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AS-2176903/01/201110039053Ford: if there is an intermittent lack of power, surge, or hesitation while driving the brakes will override acceleration. *rm07/06/2011

Consumer Complaints

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 I was driving my 2011 ford fusion sel on 880s in san jose, ca, when there was a sudden slow down in traffic due to an exit ramp backup. i aggressively applied the brakes to avoid hitting the stopped vehicles in my lane and the brake pedal went completely to floor with very little stopping power. it was only by quickly moving into the lane to the left of the vehicle that i prevented a collision with the stopped car in front of me. this is the first occurrence of such an issue since i purchased the vehicle 3 1/2 months ago.
 On september 15, 2011 i was driving my 5 month old 2011 ford fusion hybrid with 5700 miles on it when a brake warning light came on and a warning tone sounded in my vehicle. i pulled over and stopped the vehicle. i called walker ford in clearwater and they said it probably was only a defective rear brake light and bring it in when you have time. i restarted my vehicle and the warning light and tone were gone. i continued driving home and when i was almost home, the brake warning light came on again and so did the warning tone. but this time i noticed my estimated miles per gallon on the onboard computer system was going up and down and the vehicle no longer went into the electric hybrid mode. i called walker ford and told them i was going to bring the vehicle in on the morning of september 16th. i brought it in and all day long they troubleshot it and walker ford could not figure out what was wrong with it. they put a call into the ford technician hotline to find out what was wrong with the vehicle. at the end of the day they did not hear back from the hotline and i needed a vehicle to get home. walker ford wanted to give my vehicle back to me to drive home and use over the weekend. i refused saying that the manual said to bring the vehicle in for service for the brake warning light and the electric/hybrid system not working. nothing in the manual said to continue driving the vehicle. so walker ford finally gave me a loaner to drive. monday september 19th they got an answer from the hotline and it said a vacuum hose/assembly was bad and they put one on order. the next day the part was not delivered but a notice that the part was not available but back ordered and it would become available sometime around october 14th. i contacted ford customer service and made a complaint case # 1430472631.
 Brake system cannot overpower engine. the braking system is weak. from a dead stop applying full force on brake pedal, then applying accelerator, the car accelerates to over 15mph. if the car is moving and both brake and accelerator are depressed car accelerates rapidly. brakes are cold during this test.
 Ever since i got the car (new) i noticed that even when the brake is fully depressed to the floor while driving on a smooth surface, not enough friction was being applied to rotors to cause the abs system to engage. there should be enough friction to lock the wheels forcing the abs to pump. the only time i can get the abs to engage is on uneven roads, and on snow and ice where the tires have less traction. emergency stops are downright scary. it feels as tough im applying only 90% pressure when in fact im flooring the pedal. this occurs when pads are cold, warm or hot. i took it to the dealer. the tech drove it with me and agreed that it doesn