Consumer Complaints

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 Excessive tire wear, tread separation, poor handling, vibration,
 I have a 2000 ford taurus wagon that my spring snapped and sitting on top of my tire. read that there was a recall, however it is saying it would have had to happen before 2005. i feel it should still be covered by ford and i am a single mother of 3 and my income is limited. paying between $600 and $1500 to have repaired is not available to me.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 ford taurus. the vehicle had cooper lifeliner touring sle t-rated tires, size 215/60/r16, the dot number was unavailable. while driving approximately 55 mph the vehicle started pulling to the right. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection. the technician stated that the front driver or front passenger tire was damaged. the failure mileage was 90,000. the current mileage was 100,005.
 I have a 2000 ford taurus that has had 2 right front coils springs break within a five year period. both incidents resulted in a torn side wall on the tire.
 I have a 2000 ford taurus and the front coil springs broke about a 1 1/2 years ago and now the rear spring on the right side has broke. why has there not been a recall on this problem to fix the car. i under stand there was a recall on the front springs but i never received a recall notice. why is it ford won't address this problem. this is just as bad as the toyota's problem. i had to paid to get the car repaired. in fact it is in the shop now getting new rear springs put on it. there is only 67,000 miles on the car. *tr
 Front tires purchased at walmart p215 60 16 douglas xtratrac. with less than 10000 miles started shaking and vibrating in curves and to a stop, vibrates very bad at 65 miles per hour. i had walmart look at them for a broken belt. they balanced them and said that was the problem. i drove the car home ,the problem was worse. i gave a two week trial they just got worse. i went back to them and they said there was no problem. not being able to drive the car in this condition i had to purchase two new tires,(not douglas) i now have uniroyals, the problem is gone. i have the old tires, i want to have them looked at by someone but don't know where to take them. if of government has control over this type of thing why don't we have a place to go to for help. and i am talking about a building with people in it. so i can show them these tires. or are these people producing these products protected by the ronald reagan act? *tr
 Brought 2000 ford taurus in to repair shop to have tires replaced. rec'd phone call that both rear strut springs were broken and they would not put tires on because of the safety issue of springs poking into tires & causing accident. so struts need to be fixed first to the tune of $1000, which i don't have. apparently, this is common in tauruses, and ford should be offering to pay some or all of the repairs. *tr
 2000 taurus left rear tire blew out. *ts the consumer lost control of the vehicle and drove off the roadway and struck a ditch in the median.*jb
 Failure of air bag deployment in 2001 ford taurus. *mr this was a high speed crash where the consumer could not control the vehicle and impacted a concrete bridge rail. *sc when the consumer first took possession of the vehicle, it had a bad shimmy in the front end when the brakes were applied. the dealer found the rotors were warped, a few days after the rotors were replaced the rear end of the vehicle fish tailed, the dealer then discovered the rear drums were not round and had to be replaced. months later the vehicle fish tailed again and the tires had to be replaced. *jb *sc
 While the vehicle was parked in the driveway driver's side coil spring sheared off. this caused the driver's side tire to inflate, and the left side of the vehicle collapsed to the ground. consumer had the vehicle towed to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic replaced the tire and coil spring due to worn out parts. *ak
 Bad shimmy and wobble in front drivers side also makes steering wheel wobble bad. *jb
 While driving 50 mph consumer heard a loud noise. consumer pulled over to the side to examine the vehicle. consumer nearly lost control of the vehicle because the right (passenger) front dropped dangerously low. consumer determined that the right tire blew out, and the coil spring broke. *ak the broken end of the spring went in the inside of the sidewall, which damaged the tire. also, vehicle was running on a smooth road when incident occurred. *la
 While traveling at normal speed torsion bar broke, causing front passenger tire to blowout. *ak
 The vehicle alignment will eat off tire, causing tread wear and tear. *ak the front tire(s) had wore out. the dealer sent the consumer to the tire company and they sent the consumer back to the dealer stating it was an alignment problem. the tires were rotated and soon after the wires were seen extending out of the left front tire. the consumer requested reimbursement. *scc *jb
 While driving at 55 mph and no warning, the rear passenger tire experienced a blow out, and caused the tire to split. continental model contact sa,size#p21560r16,dot#acx844p1900. consumer had to pull over. *ak *cb *jb
 Tires: reported vibration , shimmy and pulling to the left. took to dealer 6/24/2000 (1829) miles, balanced tires. on 11/14/2000 (9061)miles, 04/23/2001 (12871) balanced tires. finally, 5/25/2001 (14518) replaced two front tires. vibration and shimmy stopped but kept pulling to the left. on 10/10/2001 (23876) miles, charged me for alignment, car stopped pulling. transmission: at approximately 40800 miles car had a noticeable shudder while going in reverse. took to the dealer and was told it was a cracked casing as noted in tsb 15559 nhtsa number (630095) caused by miss manufacture of a part. was informed dealer or ford motor co. would not assist with repair cost to exceed $1495. brakes: reported brake problem on 5/25/2001 and 10/10/2001 when it was server, shaking and control problems when stopping. dealer cut front rotors which was out of spec.- problem is back. fuel: have smelled gas in my car many times. bought to dealers attention and of course could not find anything. car is to have 18 gal. tank but runs out of gas before that. gas gauge reads empty at 12 gal. and was told it was built to be that way. several complaints filed with you also describe my problems. odi numbers 760669, 896396, 897642 and 862471 are some. *ph *nlm **dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis**769760
 The vehicle's tires were cracked and separated. the dealer was notified. nlm
 I own a 2000 ford taurus wagon se with oem touring contact as - p215/60r16 - 94t tires. the ford's b-column sticker lists the correct tire inflation as 30 psi, both front and rear. the american tire distributor 2003 tire guide, published by bennett garfield lists the correct pressure for this make and model as 33 psi. i have suffered from severe cupping that i believe to be related to following, the ford inflation specification. i am forced to replace my tires with only 36,000 miles after at least 12,000 miles of chatter from the damaged treads. i no longer feel safe using these tires. *jb
 The tire developed a blister on the sidewall at 15,000 miles. *jb
 The service atttendant inflated the tires in excess of the maximum recommended pressure of 45 psi. the service attendant stated he inflated the tires at the pressure according to the label printed on the tires. consumer requests a refund of monies paid. *jg
 This is the second set of continental touring contact as, 215/60r/16-94t. tires the first went out of round at 2400 or so miles this the front 2 per the dealer are out of round also and per the service rep brian branson after 20000 miles it should be expected, and needs to addressed with the tire manufacture since they changed the tires once and the mileage at 22997 is to great for them to do anything. i took the car to a dealer and he said that, for $15.00 each they could get the tire back in round the dealer who offered no help and charged $75.00 to tell me the tires are out of round and not covered by ford, i guess so much for service being number 1. dt
 Was driving home from work and tire blew out for no reason rip occurred along the out side of the tire the were checked a few day' s before and had the proper air pressure and no defects were observed and i did not run over any foregin objects while driving on the freeway , the police chief of the city of northlake assisted me in changing the flat. *ak
 Was driving home from work and tire blew out for no reason rip occurred along the outside of the tire the were checked a few day' s before and had the proper air pressure and no defects were observed and i did not run over any foregin objects while driving on the freeway , the police chief of the city of northlake assisted me in changing the flat. *ak
 Consumer is having a problem with all tires on vehicle. he will explain further details. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
 Wheel alignment was off due to corrosion. all four tires were warped, and needed to be replaced. dealership was aware of problem. *ak the dealer replaced rear right and left side lower control arms and bushings to correct the alignment problem. the driver side mirror had failed and was installed by the dealer. (continental tire size p215/60r16) *yh
 After about 3.5 hours of highway driving from denver to las vegas, the tire blew out outside of grand junction, co. in 60+f temps. the tire started to chunck out before it blew-out. i thought my wife was hitting debris in the road before the tire blew-out. the tire blew-out at the sidewall where the sidewall and tread come together. i have the tire in my possession if you'd like me to send it to you. the dealer, we bought the car from, did repay me for the full set of new tires that were purchased in las vegas,nv. *ak (dot number: 8xx8 tiresize: p215-60r16)
 Dealer and manufacturer notified awaiting reimbursements for equipment repalcement. no safety defect mentioned. *ak (tiresize: 215/60r/16)
 While traveling at 70 mph without any indication passenger's rear tire had a blowout. p21560r16. *ak tire failure caused damage to the fender wall and lower bumper panel, firestone affinity tires. *slc
 When attempting to shift vehicle out of gear, the gear shift malfunctioned preventing vehicle to go into gear. consumer has contacted dealer . dealer has to replace computer system and other parts. *ak consumer also stated the window trim has come apart leaving the windows scratched, engine light comes on, the engines emission control needs to be replaced, brake shift interlock is inoperative, the steering cloumn was replaced, front tire keeps losing air, rear brakes light need to be replaced. *jb
 Tire blew out. tires had been serviceed two days prior to incident. tires had been balenced, rotated, air pressure checked, and wheels aligned by tire service center. incident accured after driving aor approx 2-3 hous at 65-70 mph on fry highway. tire failed at sidewall. tread remained intact. dealership inspected tire. could find no evidence of tread failure or puncture. firestone product warranty was contacted. manufacturer claimed failure resulted from under-inflation and high speed, but did not inspect tire. i assert tire failed due to poor quality workmanship. ford dealership claimed no responsibility. *ak (tiresize: p215/60r16)( dot number: tire size: p215/60r16 )
 No summary listed for above vehicle. *ak
 I was traveling south on route 301 from crofton, md at 55 miles per hour when the rear right side tire blew out. i did not hit or run over anything on the road. a driver behind me stopped and told me he saw a puff of smoke when the tire blew. i am concerned because of the way the tire blew out. the tire blew from on the inside of the rim and the inside of the tire separated completely from the rest of the tire. it looks as if the inside rim of the tire was cut out. the tire did not appear to be under inflated before i began driving. i took the tire back to the ford dealer, they told me that they were not liable for the tires, take it to a firestone dealer. the firestone dealer told me that the tire may have been under inflated, or that there may have been a puncture to the tire (i do not beleive either theory). i had two other tire technicians look at the tire, and they had never seen a tire blow this way. i reported this problem to ford motor company, and firestone. i have replaced all four tires on my car. i still have the firestone tires if there is a need to investigate this problem. (dot number: 8xx8 tiresize: p21560r16)
 Tire completely blown out--no tread remained (just came apart). lost control of car and was able to pull over to side. next day took the remining tire part (limited to the rim only) to jack roach ford (where i have my car serviced). they informed me that they had no responsibility and to take it to firestone. i did and they replaced the tire with a similar tire. i have serious concerns about the overall reliability of these tires. i sent a letter to ford and to firestone requesting them to replace all of my tires with a more dependable and higher quality tire. this letter was sent on august 10th. i faxed a copy to your office on august 15 with th firestone invoice(which also indicated that no tread remained on the tire). a representative from ford called on saturday, september 2nd indicating that ford acknowledged the receipt of the letter, and will not accept any responsibility and will not replace the tires. they insisted that i need to follow-up with firestone. when my tire blew out on a six lane highway, my six year old son and i were in the car. i hate to think that we could have been fatalities. i feel it was a manufacturer's defect that put my life and son's life at risk. i request that you look into this situation before someone loses their life based on these tire blow-outs.( dot number: tire size: p21560r16 )
 Pe00020, 2000 ford taurus, tire size p215/60r16, front passenger's tire had a flat due to a screw in the tire and the passenger rear tire had already been plugged. *ak the customer states that the dealer sold the new vehicle with a plugged tire, but the dealer deny pugging the tire. *yh
 I was driving down the highway at the posted speed limit when i heard a sound as if a large truck was approaching. i checked to see if that were the case, saw no vehicle, realized the car was beginning to vibrate and slow down so i decided that it might be a tire. at this point, i began to slow and drive to the shoulder. as i pulled off the road onto the shoulder, i heard the tire hitting the car. i was very lucky that i was able to stop the car without serious injury or damage to the car.( dot number: 8xx81rt110 tire size: p215/60r16 )
 Consumer stated that in december 2003 one spring was replaced along with one strut and the tire on driver's side. currently, the vehicle was being recalled for the replacement of both front coil springs ,and dealershi refused to do so. consumer later contacted the manufacturer, and they too refused to replace the springs at no charge. consumer dreceive a recall notice for this defect. *ak
 Rear left coil spring in 2000 ford taurus broke while driving 35 mph. fractured end of spring cut groove in sidewall of tire until tire blew out. *ak
 I own a 2000 ford taurus model ses and have encountered suspension problems as related to the coil springs. two years ago the left front coil spring broke and punctured my left front tire while driving and i nearly hit a utility pole. i found out there was a recall and both left and right front coil springs were replaced by ford dealer. yesterday, while my car was at the body shop, they noticed that the driver's side rear coil spring was broken and it has cut a groove into the tire and will cause the same dangerous action as the front coil did two years age. i might not had been as lucky this time, depending on where and at what speed i was driving, if i had not had the vehicle in the body shop and they had not found the defect. it is amazing to me that ford motor corp.,would not have recalled the rear coil springs, the same as they did for the front. they are basically the same configuration, and perform the same function as the front coils, did they not think that it would not be the same outcome. this is extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury and most likely death in many instances. the real problem is that the owner is unaware of the problem until something happens. i did not know or have any inkling, in either case, that the springs were broke. there is no way of telling unless the car is on a lift, so if an owner is lucky enough to have the vehicle in the shop for repairs or inspection, it would most likely go unnoticed until a tire blew and put their life in jeopardy while on the road.
 While driving 60 mph and without any indication passenger rear tire sidewall blew out. the vehicle swerved and fish tailed and struck a cement barrier near the shoulder of the high way. there was no serious injuries and the police did arrive. p21560r16942. *ak
 Continental general ameri, original equipment on a 2000, taurus, p215/60r16 size, dot# a3x844p1300. all four tires have slits on sidewall.*ak *slc
 Lump on one of the tires on the front, rotated and alignment at my cost.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 ford taurus. the vehicle has firestone generic o/p lt rs, size 16/165/184 tires. while driving approximately 65 mph under dry conditions, the rear driver side tire tread separated. the contact heard a loud hammering noise from the tire tread striking the vehicle. he pulled the vehicle over and noticed that the tread separated from the tire. the vehicle was towed to the firestone tire shop and the tire was replaced. the contact stated that complained to the shop regarding the noise and rough ride from the tires before they failed. he has all of the paperwork, pictures, and the tires. the current and failure mileages were 84,000.
 I have a concern about what happened last week to my tires. all four tires went bad within a couple of weeks of each other. i began to feel bumping on the road, and within 2 weeks it was bad enough to take the car in to the ford shop. i was shown where each tire had begun to separate and get warped. i could feel the up-and-down bumpiness in the tires with my own hand when they showed it to me. this was on all the tires. one was so bad it looked like a bubble. these tires only had 53,800 miles on them; on a new car i got through military overseas car sales in april 2000. i have had all the regular servicing/rotation/checks and my husband routinely checked the pressures. my concern is that these all had the same lot number - we checked them to be sure. the a3x844p0400 number was on all of them. the report reads all 4 tires are worn out - belt separated. the ford shop personnel said this is a very rare occurrence and they felt it was worth reporting. if someone else has these tires and and accident results from this separation, it would not be good. therefore, i am reporting my event so that if there are others, you may take appropriate actions to prevent injuries/damages. i will also send a copy of this note to dot and mil overseas sales. i had to replace all four tires @ a cost of $717.91 thank you for your attention. linda shiraishi 1760 150th ave san leandro ca 94578. *nm
 With only 24,533 miles on our 2000 ford taurus station wagon, the firestone store, hurst, tx, replaced four tires due to belt separation. replaced with original ford tire: dot#vn8xt3b2503 affinity touring t3 p215/60r16 tlbl ps . *ak
 The consumer states that the rear tire became flat due to tread separation. the consumer has replaced all four tires. *ak the consumer had gotten out of the vehicle and saw that the right rear tire was flat as the consumer walked around the car and noticed that the right front tire was half flat. the consumer took the vehicle to the tire store and was told that they were seperating on the outside. the left two were seperating on the inside of the tires. the consumer feels that he shouldn't have to pay for replacing the tires because the tire were faulty. *scc
 While driving at 45mph, the consumer had experienced tread separation on the right rear tire, which caused damage to vehicle. original equipment. *ak the consumer noticed a slapping sound coming from the tire as he was driving on the interstate. the consumer then pulled over to take a look and saw nothing and continued back driving. then two miles down the road the tread separated on the right rear tire and caused damage to the right rear fender and bumper. (4 continental p215/60 r16 94t touring contact tires) *scc
 While driving at high speeds on highway vehicle will vibrate badly, and act like consumer was driving with a flat tire, which was a result of steel radio belt inside the tire. dealer contacted.*ak
 Tread separated on freeway @ 70 mph. inner liner remained inflated, came close to losing control, missed center divider by 12 before coming to rest. no injuries. major damage to vehicle body and wheel well assembly. mechanical damge unknown at this time
 Right rear firestone affinity tire experienced tread separation, claim 43-r744-779. *slc
 I believe that this tire failure is due to a manufacturing defect. i have a photograph of the tire that clearly shows tire separation. when i attempted to file a claim with ford, they told me that firestone was responsible. when i contacted firestone, they would not accept a claim because the tire was not subject to factory recall. firestone then told me that i should have taken the tire to a firestone dealer for inspection. when i explained that i was on vacation and had to have emergency repairs, they told me that i should have saved the tire for inspection. i told firestone that is was not reasonable or possible for me to do that because my car was filled with luggage and i was not going to drive around for 5 days with a dirty tire on my passengers lap. firestone refused to offer me any alternatives and refused to accept a claim nothwithstanding the special circumstances involved. the fact that these tires have not been recalled does not mean that the failure was not a manufacturing defect. furthermore, it is entirely possible that this tire may be subject of recall in the future because of complaints like this sent to ntsb.*ak (tiresize: p215/60r16)
 Right rear firestone affinity tire experienced tread separation, claim 43-r744-779. *slc
 A tire shop examined 2000, ford, taurus, and determined that left front and left rear firestone, affinity tires, size: p215/60r16, dot: w2x8irt389 showed signs of tread separation. there are approximately 36,000 miles on the tires, and they are original equipment on vehicle. *ak *slc
 Steel belt separation causing thumping, and extensive tire wear to the inner rubber layer. *ak (tiresize: 215/60r16)
 The tire experienced tread splice separation (general continental tire p215/60r16 94t dote4029069). nlm
 Complete tread separation. *ak (dot number: 8xx8irt120 tiresize: p215/60r16)