BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
04171209/06/200410013118Malfunction indicator lamp mil and diagnostic trouble codes dtcs p0172 p0175. *eh04/08/2005
0417409/06/200410013116Malfunction indicator lamp (mil) illuminated - system lean diagnostic trouble codes (dtc's) - service tips. various models including 2004 f-series. *tt04/08/2005
1841102/01/200510012969Malfunction indicator lamp on with diagnostic trouble code p0133, p1131 or p2195. *tt04/05/2005
0411106/14/2004043110008252Streamlined diagnostic procedure for vehicles with malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on and diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) p0401, p0402, p1400 or p1401. additional symptoms may include runs rough, lacks power, surge, poor fuel economy.07/23/2004
1789906/01/200410008272Malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on with multiple diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs). *tt07/23/2004
0322301/26/2004043110007360Streamlined diagnostic procedure for vehicles with malfunction indicator lamp on and diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) p0401, p0402, p1400 or p1401. additional symptoms may include runs rough, lacks power, surge, poor fuel economy. *tt06/16/2004
0318109/15/200310004027Remote keyless entry (rke) - service tips. *tt11/14/2003
024503/04/2002636065Information regarding discharged battery charging service tips and guidelines. *tt11/05/2002
1528009/01/2001625820Some vehiclesmay exhibit an intermittent sticking/binding ignition key lock cylinder at or near the start position. *jg12/03/2001
016204/02/2001619266Vehicles equipped with passive anti-theft system (pats) may not start or crank. *tt05/22/2001
1582804/01/2002637571Some vehicles may exhibit diagnostic trouble code b1213, b1342, b1601, b2431. *tt12/03/2002
01211310/29/2001627774Some ignition switch lock cylinder assemblies may exhibit rougness and / or excess effort in turning, key does not fully return from start, a malfunction indicator lamp may illuminate with p0500, p1502 and u1039 stored in powertrian control02/22/2002

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Hello, i own a 2001 ford taurus and ever since the beginning of this summer, i have noticed that the driver's side floor board is constantly damp. i don't know if this dampness is coming from when it rains outside or if it has something to do with the a/c drainage hose being clogged. either way, i find this as a safety concern as major cords are underneath the carpeting and i feel unsafe knowing that water is collecting underneath the carpeting, making those cords wet, which could spark an electrical fire. i really would feel much safer getting this problem fixed but i have no idea where to begin. i truly believe this is a safety concern and would really like to get it fixed, if only i knew where to begin. thanks for your help with this matter.
 Tl* the contact owns a 2001 ford taurus. the contact stated that the low speed on the air conditioner failed. the dealer was aware of the failure, and mentioned that there was a kit available to remedy the failure. the contact was concerned that ford customers were not notified of the repair kit. the current and failure mileage were 92000. *ak consumer states that rain and to leak in and destroy the blower motor and resistor with the blower destroyed front windshield will not defrost. update 4/9 *tr
 My car is only 5 years old and both rear struts failed. also the right rear spring broke and punctured the tire. why are the front springs be on recall and the rear springs are not? had to replace both rear spring & struts. $521.00, and tire $124.) i have been told by many if this happen on the hwy, i could have flip my car cause a major accident! now car does not want to start. i took it to four ford dealership, they all said the same thing. first they would have to run diagnostic test,then depending on the results of the test and a tech to drive the car. maybe they can fix it. and to top everything all the ford dealerships sent everybody in the shop home,because they did not have anything too do ? *nm
 I was driving my ford taurus and all at once the engine shut down. i lost all power of the vehicle. fortunatley i was not driving fast about 35 mph when the incident happened and i safetly stopped on the shoulder of the road. turned off and on the ignition and the car started as if nothing had happened. driving home the same failure happened.since then i drove the car two more miles but i am afraid to drive the vehicle, specially on the highway. i am planning on taking the car to the dealer but i fear they wont find anything wrong with the car since the failure seems occur randomly.
 Dt: 2001 ford taurus is having problems starting, also having problems with stalling . the vehicle will start back up, but the consumer has to shake and turn the steering wheel. this has been a problem for over a year. consumer has taken the car to the dealership, but the dealership can not find cause of the problem. the problem is intermittent. that is why the dealership can not seem to find the problem. the car has been in the shop 3 times. first time the starter was changed. the problem still exists. the consumer has not contacted ford motors. the dealership has told the consumer to bring back the car so they can examine the vehicle again. slow speeds and turning are when the vehicle is stalling out. the consumer does not think that the motor is the problem, that is an electrical problem.*ak
 I pushed the cigarette lighter in to get hot and it shot out. it fell on the floor mat and i burned my hand picking it up before if caught the car on fire. i no longer use my lighter for fear it will start a fire. *ak
 Problems with 2001 ford taurus brake rotors.*mr the front end vibrated and the brake rotors were replaced numerous times, however the problem still existed. ford was ordered to repair all repairs but they only turned the rotors. *ph also the passenger window dragged, the lights dimmed when the radio or heater was on, and also the transmission jerked at times and there was a vibration in the front of the vehicle, the mechanic stated it was due to tire wear. *jb
 Consumer states can not use 2 or more vehicle accessories at the same time. if uses windshield wipers, horn will not operate or vice-versa. mr
 Consumer states that vehicle's alternator wires become very hot causing vehicle to stall intermittenly while driving. mr
 There was a problem with tires. tires were causing vehicle to shake when driving due to improper design of the tire belt. contacted dealer, and dealer replaced tires at 1600 miles. p215/60r16, replacement tires, 4000 miles, mounted on a 2001, ford, taurus. *ak the vehicle still sways and shakes, even after the tires and rims had been replaced. alternator failed and was replaced. there was rattle noise from windshield /dash area. *yh
 I am a owner of a 2001 ford taurus which i bought used and have owned it now for 2 years. it is the first ford i have owned in over 20 years. since i have owned it, it has not given me too many problems, just the basic break downs like, batteries, brakes ,seized a/c compressor,coolant expansion tank cracked, ect. those things are going to break. but what has really upset me is how i have read about the coil springs breaking on the taurus and causing possible damage to the vehicle. i didn't think it would happen to me but after arriving home today i noticed a small piece of metal under my 01 taurus and after further observation i found it to be a piece of my rear coil spring from the drivers side. i am a 40+ year old male who has had many makes and models of different types of vehicles and have never had or heard of coil springs breaking as they do on the ford taurus. this is a problem that needs to be repaired by ford and not the consumer. so i can only expect that the rest of the springs are faulty and need to be replaced before i have any further damage to my vehicle. it seems to me that the ford company does not care about craftmanship or the consumers safety. so change your slogan have you driven a ford lately to your riding on faulty coil springs. this is a serious problem that is a major safety issue and needs to be corrected free of charge to all ford taurus owners. *tr
 While driving at highway speeds a defect in the brake foot pedal/stop lamp occurred and drained the battery.*ak
 Dt*: the contact stated upon entering the vehicle, the key would not turn in the ignition. the vehicle has not been inspected by a mechanic.
 Dt: when placing key in the ignition, the vehicle will not start. this happened intermittently. sometimes it would not start whatsoever. vehicle had to be towed to dealer once. on 3 separate occasions the vehicle would not start at the dealership. dealer said the first incident was a faulty starter, but after a couple of weeks this problem happened again even after starter was replaced. in this process of back and forth to dealer on 4 different times there was several repairs of starter, sensor, computer board, and some other electronic component and these all stemmed from placing key in the ignition and the vehicle would not start. dealer said this was ignition and starter related. this is still a problem. dealer business manager has extended the warranty. *ak
 2001 ford taurus 4 door sedan.*mr there was a clunking noise when the consumer moved the gear shift selector from park to another gear position. the lock cylinder in the ignition was frozen, the radio was inoperative, and the door panels were removed to clean the window runs..*ts. the rear drum assembly was cracked and pitted. *jb
 Ignition key switch locks every time when vehicle is started. (service bulletins#012113-627-1sb6274). *ak when the key was turned the start position it did not turn back to the run position. after the consumer refueled the vehicle and proceeded into traffic, the key released all the way to the off position.*ts *jb
 Ignition system did not return to run position/ windshield wipers / other sustems wouldn't work. *ak
 I have a 2001 ford taurus. while driving the vehicle the anti-theft light will come on. the vehicle will shut down without warning. i was driving on interstate 75 in tn. the speed zone is 70mph. the car shut off and i was almost hit in the rear by a semi truck. i had my entire family in the car with me at the time. this is not an intermittent problem. i took the car into a ford dealer and i was told it was the ignition. it was replaced and two weeks later the same thing started. now i am told it is a gem module, or, pcm module, several other things. this to me is a very dangerous vehicle. when the car quits running, and you lose all power,and control of the vehicle, from brakes to steering. even the steering wheel locked down. it took 2 hours before the car would restart. this has occurred over 20 times. this problem is not only dangerous to the driver, but other drivers on the road. it will one day kill people. *tr
 The consumer states that the engine had a lack of breaking, a malfunction in the transmission shifting, the left front window had locked, the switch caused the starter to become inop/remain in power, and the ignition switch locked in the start position. the dealer refused to remedy the problem. *scc
 When key is turned to start engine ignition switch will not return to the number 4 position. vehicle checked by dealer, who advised consumer that it is suppose to work that way.*ak consumer stated the starter blew up, the brakes were inoperative, the transmission does not shift properly, the windows were inoperative.*jb
 Premature failure of the starter. *nm
 Dt: the contact states there is recall nhtsa campaign 04v332000 concerning the front coil springs; the vehicle was repaired by the previous owner according to the recall. now, the contact has the same problem, which was affecting the rear coils springs. it was repaired at the contact's expense. *ak the consumer had to purchase a new starter updated 01/11/06. *jb
 When key is turned to start engine ignition switch will not return to the number 4 position. vehicle checked by dealer, who advised consumer that it is suppose to work that way.*ak consumer stated the starter blew up, the brakes were inoperative, the transmission does not shift properly, the windows were inoperative.*jb
 Vehicle caught on fire unexpectedly when it was parked due to a short with the brake wiring harness. manufacturer was contacted by consumer. *ak
 Consumer's vehicle was parked for approximately 15 hours when the vehicle caught on fire. *ak the fire investigation indicated that the fire involved wiring and electrical components within the lower portion of the dashboard housing. *nm
 While parking wheels locked up, and smoke was coming from under dash/ and flames from under hood. vehicle was totalled. no injuries. 2 days prior, vehicle had been at dealership for power steering repair.*ak
 Intermittent electrical problem, resulting in all electric accesories went out, found a lose wire in the starter
 While traveling at highway speeds consumer began to smell an odor/ saw white sparks, then flames. vehicle was totaled. injuries were sustained. dealer has yet to be contacted. please provide further details.*ak
 My 2001 ford taurus had developed a leak on the passenger side and the heater blower only works on high. per the ford motor company technical service bulletin 04-15-3, thiswas a manufacturing error which eventually will ruin the carpet, the air conditioner, and cost me hundreds of dollars and may never be fixed.*ak
 Consumer smelled a burnt odor coming in from the vent. vehicle was parked, and it caught on fire from the center control panel. the fire was extinguished by fire department. consumer drove vehicle to the dealer, and mechanic stated that the cause of the fire could not be determined. *ak