Gc Gc6x10dt2

Model Gc6x10dt2 made by Gc got 4 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to wheels. .

Model 2010

Consumer Complaints

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 Glendale titanium 2010 fifth wheel mfg in ont canada. glendale has installed out of spec rims on dexter axles from 2004 to 2010 when they went bankrupt. check the ti forum url: http://www.titaniumrvowners.com/yabb/yabb.pl?board=problems --to see numerous accounts of failure. in my case the rim hwt -8mm offset rim was installed on the dexter hub that required a 0 to .19 inset wheel only. the result of this and similar (out of spec) combinations is that there is damage to the bearing and in the worst case the wheel fly's off. canada transport defect # is --- transport canada recall # 2010309. ernst & young issued the defect notice as part of their duty as trustee for the bankruptcy. (e&y philip kan,, po box 251 td center toronto, ontario, canada 416-943-2277) it is unbelievable that glendale could install out of spec rims for 7 years and not be liable for damages!!! it remains to be seen if e&y has a liability due to the manner in which they carried out their duties in the case. in my case the cost to remedy is rim 120, balance & mount 25, new hub 175 to 257, labor to install 120 all x 4 = +/- 1600 to 2000 dollars. fortunately no one has been killed yet---that too amazes me. again with an out of spec negative offset rim on a specified positive only offset hub---bearing damage is inevitable.