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Model General Electric made by General Electric got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to suspension, tires.

Model 9999

Consumer Complaints

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 The rear suspension broke in two places where it was welded to the axle. this caused the vehicle to shake, rattle, and bounce. *nlm. *ak
 On august 5, 1999, my husband purchased 4 general grabber ap radials from wtc (wholesale tire company) located at 2250 hempstead tpke., east meadow, new york (516) 794-9050 for a total of $429.22 of which included american car care center freedom plan nationalwide tire warrnaty (800) 473-1939, purchase informtion 0780023. we called them and they wanted to speak with the company who aligned and rotated the tires. the company,bradleley-lawless pontiac, inc. went out of buiness. our new mechanic at champion nissan told us as well as calling warranty hotline, that the tires with or without alignment are unusally worn and very dangerous. we do not have money at this time to replace the tires and after all the firestone incidents, have hardly driven the truck. our warranty states coverage for 48 months and/or 50,000 miles. it's been 1 year and almost 21,000 miles, after having the wheels aligned, rotated and balanced, with all the tire problems surfacing, i'm shocked wtc won't honnor their warranty. (dot number: dk54805 tiresize: 31x1050r15)