CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
03V096000GENERAL MOTORS CORP.from 10/01/2000 to 03/31/2003V (Vehicle)31430005/29/2003MFRGENERAL MOTORS CORP.03/19/200303/21/2003571101 & 208
Defect SummaryCertain sport utility vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standards no. 101,
Consequence SummaryThese vehicles do not comply with the standard.
Corrective SummaryDealers will reprogram the instrument panel cluster. owner notification began may 29, 2003. owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact chevrolet at 1-800-222-1020, gmc at 1-800-462-8782, or oldsmobile at 1-800-442-6537.
NotesCustomers can also contact the national highway traffic safety administration


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009
433810021675Lights flicker erratic operation of vehicles electronics. *kb06/15/2007
326310011636125a mega fuse opens when attempting to jump start. *eh01/27/2005
04084501009/01/200410011074Various interior electrical concerns, ip gauges/lighting inoperative, hvac controls inoperative, blower motor inoperative, radio inoperative, flasher inoperative. *tt12/28/2004
319210010867Reduced engine power message and/or check engine light with any combination of the following diagnostic trouble codes: p0107, p0112, p0452, p1120, p1220, p1221, p1271, p1275, p1280, p1481, p1515, p1540, p1633, p1635, p1639 and p1682 powert12/15/2004
3061C3061E10010634Diagnostic trouble code c0327 with or without additional diagnostic trouble codes setting. *tt12/03/2004
317201/01/200410010252Multiple electrical concerns and diagnostic trouble code u1064. various models including 2005 buick rainier and 2005 chevrolet trailblazer. *tt11/08/2004
31163116A10010189Engine stalls when air conditioning is turned on at idle. (to include 2005 chevrolet trailblazer, 2005 oldsmobile bravada, and buick rainier) *sc updated 01-26-07. *kb11/04/2004
313801/01/200410010105Reduced power light on and diagnostic trouble code p1680 p1221 and/or p1271 stored in the power control module. *sc11/04/2004
152810201/01/20041000882002-04 4.2l ll8 diagnostic trouble code p0171. *mj08/24/2004
301601/01/200410008777Various electrical concerns. *tt08/23/2004
04060300505/01/2006040603005A10008665Proper connection information to avoid blown 125 amp fuse and various interior electrical system conditions when jump starting vehicle. *tt08/13/2004
01802A01/01/200410007965App sensor 2 and/or tp sensor 2 signal circuit voltages drop. *tt07/19/2004
0101601/01/200401016A10007572Anti-lock brake system (abs) light on, red brake light on, service 4wd light on, hvac blower motor inoperative. *tt07/01/2004
0201001/01/200410007296Ipc (instrument panel cluster) interior head lamps flicker on 99-04 chevrolet, gmc and cadillac full size trucks and utilities as well as other models. *tt06/09/2004
0085901/01/200400859D10007281Diagnostic trouble code (dtc) c0327 with or without additional diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) setting. *tt *mj06/09/2004
01968A01/01/200410007277Diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0171. *tt06/09/2004
0167301/01/200410007192Diagnostic trouble codes p1271, p1275 low power.*mr06/03/2004
0162301/01/2004100071864.2 ll8 engine diagnostic trouble code p0016 or p1345 with no driveability symptoms.*mr06/03/2004
0203801/01/200410006946Diagnostic trouble code b1000. *mr05/20/2004
0181601/01/200401816A10006670Diagnostic trouble code p0130. *mr *tt05/07/2004
0192501/01/200410006566Tech 2 engine data incorrect- gen l-terminal signal command data parameter. *mr05/06/2004
05220305/22/200310003660Intermittent condition at vehicle start up in which the instrument panel cluster may not power up resulting in most of the displays, telltale lights and functions being inoperative. dealers are to reprogram the instrument cluster software.10/27/2003
0301305/01/200310001782Instrument panel cluster gauges inoperative. *tt06/26/2003
02086401708/01/2002634314Some customes may comment that the vehicle will not start and / or the door electrical functions may be inoperative. *tt09/28/2002
02060300101/01/2002628833Concerns with no start, turn/hazard, interior lamps, driver information center (dic), radio, theft alarm, wipers, cruise, shift interlock, horn and/or key in signal inoperative. *tt03/21/2002
51010/01/200310016248Intermittent dead battery. *sc09/02/2005
0135411/18/200310004136Intermittent dead battery. *tt11/19/2003
0190001/01/200410006472Under hood fuse block - 125 amp mega fuse blown. also including buick rainier 2002, 2003. *mr05/04/2004
321610010618Erratic operation of personalization with ignition cycle. *eh12/02/2004
02084600505/01/2002634678Subject regardng the addition of diagnostic trouble code u1500 for generation 4 onstar. *tt10/04/2002
02100110/02/2001627865Information regarding engine soon lamp being illuminated for diagnostic trouble code,p0014, p1683 or p0116 a delayed transmission downshift and/or excessive fan noise. *yh02/25/2002
30080108/30/2001625359Information regarding unresolved dtc p0014, false dtc p0116 and p1683. *yh11/20/2001
05073002108/01/200510017381Ignition key will not remove from ignition lock cylinder. *tt11/04/2005
08089-B11/01/200808089-C10027804General motors corp: special coverage adjustment; analog onstar deactivation. *pe updated 2/17/09. *pe02/09/2009
35773577A10017158No crank no start no diagnostic trouble codes. *tt10/26/2005
08090205/09/2002636634Information on diagnosing electrical wiring connector problems on 2000 through 2001 u-vans as well as other models. *tt11/12/2002
020849004A11/01/200202084900410000461Instrument panel cluster (ipc) gauges read zero at times, gauges inoperative at times. *tt02/27/2003
13120112/13/2001628807Subject regarding bulletin 010604052 on board diagnostic (obd) system improvements upgrade. *tt03/21/2002

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl* the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact stated that the power seats and mirrors would move independently. the vehicle was not taken to a mechanic. the vehicle was not repaired. the manufacturer was not contacted about the issue. the failure and current mileages were 105,000.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact stated that the power seats and mirrors would move independently. the vehicle was not taken to a mechanic. the vehicle was not repaired. the manufacturer was not contacted about the issue. the failure and current mileages were 105,000. kmj
 I purchased a 2002 gmc envoy new in 2002. early this year the starter quit working, i had it towed to the dealer, they told me the starter was bad and it would cost $625. i repaired cars for 30 years before i became handicaped, now i am unable to repair, when i did repair i put about 20 starters in for $39 for the starter and 1 hour labor.
 Tl* the contact has a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact stated that the master switch burned out on the vehicle. the dealership told the contact this part has been failing on many of these vehicles and the part is on back order, so the vehicle can not be repaired at this time. the failure mileage was 76500 and the current mileage was 77000. the vin was unavailable.
 Vehicle has had numerous electrical problems. mirrors won't adjust, seat won't adjust, radio doesn't work, service engine light comes on, service air bag light comes on, car stalls at traffic lights, cruise control won't work unless i turn off engine and restart. vehicle was serviced by one dealer who could not find anything wrong. second dealer could only find air bag module burned up and charged $1500 to replace. *tr
 Electrical problem under dash. dash lights, odometer, and gear position indicator light inoperative. dealer is changing the dash cluster module. *tr
 2002 gmc envoy slt. engine stalls at highway speeds. loss of power brakes and steering. engine will not restart for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. this is the 5th time that this has happened to me in the past 4 years. 4 times on the freeway and once on a surface road. this time i was with my wife and 11 month old daughter. i was not able to pull the car over to a safe location. i ended up in the left shoulder in next to the fast lane with only about a foot of space to my right where the cars were whizzing by. i cannot tell you the terror that i felt, as my daughter was in her child car seat on that side as the cars passed honking. this vehicle is very unsafe. i have read many internet postings and it appears that this problem occurs often with this make and model, yet whenever i take the vehicle to the dealership all i get is: no codes are displayed, we can
 I own a 2002 gmc envoy bought used and it has been a nightmare since i bought it thankfully i purchased an extended warranty. now they say the main fuse block has gone bad, how i couldn't guess, and they say it is not covered under the warranty. is this not an electrical hazard that should be covered before something drastic happens, i can't believe i'm the only one this has happened to considering everything that has gone wrong with this vehicle! *tr
 After starting the car, a burning smell entered the cabin. noticed the volt gauge was only reading about 9 volts instead of the usual 14. took car in for check up, and found the alternator had failed. after removing alternator found that the pulley could not be turned as the unit had seized up. this also damaged the tensioner which had to be replaced along with the serpentine belt. the mechanic indicated that we were very close to having a fire. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. upon entering the vehicle, the contact smelled an egg odor and detected fumes along with a burning smell. the contact did not drive the vehicle. three weeks later, the vehicle was taken to a dealer and they discovered that the front door multi-function switch burned, melted, and needed to be replaced. the current and failure mileages were 60,000. updated 4/16/08 *cn
 Electrical system failure. *ak
 The electrical system shut down while driving 45 mph on the highway. there was no warning. consumer called for a tow truck so that the vehicle could be inspected. the entire electrical system had to be replaced and updated. *ak
 Consumer had all of the weather proofing on the vehicle replaced by the dealer as well as the clutch assembly . *ak the fan clutch was replaced, the air bag indicator light came on. the consumer was told that nothing could be done if the light wasn't on at the time. the plastic trim from the seat belt broke, the seat belt failed again, the transmission would drag, the engine light was on and made a grinding noise,the drivers side tire was loosing pressure, the passenger inner door seal leaked, the clock on the radio would reset itself, the drivers side seat belt would lock up when the brakes were applied they would skid and pull to the right. *sc *jb
 In oct. 2003, i was driving to work in rush hour traffic and upon coming to a traffic light my envoy stalled out and instrument panel went blank; car would not restart & message displayed to service engine & contact onstar, i was unable to get envoy off of road & sat there for 45 minutes waiting for tow truck to tow vehicle to royal oldsmobile where they said they replaced computer system; since that time in jan 2004 vehicle was in garage & would not start; vehicle was pushed out of garage & battery was recharged with jumper cables; vehicle was taken to royal oldsmobile & i was told that battery was leaking & that they had replaced battery; this vehicle has been the most unreliable vehicle i have ever had; i am leasing this envoy & i am afraid it will stall out again; also last summer without warning, the air conditioning just quit working while driving on vacation; after envoy was cut off & engine cooled, then air conditioning started working again; this is a leased vehicle & i want to know who i can talk to about turning vehicle in early & also what information is available about envoy stalling out without warning. *jb
 I have had multiple electrical and transmission problems with my 2002 gmc envoy. yesterday my family and i were driving on interstate 80, while on cruise control, the suv shut off. i barely was able to get to the side of the road. i almost hit a vehicle getting off the highway since i lost power steering. after 15 minutes of not starting, it finally started. i took the vehicle to the dealership and they couldnt find anything. i have written many letters and tried to convince gmc that this suv is not safe.
 My 2002 gmc envoy lost all power three times at high rates of speed. the first time we had it serviced and i was told a module needed replaced. the second time, the car shut down at highway speeds but restarted approximately 15 minutes later but then the same thing happened again the next day while my wife was driving home from work traveling at 65 mph down a highway. we had it serviced again and this time i was told it was due to a loose wiring harnass. car has had numerous problems since and it is an unsafe vehicle for my family to be transported in.
 Windshield wipers and transmission are not functioning properly due to a malfunction in the electrical system. *ak
 Consumer states while comiing down a hill pcm shorted out. as a result, driver lost all electrical functions. steering wheel got really stiff. brake pedal became hard to press.
 The gmc envoy's electronics fail. no dash instruments or radio controls. happens intermittently. occurs when driving. the engine races unexpectedly. this has happened 10 to 12 times. the slv-truck is currently at the dealer who is once again attempting to repair it.*jb
 Transmission does not work properly. have had it repaired twice, but still vibrates, and fails to move vehicle forward at times, from a dead stop. is very dangerous at intersections where moving quickly is imperative. also wiring problems which operate various remote instruments (mirrors, seats, etc.) fear of fire. rear door latch was replaced - clicks locked/unlocked while driving. seats move on their own while driving. *nlm
 My 2002 envoy has a problem with the doors electrical system. sometimes when i drive over a bump in the road all 4 of the doors will unlock. this problem seems to occur more often during colder weather. the vehicle has been in service 4 times for this same problem, they tell me that they are unable to duplicate it. *nlm
 2002 gmc envoy, if you turn the heater controllers full hot you get 200 degree water running through the dash. install a cd and the heat from the hot water plus laser in cd cause the disk to catch fire. this problem will probably happen in bravada and trail blazer also.
 Our 2002 gmc envoy was plagued with repeated electrical type problems nearly from the beginning of ownership in july 2001. these problems include locking us out while running, mirrors not holding programming, cd player changing tracks during play, driver seat moving forward and cd player coming on when vehicle was off and no key in ignition, cd player that was on shut itself off and the driver door unlocked during driving, easy out feature of the driver's seat moved it forward instead of rearward as programmed, fan and temp. settings changing, dashboard gauges not working or illuminating while driving. we made repeated trips to a gmc dealer without repair because they could not duplicate the problems. after 17 months of ownership we were not happy and frustrated to have an expensive vehicle with so many problems so early on. our only recourse was to use the arbitration process with the bbb auto line and our state's lemon law. the arbitrator's decision required gmc to buy this vehicle back. we are very dissapointed gmc did not stand behind their product and concerned that this vehicle will be re-sold as is.
 Consumer called complaining, having problems with trailer running light plug which is not working properly. dealer has inspected in last year and could not duplicate or correct the problem. also the consumer states there is not instruction on the manual book for this light plug. please provide further information. ts
 Consumer states the electrical system (electronic) is not working properly, dealer has repaired several times and still reoccuring the problems. please provide furthewr information. mr
 Vehicle has stalled twice at 65 mph. vehicle taken to dealer 6 times. dealer replaced computer. *ak consumer states vehicle is experiencing electrical problems. air level system deflates each night, part is on back order. *slc
 Turn switch previously replaced becuase hazards came on when putting on turn signal. now windshield wipers are stuck on and had to pull fuse to stop, will be returning to dealer, again
 I have been complaining of multiple problems with my 2002 gmc envoy since i purchased it in 2002. the most serious of these is the fact that my engine seems to idle very high sometimes and my gauges quit working temporarily. on 7/25/2005 i lost all power to my vehicle while it was running. i lost power steering brakes, etc. and had to coast to safety. i was very lucky that i did not hit another vehicle or crash. had this happened on a busy highway or while my children were in the car it makes me sick to think of what may have happened.
 After numerous recalls on my 2002 envoy i was leaving for work and the vehicle would not start. the dash lit up, horn, radio, alarm all worked, but the vehicle would not start. i could move gear shift from p to n and it still would not start. i had to have the vehicle towed at my expense. i was told gmc roadside assistance doesnt apply if you have aaa. dealer said (according to the computer codes) that it might have been a faulty ingition switch. they replaced it but it happened again. now the dealer said there are no comupter codes this time so they have no idea what to do. it has been at the dealer 10 days now. every time the dealer turns the key it starts up with no problem. i have contacted gmc on a daily basis to find out what they plan on doing. i bought it new, and it only has 18,400 miles on it. i'm supposed to hear from gmc today on what they are going to do. this vehicle is not safe to drive. it has stalled on the highway about a year and after i restarted it, it would not shift out of a lower gear and the engine was very loud. i had to have the rotors machined at 12000 miles because the brakes were pulsing hard and the rotors were pitted. so much for buying a new vehicle that should be dependable! i'm making payments for a vehicle that i dont have! *ak
 Engine non-start problems -- waiting 15-20 minutes seems to correct. wandering side view mirrors. rubbing noise when turning tightly. driver's side door movement noise when turning over bumps. side mirror air noise. the 1st. two (2) problems have been ongoing, and the most concerning, since the vehicle was purchased new in 2001. it has been in for repairs to two (2) gmc dealers numerous times, and an ignition recall repair was done and the dealer assumed it would correct the non-start problem. it did until yesterday. more importantly however, shortly after this vehicle was purchased, gmc's owner assistance help has been sought for these (2) problems assuming they may inform the dealer of engineering fixes, but to no avail. *jb
 There is a problem with the electrical system. vehicle shuts off intermittently. vehicle has experienced this problem five times. *ak
 Consumer receive recall notice # 03v075000 subject: fmvss 114 mechanical override. on 6/12/2003 consumer contacted the dealer, whostated that consumer could come anytime within working hours. consumer took the vehicle to the dealer on 6/13/2003 and the parts were not available. consumer contacted the dealer again on 6/17/2003 and the parts were still not available.*ak
 Vehicle was vandalized and broken into, but security system did not engage.*ak
 02/11/02 4,667 miles everything shut off. engine stopped while driving. restarted at 2000 rpm with lots of noise. 05/29/02 7,463 miles vehicle died and would not restart until after 15-20 minutes 06/05/02 7,664 miles vehicle died while driving and would not restart until after 15-20 minutes 11/13/02 11,528 miles backing out of driveway engine died. would not restart. towed in. 06/10/03 17,865 miles died while driving. dealer did not even look into this. 06/14 to 06/18/03 18,000 to 18,214 miles car off road for 5 days due to engine died while driving. i referenced ecas and pcm problem nhtsa defect summary ea03007. dealer tells us no-one else has had this problem. suggests driving round dealership until problem occurs, and then calling them. don't try to start until they come out (never mind we're in the middle of a busy road and in the evening time when they are closed). we are lucky we were not rear-ended this last time. gmc refuse to replace ecas wiring bundle and pcm solution per ea03007. help!!! help!!! please help!!! *nlm
 Vehicle has stalled twice at 65 mph. vehicle taken to dealer 6 times. dealer replaced computer. *ak consumer states vehicle is experiencing electrical problems. air level system deflates each night, part is on back order. *slc
 Dt: contact statesd the windshield wipers will not work except on high. the service dealer stated a bad air conditioning cycling switch caused the windshield wipers to fail. they stated the ignition switch module, windshield wiper module, and the air conditioning cycling switch needed to be replaced, and the computer program needed to be updated. the engine lost all power while driving; there were no warning lights or indication that there was any thing wrong with the vehicle. there was a recal 04v046000 on the windshield wiper motor, the recall was serviced, but the consumer stated the module was already broke. the vehicle will be serviced, but at consumer's expense. the consumer has already filed a complaint on the ignition switch module.*ak
 2002 gmc envoy has problems starting.*mr the dealer replaced the ignition switch. *nm
 Vehicle's air bag light keep flashing/ vehicle running on high rpm's. *mr air bag sensor replaced and calibrations had to be updated. additional problems included faded window moldings, loss of power and steering. ignition switch and fuse block was replaced. inoperative power mirrors. parts had to be ordered. consumer was upset with the number of problems experienced with vehicle and the number of recalls on this new suv. *tt *jb
 Purchased envoy 05/18/2002 drove home 8 miles put in garage. 05/19/2002 4:30p.m. went to start up to go to work key wouldn't turn no power of any kind no brake lights no onstar(which is for those kind of things i thought) couldn't get key out of ignition. nothing of any kind worked. in shop as we speak.*ak
 Continued electrical problems with 2002 gmc envoy. such as on-star telephone along with radio/cd player, all four doors failing to lock or open including the back hatch. service air bag light and engine check lights coming on. reprogram engine/transmission module, also telephone antenna replaced, short in wiring located due to rubbing/pinching during construction, replaced wiring harness. hundreds of dollars required to identify short in wiring. transmission operates sluggish until warmed-up vehicle feels as if the brakes are on until it has moved several blocks. *nm
 Stoped by cop, unaware rt front light went out, got warning letter. socket burnt and smelled strongly of electrical burning. taking it to dealer on monday.
 The electrical computer memory for the exterior mirrors and the seat adjuster failed. this caused the seats for driver and passenger side not to be adjusted. also the mirrors are not able to be adjusted. driver has to continously adjust the miirrors in order to see. dealer reset memory seats, reprogrammed mirror memory, and replaced left and right front seat modules. did not remedy problem. customer states that there is a fuel leak loss of 1/2 tank in 3 miles. dealer repaired loose connection between main fuel line and the fuel tank. *tt
 Recall 01v126000; while driving 60-65 mph consumer lost control of vehicle, hit concrete median, and vehicle bounced off median and hit right guardrail. also, vehicle caught on fire, fire department put out fire. vehicle was totalled. front lower control arm was broken, consumer has parts for inspection, part of break was clean, the other part rusted through. consumer called gmc about recall on this part, was told this vehicle was not affected. due to vin. *ak
 2002 gmc envoy with several recalls and repairs. consumer states that the dealer said the only recall on her vehicle was for the instrument panel. mechanic stated the warranty expired and she would have to pay for the recall repair. *kb recall # 03v096000. *jb
 Mid june 2006, wife drove to work and stopped at a gas station to get gas. when she restarted the car, the instrument power panel did not work nor any of the instruments such as speedometer. she continued to her job and parked the car. when she left work and started the car, everything was working again. she took the car to a gmc dealer about the problem. they said they could not do anything because everything appears to be working. i have done a search about recalls and found that a recall nhtsa 03v096000 appears to affect me. i am told by gmc that my vin number does not apply to this recall. *nm
 Entire driver's dash module goes out while driving. no gauges available. have taken to dealership where they can find no problem. have contacted gm hdq , inspected by area zone manager who states no problem with vehicle. this same vehicle has had numerous engine stalls while driving, rear end loading suspension giving out and dashboard console blackouts. gm refuses to buy back, please help get this vehicle off the road as i fear for my life driving it.*ak
 While driving, all gauges went blank, dark, had to stop vehicle and turn off the engine, after 5 minutes, turned it back on. gauges started working again. dealer could not duplicate problem. *ak *tt
 Turned ignition on and instrumental panel was completely dead. there was no illumination. please provide vehicle indentification number, and any further information. *ak
 Turned ignition on and instrumental panel was completely dead, there was no illumination. *ak *yh