Consumer Complaints

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 I own a 2000 ford windstar and the windshield wipers have quit working for the third time. this always seems to happen while i am driving in the rain, which is not safe at all, but yesterday it happened during a very heavy thunderstorm while i was driving down the interstate at 70 mph! it has always been wiper motor failure and the motor needs to be replaced. i have seen a recall in the past on the 2000 ford windstar for this same complaint. i contacted my local dealership and they stated that my windstar was not included in this recall. as much of a hassle and an expense it is to have the wiper motor replaced, it's still not as much a hassle as it is dangerous to be driving a vehicle that not only do the wipers randomly quit working without any warning but the abs and traction control will kick off all the time and ford won't fix or do anything about the failures that so many other windstar owners continue to have. how many recalls on safety issues do you have to have before the entire vehicle is recalled? the frame, the suspension, the wipers, the speed control system and the anti-lock brake system, all the things that a driver truly needs to safely transport their family around have been recalled on the windstar. this doesn't even touch the amount of money that has been spent on the lean system bank 1 & 2 error codes and the engine light still comes on for the same code. i'm sure this has a lot to do the the terrible gas mileage that is not even close to what the original sticker quoted!. or the torque converter issues in the transmission that had to be completely rebuilt. a lot of the windstar's issues started while it was still under warranty and just continued to get worse. if were up to me i would definitely call the vehicle a lemon. p.s. after talking to my neighbor, he also has replaced his windstar's wiper motor three times. seems to be happening to more vehicles than just mine.
 I own a 2000 ford windstar. i have recently had my abs brake light go on and stay on, along with my traction control light also staying on and finally, my speedometer no longer works above 40 km per hour. all of these happened exactly the same time. i took it into ford and they are saying i need a new abs module but after reading about their abs recall issues and much written about how this problem is very common, i am inclined to think ford should fix this problem. hence my complaint to you guys.
 Intermittent failure of the abs and traction control system. when the engine heats up a little the abs and traction control lights come on indicating that they are no longer working. in the morning when the car is first started the light are off for awhile until the engine has had time to heat up.
 1. smoke was coming out from under the hood on my 2000 ford windstar. smelled like an electrical fire. then the speedometer didn't work correctly and abs,and brake lights were on. 2. checked fuse box found fuse blown,replaced and blew again. 3. found brake fluid was leaking out of the brake deactivation switch, sprayed connection with brake fluid,replaced switch,but left unhooked do to it keeps blowing fuse. brake deactivation switch. *tr
 Around the middle of august, 2009, my 2000 ford windstar began having its abs warning lamp illuminate on my instrument cluster. this would occur seemingly for no apparent reason, though on september 13, 2009, i noticed that after engaging the cruise control and thereafter depressing the brake pedal, the lamp appeared. the lamp would usually, but not always, cease illuminating after i had stopped and restarted the engine. *tr