Forest River G2 Silverback

Model G2 Silverback made by Forest River got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to suspension. .

Model 2009

Consumer Complaints

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 We have a 2010 silverback 30wre 5th wheel trailer. this was only our second outing - having a maximum of 300 miles on it. while driving down the road, someone noticed a problem with our tire - - -what really happened was that the nut holding the wheel bearings on came loose on both axles on the drivers side - back axle tire almost came all the way off - we lost in transit both bearings, races, and brakes were gone, the rim and shaft are both torn off. we were lucky we hadn't gotten to the highway yet! i hate to think what would have happened at rush hour in denver, co traffic. nylon locknuts nearly melted off and clearly can't hold the weight- - why don't they use castle nuts and cotter pins? cheap stuff could have cost someone their lives on the highway. trailer has not been pulled with full tanks - 1/4 tank full. we were well below recommended weight limits. we also question proper titling of our vehicle since title says its a 2010. floor plan, design, etc. match 2009. please help.