BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
0215308/05/2002635968Some vehicles equipped with the 3.0l 4v duratec engine may exhibit a malfunction indicator lamp illuminated with a diagnostic trouble code p1518, intake manifold runner control. *tt11/04/2002
0115708/06/2001623988Information regarding transmission fluid usage charts. *slc10/31/2001
0019109/18/2000618578Some vehicles may experience a separation between layers of the instrument panel. *jb04/17/2001
0020310/02/2000618541A separation between layers of the instrument panel.*jb04/16/2001
99121006/14/1999606461Ford motor company has released a private labeled material to be used for iron particle / acid rain service repairs. *tt01/05/2001
9911106/14/1999606433Information designed to aid in the diagnosis, testing and repair of noise, vibration and harshness (nvh) concerns. *tt01/05/2001
622805/01/1999607029Information regarding wiring change on the liftgate door ajar indicator. *tt11/03/2000
1380201/01/2000612819Some vehicles may exhibit an intermittent loss of instrument control panel (icp) illumination. *mjs06/12/2000
785501/01/20007855612216Vehicles may exhibit intermittent instrument control panel (icp) illumination.06/07/2000
657907/01/1999610697Information diagnosing vehicles that may exhibit a malfunction indicator lamp on with diagnostic trouble code p1309 stored in memory. *tt05/11/2000
9923411/15/19996090131Information on diagnosing a vehicle with malfunction indicator lamp illuminated and diagnostic trouble codes p0442 and p0455 stored in continuous memory. *tt03/09/2000
9825912/21/1998603647Some vinyl covered items such as dash panels, door trim panels, consoles, etc., may exhibit a small dent, scuff, abrasion and/ or discoloration resulting from assembly, transit, dealer prep and/or customer usage. *yc03/01/1999

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 While driving the car at a low speed, deer ran out in front of me and i braked to stop and at that time the car surged and accelerated at a high speed which caused me to lose control of the car and hit a tree head on. i pressed the brakes as hard as i could and the speed would not decelerate. i suffered a large head injury that required 54 staples to close the wound. i spent over a week in the hospital, including an icu stay. this car is dangerous and is causing injuries and possible deaths.
 I bought this 1999 ford taurus in 2011. i had to have the power steering rack replaced due to it leaking. once this got replaced the car began to idle really really bad when the ac or heater was turned on, this would also sometimes occur just sitting at a light with nothing on. it would also happen in reverse sometimes stalling the car. i have put over 2000 into the car to try and figure it out. i came across the 2005 ford freestyle that is having the same issue that is being investigated know. i have replaced the idle air control valve, mass air flow sensor, cpu, throttle position sensor, power steering position sensor, cam shaft position sensor, alternator, power steering rack, and there are a few other that i will need to find the receipts for. this is a very unsafe issue because it has almost caused several accidents when i was driving and also my father in law. it sometimes will happen right as you are coming to a stop so it jumps and you almost don't have time to stop. i am very frustrated with the issue and am getting ready to sell the car. i have taken to several ford dealers and had them look at it and see what was happening but could not find anything wrong. they told me they had issues with all of these parts so i replaced. but to my surprise i am still having the same issue. it only has 94.000 so very low miles for the year. i have a child on the way and cannot have a very very unsafe vehicle.
 A minor slippage in the transmission became a complete transmission failure in less than a mile. no power to any gears, had to be towed. only repair options presented were new/used transmission, ranging from 1500-3000 in price, even though the nature of the failur was known by the dealership and the other mechanics i spoke with. otherwise, good car, but now it sits in my driveway. i would like the transmission repaired/replaced reasonably or for free given the complete and total, sudden failure.
 I am having truble with my steering wheel it shakes over 45 mph and i have called they place were i bought it and my warntey ran out so i have to fighure out how to get it fixed then i see there is a recall n my type of car i want it replaced
 2007 ford taurus, westbound when the left front tire had the tread seperate. the tread came off and damage the left side of unit 1. *bf
 I purchased a vehicle from some forieners and i havent had the car for 30 days and the vehicles is unsafe has had me almost in some accident due to the unsafetiness of the car.i took the car back to the place where i purchased it and they keep on tellin me its my fault the car is givien me problems.i asked them if i can just get my money back and when i advise them of that they talk in their language to me where i dont understand.i have two children that are 10 and 4 and the car is not safe.the incident that went wrong with the car is it over heated cut off on the highway while i had the children in the car,also after i took it back to them they fixed it it ranned fine then the followen week after that the belt that i had initially told them about the first time came offthe next week which could spark a fuse while im driving and catch on fire so they advise me to have it towed which they had advise me to do and they took on that responsibility but the car engine light is on it has became a hardship with me and my family and it now sounds like the brakes is goin wrong now i just want my money back so i can purchase another reliable transportation for me and my family