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1582404/01/2002637561Some vehicles may exhibit a partial latch condition when using the power sliding doors feature. *tt12/02/2002
1381203/01/2001620272Some fleet customers may want to disable the child lock feature on the sliding doors and prevent it from being accidently re-activated. *tt07/23/2001
803602/01/2000612229Some fleet customers may want to disable the child lock feature on the sliding doors and prevent it from being accidently re-activated. *tt06/07/2000

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl* the contact owns a 2000 ford windstar. the contact stated that the sliding doors would periodically lock and not unlock. the failure alternated between each rear sliding door. the vehicle had not been to the dealer. the failure mileage was unknown and the current mileage was 177,000.
 I own a 2000 ford windstar. i have recently had my abs brake light go on and stay on, along with my traction control light also staying on and finally, my speedometer no longer works above 40 km per hour. all of these happened exactly the same time. i took it into ford and they are saying i need a new abs module but after reading about their abs recall issues and much written about how this problem is very common, i am inclined to think ford should fix this problem. hence my complaint to you guys.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2000 ford winstar. while parked the contact was trying to open the rear sliding door but it was stuck and would not open. the failure would occur intermittently. after time the door would not open at all. the vehicle was not taken to the dealer for repair. the failure mileage was 85,000. ds
 Tl. the contact owns a 2000 ford windstar. the contact stated the sliding doors has malfunctioned. each doors will not open due to the spring coming loose. the contact to the vehicle to the dealer and the dealer stated the springs in the doors need to be replaced. the contact has not had the springs replaced. the contact stated this is a safety issue because children can get locked in the vehicle due to the sliding doors. the failure mileage was 157,000. jo
 Tl-the contact owns a 2000 ford windstar. the vehicle continued to drive at the speed it was cruising at when the cruise control was turned off. in order to stop the vehicle from cruising he had to step on the brake pedal. the failure recurred whenever the cruise control was engaged and then turned off. the vehicle was not taken to have the failure diagnosed and was not repaired. the front and rear coil springs have also been broken in the past. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic where it was repaired. he also mentioned the locks on the rear sliding doors intermittently do not function. the failure mileage was 110,000 and the current mileage was 130,000. sm.
 I own a 2000 ford windstar. on 10/10/09 at 74666 miles i had the driver's actuator lock assembly replaced . it didn't properly work for almost a year but i could get into the car manually. on 10/21/09, i had the sliding right passenger door actuator replaced. i had to wait to replace them due to financial reasons. once, the passenger door went i knew that i couldn't hold off any longer. in all my driving years, i have never had to replace the actuators on any of my vehicles. *tr
 Tl* the contact owns a 2000 ford windstar. while attempting to enter the vehicle neither the passenger or driver side sliding doors could be unlocked . the vehicle has not been inspected nor repaired by the dealer. the current and failure mileages were 157000. updated 1/4/10 *cn
 Rear axle broke in 2 pcs. *tr
 I purchased this vehicle about 2 years ago and began having problems right away. the abs light comes on and goes off quite often. at about 125,000 miles i had problems with the brakes and could not drive the car. my o/d light also began to flash and my speedometer jumped up and down while i was driving. i took it to a shop and had to have a speed sensor replaced. a day later the problem happened again and i had to have the sensor replaced again. the abs light began to come on again a few days later. now i have a light on the panel (the master lighting switch). when i turn off the headlights and parking lights, the parking lights come back on. i used to be able to turn them off and sometimes they would stay off, but now i have to disconnect the battery every time i park and reconnect it to drive the car. also, one by one, all of the power locks are going out. the only one that works correctly is the one for the rear door (trunk). the rear windows can open, but sometimes it takes days of trying before i can get them to close again. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 ford windstar. when the vehicle was purchased, all the door locks operated properly. however, at 60,000 miles, the doors do not lock and cannot be opened from the passenger compartment. in addition, the interior lights fail to illuminate when the doors are opened. furthermore, the cruise control cannot be deactivated unless the brake pedal is depressed. the failure mileage was 60,000.
 Dt: the consumer stated 2000 ford windstar was having multiple problems. the fuses blew out, the lights were blinking on and off, and the odometer/speedometer werenot working. the mechanic that looked at the car suggested that it may be an electrical problem. while driving the lights wereblinking on and off. consistently, kept the dashboard not illuminated. they have even tried to leave the air off to see if this would help the fuses not to blow out. there were lights on the dashboard that when lit up wthe fuse blew out. . the abs light came on when the fuse blew out. the rear defroster didn't work nor did the rear air vents. this was not a safety condition for the owner to be traveling with child who has major health issues. the owner has not taken the van to the dealership because she could not afford the cost of labor and service charges. the owner has had a small problem contacting the ford manufacturer, but that was now resolved. she was planning on contacting them today. the driver's side door will not lock or unlock with the remote. the cruise control was not working. *ak
 The power door lock on the driver's of my 2000 windstar will not operate. it gets stuck in the locked position and will not unlock with the remote key fob. the ford dealership suggests replacing the accuator at a cost of $250. this has been non-functional since late 2003.*ak
 Doors will not unlock via the fob or internal electronic controls due to bad lock actuators. had drivers side door lock actuator replaced about 1 1/2 years ago (under extended warranty), but now both sliding doors have the same issue. the sliding doors to not have a keyed entry system so the doors must be unlocked from the inside by pulling up on the lock knob. *jb
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 ford windstar. the vehicle's door locks automatically unlock without warning. the child safety locks fail to remain locked. the vehicle has not been diagnosed. the failure occurs each time the vehicle is driven. the purchase date was unknown. the current mileage is 98,000 and failure mileage was 90,000.
 My rear passenger power sliding door has not been closing and locking. door will pop open. as of labor day 2006 this door is locked and now will not unlock or open. this is forcing my children to exit the vehicle on the driver's side. *nm
 On the rear sliding doors,drivers side, the door will not unlock, when you hit the button to unlock, it keeps sticking and it will not let you pull it by hand and will not work at all with the remote, it does it every time we use the van, which is practically every day making it hard and aggravating to get my 2 year old out of his car seat,if something were to happen we wouldn't be able to get him out in time. *jb
 Dt: the contact stated in march 2004 the interior lights flickered under all conditions. there were no warning indicators on the dashboard concerning the interior lights flickering. the vehicle was taken to the dealer, and dealer changed the alternator and the battery lead wires. this only repaired the problem for two to three days. the vehicle was returned to the dealer and the door switches were changed. this solved the problem for two to three weeks. the problem recurred and vehicle was taken back to the dealer, who replaced the thumb roller for the interior lights and the switch plates on the sliding doors. again the problem recurred after two to three weeks. once again the vehicle was taken to the dealer, who referred the contact to another dealer. the vehicle was taken to a second dealer who was unable to diagnose the source of the problem. the second dealer suggested the problem may be related to a rare electronic module which was replaced by the contact, but this still did not solve the problem. the contact then took the vehicle to a third dealer, who replaced the wiring under the headliner. the problem returned after two to three weeks. yesterday the contact returned the vehicle to the third dealer, and they were unable to diagnose the cause of the problem. *ak
 I intend to send a letter to our state senator because of the unfair service and quality of this car. i asked pok. ford to check a vibration in the gas pedal. i was told to get new rotors and new brakes. they said inspection was due soon, so i said fine fix it, but also do an inspection. after fixing, the pedal still vibrates. they say the tires, they're bald and strap is shifted, knowing this they passed my car anyway. concerned i went to bj's tire center the following day to see what was going on and if they were under warranty. they replaced the two front tires because they had no treads, gave me an alignment and said this was not the problem with the gas pedal. on the way to the doctors with my children i felt my gas pedal stick. ford claims that maybe the vibration was the transmission. i went to the place that did my transmission, he said this was not transmission related. he popped the hood and said this could be the problem, my gas cable line looked like it was sawed. he claims this just does not usually happen. i told jason what he said, jason claims he and i was crazy. he came out and looked himself, he said it was worn, frayed and very loose. after arguing with jason because he had my car five times for the same reason, and it took a transmission guy to notice the cable line, jason told me to leave the grounds and don't come back. when i got home i called the attorney generals office, federal trade comm, dept of motor vehicle, and a lawyer. i called freedom ford in beacon. he told me to bring the car in. the service man said the chamber that the cable goes through was free and there was nothing grabbing on the cable, this does not usually happen and he thinks it may have been done, but didn't comment how. i can't say how it happened but i can say that this is a safety issue and if pok. ford didn't do this and it didn't get stuck than this should have been a recall issue. i also have two doors that are still broke and was supposedly fixed many times. *jb
 The automatic sliding door on my 2000 ford winstar pops open when the weather is hot. someone has to get out and push it shut. this has been happening since we purchased it new from the dealer, and every time i have taken it in for them to look at they tell me they can't find anything wrong with it. of course there are numerous postings on edmunds forum about this problem, but the dealer doesn't know anything about it. *nm
 Dt: consumer owns 2000, ford, windstar van with power rear sliding doors. the passenger side door becomes unlatched while driving, and at one occurrence actually opened. when this incident occurred had grandchildren in vehicle. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer said could not fix this problem. stated ford vehicles have been having this problem. has been to dealer 4-5 times. last week this was fixed, but on a trip this happened again. went back to dealer again and stuck with this problem. *ak
 2000 windstar sel - sporadic and continuing failure of psds on both sides to close when vehicle stopped, stay open when vehicle placed into gear, and open while vehicle in motion. paid $2,000+ to sunland ford to repair, still occuring, going in again. ford service personnel have been rude, thrown papers at my daughter when she picked the vehicle up (i'm 70). son in law searched your database for info, don't understand why psds opening while in motion isn't a safety problem. *ak
 2000 windstar van, automatic passenger side door opens without warning or input from keyfob.*ak
 Consumer complained about an electrical door problem. when backing out of the driveway, the doors flew open and consumer could not control them because they were electric. the consumer took the vehicle to the dealer repeatedly and they bandaged the problem which only lasted a month or so. then it happened again.*ak the consumer stated that the problem was on fords data base. *tc *jb
 Consumer complained about an ongoing concern that both power sliding doors would not close properly or open intermittently while driving. vehicle was to the dealer on eight separate occasions, but problem recurred. *ak
 Information request. letter and package is in the mail concerning our complaint! *ak the consumer wanted to know the status of his complaint.
 The driver's side rear sliding door will not stay closed unless forced. it opens on it's own regardless of when the van is on or off. most commonly it occurs as a bounce-back when we've tried to close it with the remote or door-frame button, but it has occurred when i've started the ignition. my concern is that my 2 year old son rides in the captain's chairs in my van-up against that door. he is in a securely latch'ed seat (britax roundabout with latch) but i am not comfortable with the door randomly opening. *ak
 The power sliding door on passenger's side lock and unlock for no reason while driving. dealer was notified. consumer believed this was a safety issue. *ak the door has also opened while the vehicle was motion. *nm
 Ie04-008/power sliding door: vehicle's power sliding door would inadvertently open while in motion and stopped. the dealer and the manufacturer were notified. *ak
 2000 windtar sliding door on passenger side pops open while vehicle in in motion or door won't open at all. tailgate very difficult to open. ford company says it can't duplicate failures except once. i was charged because they said the repairs were cosmetic. *ak
 I would just like you to be aware the the automatic sliding doors on my windstar tend to open up by themselves while in reverse or driving i find this as a major safety risk since i have 4 small children who ride in the back. *ak
 While driving at any speed, sliding door was having a problem where the sliding door would reopen after it closed. dealer advised consumer to trade the vehicle since it could not be fixed. *ak
 We have owned this 2000 ford windstar since february of 2002. i have lost count of how many times we have taken it back to the dealer because of the poor gas mileage. it was getting 13 mpg and the dealer said that was normal. but over the past 3 months we have taken it back to the dealer 8 times because of the check engine light. the dealership has replaced the upper/lower intake gaskets, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel line, mass oxygen flow sensor, both o2 sensors, valve cover gaskets, and a couple of other things too. the gas mileage actually got worse after several of the repairs. we are averaging between 9 - 10 mpg. in addition to the engine problems, our door locks don't work right and the interior lights don't work at all automatically...we have to turn them on and off. the door locks on the sliding doors have to worked by hand. i am so sick and tired of this car. we have had to cancel two road trips because of the problems, because i don't trust the car out of town. it already left me stranded overnight because the transmission blew up two months after we bought it.*ak
 Passenger side sliding power assist door does not always latch correctly.*ak
 Right sliding door will not unlock. dealer is aware of the problem, but has not made any repairs. *ak
 Vehicle comes equipped with an automatic door locks that engage when vehicle is put into drive. the sliding door unlocks and slides open whether the vehicle is mobile or not. dealership has replaced door parts and serviced the vehicle several times, but the problem still exists.*ak
 The passenger side rear sliding door popped open while driving. vehicle will be taken to the dealer for repairs. *ak the sliding passenger door intermittently popped open after closing it at times while driving just enough to cause the door ajar light come on. one must manually pull the lock to open the door. ford worked on the door and said it needed line adjustments but the door continued to experience the problem. *scc *jb
 2000 ford windstar had multiple problems, most severely was the failure of the sliding doors to latch/lock properly. they would pop open while on the roadway putting children at risk sitting next to the doors. ford dealership said they were unaware of problem and vehicle taken in 6x for repairs. ford motor said they were also unaware of any other windstars having this problem. found on internet that this is wideranging problem. filed lawsuit again ford under california lemon law. they are buying car back. tracy mccrackin. *ak
 Consumer noticed passenger sliding door once closed and without any indication popped back open, causing other doors not to lock. *ak
 Both sliding doors failed on different occasions, they didn't work automatically or manually. the dealer inspected four times, and problem continued. *ak the radio quit , the directional switch had broken, the power doors/switches failed various times, and the door unlatched while parked and in motion. *scc *jb
 The sliding doors would unlatch on their own without warning while driving. the electrical doors were control by remote. the took the vehicle to the dealership at least 7 times for the problem before having the sliding door repaired. now the driver side sliding door is having the same unlatching problem. a child sits on the outboard position where the sliding doors are unlatching. *ak the rear suspension was readjusted, the vehicle had various electrical problems such as the abs light, the theft flashing light, and the speedometer. ph *jb
 When my 2000 ford windstar had only 43,000 miles on it the driver's side power sliding door began malfunctioning. initially it would not latch when closing and would pop back open. since that time it has gotten to the point where it will not even open all the way on its own. it will open about 12 inches then stop, and still will not latch when closing.
 Sliding passenger door will intermittently pop open after closing, just enough for door ajar light to come on. dealer was contacted. dealer indicated there was nothing he could do, ford was working on the problem.*ak *slc
 While driving cargo door comes open by itself without warning. dealer contacted. *ak consumer states the same door opened again and contacted the dealer for diagnostics check. *yh
 Side passenger door does not close completely, and occasionally pops open. usually occurs when stopped, closing door, but has popped open while moving. occurs intermittently.*ak
 On the day consumer bought vehicle and drove it home there was some noise coming from steering column. contacted dealer, and the dealer said that they did not find anything wrong.*ak consumer states bells go off randomly for no reason, at any given time and when it rains both sliding doors leak inside, passenger side door is loose and shakes and rattles, will open by itself. *jb
 While traveling 35-mph in a construction zone vehicle struck a large pothole, and front passenger's door came open. consumer stated that door was securely closed before incident. *ak
 Rear passengers' sliding doors opened while driving for no reason. consumer claimed that ford was not attempting to solve problem. *ak
 Right side sliding door would reopen by itself after closing and remained open, unable to close door. vehicle taken to dealer, and waiting on repairs. *ak repairs were performed by the dealer. *yh
 Rear passenger door cannot be opened from inside , cause is unnown. please provide further information.*ak
 After 1 week of purchasing the vehicle rear doors were defective. also, that brakes felt spongy. during repairs dealer discovered that master cylinder was defective. vehicle has been at the dealership since then. dealer has advised consumer that repair part was on backorder of waiting list of 2000. *ak
 Vehicle has a safety device on locking mechanism when starting to drive. also, door lock will pinch the person's arm when near the lock. *ak
 Passenger's sliding door would not hold in place whenever it was opened, almost closed on person getting in or out of vehicle. dealer notified. *ak
 While driving on the freeway at 65 mph hood flew up and blocked consumer's view. consumer managed to get the car to the side without causing an accident.*ak