General Motors Preview

Model Preview made by General Motors got 8 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to engine and engine cooling, parking brake and power train.

Model 1994

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 The vehicle experienced an intake manifold leak. *jb
 1994 motor home with p30 chevy, have had this to shop two times over past years park brake comes on while going down road, or when trying to back up comes on and keeps r/v from moving. had to go under motor home and disconnect cable to let motor home move. this has happened four times to me. this is a bad auto park system and should be recalled. *la
 1994 c1500 pickup truck. transmission went out which made the engine throw a rod. bought remanufactured gm transmission and a rebuilt engine. 2 year warranty ended may 08-had less than 12,000 miles on new transmission. it went out 2 months after warranty. transmission company is now rebuilding the new transmission. torque converter fell apart. paid 2300.00 first time, now have to pay 1400.00 more, plus 200.00 towing fee. this time it will only be good for one year/12,000 miles. sounds like gm needs to make a recall on transmissions. *tr
 While driving my car, it started to pull to the right. i thought that it was the alignment and asked a friend to check it for me but when he was under the car he noticed that the driver front tire was ballooning on the top of the tire which is why the car was hard to steer and was pulling hard right. he then checked all four tires and noticed the back passenger tire was also starting to balloon on the top of the tire, he informed me that my tires are defective and the belts were seperating from the tires. immediately i looked up my tires on the internet and discovered that the same brand, make & model of tires were being recalled by the manufacturer due to belt seperation which results in vehicle crash. the problem is, cooper tire is recalling tires that were purchased during august of 2006 and my tires were purchased in 2004. when i contacted cooper tires i was informed that if my tires were purchased prior to august of 2006 that they are not recalls but i do feel that this problem was present long before 2006 and if not for my friend checking my vehicle, could have potentially been seriously injured. it is not a coincidence that these tires of exact brand, make and model should have the same defects. i am a single mother and do not have money lying around just in case i buy defective merchandise, the company should stand by their product and or rectify the problem, so far all i have received is frustration. *nm
 I have a 1994 gmc sierra 1500 vin # 1gtec19k9re561904, i've had since 1996. recently the windshield wipers intermittently fail to work while in heavy rain causing sudden inability to see the road or traffic. i have contacted a local vender ( newton cheverolet, chattanooga, tn), that knows of no recall and gmc direct who advises there was a voluntary repair issued in the past that has since expired but no safety recall.
 The wiper module recall for 1994 gmc suburbans did not cover vin 746055 even though they are defective. we just paid to have one replaced. *nlm
 For several times over the past year, the wipers have failed to operate. i looked up a recall on this year and model, however, when i called the dealer they say it is not good on my vin. *jb
 Windshield wipers stop unexpectedly in all positions on windshield. this occurred several times in heavy while my son was driving. he related that he was forced to pull over on freeway shoulders due to poor visibility. i found a recall (campaign number 98v150001) on the internet for this specific vehicle 1994 gmc sierra c1500 truck and contacted gmc. gmc related that per my vehicle's vin (# 1gtdc14zxrz568353) it is not one of those recalled. the problem noted in the recall stated that solder joints near the wiring harness connector can crack causing windshield wipers to work intermittently. dealers will replace the wiper motor circuit board and cover to correct. gmc gave me a file # 1-363122484 in response to my inquiry but did not offer to correct the problem. *nm

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