Forest River Flagstaff 425d

Model Flagstaff 425d made by Forest River got 6 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to equipment, structure and tires.

Model 2003

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Child fell out of the tent's rear bed while sleeping.*mr during the first night in the camper the consumer's grandson fell out of the rear bed while sleeping. the child fell about four and a half feet to the ground but was not injured only scared. the consumer later realized that the child had fallen through the velcro and the one bungi that was in place to hold the tent wall closed. the manufacturer was contacted but provided no assistance or solution on how to fix the problem. *nm
 Vin # 4x4fcaj253g081087 forest river 5th 2003 wheel developed 5 cracks in the frame. *nm
 2003 forest river shamrock travel trailer with fold out beds. the bed broke on both sides due to defective manufacturer. *jb
 While driving on the highway passenger side rear tire blew out and damaged the panel behind the wheel. a spare tire was installed. fifty miles following this the front passenger tire blew out. the camper was driven home on 3 wheels. a mechanic and a tire retail store owner indicated that the tires blew out because they were not adequate enough to support the weight of the camper. the camper was being towed by a ford f250 2002. the tires maximum load was 18/20 lbs.*ak *tc
 During service on my salem le (forest river) travel trailer to adjust the brakes and repack the wheel bearings, the dealer notified me that two of the trailer wheels were separating and coming apart. i was warned by the dealer that the tires were unsafe to drive on. all five of the trailer tires were replaced with a different brand. i presently have all five of the trailer wheels which were removed in the event someone wants to do a failure analysis on them.*ak
 While driving a loud noise was heard coming from the rear of the vehicle. the consumer pulled over onto the shoulder. the consumer noticed that all four tires had tread separation from the trailer. carlilse st 17580r13. please fill in additional information on the dot number. *jb

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