BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
04211311/01/200410013384Stall after cold start in extreme low ambient temperature. *eh04/18/2005
1842502/01/200510012962No crank on start charging system warning indicator on driveability concerns and or malfunction indicator lamp on. *eh04/05/2005
036703/31/200310001858Malfunction indicator lamp illuminated with diagnostic trouble codes p1381/p0011 and/or p1383/p0012 stored in memory. *tt *jb07/23/2003
1628710/01/200210013070Discoloration of the yellow-colored, extended-life, factory-fill coolant. *tt04/07/2005
1712609/01/200310004047Malfunction indicator lamp illuminated with diagnostic trouble code p1285 and/or p1299 (cylinder head over temperature), an engine coolant temperature gauge registering hot, or air conditioning inoperative. *tt11/17/2003
1687806/01/200310002596Coolant leak from a cracked coolant degas bottle. engineering is investigating. *tt09/08/2003
0616610021051Possible engine damage - install special service tools prior to removing crankshaft pulley bolt. *kb02/27/2007
0611601/01/200610020173Possible engine damage - install special service tools prior to removing crankshaft pulley bolt - service tip. *tt08/03/2006
1902601/01/200610019081Mirfire diagnostic trouble codes p0316, p0300, p0301, p0302, p0303, or p0304 - service tip. *tt02/10/2006
04241012/13/200410014082Engine vibration at idle. *tt04/28/2005
03140408/23/20040416110011162Engine misfire or running - coil on plug (cop) ignition systems - wds cop kit diagnostic tips. to include various 2005 models. * ar this article 04161 supersedes tsb 03-14-04.01/06/2005
1777805/01/200410008553Loss of power, hesitation and/or misfire after cold start. *tt08/04/2004
1640811/01/200210008338Spi engine - oil leak - contract request. *mj07/28/2004
1753602/01/200410008108Belt squeal. *mj07/22/2004
1759303/01/200410007390Malfunction indicator lamp on with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p2195 and/or stall at idle after a cold start. *tt06/17/2004
1750501/01/200410007338Runs rough and/or malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on condition with diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) p402 and/or p0403 (egr flow excessive detected/egr control circuit) in wet weather or in a car wash. *tt06/14/2004
0320910/13/200310004892Diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0068, intermittent crank no start, and hesitation/surge at 120 km/h (75 mph). *tt01/14/2004
1688106/01/200310002599Check engine light on and diagnostic trouble code p0460 (fuel level sensor circuit malfunction) - service tips. *tt09/08/2003
1671803/01/2003100019552.0l zetec engine may exhibit a rolling / rough idle shortly after a cold start. *tt *jb07/29/2003
1901601/01/200610019076Replace timing belt idler pulley during 2.0l zetec engine cylinder head replacement - service tip. *tt02/10/2006
062701/01/200610019375Manifold or catalytic converter heat shields loose/missing. *tt03/13/2006

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 This vehicle with 110k miles turns out the valve seat of cylinder #4 broke off inside the engine and irreparably damaged the piston, cylinder and cylinder head of which the only way to fix this is with a replacement engine. this option is more than what the car is valued. on further research of both my mechanic and i as we searched the web, it appears that this happens more frequently than it should. it seems that ford should put a recall to fix these valve seats before anymore people will have to unnecessarily spend thousands to repair the engine or lose thousands of dollars on a undrivable junk car, such as myself. could you please investigate this matter further and let me know if this is indeed an inherent problem that needs to be corrected. thank you, ray keijner
 Tl* the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. the contact stated the oil dip stick fractured when attempting to check the oil level. an authorized dealer stated the defect was a common problem with that model year vehicle. the dip stick was not replaced. the manufacturer was notified of the failure. the approximate failure mileage was 85,000.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. the contact stated the oil dip stick fractured when attempting to check the oil level. an authorized dealer stated the defect was a common problem with that model year vehicle. the dip stick was not replaced. the manufacturer was notified of the failure. the approximate failure mileage was 85,000. rvk
 Tl-the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. the contact stated the engine oil dip stick fractured when attempting to check the oil level. the authorized dealer informed the defect was a common problem with this model year vehicle. the dip stick had not been replaced. the manufacturer was notified of the problem. the approximate failure mileage was 85,000. js
 Tl* the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. while driving approximately 40 mph, the engine stalled without prior warning. the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic where they informed the contact that the timing belt fractured and resulted in complete engine failure. the technician stated that the engine would need to be replaced. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 120,000. the vin was unavailable.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. while driving approximately 40 mph, the engine stalled without prior warning. the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic where they informed that the timing belt broke and resulted to complete engine failure. the technician stated that the engine would need to be replaced. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was 120,000. the vin was unavailable. js
 Coolant leak and engine overheating. fortunately noticed it before the engine seized. stopped vehicle and topped up with fluid to just make it back to home. diagnosis indicated that none of the hoses were defective. performed an internet search for the problem. many people have documented this problem on the internet - its a leak form the thermostat housing. defective part ! *tr
 2003 ford focus, early morning squeaking, mid day, vibrating, late afternoon, car starts to shake excessively and as i drive into my driveway a really loud banging noise comes from the front of the car, so loud it scared me, i turned the car off and open the hood of the car and notice that the metal mounts that hold the engine broke in half and a piece was still on the motor. my engine was hanging from the left side, you could see it from the bottom of the vehicle. my insurance company comes out to check the damages and said in his 22 years of viewing vehicles for claims he's never seen anything like this. my mileage is 59,528, i'm still paying for this car, until 2012. this should not have happened to a six year old car with this little mileage. i called ford to check if there was a recall on this situation. i was told no. i went on the internet to search for complaints regarding 2003 ford focus, found many complaints of many things wrong with this vehicle and several regarding the vibrating of the front of the vehicle relating to motor mount problems. i had the vehicle towed to a repair shop and was told that this incident created a problem with the axel as well. this is going to cost me a lot of money. waiting for an estimate of repairs on 5/9/09. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. the contact stated that the vehicle was difficult to start in the mornings and it would idle extremely roughly. she took the vehicle to the dealer, but they could not duplicate the failure and remedy the issue. in addition, the motor mounts had to be replaced and the air conditioner would not blow cold air. the contact is in the process of determining the cause of the failures. the failure mileage was 10 and current mileage was 85,000.
 After placing the down payment of $1500 and completing the paperwork. not even a week later the car began to stall on the freeway and eventually stopped on me in the middle of rush hour traffic. the car was able to restart and i drove it to freeway ford here in houston, tx. each time they couldn't find what the problem was. i hadn't enjoyed the car over a month because the car was given me problems when i had it and it stayed at the dealership. i spoke to the service manager and the dealership assistant manager and neither had an answer. *tr
 I had a crack in the coolant reservoir that i took to get repaired. i drove my car there, turned the car off while waiting for the customer in front of me to pull up. i turned the car back on and pulled it up to where the serviceman was waiting. i turned the car off. i gave them my information. the serviceman then took my car, started it, and drove it into the service bay. they did the work on the car and then without warning the ignition would not turn over. they tried and tried. it wouldn't turn. i had absolutely no warning or anything that there was a problem. i went to the ford dealer and asked them how this happens, if it happened over time, or what. the guy told me that it could happen at any time and then it would cost $400 to get repaired. just out of the blue without warning he said that the ignition could go out! i took the car to another mechanic and he only had to repair the ignition switch at virtually half the price using ford dealer parts! it doesn't make any sense that something as vital as the ignition can just stop at any time! *tr
 Vehicle caught on fire on april 12th, 2008. 2-3 hs after being parked on the street the vehicle was on fire. the cause has not been determined yet, but according to the fire investigation unit the fire apparently started near the console area. *tr
 Piston in transmission deteriorated causing shift solenoid and value body to go bad at 71,000 miles, front drivers seat belt will not unbuckle, rear seat belts will periodically not buckle, now blowing massive amounts of smoke, rims are seized when trying to change tires, no matter if it was just taken off 5 minutes previously to takeoff; ignition seized and ending up having to rebuild steering column. *jb
 2003 ford focus ignition key would not turn. vehicle also shows sign of stalling. *ts ***no answer required*** *jb
 I was sitting in driver's side of 2003 ford focue, car was turned on and parked. car shut off by itself and i then smelled smoke. i opened hood and there was a fire on rear-side of engine - no sign of any oil spillage..
 While driving, the engine stalled intermittently. the consumer managed to restart the vehicle. please provide more information. *jb
 Vehicle idles roughly. engine skips , and the front end shakes.*ak
 While driving at 60 mph the consumer heard a loud grinding sound coming from beneath the vehicle. the dealer examined the vehicle and replaced the wheel bracket and bearing on the right front side of the vehicle. now the problem is occurring again on the exact same side of the vehicle. also when the vehicle is at a stop sign the engine will rev up severely, even when the consumer's foot is on the brakes. *nm
 Consumer noticed that after shifting vehicle into reverse and without warning, the engine stalled. dealership wasn't able to duplicate problem. please provide further information. *la
 Consumer noticed after depressing the gas pedal to merge on to freeway vehicle started hesitating and shifted into full throttle. please provide further information. *la
 . the national highway traffic safety administration. on october 31 of 2003, i purchased ford focus se, brand new.. for five month i own this vehicle, i was in the shop for all kind different problems 9 times. it was: constant very strong vibration while driving at any speed, constant grounding noise comes from engine site and transformed to an ultrasound noise at hire speed, the squealing has intensified and sounds horrible! transmission locked up while i drove on the highway at 70 mph, had to use tow track.( dealer sad they cannot duplicate the problem) ,but transmission still locks and jerking constantly, squeal noise from breaks, (dealer replaced front pads and resurface drum, but refused to repair rear breaks and noise and pulsation is still there., dealer found defective rims, defective tires, throttle problems, brakes problems. problems with my car intensified. i got my cruse control accelerated by it self in the middle of a highway, transmission locks up and jerking intermittently, brakes squealing and pulsate the ford dealer sales and service people said that i should not return for service and waist any bodys time, he said that what i hear and fill in my ford focus is normal. ford warranty is not worth a paper it is written on. so, ford wont fix my car and i cannot do it other wise. as a result of strong vibration and squealing noise i am loosing balance, have severe headache, all body eking, i have pain in booth of my arms, and i have difficulty to walk and my right leg become num. i have to use walking cane and knee and ankle support. i scared to even drive it anymore. i am pleading to you, to help .me to get a full refund from ford motor company for its defective product, plus a compensation for all expenses incurred as a result of this ordeal.
 While driving 5 mph vehicle stalled. consumer was able to restart the vehicle. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
 While driving the vehicle stalled. the vehicle was taken to a mechanic. please provide any additional information. *nm
 2003 ford focus svt. (850 miles) car has a high speed surge and a bad miss off the line. no matter how much you play with the clutch pedal and the gas the car always falls on its face then picks back up.(realy bad when its cold) its been at the dealership 3 times. the 1st time they said it was a pinched fuel line and the gas tank had to be droped. 2nd time was the same a pinched fuel line. and now the 3rd time their telling me that im not the only one with the problem and just wait till ford figures it out. im pretty sure it had nothing to do with the fuel line.(who know how long i will have to deal with ford on this matter). *ak
 I have a 2003 ford focus and the thermostat housing unit is cracked. when it cracked, and started to leak, it caused a lot of smoke, and when it started to leak, due to the temperature of the coolant inside, it burned through other hoses attached and almost started a fire. the part is made out of plastic (should be made of some type of metal such as aluminum due to the high temperatures involved consistently), and 4 certified auto technicians that i talked to said that they replace dozens of them on ford focus's every year. they say that it is a known problem with ford's various focus years, and should have been recalled a long time ago. even the ford dealership said the following yeah, ford knows it's a problem; that's why we always keep that particular part in stock. literally, there are tens-of-thousands of online complaints regarding this part, and how it has caused serious harm and damage. the problem starts by some coolant leaking slowly, and within a week (even after continuously adding coolant), the leak becomes larger and larger, causing the damage listed above, and causing the heater to not work. why is this a very well-known problem to ford; a problem that can cause serious safety issues, yet they do nothing for the tens-of-thousands of people that have encountered this problem? the part is $75 from ford and then you have to pay labor too, which is about $150-$200. the ford replacement part# for the defective part is rh157. i have the old part available for inspection if needed.
 I have replaced the transmission, the water pump, the thermostat, and all radiator hoses. the car overheats daily still. the stereo cuts on and off and can't be turned off by the power button. the rear left seatbelt is stuck where it can't be used. the driver window fell into the door, when the panel was removed it showed that the whole wire system had snapped. the driver door also can only be opened from the inside. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. after driving the vehicle between 10-30 minutes, the vehicle will not restart after it has been turned off. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer and they replaced the entire coolant system. two weeks later, the failure recurred three different times. he took the vehicle back to the same dealer and they stated that due to the mileage, the contact would have to pay for the same repair again. the vehicle has not been repaired again. the failure mileage was 72,000 and current mileage was 73,371.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. while being parked and starting the vehicle on it will not move when reversing and it will turn off. she then tried to turn it on after 25 minutes and drove to get a new battery and it worked fine . after a couples of days it stalled again noticing that it was not a battery problem . the dealer has not been contacted. the vehicle has not been diagnosed or repaired. the failure mileage was 81000 and current mileage was 82007.cv
 I was seating in a tacobell drivethru, when all of the sudden my engine had a catastrophic engine failure. *tr
 No events led to this ignition will not turn - happens each time i attempt to start the car - at times it will turn with enough jiggling - has left me stranded with no ride taking it to dealership for replacement, but this is a known ford focus problem. *tr
 I currently drive a 2003 ford focus hatchback 2.3l. after the engine is turned off the ignition and steering wheel lock completely. when attempting to turn on the vehicle, my car key will not turn and the wheel remains locked, in turn the vehicle becomes completely unusable. i call to ford road side assistant prompted me to quickly move the steering wheel left and right while turning the ignition forwards and backwards. i had been able to turn on the car up to 5 times using this system although once at the mechanic the car will no longer turn on, the mechanic must now drill a hole inside the steering wheel causing property damage. this started on my vehicle on sunday june 29th. this is a major safety concern as a car that does not allow the motorist to turn on the ignition can lead to possible crashes if the car becomes stalled in a highway etc. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. the contact stated that she heard a noise coming from the dashboard and the steering wheel would shake while the vehicle idled. the vehicle was inspected on four occasions by four different mechanics and they stated that the motor mounts caused the failure. as of january 3, 2008, the mechanic had not repaired the vehicle. the failure mileage was 50,000 and current mileage was 54,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 ford focus zx3. while driving 5 mph on 04/17/2007 a rainy day the driver hit a puddle and water was trapped inside the sport intake system which caused the engine to fail. the owners 60 day warranty has not expired. however, the dealer stated he would have to pay $6,000 to repair the engine. the current and failure mileage were 34760. *ak
 Tl* - the contact owns a 2001 ford focus. while driving a 65 mph the vehicle lost power. the contact was able to safely pull the vehicle over. the vehicle would not restart for an hour. the vehicle had lost power four times. there was a warning light, but the contact was not able to remember which one. the failure mileage was 159,000. the contact had not taken the vehicle to dealer to be diagnosed. *ak
 Dt*: the contact stated while stopped at a red light both frontal airbags deployed without warning causing the vehicle to rear end the vehicle in front. a police report was filed at the scene and seat belts were in use; no injuries were sustained. the vehicle was towed to an independent repair shop. the mechanic was unable to duplicate the problem. the dealership was alerted. on a separate occasion, the hatch back failed to close, vehicle failed to start, the interior lighting failed and the motor made a knocking sound. this occurred intermittently. the manufacturer was alerted.
 Engine compartment fire started behind battery and burned down the car. *nm
 For the past 3 months i have had a problem with the engine of my 2003 ford focus zts stalling and sometimes cutting off completely. this happens under normal driving conditions and happens infrequently. it is very dangerous because the car can shut off while attempting to pull out across traffic or while in fast-moving traffic lanes. i have taken the car to my local ford dealer where they have experienced the problem first-hand but been unable to fix it. it has been there a total of 4 times, and this one with be the fifth. every time they have seemed to isolate the problem but it always seems to resurface within 48 hours. so far, the dealer has replaced: oxygen sensor, fuel pump, fuel modulator, and a transmission sensor. jiffy lube has also replaced the fuel filter. although none of these parts have been covered by my extended warranty, the dealer has been kind enough to compensate me for approximately the last three repairs from them. the car is still not fixed and i plan to take it back today. i am very frustrated because this is a car with 40,000 miles on it and rated very good by consumer reports. i have also checked several online forums and people are having the same problems but no one seems to know how to fix it. i feel like i have purchased a lemon, but the nc law does not apply since i bought it in virginia. the virginia lemon law does not help either because it applies if the vehicle was serviced at the dealer it was originally purchased. i also feel like this vehicle should be part of a recall but ford has failed to acknowledge the problem (there was a recall on 2001 models for the same issue). any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. *jb
 The car hesitates while at speeds above 40 mph. appears to shut down and restart. the car has been back to dealer on several occasions and not repaired. *nm
 Dt: the consumer had problems with the vehicle since purchase. the vehicle caught on fire on september 16, 2005. the motor was off, and it burst into flames. the fire department came and they said it look like it started from the wiring harness. the vehicle stalled before it caught on fire. was having the same problem two weeks before, and took it to dealer. they replaced some ignition items. also, was having latches, brakes, and engine problems. *ak
 Three transmission failures and replacements. the engine, starter/ignition and 1 gear shift all replacements and other various problems. *bf four cd player replacements, the brakes failed, and 1 alarm failure. *sc the engine was also replaced. *jb
 Car intermittently stalls while driving. so far, all incidents have been at a low rate of speed and while brake was being used. have brought to dealership service twice for this problem (has been in for repairs 4 times since purchase in november 2003). the first time, technician was able to duplicate problem. battery, battery cables, alternator and control module were all replaced. engine stalled twice in one day a few weeks after this repair. second service visit, technician was not able to duplicate problem, so car was returned to me. now i'm just waiting and wondering what is going to happen to me the next time the car stalls, since i lose 90% of my power steering and brakes when it happens. i feel like a should put a giant sign on the back of my car, warning drivers to keep their distance as this car can suddenly stall at any time. *ak
 2003 ford focus zx3 pzev engine stalls intermittently without warning while driving. all the instruments on the dash (speedometer, odometer, tachometer, oil pressure, etc.) become inoperative. must bring the car to a stop, put it in park, and turn the key to the off position before car can be restarted. problem began with less than 500 miles on the car. in the three months i've owned the car it has stalled at least 20 times. have had it to two different ford service centers a combined total of five times and no one has been able to diagnose or repair the vehicle. the car is still at the dealership while they wait for a special ford technician to come and try and determine what is wrong. *ak
 Engine cuts out while driving for no apparent reasons and with no warning. *ak
 Problems with water in vehicle's engine.*mr consumer drove over a puddle and vehicle was splashed on by another vehicle in the opposite lane. approx. 50 feet from a traffic light, the vehicle cut off and failed to restart. the vehicle was towed to the dealership where the vehicle was purchased. the next morning someone from the service dept. stated the engine was flooded and needed to be replaced at $5000. this wasn't covered by the warranty. the dealer wouldn't offer a rental vehicle so the consumer felt he had no choice but to have the work done. an independent court certified auto expert stated in his opinion there was a design defect. the vehicle was incapable of being driven through puddles due to low air intake. *ph *jb the consumer requested reimbursement. *sc
 While traveling at highway speed vehicle shut down. vehicle was towed to ford. *ak
 While driving at 35 mph and with no warning vehicle caught on fire, heavy black smoke and flames came from under the hood. the dealer was notified. *ak no warning light illuminated to indicate there was any kind of problem. *nlm
 My 2000 ford focus with 70080 miles suffered engine failue while at highway speed. the engine will not remain running unless the accellerator pedal is held off of idle. the engine will not crank and stay at idle without operator intervention. *ak the unit has been removed from service pending repair. there is a rumbling sound from the right front of the vehicle and the steering wheel shakes (+-0.5 at 3 hertz) when at 55mph and above.
 While traveling on the highway and without prior warning check engine light appeared on the dashboard. *ak
 While traveling on the highway and without prior warning vehicle shut down. *ak
 Vehicle repeatedly stalls or runs coarse when cold. vehicle misses repeatedly. this has now occured 7 times in two weeks.*ak
 The vehicle stalled, which caused consumer to lose slight control of the vehicle.*jb
 Purchased 2003 ford focus in september, 2003. there was not even 3,000 miles on this car. my husband drove it 2 blocks to the store on saturday, february 7, 2004, went into the store to get one item and only in the store 5 minutes, came out and my car was on fire under the hood of the car.*ak
 2003 ford focus car has (2) different type spark plugs installed at factory causing car not to run normal. ford motor co. does not have a answer for problem. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2003 ford focus. the contact stated that the engine made a very loud noise when she started the vehicle. a mechanic stated that the exhaust pipe separated, but the vehicle could still be driven. the contact stated that there was no difference in the vehicle, other than it sounding like a harley davidson motorcycle. the repair would cost approximately $900. the vin and purchase date was unknown. the current mileage was 80,000 and failure mileage was 40,000.
 Dt*: the contact stated when the vehicle was accelerated to 35 mph; the egr tube came loose from the manifold for the second time, made a loud noise, and allowed escaping exhaust fumes to enter the passenger compartment. the service dealer and the manufacturer were notified. updated 01/30/07. *jb
 Vehicle had fumes coming in. it smelled as if something was burning. dealer checked the vehicle and could not find any defects.*ak consumer stated while driving still smell burning inside, it is pretty scary and wish something would be done about it. *bp
 My purpose in submitting this letter is to notify the nhtsa that there is an emission problem with my vehicle. there is a problem with my 2003 ford focus ztw vehicle. emissions from the engine area are getting into the passenger area. these emissions are causing me respiratory problems. i have problems breathing. to minimize the affects i have to drive with my moon roof and windows open. i have had the exhaust system checked by a national firm and the mechanic said the system was okay. there were no leaks. i have brought my car to my local ford dealer three times and their mechanics could not find the problem. something is wrong with this vehicle. *jb
 Dt: caller's vehicle had a defective egr tube. the welding came off, and the fumes got into the vehicle. dealer said it was not covered by the warranty. caller will have to pay for its replacement. manufacturer has not been contacted yet. *ak updated 1/16/2007 - *nm
 While driving home from a doctor's appointment my 2003 ford focus stalled and would not restart. after 3 tries the car finally restarted and i drove it to the dealership to have it repaired. they said the mass air flow system was bad and would have to be replaced. the car only has 1500 miles on it and is less than 2 months old. *jb
 Several parts failures, including alternator, brakes, muffler,transmission, and ignition lock cylinder