BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
04160111/14/20050522810018745Wds cop kit diagnostic tip - coil on plug (cop) ignition systems - engine misfire or rough running. *tt01/12/2006
1861405/01/200510017916Surge, idle roll, rough idle only when the engine cooling fans are operating. *tt12/07/2005
0111606/11/2001622646Some vehicles may exhibit cooling system conditions such contaminated / corroded coolant; leaking / discolored coolant overflow bottles; vibration from engine; leaking heater core; coolant overflow; high temperature gauge readings, etc.10/22/2001
985303/16/1998601293Cooling system concerns such as: stuck thermostat; vibration or thumping from engine'; leaking radiator or heater core; coolant smell; ... ;lack of heat. *tt07/20/1998
98311302/23/1998607409Some vehicles may exhibit an overheat conditon and / or a thermostat stuck-closed. *tt09/22/1999
03140408/23/20040416110011162Engine misfire or running - coil on plug (cop) ignition systems - wds cop kit diagnostic tips. to include various 2005 models. * ar this article 04161 supersedes tsb 03-14-04.01/06/2005
0222111/11/200210008304Engine-gear driven synchronizers-incorrect installation-camshaft position synchronizer (cmp) installation tool correct application. *mj07/27/2004
0314107/21/200310003741In vehicle loctite service procedure for camshaft tube and gear. *tt10/29/2003
87019710/22/200210000592Incorrectly installed gear driven camshaft position (cmp) sensor synchronizer assemblies causing surge, lost of power, malfunction indicator lamp on and diagnostic trouble codes p1336, p1309 and p0340. *tt03/25/2003
1587905/01/2002637741Some sho vehicles may exhibit a ticking noise originating from the valve cover area. *tt12/04/2002
0112406/25/2001622665On some vehicles, engine oil may continue to leak from the engine oil pan gasket area after an engine oil pan gasket repair has been performed. *tt10/22/2001
1435501/01/2000620504Exhibiting an oil leak from the engine oil pan. *tt08/13/2001
1435509/01/2000618630Information pertaining to duratec oil pan investigation. *jb04/18/2001
1310108/01/19996091905Subject regarding the sbds relative cam timing test. *tt11/16/2000
1318009/01/19996090538Information regarding camshaft position (cmp) sensor alignment tool chart. *mjs03/21/2000
699709/01/19996090310Some service manuals may list the incorrect camshaft position sensor alignment tool for vehicles with various engine sizes. *tt03/14/2000
99687408/01/1999608805Subject pertaining to the sbds relative cam timing test which has been temporarily removed from use on some vehicles due to noise concerns. *tt12/06/1999
551803/01/1999605190Information on servicing oil pan gasket leaks. *tt06/03/1999
98251412/21/1998603652Concerns with the timing arrows/flags on the back of the camshaft sprocket (s) are mis-marked by as much as 30 degrees rotation. *yc03/01/1999
98252304/01/1998603548Some engine valves may exhibit a customer concern of a moan noise at idle. *ak02/24/1999
987404/13/1998601343A new silicone gasket and sealant. *yc07/24/1998
0124612/10/2001630515Engine oil system priming procedures, service tips for reports of premature engine failure. *tt04/18/2002
021401/21/2002630001Some engine assemblies with aluminum cylinder heads repaired in-vehile have been found to leak coolant and/or oil from the cylinder head gasket area. *tt04/11/2002
0120510/15/2001627927Some vehicles may exhibit vacuum or air leaks in the intake manifold and / or engine system causing diagnostic trouble codes p0171 and or p0174. *tt02/26/2002
014703/05/2001619424Subject regarding engine oil recommendations for use in 2001 vehicles - sae 5w-20 motor oil. *tt05/30/2001
1458401/01/2001617878Subject regarding flex fuel vechicle oil and fuel recommendations. *jb04/02/2001
98-480309/01/1998607211Some 1996-1998 taurus/sable vehicles with 3.0l 4-v engine may exhibit a concern of moan noise at idle.12/21/2000
1153004/01/1998613794When diagnosing crank / no start on certain vehicles equipped with passive anti-theft (pats) check the customers key ring for any magnetic objects like the mobile speedpass key which may affect the signal transmission between the pats key a08/03/2000
858304/01/2000613689Some vehicles may exhibit dtc p1518 and / or p1519, related to intake manifold runner control (imrc). *mr07/27/2000
981148104/01/1998613390Some vehicles equipped with 3.0l 4-valve engines may exhibit a customer concern of a moan noise at idle. *tt07/10/2000
1217411/01/1998613224Some vehicles may exhibit a hard start/long crank, cold start stall, cold rough idle concern. *mjs06/19/2000
1207911/01/1998613057Vehicles may exhibit a buzz or rattle condition on a cold start or during a low rpm stead speed. *mjs06/16/2000
656707/01/1999610689Subject regarding ford quality renewal (fqr) assemblies. *tt05/11/2000
669605/11/1999610737Subject regarding ford quality renewal (fqr) exchange program. *tt05/11/2000
9918309/06/19996090051Service tip information on revised oil pan gasket replacement procedure. *tt03/06/2000
981115601/01/1998607858Some vehicles may exhibit an overheat condition with possible engine failure. *tt10/14/1999
647806/01/1999606870Information on the availability of ford quality renewal 2.5l and 3.0l 4v engines. *tt09/07/1999
9981605/03/1999606420Ford motor company now recommends sae 5w-30 viscosity grade for servicing any ford gasoline-powered vehicle regardless of model year. *tt08/19/1999
1254503/01/1999605281Information on determining onboard vapor recovery (orvr) vs. non-orvr. *tt06/07/1999
98251112/21/1998603649Service tips on composite fuel rail. *yc03/01/1999
98211211/01/1998603675Some vehicles experience a hard start/long crank time condition. *yc03/01/1999
0218309/16/200210008592Exhaust system y-pipe crack at the noise vibration harness bracket. *mj08/09/2004
1485604/01/2001619333Some vehicles equpped with 3.0l 2v vulcan or 4v duratec engine may exhibit an exhaust rust-thru, weld fatigue condition between the two toeboard catalysts where a tie-in bracket is welded to the formed inlet pipe of the rear bank toeboard c05/23/2001
98201010/12/1998603695Experiencing a buzzing or rattling noise from the exhaust system. *yc03/02/1999
986403/30/1998601312Information on a buzzing or rattle noise from the exhaust system. *tt07/21/1998
98231011/23/1998603724Mass air flow (maf)- sensor contamination- service tip. *ak03/03/1999
98508311/01/1998613211Some vehicles (3.0l 4 valve only) may exhibit a catalytic converter buzz or rattle condition on a cold start or during a low rpm steady speed. *tt06/19/2000
1539011/01/2001630408Some vehicles may exhibit a check engine light and/or egr diagnostic trouble codes 332, p0401, p1407 (lackof egr flow). *tt04/17/2002

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 After driving about a mile, the air conditioning stopped and black smoke came out of the hood. stopped the car and thought of opening the hood but saw flames. three adults and two children (5 and 2 yrs old) got out of the car. called police and fire service. by the time they arrive, the car was in flames. the engine and front row seats were totally burnt. the car was a total loss. there was no way to determine the reason for the (mysterious) fire. this happened in miami, florida. *tr
 Tl-the contact owns a 1998 ford taurus. the contact stated that after driving to a particular location and shutting the vehicle off, it won't start up after trying to start it back up. this occurs on a intermittent basis. no warning lights have illuminated on the instrumental panel. the vehicle was inspected by a dealer and they informed her that they were unable to diagnose the failure even after keeping it over night. the vehicle has not been repaired. the failure mileage was approximately 142,000. tb
 No heat. took our 1998 ford taurus 6cyl.,3.0l,182fi vehicle to dealer with complaint of no heat. i am told from the ford service advisor that there is rust in the coolant system caused by a metal allergy reaction from the water pump impeller blade and the antifreeze coolant in the system which cause rust the inside of the engine, freeze plugs, heater core, thermostat and eventually cause the engine to overheat/breakdown due to lack of water/coolant circulation. ford answer: replace water pump with upgraded water pump, flush system with anti-rust chemicals, replace freeze plugs, replace heater core, hoses, thermostat and refill with anti-freeze coolant at a cost of @ $1700.00. this vehicle has had regular maintenance on it since i've own it 10/1999, ie. oil changes @5000k mi., coolant flush @1/yr., brakes & tires check/service @5000k mi. i believe ford knows of this problem or they wouldn't have upgraded the water pump to correct the problem. and i believe ford should take care of the replacement of this defective part and related components. *nm
 Head gasket and head had to be replaced due to overheating, total cost of job was 1400. dollars
 Last summer, my 1998 ford taurus blew an engine. it was about 4000 miles over warranty. the garage told me that it was nothing that i had done. the problem was probably' a failure in the oil pump, that my car had experienced oil pressure problems. they also said that they regretted that my warranty had expired. i had to pay to replace a new engine. they sent in a rebuilt engine, replaced the bad engine, and extended the warranty to 100,000 miles. then, this july (july 25,2003) i was driving the same 1998 ford taurus with the previously blown engine. the add coolant light came on. i immediately stopped the car. water was pouring from either the radiator or hose. i called a tow truck and had the car towed home (about a distance of 60 miles). i had it towed to my local mechanic. on monday morning, the mechanic called and said that i had many more problems that just a leak. he said it looked like i had a blown head gasket. he could not even get the car to start. because the car was still under warranty, i had it towed to the bowling green lincoln & mercury in bowling green oh. this is where i had originally purchased the car and the place that had replaced the engine the previous summer. after waiting nearing two weeks to get permission from detroit (?) to fix it, an inspector was sent down to examine the damage. his report indicated that the problem was not from a defective engine, but from environmental contamination. they voided the warranty. i asked what environmental contamination meant. i was informed that the inspector had decided that my car had been in a flood. i was taken back. my car had not been in a flood. the mechanics, the service representative, and service manager all confirmed that there was absolutely no evidence that the car was in a flood. i personally heard the service manager talk to someone in detroit confirming that the car had not been in a flood. detroit sent out another inspector who took flood samples from the car.
 1998 taurus se has had problems with cooling system nov 2001.cutter ford of aiea the agent for ford made three attempts to repair problem spaning a year and a half. for the time being problem has been solved. however freeze plug has malfuctioned twice now and i am currently getting it repaired. fuel injectors malfuctioned and where repaired april 2003. i have records of car's problems dating back to 2000
 Design flaw in the engine block that allows coolant to settle and accumulate in certain spots in the engine block.*mr twelve months after the coolant system was flushed, the vehicle began exhibiting a lost of heat and that was when the consumer was told of the problems with the engine that would eventually cause rust and sediment to accumulate over time if the coolant remained in the engine block. *jb
 Ford taurus 1998 engine coolant reservoir (plastic container) sprung a leak on the bottom side. no indication of any rubbing against anything. i ordered a replacement from an on-line internet parts wholesaler and they said they had many orders for replacement ford taurus engine coolant reservoir bottles. i never had such a problem on any previous car that i have owed before. *tr
 Stuck thermostat caused a boil over. a few months later the integrated pressure/overflow bottle cracked and caused a major loss of coolant. this also lead to the heater core becoming blocked due to the loss of coolant. updated 12/07/07 *jb
 My whole cooling system has become corroded by the coating inside of the hoses that is used. i have had my heater core replace 2 years ago and my radiator flushed. and now it is failing again. a service bulletin has been issued, so ford knows about the problem. why am i left holding the bag for repairs on defective parts. *nm
 Engine coolant reservoir sprang a leak on the bottom side. there is about a 1-inch gap between the bottom of the bottle and the fender so rubbing against something was not the cause. i called a parts house who said they had replaced 3 of them in the past 2 weeks. seems like an odd coincidence the bottles leak. i've never seen one leak on any car i've ever owned.*ak
 Smoke began coming out of vents when air conditioning was turned on. if i turned it off and waited a few minutes, the air conditioning would work again. this happened every time i tried to use the air conditioning. in september, when i tried using the heater, it did not work. i changed the thermostat and had engine cooling system flushed. however this still did not resolve my problem. i contacted my local ford dealership,. they informed me that this a common problem with the 98 taurus. the engine coolant ford makes you use clogs the system and turns the coolant into sludge. the only thing you can do is to replace the heater core. they also stated that on average i will have to replace the heater core every other year. this is unacceptable. *la
 No summary listed for abov evehicle. *ak
 While driving smoke came the engine. the cooling fan had stopped working. the dealer has been notified. *ak
 Tl* the contact owns a 1998 ford taurus. the vehicle would occasionally exhibit a no-start condition. she also noticed the check engine warning light illuminated on the instrument control panel. the vehicle has not been diagnosed by the dealership. the current and failure mileages were 167000. updated 12/7/09 *cn the consumer stated the engine would become excessively hot. updated 12/08/09*jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 1998 ford taurus. while driving approximately 25 mph on normal road conditions, the driver heard a gushing noise outside of the vehicle. the vehicle was pulled over to the side of the road and oil was observed leaking from underneath the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic, who stated that the failure was contributed to the engine oil pan gasket. the oil pan gasket was replaced at that time. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic on two separate occasions for identical failures. currently, the vehicle is in the process of being repaired. the failure mileage was between 42,000-44,000 and current mileage was 110,000.
 Engine oil is leaking on exhaust system from back side of engine. strong smell and oil on ground' 81,000 miles on vehicle. i purchased vehicle new. replaced valve cover gaskets. still leaking oil. *tr
 1998 ford taurus engine failed. *ts the vehicles engine failed while on an exit ramp. as a result the vehicle ran off the left side of the road and struck four highway signs and poles. the vehicle left rear door, left rear quarter panel, left rear bumper and right side running panel were damaged. *nm
 The car has been looked at the gears slipped off the cam, car completely died
 Vehicle purchased new, 2000 miles transmission quit working was rebuilt under warranty by ford. transmission is out again car will not move without increasing rpms to 2,500, transmission slips and car is not drivable. makes loud knocking sound. estimated $2,500 rebuild needed. head gaskets went out at 80,000 miles and were replaced for $600, this is a common problem with taurus. *la
 While driving consumer heard a loud noise which was coming from the engine. dealer notified.*ak
 1998 ford taurus; 78000+ miles: recurring transmission problems. owners manual indicates that the illumination of the check engine light may not be referring to a mechanical problem that will affect performance of the vehicle. our light came on one month after we purchased the car. it would go off when we changed fluids or brand of gasoline. on june 28th there was a noticable change in drivability as the speedometer stopped working completely and the car would no longer shift from low gear. the engine would rev to 5000 rpms trying to shift but could not. i certainly believe this to be a dangerous situation while trying to maneuver in 55 to 65 mph traffic. aamco now tells me that it will cost 1500 t0 2000 dollars to fix the problem. i ran a 1993 ford van to 270,000 miles but i did not know that this model had a 12 year history of severe transmission problems. *ak
 While the vehicle was being serviced, the technician heard a taping noise coming from engine. it was discovered the cam shaft sprocket failed. *jb
 The vehicle stalled intermittently. *jb
 The oil pan rusted. *nlm *scc
 I have not experienced this failure yet but we have 121 documented failures at http://www.v8sho.com. camshaft sprocket detaches from camshaft causing instant engine failure, possible engine fire as well. ford will not address this problem.*ak
 Car was smoking from under and when taken to garage told it was an oil pan gasket that was a common ford problem and could catch fire if driven too long cause it would get hot.*ak
 Head gasket-car died, warning lights did not light. *ak
 There was a knocking noise coming from front of vehicle. when dealership examined vehicle, it was determined that main piston in engine was corroded and had to be 'cleaned'. please provide any additional information/attachments.*ak
 V6 engine head gasket cracked, causing an engine fire while vehicle was in use. prior to this incident, consumer had complained about engine check light coming on. but, dealer did not detect a defect. *ak
 Vehicle does not decelerate normally when the accelerator is released due to a computer controlled design feature of the engine. the design flaw results in deceleration, and excesive acceleration if going down hill. also causes cruise control to overshoot the set speed by 20-40 mph
 Smoke was rising from underneath car on the right side. turned engine off and found oil was running down and hitting the hot exhaust pipe causing the smoke. car was towed to the repair facility. repair facility found the oil pan gasket was bulged out on the right side about 3/4 thus allowing oil to run out of the oil pan. oil pan gasket was replaced. *jb
 Intermittenly check engine light become innoperable obstructing drivers. rear brakes squealing and moaning failed caused by the rotors. rotor which went bad causing damages the rear brakes and pads. please provide further information. ts
 Consumer states that while driving the vehicle smoke started coming out of the vehicle and seconds later the vehicle got completely on fire.fire was coming from the engine. dealer was not notified. nlm
 When starting vehicle it will kick over but fail to start. after numerous tries vehicle will start, this has happened several times. vehicle has been inspected by dealer several times, mechanic found no problem.*ak
 Consumer states rpm races up to 4,000 rpms for no reason. dealer could not duplicate problem. and the problem still exist. *tt
 Rotor service on front end of vehicle once every year for the last two years. dealer has been notified, however unable to remedy the problem.*ak the consumer experienced tires shaking, clunking noise in front wheels when turning, and squeaking noise in rear end when braking. the heater and defroster make a buzzing noise, the brakes pulsate. the rear right brake and rotors failed. the service engine soon light came on. engine makes a buzzing noise when start. the vehicle is not shift correctly. the driver door does not close properly. the vehicle would not start due to battery failure. *yh
 While driving vehicle will jerk and than stall out.*ak
 The engine revs when the brakes fail, the dealer could not duplicate the problem. *yh
 As documented on v8sho.com site. mine hasn't failed but 59 have and i want to know what ford is responsible for in the way of repairs. no safety defec tlisted. *ak
 The engine revs when the brakes fail, the dealer could not duplicate the problem. *yh
 Vehicle can be in drive and moving, or in park and sitting still, the engine will begin to hesitate after running for 10-15 minutes. the dashboard instruments get extremely hot, the lighting will dim on its own. all electronics (i.e. radio, air conditioning etc...) will fail. the car will then cut off without warning. vehicle also lunges forward if in park or stopped while in drive, if it has been running for 10-15 minutes or more.
 Proceeding down the street and the engine shut off and the tires locked and the brakes failed. could not stop or steer, hit a pole. *ak
 When this car is running more than 40minutes, the engine bucks/jerks/hesitates and is not responsive--as if it would stall but never does, 'though the dash trouble lights blink for 1/2 second each time. this was repeated 2-3 times at each of 5 seprate incidents. i had the engine checked with a scanner at my regular mechanic's place and the transmission checked at a reliable transmissions specialist. nothing found. various road tests could not reproduce this experience. i did replace the fuel filter. other incidents occurred 6/21 about 15-min. later after being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic for 20 minutes on a 55-60mph route i always use. the 3rd incident was 7/6, accelerating after a full-stop intersection. 4th&5th were on 7/8 when driving @25-30mph, but driving for a while. i do notice after driving 15-20 minutes regularly, the automatic shift @between 35-40mph hesitates. i have been keeping my highest speeds down to 60mph or less, and usually driving no more than 1/2hr. each trip. i'm afraid to take a long trip for fear the car will hesitate, lose power, or slow down in heavy expressway traffic. i am concerned for my safety.*ak
 After 40 mph the car has a surging problem. i took it to my dealer and they replaced the throttle sensor which they informed me that it did not fix the problem. they called ford motor co and found out there is a surging problem when the hydrocarbon builds up. they dont know how to fix the problem so they are not going to recall them until they know how to fix the problem. when you put the car in neutral while driving 40 mph the rpm's go up. they are supposed to go down. patalano ford expects me to pay for the throttle sensor even though they know it did not fix the problem. i am riding in an unsafe car. what can be done about this?
 Was driving to work ar 5am on 6-21 and it was raining while sitting at a stop sign an 18 wheeler passed and caused water to splash up and my car died. i started the car and went on to work and worked 7.5 hours on my way home i was motioned off the road by another driver and told to get out of the car that there was flames shooting out from the car this driver took me to get a tow truck and while we were gone the fire dept had to be called to put a fire out on the car. the car has been at putnam lincoln for over 2 months because it has to have a new motor and ford will not replacre the motor because they said i drove through water this has caused me much stress and mental trauma and because of this i might have to file bankruptcy if i can not get help getting my car back on the road. i was told by putnam that the same thing happened to another ford car the same day and have been told about several 1997 ford vechicles that the same thing has happened to and that the consumer has to pay to fix the vechicle i can not afford to fix the vechicle and it is not safe for a vechicle that will catch on fire to be on the road and if the problem was due to me driving in the rain that am why and how could it catch on fire that afternoon. i need help desperately please i have also been told that ford can not determing the amount of damage caused by the fire until they get the 3500. need for the new motor and get the car started again all ford has offered me is to extend two months payments i am scared of this vehicle and do not really want it back but i need to get the whole situation resolved somehow i had this vechicle back to the dealer several times for fuel pump problems whie it was still under warranty i thank god that i was not injured but i need something done about the car
 This problem really hampers my need for speed. no safety defect listed in summary. *ak
 The auto dosn't slow down correctly. on level highway it only slows to 45mph without applying the brakes. my 1992 ford taurus did not act this way. the dealer and ford customer assistance center say this is normal, but the loaner car also a 1998 taurus did not act this way. this problem is a safety hazard, wastes gasoline, and caused the breaks to wear out faster. i would be willing to demonstrate the car to your department if you have a location in wichita, ks. also, your web site is nice and user frendly. thanks, steve wright
 Steering wheel pulsation wwhen braking over 50mph 2 different dealers tried to fix the problem bought it back to ford 7 times. engine stopped when parallel parking brake light came on twice car is only 8 months ld
 The engine knocks and pings when it's ready to shift to the next gear, the original engin was replaced and the problem is still occuring.
 When accelerating vehicle makes a loud noise, and when stopping the engine makes a loud grinding noise. also, when doing 45 to 50mph the steering wheel vibrates. dealer has not seen. *ak
 When turning right at a street corner in the rain the power steering will momentarily fail. the drive belt will make a slight squeal when it re-engages. it appears that there is inadequage splash shielding inside the right hand wheel well such that water is thrown up on the drive belt and crankshaft pully by the cocked wheel. the drive belt is relatively new but the problem also occurred with the oem belt.
 Turning corner at appx 20mph heard loud clonk noise unable to steer vech,rack & pinion snapped, lifted hood belt had came off wheel was on the ground, ford mechanic told warranty rep that it was my fault because i ran low on power steering fluid. i drove a 24ft tractor and 53ft trailer combination for 6 years across the us canada and mexico and had to do my own maint. and minor repairs to my truck does this sound like someone that jumps in and out of a car without checking fluid levels,or doing proper maint on their vech?? i only had the vech for 38days but always keep all fluid levels checked, before this happened i would hear a low humming noise when turning the steering wheel but the powersteering fluid was at the normal level.
 Consumer called complaining about engine problems. also, that the vehicel has problems with gasket leaks.manufacturer was not contacted at the time of this call. *ak
 There were particles coming through the air vents and all over the car. the consumer's children have become sick and the consumer wears a mask. the consumer has taken the vehicle to the dealer for repair with no solution. *jb
 I bought the 1998 ford taurus used but in good shape,at 70,000 the complete exhaust system failed the dealer fixed it but 5 more thousand miles and it would have cost over 1000.00 dollars.on july 31 2002 the car had a complete transmission failure including all the components that connect it to the engine.i take very good car of my cars because i live in a rural area with the nearest city of any size 45 miles away.the miles might sound like alot but they are all easy highway miles.i contacted the local dealer but they said it was out of waranty and said it would cost over 3500.00 to fix,i had it worked on in a shop in reno nv and they informed me that the damage was not normal wear and tear and they work on hundreds of transmissions on ford car. after doing some research it is a ongoing problem with many ford's with the 3.0l and 3.8l v-6 engines.it seems wrong for a relatively new car that i am still paying on to have this king of major problem and ford need's to come clean that thier is a major design flaw. p.s i am also having problems with my 2001 ford winstar's transmission too
 Car has no engine braking on coast down. in fact throttle seems to open when coasting down a grade. this requires braking to prevent runaway. believe this has resulted in premature brake wear and warped rotors. the last car i owned that had this problem was a 1972 nova, which opened the throttle to prevent no2 emissions. i thought we had progress. ford needs a better way to control emissions. *ak
 While driving could smell fumes, and mold. also, while stopping would hear a loud squeaching noise or metal scraping. *ak
 Catalitic converter pipe bracket cracked and sounded like a manifold leak. cost to replace the entire unit is about $600.00 dollars. this dos not seem to be a standard amount of time for this to happen on this type of vehicle. *ak
 When in bumper to bumper traffic with normal acceleration car seems to surge at any given time .you never know when your in that kin of traffic that the car will do the same thing and surge.the only thing that will slow the car down is putting your foot on the brake.you never know when the car will surge. dealership put a new trans , replaced air by pass valve,replace some computer chip, reprogrammed pcm. car has been in 4 times it still surges dealership states can not duplicate problem after keepin car for almost two weeks. .
 Whining noise in drive line/transmission due to air bypass valve failure. yh
 Exhaust problems with 1998 ford taurus. nar 07092003 *mr ford dealer was notified about replacing the defective part, however they refused to replace it. the consumer hoped that a national recall would be initiated to inspect the potential deadly conditions. *cb *jb
 Heat/vibration of engine caused plastic vacuum elbow to break. this caused loss of vacuum to brake booster and loss of brakes. customer ran into brick wall. we are vehicle investigators/engineers for insurance companies. normal vibration and heat caused this failure. i would recommend some kind of strain relief or a superior material for this important part. this elbow connects main manifold vacuum to a vacuum manifold mounter on left side firewall. this manifold feeds the vacuum systems for the vehicle and the power brake booster (bosch unit). resultaing in loss of manifold vacuum caused the engine management system to surge and idle poorly. there were no broken or fatigued engine mounts to cause unwarranted stress on this plastic elbow. it appears that plastic elbow is made from pvc. i would recommend either steel, brass, or a polyolefin based composite be substituted for existing materials used.---thank you, greg barnett note: credentials available upon request . *ak