While vehicle was parked a fire started under the hood. the fire was put out. the dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak the vehicle was off for 2-3 hours before the fire started.
 While the vehicle was parked, a fire started under the hood. the vehicle was totaled. the cause was not determined. please provide more information. *jb
 Parked the vehicle at 10:00 and at 10:30 the alarm sounded. went to look at vehicle and saw fire under the hood on the driver's side. pictures posted at the cruise control failed before the fire, and the brake lights had gone out. the cruise control failed before christmas. the brake lights went out in early january. the vehicle would not come out of park. we replaced the fuse and it blew again. we replaced it 3 times and it stopped blowing. the vehicle was insured by state farm policy number 8922531-59 4.*ak *nm
 Vehicle was parked in front of the residence for 3 1/2 hours. owner discovered that the vehicle was on fire. the flames were coming out from the center of the hood. the fire department was notified and extinguished the flames. *ak *tc
 While vehicle was parked a fire started in the steering column. dealership will be notified. *ak
 My 1997 ford f150 caught fire in my driveway 15 minutes after the engine was turned off. i drove home (approximately 10 miles) the morning of january 1, 2005 and parked in my driveway. after 15 minutes my truck security alarm sounded and i went outside to investigate. flames were coming out from underneath the hood of the truck mainly on the driver's side. i called the fire department and they put the fire out. my mechanic, george watson, inspected the truck and declared it a total loss. i feel the fire could have been caused by the cruise control switch that ford has identified as a hazard in the 2000 f150 models.*ak
 My ford 1997 f-150 caught fire outside a coffee shop. it had been off for at least 30 minutes. someone came around and told me the truck was on fire. the cause of the fire is reported to be the cruise control switch and led to the brake master cylinder. i have not fixed the truck yet. *ak
 While being parked vehicle caught on fire. when vehicle was inspected it was determined to be due to the cruise control.*ak
 The vehicle caught on fire while parked in the garage. the consumer was able to pull the burning vehicle out of the garage before the house caught on fire. the local fire department arrived to extinguish the fire. the cause of the fire was unknown. *ak *sc *jb
 Vehicle experienced problems with the cruise control deactivation switch. consumer replaced this switch back in may,2004. currently, the replaced cruise control switch was beginning to leak again.*ak consumer saw smoke coming from under the hood and found the master cylinder switch was leaking brake fluid again. *tt
 After being parked 45 min. my 97 ford f-150 was seen by a friend to be on fire. the fire was extinguished. it is very evident that the cruise control deactivation switch (the same one used on 2000 and 2001 models that ford is voluntarilty recalling) was the culprit. the truck was extinguished relatively quick and it is very easy to see where the fire started. the cruise control had quit working prior to this fire and the truck was sometimes difficult to get out of park.*ak vehicle was insured. but not reported. photos will be sent to bruce york.
 The consumer activated the cruise control and with out warning the vehicle suddenly accelerated uncontrollably. the consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle by turning the cruise control off. afterwards the incident happened repeatedly. the consumer tried to reset the cruise control, however the problem still continued. the consumer drove to the dealer for an inspection. the mechanic could not duplicate the problem. please provide additional information. jb
 Picked up 1 yard of mulch and was unloading, smelled burning rubber, and saw flames in wheel well. put out fire with fire extinguisher and called fire department. opened hood, and saw fender burned, plastic brake near master cylinder burned, and fuse box and wiring burned. fire department said it was bad wiring. mechanic felt it involved the brakes. also, cruise control had not worked for nearly six months before fire.*ak
 Complaint regarding vehicle speed control on 1997 ford f150. *mr *sc *jb
 Vehicle caught fire while parked for five hours. *ph consumer also stated that cruise control, tail light failed. cause of fire was unknown, however, consumer had a tell tale indication that cruise control de-activation switch could be the cause. since the switch when it catches fire it ignites the brake fluid thus causing vehicle to burn. ford is aware of the problem but refused to acknowledge responsibility of the incident. *la
 While at a complete stop or reversing vehicle has a roughor uneven idle.*ak
 When at a stop or parked the vehicle has a ruffled idle and vibrates like its ready to stall out. while driving between 40mph and up, the vehicle sways from one side to another side. *ak
 Consumer states that the vehicle accelerater and brake are too close. consumer was trying to brake and vehicle accelerated and hit a house. cause is unknown. please provide any further information. mr
 While driving engine check light illuminated, indicating a malfunction within the system, vehicle suddenly accelerated out of control. brakes failed to stop vehicle. vehicle taken to dealer 8 times, but unable to find the cause. *ak *ml
 Vehicle been experiencing problem with sudden acceleration whenever vehicle came to a stop. vehicle been in/out of three different dealer shops, and problem still occurring. *ak
 While trying to park accelerator pedal got stuck ,causing the vehicle not to be able to stop.consumer was finally was able to put the vehicle in neutral.please provide any futher information. *ak
 Engine does not accelerate.
 When the brakes are applied the vehicle accelerates. the dealer has been notified. *ak