CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
02V266000FORD MOTOR COMPANYfrom 05/03/1999 to 09/14/2001V (Vehicle)36961409/13/2002ODIFORD MOTOR COMPANY10/02/200210/04/2002
Defect SummaryCertain passenger vehicles equipped with adjustable padels are being recalled in order to adjust the brake and accelerator pedals to a minimum of 50 mm of lateral separation. simultaneous application of both the brake and accelerator pedals could result in an increase in engine rpm.
Consequence SummaryThis could result in a customer experiencing an unintended vehicle speed increase or a perceived unable to stop condition.
Corrective SummaryOwners will be instructed as to the proper way to set the position of the pedals and to take their vehicles to a dealer to have the spacing between the brake and accelerator pedals measured. if the spacing is found to be less than 50 mm, the dealer will adjust the pedals to increase the distance between them to greater than 50 mm. owner notification began october 28, 2002. owners who do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact ford at 1-866-436-7332.
NotesAlso contact the national highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at 1-888-dash-2-dot (1-888-327-4236).


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
0217609/02/200210008580Lamp-brake-invadvertent disabling of brake shift interlock. *mj08/05/2004


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
 Allege that some pedal clusters may have been produced with the brake pedal substantially closer to the accelerator pedal than specified by ford.
 Ms. rodman reported that after her vehicle was inspected for the recall, her mother experienced a sudden acceleration and crashed the sable into a light pole.previously nhtsa had conducted an investigation for this issue (pe02-035) that resulted in the recall (02v-266) of 369,000 my 2000-2002 taurus and sable vehicles equipped with adjustable brake and accelerator pedals to insure that the separation between the pedals was at least 50mm..a review of odi's database for complaints regarding recall 02v-266 did not identify any recall remedy complaints other than the petitioner' rodman
 Ford conducted a recall in march, 2001 to correct a defect affecting the brake light switch in my 2000 through early-2001 taurus and sable vehicles equipped with power adjustable pedals (recall 01v-078).rq03-008 was opened to investigate complaints concerning the remedy and scope of 01v-078.odi's analysis identified concerns with post-repair failures in recalled vehicles,failures in my 2001-02 vehicles with adjustable pedals that were not included in recall 01v-078, and failures in my 2000 vehicles with fixed pedals.(note: the manufacturer failure data in this resume includes all crashes and injuries, but the complaint information is limited to my 2001-02 vehicles that were not included in the scope of recall 01v-078.)on march 1, 2004, ford notified nhtsa of a safety defect in my 2000 through early-2003 taurus and sable vehicles equipped with adjustable pedals and my 2000 subject vehicles equipped with fixed pedals (recall 04v-106).the notification identified three factors contributing to brake light circuit failures:(1) continuing grease contamination issues that prompted 01v-078; (2) misalignment of the booster rod pin and the brake light switch; and (3) wire assembly fatigue.the first two conditions were limited to vehicles with adjustable pedals and the latter condition affected vehicles with fixed will instruct owners to bring their vehicles to a dealer to have the brake light switch and associated wiring replaced with a re-designed brake light switch and wiring assembly.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 I lost braking when a came to a hard stop. noticed that brake fluid dripping out by driver's door. i found out the brake lines that go to the rear of the car ruptured. most of the brake lines are visible and are in good shape under the vehicle. part of the brake lines rise under a recess in the underbody floor. there a plastic shield protects it from the parking brake cable. it was there that the lines had corroded badly and ruptured. this is listed on sited on the internet and should be warned to all taurus owners. *tr
 I lost braking when a came to a hard stop. noticed that brake fluid dripping out by driver's door. i found out the brake lines that go to the rear of the car ruptured. most of the brake lines are visible and are in good shape under the vehicle. part of the brake lines rise under a recess in the underbody floor. there a plastic shield protects it from the parking brake cable. it was there that the lines had corrodid badly and ruptured. this is listed on sited on the internet and should be warned to all taurus owners
 Pulsations while braking. when i had about 12000 miles on my 2001 ford taurus, the brakes started to pulsate when i applied them. the service dept told me it was normal wear and the disc needed resurfacing. now with ~29000 miles the problem is reoccuring. i expect longer life out of my brakes.
 Consumer experincing several problems with vehicle. door out of alignment 3 times, ga gauge not working and replace front brake rotors 4 times.
 My parents were getting off of the highway and the vehicle would not stop. my dad was standing on the brake pedal with all of his strength but the car kept moving through a red light and into oncoming traffic where they were hit by several vehicles. my father had multiple serious injuries and died on august 10th of 2007 as a result of those injuries.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2001 ford taurus. while driving approximately 25, the brake pedal was engaged and the vehicle continued to accelerate. the contact turned the ignition switch into the off position which caused the vehicle to slow down. the vehicle resumed and operated as normal. the failure occurred sporadic. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer for a recall related to the failure which was associated with the nhtsa campaign id number 02v266000 (service brakes, hydraulic: pedals and linkages). the consequence of the recall defect was an unintended acceleration. the technician inspected the vehicle and informed the vehicle did not require repair under the recall. the failure persisted. the manufacturer was not made aware of the defect. the approximate failure mileage was 20. js
 Tl-the contact owns a 2001 ford taurus. while driving approximately 20 mph the contact engaged the brakes and the brakes went to the floor. the vehicle crashed into the vehicle in front of them. slight damage was done to the front bumper. the other vehicle had rear end damage. a police report was filed. four passenger had injuries, one passenger had back injuries. passenger two and three had neck and lower back injuries. the fourth passenger had a sore neck. the vehicle has not been repaired. the vehicle was purchased used in 2010. the failure and current mileage were 124,152. vwb
 At a stop light, no crash, but almost. i was applying the brakes hard and the car engine did not want to stop. the engine kept trying to go forward, but my hard braking kept it from going forward. i had to change car lanes to prevent a crash. i had to keep my foot on the brake pressing hard. the car engine finally stop trying move forward.. this has happen before with this car several times with some close calls. this happens on and off for the past 2 years. my brakes are in good sharp. maybe a sensor problem ??? *tr
 On different occasions my car would try to lunge forward when i slam on the brakes. i had some close calls in hitting someone or a car. lucky i had my foot already on the brake pedal and would brake hard again, then again sometimes. i started checking under the hood and i found that my brake fluid container lid was not on tight. after placing the lid on tight i had no more problems with braking or the car would try to go forward when i slam on the brakes. *tr
 Last november, the brakes on my 2001 ford taurus ses unexpectedly quit working. the pedal would push down normally, but it was not doing anything. it started working again after a few seconds, and i was almost home so i decided to try to drive it home. about 30 seconds later, they quit again, only this time they did not come right back. i had to put the car into park to get it to stop. the first station i took it to spent a week trying to figure out the problem and could not. i then had it towed to a ford dealership who eventually fixed it. they said the problem was something was too tight, but i suspect that is just from the other station taking things apart trying to find the problem. i have not had a problem with it since, but i do not feel safe. *tr
 2001 ford taurus, lost brake pressure while driving (pedal to floor). after further investigation i found the steel brake lines running to the rear of the car on the driver's side were completely rusted through, and leaking brake fluid at a very fast / high rate. it was obvious that the corrosion was cause by (2) plastic guards used to protect the lines from the parking brake cable. the guards held water, salt etc... *tr
 Car lost brakes while driving ,smoke from rear drivers side tire. *tr
 Starting engine with transmission in park; won't shift out of park, brake lights don't work. occurs daily. have to turn engine off, start, then put into gear, but brake lights still don't usually work. tried to have ford dealer repair under recall (04v10600 or 04s12, related to 1s08?), but was told by dealer & ford customer service it didn't apply to my vin. paid dealer to replace brake light assembly and wiring. concerned as both failure to shift into gear & brake light failure have left the driver stranded & at risk of an accident. i believe the recall should be expanded to include my vehicle and probably many others with the same issue, that were not included in the previous recall. repair cost 158.61. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 ford taurus. while driving 35 mph, the contact heard a loud rubbing noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the shop and it was discovered that the rear springs failed and punctured the tires. the contact spoke with the manufacturer requesting assistance with the $1,300 repair cost, but was denied assistance. the current and failure mileages were 43,000. the consumer stated replaced 2 tires were needed 4 were bought, both sets of springs, struts, mounts. the dealer stated the left rear brakes seem to be hanging. updated 08/07/07 *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 ford taurus. while preparing to make a right turn, the vehicle's brakes failed while attempting to decelerate from 50 mph. the brake warning indicator light illuminated. the contact had to shut off the vehicle in order for it to stop. the vehicle was towed to a ford dealer and has not been diagnosed at this time. the engine size was unknown. the current and failure mileages were 49,000.
 Problems with brakes on 2001 ford taurus.*mr nearly a fatel accident because of failed brakes only 10,000 miles on vehicle. *cb
 Problems with braking system on 2001 ford taurus.*mr when applying the brakes while approaching a red light the brake pedal went all the way to the floor and the brakes did not activate. the driver applied the parking brake and did slow down but not sufficiently to avoid hitting two vehicles waiting at the light. the driver maneuvered to vehicle away from the car and went over two curbs and a few bumps before the vehicle stopped. the vehicle was taken to the dealer but they could not duplicate the problem. some undercarriage damage was noted but no major body damage. *nm
 The brakes failed to stop vehicle when they were depressed. brake pedal went to floor, and consumer's vehicle rear ended another vehicle. police officer indicated that there weren't any brakes on the passenger's side. vehicle was towed to the dealership. *ak
 We noticed the lower half of the car is covered with small rust spots 44000 miles. we do not have an estimate on fixing this problem. at 39000 miles we began experiencing a rattle under the right front passenger floor board. this has been inspected and nothing has been found so far, however the rattle continues to grow worse. just under 30000 miles the front brakes required replacment. new rotors and brake pads were installed, however within a weeks time the car was back in for more brake work. the pads were replaced by the shop, but the sqeaking has returned again.( we did not have the brakes repaired at the ford dealership, because we were told that this was not covered under warranty.) the fuel gauge reads erracticly between full and 1/4. i have made no attempt to have this fixed yet. the engine has developed a hard starting problem within the last few weeks. it will crank and not start. then after a couple of attempts, it will start but idle rough.
 When applying the brakes the front end shook violently.*ak the dealer rotated and balanced all four tires. the dealer also replaced the front rotors and pads and adjusted the rear brakes. *nm
 While driving at night or during inclement weather brakes fail to respond. the brake pedal is hard, and extended stopping distance is necessary to perform properly. *ak
 When the brakes were applied, the pedal traveled to the floor, and caused less braking power. *ak on a level road, the brakes were applied at a traffic light and the pedal had gone to the floor with little braking power, the pedal returned several minutes later. the dealer couldn't find the source of the problem. *scc *jb
 While applying brakes the pedal went all the way down to the floor. *tt the incident occurred twice at the same spot, but different days, the consumer pulled out of the road, as the consumer attempted to turn left at the red light the vehicle did not move. the brakes had become inoperative before as well where the consumer felt as if the vehicle wasn't going to stop. *scc *jb
 There was a pulsation in the steering wheel when the brakes were applied. *jb
 When the consumer attempted to brake, his foot became stuck between the gas and brake pedal, consumer loss control but was able to get foot out and come to a safe stop. consumer believed the pedals were designed too close together.*jb
 The vehicle experienced total brake failure twice in the last 2 weeks, the dealer was unable to determine cause of brake failure.*jb
 When brakes was applied, there was a vibration shock from the pedal and they didn't hold. this almost caused an accident. the dealership has been contacted. ts
 Consumer states when applied the brakes the vehicle suffered sudden acceleration. contacted dealer and dealer was not willing to do anything. please provide further information.. ts
 When consumer attempted to apply the brakes suddenly, the brake pedal went to the floor, which caused consumer to hit the vehicle in front of him. *jg *jb
 While driving, another vehicle pulled in front of consumer, consumer applied brakes but vehicle was not slowing down. consumer states feels like the gas pedal was stuck. took to ford and there is a recall 02s40 for brakes. same problem consumer had. please provide any further information. mr
 I am a owner of a 2001 ford taurus which i bought used and have owned it now for 2 years. it is the first ford i have owned in over 20 years. since i have owned it, it has not given me too many problems, just the basic break downs like, batteries, brakes ,seized a/c compressor,coolant expansion tank cracked, ect. those things are going to break. but what has really upset me is how i have read about the coil springs breaking on the taurus and causing possible damage to the vehicle. i didn't think it would happen to me but after arriving home today i noticed a small piece of metal under my 01 taurus and after further observation i found it to be a piece of my rear coil spring from the drivers side. i am a 40+ year old male who has had many makes and models of different types of vehicles and have never had or heard of coil springs breaking as they do on the ford taurus. this is a problem that needs to be repaired by ford and not the consumer. so i can only expect that the rest of the springs are faulty and need to be replaced before i have any further damage to my vehicle. it seems to me that the ford company does not care about craftmanship or the consumers safety. so change your slogan have you driven a ford lately to your riding on faulty coil springs. this is a serious problem that is a major safety issue and needs to be corrected free of charge to all ford taurus owners. *tr
 Dt: the contact stated that when applying the brake they jerked and squeaked intermittently. at times when the brakes were applied they almost went to the floor. dealer said they could not find the cause of the problem. once the dealer drove vehicle it jerked. manufacturer took the contact's complaint, and told her they could not duplicate the problem, and could not offer any help at their expense. she was not sure if it was the front or rear brakes.*ak
 My wife while driving a rental 2001 ford taurus on ventura freeway attempted to brake at some point,the brake pedal went to the floor she exited the freeway at off ramp and crashed into a concrete retaining wall.both air bags did not deploy,my wife's shoulder harness gave way, resulting in massive injuries to my wife and serious injuries to my 2 daughters which after surgery had to be redone on one of them.*ak
 The consumer experienced brake system failure. the consumer took the vehicle to the dealership. while slowing down to make a 90 degree turn there was no pedal pressure. this happened intermittently. *ak *jb
 While driving at 10 mph. the driver applied the brakes and they failed. the vehicle took longer to stop and the consumer rear ended another vehicle. please provide further information. *jb
 Abs operated poorly. when the brakes were applied vehicle did not come to a stop immediately. vehicle moved about 50 feet before stopping after brakes were applied. consumer took the vehicle to the dealer and no work was done. they charged the consumer, and kept the vehicle for an extended period. but when the consumer picked up the vehicle, the consumer was assured that the work was done. then, consumer took the vehicle to goodyear, and consumer was told that nothing was done to the vehicle. ak the consumer stated the drivers seat belt did not retract and the passengers front door was hard to open from the outside. *jb
 My 2001 ford taurus shakes at highway speeds. problem has been blamed on everything. tires have been replaced and balanced, rotors have been replaced (for the 2nd time in this cars young life), and the brake pads have been replaced. i just want my car to stop shaking. seems like we're playing eeny,meeny,miny, moe with my money and time. still no resolution. *jb
 While driving anti- lock brake system failed when applied, almost causing an accident.contacted dealer.*ak the left front door wobbles when opening, consumer states the trunk lid would open while driving, consumer states rear of vehicle bottoms out when there are at least five people in the vehicle, the speakers were giving a bad reception.*jb
 During a close proximity, panic stop attempt, the brake system cycled and a collision ensued. if the brake system had not cycled, the accident could have been avoided. this is the second occurrence to me in 2 different ford vehicles in less than a year. in each case, i feel that the accident could have been avoided if the anti-skid system did not cycle at speed under 25-30 mph. i have contacted ford about this and they seem to be uninterested. if it had been a child running into the roadway from between cars, in each instance, i would have run over them. does anyone besides me see a problem here?*ak
 Pavement was a little bit wet, but the vehicle lost traction control totally and ran along the curb before can be stopped while making a right turn. the vehicle is equipped with traction control and abs but did not seem to work well. on other (3~4) occasions in making turns, the tires appeared to spin too freely for seconds before traction regained.*ak
 Unsure about actual mileage or amount of property damage; brake pedal went to the floor when attempted to stop and crashed into the car in front which in turn crashed into another car; my insurance co. field expert engineer opines that the crash caused the radiator to put a crimp in the brake line which is totally contrary to what happened. i swear under penalty of perjury that when i depressed the brake pedal it went to the floor and i hit the car in front of me.*ak
 On march 6, 2001, i purchased a 2001 ford taurus lx, from chino hills ford, chino, california 91710. on april 6, 2001, the vehicle was taken to ford west, artesia blvd., bellflower because the car would not go into park when the brakes were applied. the strange part is when i phoned the dealership and explained the problem, they gave me instructions on how to shift the gear as if it was part of my owner's manual. i got the impression that this was a very common problem for the taurus vehicle. when the service deparment at ford west pulled the information up on the car from the computer, it was revealed that the car's rear bumper had been replaced when it had 5 miles on it. (this was never disclosed to me). i picked up the car drove home and the brake switch went out again. this time i called chino hills ford to have them replace the brake switch. i drove the car to chino hills on april 12, 2001, i was told by one of the service personnel that there were loose wires and i had no brake lights. all of this was assessed by him without taking the vehicle into the service area. chino hills supplied me with a rental and said it would probably take a day to repair. i was under the impression that the dealership would check the car thoroughly since this problem has occured more than once in such a short time of purchasing the vehicle. when driving the car i could feel that the brakes were still not working properly, so i called the dealership only to feel as though they were not taking my concerns seriously. to make a long story short the brakes failed twice on the car. two engineering companies investigated and found oil in the brake line. now ford does not want to compensate me with a new car and out of pocket expenses for a rental. a more detailed letter has been sent to ford motor company, product claim department. i desperately need your help. ford says the car is ready, but i fear for my fami ly's safety!!!!
 I lost braking when a came to a hard stop. noticed that brake fluid dripping out by driver's door. i found out the brake lines that go to the rear of the car ruptured. most of the brake lines are visible and are in good shape under the vehicle. part of the brake lines rise under a recess in the underbody floor. there a plastic shield protects it from the parking brake cable. it was there that the lines had corroded badly and ruptured. this is listed on sited on the internet and should be warned to all taurus owners. *tr
 The vehicle pulled to the right and left and failed to stop when brakes were applied. the dealer replaced the rotors and brake pads, but the problem was not corrected. as the result of the brakes failure, the consumer lost control of the vehicle and was injured and the vehicle was damaged. *yh
 Consumer states that the brakes on the vehicle do not work properly. the consumer has to push the brakes all the way in before the vehicle will stop. contacted dealer. mr
 We were traveling northbound in i-25 at las vegas, nm. a vehicle traveling the opposite had lost control, passed the median ,and disabled at the right lane we were traveling. it was raining hard and i did not have the chance to avoid it. i had slammed my brakes, skidded and hit the disabled vehicle. the damage in my vehicle was more on the passenger side. both front airbags did not deploy. at the towing company, they tried to start it and noticed airbag light camed on and flashing. it seems airbags activated after the impact but did not deploy. *ak
 When key is turned to start engine ignition switch will not return to the number 4 position. vehicle checked by dealer, who advised consumer that it is suppose to work that way.*ak consumer stated the starter blew up, the brakes were inoperative, the transmission does not shift properly, the windows were inoperative.*jb
 Vehicle accelerated with brakes applied. this occurred three times. previously, vehicle dragged 20-30 seconds approaching a stop due to it not stopping on time.please provide more information.*ak
 Brakes are noisy during stops, consumer has to press hard on brakes to get vehicle stopped. *tt
 Vehicle was up on a rack for oil change and noticed that rear brakes lines were rubbing. there was no installation between brakes, preventing rubbing. therefore, leaking will occur from brakes because of this problem.*ak consumer states metal to metal contact was occurring. *slc
 Brakes continue to shimmy/ rotors/pads replaced/drums cut. dt
 My new 2001 ford taurus has had an annoying intermittent shimmy at highway speeds, the steering wheel wobbles at speeds under 45mph and the steering wheel vibrates during braking. the car's wheels have been rebalanced twice and realigned once with no success between two dealerships. ford ann harbor michigan has been notified that the car is still not fixed. *ak
 Stopping distance has changed. there are 4 wheel disc brakes only on front, they should be on the rear also. please provide any further information.*ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 2001 ford taurus. while driving 35 mph the driver's side coil spring failed. the mechanic replaced both coil springs, a damaged cv joint, a failed connector rod, and a damaged strut. the contact never received a safety recall notice, and didn't know if the repairs were performed with the previous owner per recall# 04v332000. the contact had the front brake pads repaired. the current and failure mileages were 120,000.*ak
 The vehicle stalled intermittently. the consumer took the vehicle to the dealer and the dealership changed the egr sensor. however, the problem still continued. the cause of the failure was undetermined. provide further details. *jb....dealership also replaced front brake pads. *ak
 2001 ford taurus ses wagon. purchased 4/2001 with 32 miles on it. found out right after purchase that rotors had been ground down. dealer blamed original parts. upon braking, steering while heavily rocks from side to side. obvious to anyone sitting in the car. rotors have been replaced at least twice, and ground down at least 3 times. car only has 70,000 miles on it. travel is 90% highway miles, little braking at all. dealers just keep suggesting new rotors and pads or grinding down but i have been doing this approx. every 8,000-10,000 miles. shimmy in wheel never fully goes away no matter what i do. i am afraid that i will not be able to stop one day given how much vibration in the car there is. no one knows what's wrong or is admitting it. research will show that i am not the only one with this complaint, so clearly there is a design flaw of some kind. *jb
 Consumer complained about front brake rotors. the front brake rotors were replaced on four separate occasions, but the problem still occurs. *ak
 Problems with 2001 ford taurus brake rotors.*mr the front end vibrated and the brake rotors were replaced numerous times, however the problem still existed. ford was ordered to repair all repairs but they only turned the rotors. *ph also the passenger window dragged, the lights dimmed when the radio or heater was on, and also the transmission jerked at times and there was a vibration in the front of the vehicle, the mechanic stated it was due to tire wear. *jb
 Service brakes, hydraulic: foundation components: disc: rotor on 2001 ford taurus -- have replaced rotors twice and tires once since purchasing vehicle in january 2003 w/ only 30k miles on it. now have 49k miles and the steering wheel practically jumps out of my hands while braking due to the rotors which were put on only 2 months ago after dealership billed ford for shaving rotors below safety specifications and had to be replaced at my expense. ford needs to do something about the extreme heat generated thereby causing rotors to have to be replaced everytime individual must suddenly stop ! ford should pay for next rotors and should consider recalling vehicle due to braking system will cause accidents if someone cannot stop and ford will be liable in my particular situation. i will advertise this information and make readily available all my documentation to the legal field and any attorney who requests it. *ph
 Consumer states that brake rotors are wearing ,and when applying the brakes, vehicle will have a heavy vibration and extended stopping distance. dealer notified.*ak
 2001 ford taurus. brakes resurfaced at 23,000 miles. (may 2002) still not right, asked to recheck. the dealer insisted nothing wrong. rotors replaced at 38,000 miles. so far, ford refusing to pay. not to mention, four new tires about the same time. *nlm
 The brake rotors failed, which caused the vehicle to experience stopping distance.*jb
 Brake rotors keep overheating, resulting in them crystalizing. had them replaced 4 times, problem still occurred. contacted dealer.*ak
 The rotors on my brand new ford taurus are warped, they will be brouhgt in for service on 4/23/01 under my current warranty. i will ask for the rotors to be replace dnot just turned down. *ak
 Tl* the contact owns a 2001 ford taurus. the vehicle was brought to a repair shop for new rear drums. the mechanic replaced the rear drums and brakes, and noticed that the rear coil spring failed. through research the contact discovered several complaints regarding the above mentioned failure. the current and failure mileages were 72,000.*ak
 A loud grinding noise was coming from the left rear wheel while driving 35-40 mph. vehicle was taken to a repair shop, and mechanic determined that a part of the brake broke off into the brake drum, and that the drum/pads, and brake cylinder need to be replaced. the dealer was notified.*ak before the loud grindng noise there was a loud pop from the left rear wheel. rear shoes and rear wheel cylinder were repalced and brake system was bleed. 2 brake drums also had to be resurfaced. *tt
 2001 ford taurus 4 door sedan.*mr there was a clunking noise when the consumer moved the gear shift selector from park to another gear position. the lock cylinder in the ignition was frozen, the radio was inoperative, and the door panels were removed to clean the window runs..*ts. the rear drum assembly was cracked and pitted. *jb
 Vehicle was up on a rack for oil change and noticed that rear brakes lines were rubbing. there was no installation between brakes, preventing rubbing. therefore, leaking will occur from brakes because of this problem.*ak consumer states metal to metal contact was occurring. *slc
 I had been hearing a noise in the rear of my car but the dealer kept saying they could not hear it. while driving in town my brakes locked up and i had to have it towed to the dealer. the dealer said that i had been driving with my park brake on and that voided my warranty. i had never used the parking brake. i had to pay for the brake work and new drums. since then i've had the brakes re-done twice. this should not need to be done so often ,should it? *jb
 The vehicle was taken to the dealer on 5/30/2003 because a noise was heard while driving. both rear wheel cylinder boots were cracked and had to be replaced. currently, the vehicle is making the same noise as before. rear clips loose and moving around. *ak *cb
 While driving 30 mph rear driver side spindle snapped, cutting the brake line. this caused the vehicle to have extended stopping distance which resulted in a roll over. consumer sustained neck and back injuries. *ak
 Brake failure in the ford taurus 2001 131,000 miles vin # 1fafp52u81a133903 major accident avoided (master cylinder failure) life or death safety issue w/ the ford taurus 2001 regarding the brakes. yesterday i had a complete brake failure without any warning and or sign of a problem. as it turned out it was the master cylinder that failed. the brake fluid container in the engine compartment was full even long after the incident. i was traveling across a five mile bridge (howard franklin) from clearwater to tampa at 70 miles per hour w/ no vehicle in front of me. without warning i had no brakes and i had to coast to a stop and jam in the emergency brake. luckily i wasn't killed and or seriously injured. how can this possibly happen ? how many times has this occurred before ? the vehicle in question has 131,000 miles on it. i have it inspected regularly and w/ complete service routinely. the vin # ifafp52u81a133903 passenger in car who's life was endangered (mark schumpert 864-363-2333). it's a miracle that we didn't have a major accident, injury, or death. *jb
 Upon depressing brake pedal to slow/stop brake pedal descended to the floor with no warning due to the master cylinder failing. please describe details. *ak
 Engine accelerated when applying brakes at a parking lot. *ak
 The brake pedal and the gas pedal are too close, and gas pedal is 1/2 inch lower. when stepping on the brake pedal consumer can hit the gas pedal at the same time. dealer states there can be no modifications because of design specifications.*ak
 Consumer stated while traveling at at normal speeds tried to avoid hitting a deer, consumer slammed foot on brake pedal, foot got stuck between the gas pedal and brake pedal, lost control and hit a mail box. vehicle was air borne, landing in a neighbor's yard. none of the vehicles air bags deployed. *ak
 The vehicles brake pedal disengage from the master cylinders push rod. the dealer was contacted and repaired the vehicle. *nlm the dealer did not volunteer information of other models that has factory recalls for the retainer clip. refer to recall# 02v266000 scc
 The brake and speed pedal are two and half inches apart. causing the consumer to apply both at the same time. please fill in additional information. ts
 Consumer stated had problems with brake pedal. also stated that the brake pedal is 2 higher that the gas pedal. dealer was contaced and stated that there was a recall but they said that there was no problem with it. *ts *tt the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal is too close together which caused the consumer's foot to hit both and cause an accident. *tt
 While traveling at about 3 mph, consumer states' pressed brake pedal and vehicle took off through the parking lot, hitting a couple of cars before consumer could safely locate brake pedal and stop. consumer states there is a recall for the distance between the brake and accelerater pedal. 02 v 266 000. please provide any further information. ts
 Consumer states that the brake pedal is to close to the accelerator pedal that when trying to apply the brakes the consumer has stepped on the accelerator pedal also. contacted dealer. mr
 Nhtsa recall campaign 02v266000 brake pedal; this vehicle is outside the remedy scope and the vehicle is having the same problem that the recall exhibits. please describe details. mr
 Vehicle is subject to high rpms with mileage reaching up to 35 mph. brakes are worn due to constant application of pedal for control. please describe details. *ak
 Was put into an emergency stop situation, when i applied brakes my brake pedal bent in half causing my foot to come off and land on the gas pedal. i slamed into the car in front of me because of this defect, had the brakes not failed i could of came to a stop with causing an accident. ford was contacted and refused to acknowledge incident and my insurance company is currently in litagation with ford over the incident.
 Pe 02 035: brake/accelerator pedal separation: pedal adjustable, while applying brakes to slow down from 70 mph accelerator pedal was applied at the same time and almost caused a vehicle crash. dealer was notified on two occasions.*ak consumer believes that the brake and gas pedal are too close together.*jb
 While driving and upon using brake and accelerator pedals, consumer's foot gets stuck. however, there is an open investigation regarding the pedal separation. *ak consumer adds that her husband has a size 14 foot which gets caught frequently in between the pedals. *tt
 Power brake booster failed causing very long braking distances. dealer replaced booster. *jb
 Flexible engine mounting twisted beyond length of vacuum hose that is connected to power brakes, causing total brake failure. please give any further details.*ak
 While driving at highway speeds a defect in the brake foot pedal/stop lamp occurred and drained the battery.*ak