Consumer Complaints

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 My 2004 ford f250 superduty truck ran very rough and stalled in my front yard; and would not crank again. on october 5 2009, i had purchased it pre-owned from dealer, william mizell ford, on conditions and that they agreed to provide a carfax report. well , they hesitated and two months later, after the truck had stalled, i was told too bad it was sold as is. *tr
 2004 ford f250 diesel truck does not have power to accelerate in the mornings. i can not pull out into traffic with any confidence that you will not be hit. the truck has been taken several times to ford dealerships and they say that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. the vehicle has many other problems but if the computer can't find them, they do not exist and they will not fix it. i.e. turbo being blown, fuel mileage becoming less and less etc. *jb