CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
98V161000FORD MOTOR COMPANYfrom 11/26/1995 to 02/19/1998V (Vehicle)20200008/10/1998MFRFORD MOTOR COMPANY07/15/199807/20/1998
Defect SummaryVehicle description: light duty 4-wheel drive pickup trucks. if the vehicle is overloaded, the rear leaf springs can be overstressed. a fatigue fracture of the spring can occur. the center leaf of the spring can fracture at the forward edge of the spring seat and, in some cases, contact the fuel tank.
Consequence SummaryFuel tank contact can damage the tank and result in fuel leakage. fuel leakage in the presence of an ignition source can result in a fire.
Corrective SummaryDealers will inspect the rear springs and install an additional clip on the forward end of the rear springs to prevent fuel tank contact in the event of a leaf fracture. any fractured springs will be replaced.
NotesOwner notification is expected to begin august 10, 1998.owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact ford at 1-800-392-3673.also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at 1-888-dash-2-dot (1-888-327-4236).


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
1569203/01/2002636326Some vehicles may exhibit a squeak, snap, rattle, or clunk in the front end when turning or going over bumps. *tt11/07/2002
98031004/01/1998603504Experiencing vibration at cruise over 50 mph. *yc02/23/1999
9881204/27/1998601243A vibration at highway speeds may be felt on some vehicles. *yc07/14/1998
05061801/01/20050512610016789Rear axle noise repair. *sc10/07/2005
98330602/03/1998607472Concerns of frame strike on the rear axle. *tt09/23/1999
1777705/01/200410008552Rear leaf spring noise. *tt08/04/2004
1216111/01/1998613176Some vehicles built with 3-leaf rear springs may exhibit a rear spring rattle. *mjs06/19/2000
98520011/01/1998613017Vehicles built with 3-leaf rear springs may exhibit a rear spring rattle *mjs06/16/2000


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 The rear suspension springs may break and splay inward, damaging the fuel tank

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Left tie rod on my 1998 ford f150 broke while driving. i bought truck new in 1999. mileage on truck was 29900. had truck towed to dealer, they informed me that right tie rod needed to be replaced too along with the lower ball joints and idler arm. i was on the highway just 20 minutes before. i was lucky. service manager told me he has needed to replace them after 15000. from the factory there are no grease fitting for lubrication. also none on replacements. please call or e-mail with any questions, thank you. *nlm
 Front inner tie rods on right side broke while vehicle was parked. consumer has taken vehicle twice before to dealer, and the dealer still did not do anything for consumer taken it again to dealer. *ak consumer stated there is a noise in front end when steering wheel is being turned, there is a noise when attempting to start engine, headlights stay on until the parking brake is applied, engine is using 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles, the dealer replaced the outer tie rod ends.*slc
 Suspension failed. yh
 When driving at 60 mph there is vibration within the steering wheel, and the dealer or the manufacturer can't determine the problem. *ak
 Vehicle experiences extreme vibration on concrete highways going at high speeds resulting in difficulty in maintaining control over vehicle.
 Suspension malfunction.
 Consumer replaced tires five times before it was discovered there were two pieces missing from the sway bar. consumer stated that dealer for vehicle could not find the defects. however , the dodge dealer found the defect.*ak *tc
 The tie rod assembly failed. *jb. also, vehicle needs an alignment. *ak
 Left front tie rod broke off while the consumer was driving, causing the tire to go sideways. contacted the dealer, and the dealer was not willing to do anything. *ak consumer stated that the the front end needed replacing plus tires the estimate is $983.45. *scc
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 Although there was not an injury during this incident, we were very lucky. if we had been on the highway it could have been a much different situation. i have noticed on different web sites that i am not alone with this problem. i wonder if something is being done about it. no safety defec tmentioned. *ak
 Front right wheels bounce at speeds of 60-70 mph. yh
 While driving at highway speeds vehicle will begin to sway, making it difficult to control. *ak
 Front suspension failed, causing vibration. *yc
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 Dealer is reporting that broken torsion bars on new fords (f-150 and similar suv's) is a major problem. if they snap at high speed a serious loss of control can result.
 No summary listed on this vehicle. *ak
 No summary
 Front end vibrates/shakes at speeds up to 60 mph. also, replaced steering shaft.
 Vehicle is continually out of alignment resulting in premature wear of the tires.
 While drivng vehicle at 63-68 mph there is vibration in engine compartment. dealer stated new vehicles with tryton engine have these problems. cause has not been corrected. *ak
 Tie rod end came off while driving down the road at 35 mph. when we took it to be repaired we were told both ball joints need replacing. the mechanic made the comment to us that they have had several ford f-150's with similar problems and know of other garages reporting the same. we feel fortunate we were not injured. we travel the interstate most of the time at speeds of 55-60mph and would have been injured for sure. we feel that the repairs necessary on a truck of this late model is excessive and wondered if a recall was in order. we have already replaced the head gasket which fortunately was under warranty.*ak
 Took vehicle to dealer which is when tie rod broke in half. *ak mechanic pulled vehicle in and that is when the tie rod broke in half, consumer also states that the left ball joint broke. jlg
 Consumer got into vehicle to back out and front end collapsed. service manger stated it happened all the time from normal wear and tear. service if vehicle was serviced properly, they would've been able to catch it in time. consumer purchased vehicle on october 26, 2000 from same dealer with a clean inspection. consumer took vehicle to several mechanics, who stated that pin to ball joint broke because of the incline, and the angle consumer was turning wheel caused it to snap front end.*ak
 While pulling out of parking lot the consumer noticed that the vehicle would not move. it was determined that the control arm fell off. the dealer has been notified. *nlm
 While driving vehicle jerked and vibrated uncontrollably. consumer was able to maintain control of vehicle and drove it to the dealer for inspection. mechanic informed consumer that upper and lower ball joints were corroded and needed to be replaced. *ak
 While driving at 25 mph and when making a left turn consumer heard a loud popping sound. then, left side of the vehicle dropped down. vehicle was towed to consumer's home. the tow truck driver explained that the upper ball joints were worn out, and the axle broke.*ak
 While driving at normal speed lower ball joint on driver's side fell off. dealer stated no recall, and called nhtsa.*ak
 Consumer stated while driving, the vehicle developed a steering problem, when he realized that he could not steer, he let the wheel go and the vehicle coasted to a stop, consumer got out of the vehicle and noticed the tire was flat on the left front wheel and the tie rod was jammed in the wheel rim and shredded, the inside of the rim deflated the tire, the tie rod had separated from the ball joint, the dealer replaced both outer tie rods and both lower ball joints.*jb
 Premature wear of lower ball joint. dealer will be notified. *ak consumer adds ball joints failed and found other model years have the same problem. *tt
 While driving vehicle jerked and vibrated uncontrollably. consumer was able to maintain control of vehicle and drove it to the dealer for inspection. mechanic informed consumer that upper and lower ball joints were corroded and needed to be replaced. *ak
 When driving at an undetermined speed steering wheel locked up. consumer was able to stop the vehicle ,and had the vehicle towed to the dealer for inspection. mechanic determined that both upper ball joints failed.*ak
 While driving at 25 mph and when making a left turn consumer heard a loud popping sound. then, left side of the vehicle dropped down. vehicle was towed to consumer's home. the tow truck driver explained that the upper ball joints were worn out, and the axle broke.*ak
 While driving 30 mph front driver's side upper ball joint broke, causing the tie rods to shoot through the rim. immediately the vehicle lost control. *ak
 While changing the shocks on the vehicle consumer noticed the rear frame broke. no explanation as to how or why.*ak
 During oil change consumer noticed front left coil spring was broken. *ak *slc
 Consumer heard a banging noise coming from the rear of the vehicle consumer stopped the vehicle and a piece of metal fell off onto the ground. consumer picked it up, took the vehicle to mechanic who stated the leaf spring failed. *ak *ts *jb
 The r/h torsion bar broke at low speed turning into a parking lot. the bar is being replaced at the dealership. they say they have never seen this before. after seeing all the reports on line, i find this hard to believe.
 Front right torsion bar snapped while vehicle was parked in my driveway. *ak
 On december 30, 2003, i sent the following letter to ford motor company and as of yet have not received a reply. hopefully you can give me some pointers on how i should proceed. thank you, david moritz david moritz 404 3rd ave nw 605-532-5343 clark, sd 57225 enclosed are pictures of the torsion bar from my 1998 ford f-150 pickup. vin# 1ftzx18w4wkb15005. it has 56,000 miles. the portion that is pictured is the front. the bar broke while sitting idle in my garage. i had been out of town for the weekend so the pickup had not been driven for two days. i found the center piece on the garage floor. from rust spots in the broken area, it appears that it had been cracked for some time. i have owned the pickup for about three years. almost all of my driving has been highway driving. during that time it has very little off road driving. i am not a hunter or land owner. it has been used for hauling cargo, but not extended use. it was involved in an accident and i have also enclosed the repair records from that. the damage was to the right side. there was no suspension damaged noted. i have looked to see if there were any recalls on it, and have found none. the mechanic who replaced it for me said he had never seen a torsion bar break like this. this is a repair that i dont think i should have to pay for. i have enclosed my statement. i am just thankful that i was not driving the vehicle when it broke. it concerns me that there may be other suspension problems. what i would like to know is what can be done? is this a flaw in the pickup that needs to be addressed? i am also writing to the national highway traffic safety administration to ask for their help in what process i should follow. i can be reached during working hours at 605-532-5343, at my address at 404 3rd ave. nw, clark, sd 57225 or by e-mail at i will be waiting your reply. david moritz *cb
 Driver side torsion bar snapped ,causing front left corner of vehicle to drop unexpectedly possibly damaging sway bar, shock absorber and related bushings. ford customer service stated there is no coverage, recalls or service bulletins that cover damage/defect. there have been reports of similar issues with expedition and ford models. *ak
 The vehicle was parked, when the left torsion bar failed. *jb
 Right side torsion bar snapped in two going across parking lot.
 Driver side torsion bar broke driving 60 on freeway. made truck veer hard to left almost hitting guard rail. thank god my son didn't hit it. brought the truck used and of course dealer said it wasn't under warranty that we had. only the 60 days or 2500 miles from time of purchased. only had in 25 days. *nlm
 The front torsion bar broke. *jb the torsion bar had experienced a brittle fracture at the hexagon to cylinder interface. *scc
 Passenger side torsion bar broke while parked in parking garage. don't know what would happen if occured at normal driving speeds. scary drive home as truck was laying down on right front severly. took to garage this morning. five minutes later, woman comes in and says she has a broken torsion bar. you guessed it, another 1998 ford f150 4x4. looked at hers, was on drivers side, similar shaped failure as mine, said hers was just parked in driveway when failed. i am afraid to let wife drive my truck now.
 Torsion bar snapped causing truck to lean to one side. i was told i was fortunate i wasnt driving it at the time they had many ( over 50) break some while driving. dealer should replace at no cost to owner only had 21,552 , 1998 f-150 dealer wanted 500.00 at first then claimed part was defective and i would have to pay labor( jack demmers in wayne,mi.48185) please help this isnt fair.
 While driving, right front torsion bar snapped during regular driving. *tt
 Front torsion bar exploded while vehicle was parked in consumer's driveway. dealer has been contacted. please provide further details. consumer has damaged parts.*ak
 The truck was sitting in the parking lot at work when the drivers side torsion bar broke. from some people i have talked to this has happened to quite a few other trucks-same side torsion bar. the dealer has worked with us as well as can be expected considering that the manufacturer refuses to acknowledge a problem. i haven't been able to speak with a representative because they are on vacation. i am concerned about what could happen to another family with the same truck if perhaps the bar would break while driving. this a a dangerous problem that ford motor company is refusing to do anything about. i have written to them on two occassions now asking for them to issue a recall since this is not just my truck, but many others. also, i do not believe the anti-lock brakes should fail on a truck with the mileage it had at the time. the dealer also worked with us on this problem. our total bill was for $90.87 for both of the problems, but i still believe that ford motor company should reimburse us this money considering that this is a major defect both with the tortion bar and the anti-lock brakes. thank you for your time regarding this important matter. i do not want anyone to be injured because of ford motor company ignoring these problems.*ak
 Torision bar on left side failed while vehicle was in park position, causing front suspension to fall towards back. *ak
 While pulling into a parking space torison bar broke. please give any further details.*ak
 Front torsion bar broke while parked in garage; dealer/manufacturer were notified; manufacturer informed consumer that they would pay all except 20%, which would be at consumer cost. *ak the consumer states that there were many other owners of this model vehicle with torsion bars problem, but the manufacturer was not even trying to make better quality parts available. *yh
 Torsion bar snapped as i shifted into reverse in my driveway. *ak
 Rt front torsion bar broke while sitting in the drive way. *ak
 Dealer told me there were no previous known problems with the torsion bar. *ak
 Torsion bar broke while vehicle was parked in garage.*ak
 Torsion bar severed. defect was discovered while vehicle was parked. private mechanic has not provided any information as of yet for cause of defect. please provide any additional information/attachments.*ak
 While truck was parked in garage the driver's side torsion broke. february 1999 the torsion bar on the passenger broke while driving at 20 mph. fortunately in either case no injuries. this is not a normal failure, but after contacting ford directly and the dealer where the truck needed to be towed eiter stated this is a problem. my family now feels for their safety next time we drive in the truck. i need to be convinced that can't happen again and that there was problem with the torsion bars used on that year truck. *ak
 Rt torsion bar broke while driving aprox 50 mph. front rt of truck dropped and was hard to control.
 Passenger's side right torsion bar collasped and broke which caused passenger's side of vehicle to drop down on one side. consumer has contacted dealer, dealer has replaced torsion bar. please provide any further details.*ak
 Sudden an spontanious breakage of torsion bar at low speed without hitting any obsticle or pot-hole in road.*ak
 Front torsion bar broke overnight while parked. manufacturer is aware of defect. the torsion bar was replaced by the dealer. *ak
 Was moving 15mph when a pop sound was heard. right side went down. was barely able to steer vehicle. took vehicle to firestone retailer & informed it was torsion bar that had snapped. *ak
 Torsion bar failed causing lower left side to pull to the guardrail, consumer was driving at the time and had heard a loud noise. *slc
 While driving at approximately 20 mph consumer heard a popping noise. apparently torsion bar completely snapped which caused vehicle to become lop sided. please provide further information. *ak
 Consumer got in vehicle and torsion bar on left side broke. dealer had no explanation, they repaired it. consumer was concerned that this problem could result in a serious injury or death. consumer changed his own oil & hoping this wasn't a problem.*ak
 The dealership is calling the torsion bar a wear and tear item therefore it is considered a warranty item and not a manufacturing defect. for my truck, which is used as a commuter vehicle, has the off-road package and has seen a non-paved road all of 5 times, i find it unacceptable that this item is not covered under some sort of warranty or recall. i have searched the nhtsa database and seen numerous (36) customer complaints on the same type of failure. i could understand the torsion bar failure (maybe) if the truck were used on a daily basis for construction purposes or if i exceeded the recommended uses of the vehicle, but i have not. the truck is at less than half its expected life and yet one of the main suspension components had failed. this bar replaced the coil springs on the past generation of trucks. have you never heard of coil springs snapping? i also find it rather troublesome that ford has recently been accused of turning the other way when problems arise with its vehicles. is this going to become another firestone recall scenario or will ford take responsibility for its engineering/manufacturing mistakes? im starting to wonder what built ford tough actually means.*ak
 Passenger side torsion bar failed and suspension dropped. fortunately vehicle was stopped. broke at rear mounting at tensioner point. ford replaced under warranty but refused to change driver side even though it exhibits significanct surface corrosion in the same area. from my search of nhtsa and other internet data and from ford employee comments this appears to be a repeat problem for this vehicle. i have electronic photos showing pitting and corrosion of driver side torsion bar that ford states is acceptable. i have noted that nhtsa opened an action #pe98-009 on this matter 13 feb-98 and closed it 30 june-98. i've also noted numerous complaint filings for f150 torsion bar failures with nhtsa and other internet data bases. this would seem a highly dangerous situation that could result in accident and fatalities if breaking at highway speed. i beleive this warrants a new investigation and issuance of corrective action requirements to ford. the fact that complaint files indicate frequent back orders for parts might indicate ford is doing a lot of replacements.
 Right front of vehicle dropped, right front torsion bar broke, remove old and install new torsion bar
 Defective torsion bar broke in parking lot. if vehicle was driven it could have caused a crash. *ak *ml
 Torsion bar snapped while merging onto interstate, dropping the front end. *ak
 While driving the right torsion bar broke at 14000 and the left torsion bar broke at 19400, both caused the front end to drop. nlm
 Front torsion bar broke while vehicle was sitting in garage overnight. dealer notified. *ak
 Complete failure of the torsion bar on the front left of vehicle. break is about six inches from the front of the bar. vehicle had been parked for in excess of three hours on level ground when failure occurred. have over 30 witnesses that can attest to when failure occurred. *ak
 Torsion bar broke in half causing temporary loss of control when vehicle collapsed onto the front suspension. *mjs
 Front torsion bar broke while driving which may have caused a loss of vehicle control. *ak *ml
 Front left torsion bar snapped in two, without warning, while driving on a smooth road. the truck pulled hard to the right, as the suspension collapsed. ford replaced only one torsion bar: i am afraid the other torsion bar will also break. *ak
 Front left side torsion bar broke while backing out of a driveway, causing suppension to drop onto the ground . the dealer has been contacted. *ak
 The torsion bar snapped causing the front end to fall. on the drive to the dealership could not exceed 30 mph because truck would begin to bounce and cause steering difficulty. i am employed with an automotive supplier and the engineers at work tell me that had i been driving when this happened, i would have more than likely rolled the truck. i drive a significant distance to and from work and most of this mileage is via the freeways. i have done some ressearch and find that many ford 1998 4x4 f150's have experienced this problem. the mechanic at the dealership has assured me that this should not happen again. sounds like a faulty part and yet no recall from ford. the second item is a crack in the sheet metal of the door. i discovered this last night after reading about the problem from many f150 owners on the internet. although i picked up my vehicle from the dealership only last night i will be returning once again today. this also seems to be a design flaw that is being ignored by ford. *ak
 While driving at 25 to 30 mph the front torsion bar broke, causing a lost of steering. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 The torsion bar is part of the suspension, and it broke while my truck was parked in my garage. i'm worried that if it broke while it was parked, it could break again while being driven. the ford dealership admitted to me that they had changed several other broken torsion bars, in fact when i called them to report the problem, they new right away what part had failed. the problem i have is they replaced the torsion bar with another exact same torsion bar. i have little confidence in this part or the dependability of my $30,000.00 truck.
 While driving front torsion bar broke almost resulting in collision due to loss of control. mjs
 While backing up out of driveway, right torsion bar broke in half, causing the right front end to drop down about one is aware of the problem. truck is being repaired. *ak
 Both torsion bars failed.
 Consumer put vehicle in reverse and heard a noise. vehicle began to roll forward into traffic, consumer learned that the rear driveshaft broke in april 98. also, in jan. 99, while consumer slowed down to make a turn, the left front torsion bar broke, the frame dropped, damaging the upper control. consumer will provide vin# when received. *ak
 Front torsion bar broke, causing the right side of the vehicle to fall onto the frame. cause unknown. please give any further details *ak
 While parked the torsion bar broke, cause unknown. please provide details. *ak
 Consumer was driving on road at 35 mph under normal road conditions, started to slow down and turn when he heard a loud sound. pulled over to the side, and noticed the vehicle tilted. looked under the vehicle and found the front torsion bar fractured. dealer notified. *ak *tt
 Driving along at 25 mph the front passenger's side torsion bar broke. it didn't cause any ssudden dip or impact. i have found out since that there has been three other 1998 ford f150 trucks with the same problem. one truck was serviced at pawling ford and the other two at pleasant vally ford, pleasant vally, ny. you begin to wonder if this be looked at closer and possibly a recall on these trucks(all the same make and model and year). my family & i are quite concerned about the replacement part, and should the other side be replaced. i was told that if i had been going at high rate of speed. this could have led to a serious spin and eventually an accident. also, this happened in watertown (300 miles away) where i was attending my uncles' funeral. the truck is still there awating the part. the truck is at watertown ford, watertown, ny (315-782-7200). i've been told by the dealer this should have never happened, especially to a truck this new. the ford dealer in watertown has been very cooperative. *ak
 Consumer parked vehicle and noticed front end was down . backed truck up. took it to repair shop, and was told not to drive. vehicle was towed to ford dealership. dealer said problem was common, and they would replace the torsion bar. but part was on back order. once the part was received, it was replaced on driver's side. consumer requested that passenger's side torsion bar should also be replaced. *ak
 Front torsion bar broke while driving at 30 mph, causing the passenger side to drop lower than normal height. *ak
 Front torsion bar broke, causing the suspension to fall, resulting in loss of control. *ak
 While driving 60 mph the front torsion bar broke in half, causing the front end of the vehicle to drop. the bar travelled approximately 30 yards before stopping. the second bar broke while vehicle was sitting in dealers garage while waiting over two weeks for parts. *ak
 Front torsion bar broke, causing the front cab on driver side to fall which could result in accident. part is on back order. *ak
 Front torsion bar broke , causing the front end to drop to the frame of the vehicle. please give any further details. *ak
 The driver side front torsion bar broke while driving, causing the front end to fall, and almost caused an accident. dealer stated there is a national back order on the torsion bar. please provide further information. *ak
 While driving front end of the vehicle just dropped because the torsion bar broke in half. the bar needs to be replaced due to the cold weather. *ak
 Front end stabilizer broke causing vehicle instability.
 Tl - the contact owns a 1998 ford windstar. the contact stated that he was concern that his vehicle was not safe since rear axle could brake as a result of the salt treatments used in the city he resides. the manufacturer was contacted who stated that the vehicle was not included on recall nhtsa campaign id number: 10v385000 (component: suspension:rear:axle:non-powered axle assembly). the current mileage was 164,951. pm
 1998 ford f-150 muffler bolts sheared off on both sides. consumer states that the muffler bolts came off of the engine sides. *nj the consumer stated the transmission was replaced at 90,866 miles, and the rear wheel bearing was replaced. *jb
 The bar failed within two days of each other-we had the front right fixed then later that day after getting the right fixed. the left side went out. it went out with no warning and we discovered ice in the bar. if we were driving faster i would of lost control of the vehicle. especially in the climate that we live in-snow, ice are apart of our day. we have read this is a problem happening to most trucks. we would love to see a recall so no one gets hurt or is inconvience like we were-total days without truck 5. *ak
 Rear end jumps out of control when driving over bumpy surfaces.
 Rear pulls on occasion.
 While driving at 25 mph and when making a left turn consumer heard a loud popping sound. then, left side of the vehicle dropped down. vehicle was towed to consumer's home. the tow truck driver explained that the upper ball joints were worn out, and the axle broke.*ak
 Vehicle description: light duty 4-wheel drive pickup trucks. if the vehicle is overloaded, the rear leaf springs can be overstressed. a fatigue fracture of the spring can occur. the center leaf of the spring can fracture at the forward edge of the spring seat and, in some cases, contact the fuel tank. consumer has the same problem.*ak
 The consumer stated that while she was driving the rear end of the vehicle burst into flames. there was no prior warning that something was wrong. a gentleman followed her and told her that there were flames shooting out of the back of her vehicle. the consumer indicated that the vehicle drove perfectly, with no sign of trouble. the fire dept was called and the fire was put out. the consumer was taking her husband, who is confined to a wheelchair, on an errand. she believes if it were not for the kind gentleman who helped her, that her husband could have burned to death. *nm
 I was lucky it was parked. this could be very dangerous on the freeway.ihave heard that this has happend to other people.i feel that this truck has very unsafe springs and torsion bars that could break at any time.which could cause loss of control.
 1st complaint - a leaf spring in the leaf spring assembly was found to be broken by my mechanic during routine maintenance, no further damage found; leaf spring was replaced w/ factory replacement 2nd complaint - lugs/nuts/bolts loosened up while driving, wheel came off, rotor landed on inside of wheel rim, ruined wheel and rotor, both replaced along w/ lugs/nuts/bolts w/ factory replacement. *jb
 Consumer heard noise from back end of vehicle. dealer determined that rear leaf springs were broken and had to be replaced. in march of 2002,rear leaf springs broke again.*ak
 While driving 30 mph rear leaf spring broke. dealer notified. feel free to provide any further information.*ak
 Rear leaf spring snapped under normal use, frame came down on the axle due to failure. mjs
 Leaf springs became misaligned without any heavy duty towing or off roading. recall said they could fail under heavy work. before recall clip was installed, the springs became misaligned. took to dealer, installed clip and said found no problem with springs. left them in misaligned position. *ak
 Lower rear leaf spring moving out of postion. this was a recall on fords 4 wheel drive pickup but not on the standard 2 wheel drive. the spring was fixed the first time buy it being knocked back in place with a hammer. i have yet had it fixed a secound time. the first time the spring moved out of place about 3
 Recall repair work on the rear leaf springs can not be completed due to lack of parts.
 Leaf spring not stable and moving out of alignment and needs replacement.
 Consumer heard noise coming from transmission when shifting gear. also, one of the rear springs had moved from original position, vehicle has leaf springs. *ak
 Rear leaf spring: on the f-150, extend cab, long bed, the left rear leaf spring is over-loaded because the fuel tank ( and the driver ) are on the left side of the vehicle. this causes the vehicle to lean and become unstable. when carring a load, the majority of the weight shifts to the left side and this causes the vehicle to be more unstable. the dealer replaced the spring once but the problem still exist. / left power window: the window sticks all the time. the only time it works properly is when it rains and the track gets wet.*ak
 Received recall notice in mail (98v161000) & called dealership. was informed that no parts were available for the rear leaf springs. would notify owner when they are available. *ak
 Received recall notice (98v161000) & notified the dealer. was informed no parts available to repair the rear leaf springs. *ak