Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 8 aug 2010 11:25am; passenger front firestone steeltex a/t lt265/75r16d on 02 f250 fx4 lariat super duty crew cab; tread separated caused f250 on missouri e.b. i-44 102.6 mile marker to go into ditch hitting 3 rock outcroppings totaling truck. wife hit windshield had c/t scan at e/r cox south hospital in springfield, mo. due to brain swelling + other injuries. driver: roger suffered soft tissue injuries. 13-month rj minor injuries. mo. hwy patrol report #:08081000600 describes accident. numerous photos & follow-up adjuster's assesment rated almost new +90% tread at 18/32nds. vehicle currently at (lien holder's insurance company's control - usaa), insurance impound in springfield at 1155 n eldon (417) 863-8976. f250 purchased at kb motors in houston, tx. on 23 july 2010 2-wks eariler. vehicle was located 1st on and then on e-bay motors as well as on kb motors web site claiming front tires +90% tread. at point of obtaining truck, had personnel check & fill tires according to the tires' specs.
 Firestone steel tex tires on 2002 ford truck load range e that separated at 18,000 miles all 4 of them whick almost made the truck crash. *ak
 2002 f250 from returned for service the two front tires was damaged by someone in the service department when i went to tell the service manager my problem he remarked we did not do that and would not talk to me about it. i will never take any vehicle back to them for any reason. nor will i buy another ford. this is not a complaint about ford but about the service department at j.c. lewis ford. *nlm
 While driving west on i-80 in california, my front driver side tire had separated from the wall. this condition sent me into the shoulder of the freeway; i was able to keep my vehicle from going off the highway down the cliff.*ak
 Tire blow out. *ak
 Dt: while driving the spare tire fell off ontohe highway because the cable that held the spare tire to the bed of the truck broke. *ak
 The cable holding the spare tire under the vehicle broke. this caused the spare tire to seperate from the vehicle and fall to the road. there was no one behind the vehicle at the time so an accident did not occur.*ak
 Ford f-250 pickup equipped with fireston steeltex radial lt265/75r16 lr e tires, towing 30ft travel trailer at 60mph, heard loud noise and thumping sound from right rear passenger side. while decreasing speed to pull over, the driver's side rear tire also failed causing total loss of control resulting in both trailer and truck spinning 180 degrees on freeway which caused the trailer to overturn, both coming to rest in the dirt highway median. note: tires/vehicle were inspected by the dealership 3 weeks prior to the accident and tire pressure was checked the morning of the accident.
 I-5 california 100 temp. 2002 ford super duty truck, camper, trailer 60-65 mph rear left tire tread came away from tire core no air loss. no accident firestone steeltex a/t 265/75r/16 change on side of road. tire mileage 37,000. body damage to rear of truck at fender well. i am now talking (filing claim) with firestone on covering truck damage and replacement of tire. will keep tire until all is resolved. *jb
 Firestone tire failure, tire flew apart like a recap, and separated from the steel belt causeng twenty eight hundred dollars in damage to my 2002 ford f250 crew cab lariet. the tire had lots of tread left on it, it was about half worn? the tire did not go flat, but the tread seperated and slaped around as i was trying to come to a stop and damage in driver side fender/hood/and runing board. i feel these tire are very dangerous and i am removing them from my truck, two of the back tires on my truck are new and i do not feel safe with them so i will be taking them off.*ak
 While driving southbound on i-25 in ft. collins, my left front tire blew out, at freeway speeds, for no reason. i did not hit anything or go off-roading at all. i own a 2002 ford f250 powerstroke, short bed crew cab 4x4. the tire was a firestone steeltex. the tire was blown into three pieces: left, right and a complete circular section od tread. my brakes were torn apart, as well as my surrounding plastic trim pieces. my daughter and myself were very scared, but happy that nothing worse happened. firestone tires were responsible for the mishap. they need to be re-called and their tire manufacturing facilities need to be investigated. thank you. *ak
 While driving down highway the left rear goodyear wrangler at/s lt315/70r16 tread separated from the tire launching my 2002 ford f250 superduty truck across two lanes of traffic and causing considerable damage to my truck. the left side of the bed was totally destoyed and the left rear door was damaged along with the tailgate and fender. the tires were rotated and balanced not five weeks prior to incident. *ak
 I have a 2002 ford f250 crew cab pickup with firestone steeltex 265/75/r16 tires. the tread is separating from all four tires. one tire is close to failure and will have to be replaced asap. the truck only has 22,000 miles on it. *la
 While driving north on i-270 in maryland, my rear passenger tire blew out. the tread had separated from the tire wall. other three tires are showing cracking on the walls. *jb