CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
04V289000GENERAL MOTORS CORP.from 10/01/2000 to 10/31/2001V (Vehicle)2995108/19/2004ODIGENERAL MOTORS CORP.06/23/200406/22/2004
Defect SummarySome sport utility vehicles equipped with an electronically controlled air suspension (ecas) have a condition in which the ecas may produce a brief electrical spike while the vehicle is operating. this electrical spike can disrupt the powertrain control module (pcm) causing the vehicle to stall.
Consequence SummaryIf the spike damages the pcm, the vehicle may not restart. if this happens while the vehicle is moving, a crash could occur without prior warning.
Corrective SummaryDealers will install a wiring harness. the recall will begin on august 19, 2004. owners should contact oldsmobile at 1-800-630-6537 or gmc at 1-866-996-9463.
NotesGm recall no. 04048.customers can also contact the national highway traffic safety administration


BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
06060200302/01/200610019510Operating characteristics of the electro-viscous (ev) fan clutch and diagnostic tips for cooling fan noise, delayed transmission shifts and/or engine revving too high. *tt03/20/2006
36143614A10018577P0300 due to random misfires not felt - possible accessory pulley. *tt01/06/2006
05060102609/01/200510017818Information on use of bolt extractor tool kit part number en-47702 for removing broken cylinder head or main bearing cap bolts on inline truck engines. *tt12/02/2005
0708200407/08/200410013185Higher that perceived normal engine coolant temperature gauge readings when operating the vehicle in very high out side ambient temperatures and in stop and go or slow moving traffic conditions. *eh04/12/2005
04060300202/01/200410012703Diagnostic information for intermittent vehicle no crank dead battery. *eh03/10/2005
315010010547Cylinder liner replacement information - inline truck engines. *eh12/01/2004
0101200401/01/200410009584High coolant temperature gauge readings during low rpm operation. *tt10/07/2004
01210301/21/200310005095Engine overheat condition with little or no heater output. oasis *tt01/29/2004
30773077A10009677Tick noise at idle. *tt10/15/2004
0167601/01/2004100071884.2 4l60e engine cooling fan contacts shroud after replacing radiator. *mr06/03/2004
0810B01/01/200400810C10005383Tick noise at idle. *tt02/24/2004
31100110/31/2001628066Brief information regarding the availability of an enhanced calibration for engine cooling fan noise and p1484 diagnostic trouble code. *tt03/05/2002
30080108/30/2001625366Information regarding fan noise. *yh11/20/2001
04150204/15/2002636540Information pertaining to the underhood upper radiator support baffle or beauty cover. *tt11/09/2002
06060404809/01/2006100208794.2l ll8 engine flashing and/or mil/ses light. rough idle, misfire. dtc p0300, p0301, p0302, p0303, p0304, p0305, and p0306. *kb01/25/2007
3659A10019182Ses light after internal engine repairs due dtc p0016 or p1345. *tt02/16/2006
05060201210/01/2006050602012B10018986Service engine soon (ses) or check engine light on, dtc p0526, p0480, p1481, and p1484 set. *tt updated. *kb01/26/2006
340510017130Engine is hard to start after filling the fuel tank. *tt10/25/2005
337110013521Engine no crank no start with possible (dtcs) diagnostic trouble codes p0116 and/or p1682. *tt04/20/2005
328510013373A rough idle, service engine soon light, reduced engine power and diagnostic trouble codes p0507 and p1514. *tt04/18/2005
04060102207/01/200410012109New cylinder bore liner/piston sleeve replacement procedure. *tt02/14/2005
04060200508/01/200410011205Higher than normal engine coolant temperature gauge readings. *tt01/10/2005
315410/06/20063154B10010285Misfire, bump or multiple bumps after a 1-2 upshift. *tt11/09/2004
314201/01/20043142A10010194Broken head bolt repair. *tc11/04/2004
307601/01/200410009626Replacement goodwrench engines - parts which must be swapped from original engine. *tt10/13/2004
04060101505/01/200410008501New design oil pick up tube and front cover. *mj08/03/2004
0135301/01/200401353A10007937Engine misfire due to injector fretting corrosion. *tt07/16/2004
00156A01/01/200400156B100076564.2l ll8 engine rough idle - run possible p1345 or p0016. *mj *tt07/07/2004
0167201/01/200410007247Oil pan drain plug threads - information. *tt06/04/2004
0202301/01/200410007212Intermittent no crank no start. security light may be on or off. 4.2 ll8 engine. *nm06/03/2004
030601028A10/01/200403060102810005558Information on correct piston usage. *tt updated *eh03/02/2004
00682A01/01/200410005440Perceived high engine rpm transmission slip, delayed upshifts on cold start. sit bulletin 1416476.02/27/2004
00540B01/01/200410005417Engine oil leak at intake gasket. sit bulletin 1412496. *tt02/25/2004
010604052A05/01/2004010604052B10005146On-board diagnostic (obd) system improvements - service engine soon light on, diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0014, p0116, or p1683 set, delayed transmission downshift and/or excessive fan noise. *tt02/09/2004
030604018A12/01/200303060401810005152Cold idle fluctuation at altitude, hesitation on acceleration or 1-2 upshift delay. *tt02/09/2004
10070310/07/200310004980Intermittent hesitation, stumble or idle stall within minutes of starting after the vehicle has been sitting for several hours. gm voicemail log. *tt01/22/2004
03060405710/01/200310004771Intermittent hesitation, stumble or idle stall after soak, harsh 1-2 shift, slipping 1-2 shift followed by a harsh engagement. *tt01/06/2004
00078F01/01/200400078G10004246Engine knock noise initial startup in cold ambient 10 degrees centigrade/50 degrees fahrenheit. *tt11/24/2003
00817C11/18/200310004241Cold idle stall that occurs during or immediately after evap diagnostics are run. *tt11/24/2003
00817A11/18/2003100041244.2l ll8 engine stall while running evap diagnostics. *tt11/19/2003
06060306/06/200310003695Cracking of an engine cylinder bore liner resulting in engine noise, poor performance and/or stalls with no engine restart. *tt10/28/2003
0301906/01/200310003392Special policy adjustment 03019 - 4.2l bore liner cracking resulting in engine noise, poor performance, and/or stalls with no engine restart. *tt10/17/2003
03060403407/01/200310002943Service engine soon light on, diagnostic trouble code p0135 set. *tt10/01/2003
03060403003/01/2007030604030C10002166Multiple driveability symptoms of long or hard starts, chuggle, rough idle and light or intermittent misfire due to clogged fuel injectors. *tt08/14/2003
03130303/13/200310001910Idle fluctuation and/or hesitation on acceleration. *tt *jb07/25/2003
03060401803/01/200310001267Cold idle fluctuation at altitude, hesitation on acceleration or 1-2 upshift delay. *tt04/25/2003
02060103310/01/200210000169Oil leak at oil pressure switch. *tt02/13/2003
02060101204/01/2002634690Information pertaining to revised harmonic balancer. *tt10/04/2002
009000103/01/2002632320Subject regarding gm oil life system. *tt07/12/2002
07020202/07/2002629762Subject regarding engine damage of replacement engines attributed to debris from the intake manifold being transferred from the original engine. *tt04/05/2002
01060405211/01/2001628817Some owners may comment on the service engine soon lamp being illiminated, a delayed transmission downshift and/or excessive fan noise. *tt03/21/2002
31100110/31/2001628068Some customers may comment of a stall and no start condition. *tt03/05/2002
11100110/11/2001627979Information on recalibrating vehicles exhibiting a service engine soon lamp on, a delayed downshift of the transmission and/or excessive engine fan noise. *tt03/01/2002
08080108/08/2001625369Information regarding calibrations available to correct delays in transmission downshifting and complaints of fan noise. *jg11/20/2001
DCS76006/22/2001623467Information regarding ll8 engine labor operations. *slc10/29/2001
320910011817Exhaust moan at idle or parking lot maneuvers. *eh02/01/2005
02060103210/01/200210000168Exhaust noise / leak. *tt02/13/2003
02060500205/01/2002634729Some customers may comment on an exhaust boom / groan noise in the passenger compartment. *tt10/07/2002
05060401403/01/2005050604014A10014993Diagnostic aids for diagnostic trouble codes p0440, p0455 and/or p0442 - evaporative emission (evap) system leak. *tt05/13/2005


NHTSA IDManufacturerDate openDate closeSubjectRecall campaign
EA03007GENERAL MOTORS CORP.05/06/200306/18/2004ENGINE STALL04V289000
 Model year (my) 2002 bravada and certain my 2002 envoy vehicles with optional electronically controlled air suspension (ecas) may be subject to engine stall caused by an errant voltage spike transmitted to the powertrain control module (pcm).in addition to engine stall, if the spike damages the pcm, the vehicle may not restart.on october 31, 2001 gm introduced into production a wiring harness containing an inductor that was added to the ecas wiring to reduce the magnitude of the voltage spike.on december 6, 2001 gm introduced into production a modified pcm with protection from errant voltage spikes and also ceased use of the wiring harness with the inductor.the office of defects investigation's (odi) analysis verified that vehicles built on or before october 31, 2001, had the highest rate of engine stalling.odi is aware of 1,132 complaints and field reports on the 37,746 subject vehicles built prior to october 31, 2001 (2,999 reports/100,000 vehicles). there is one crash and one injury resulting from a stalling reported 7,859 warranty claims with build dates before october 31, 2001 (20,820 claims/100,000 vehicles).by way of letter dated june 4, 2004, gm notified odi that it had determined that the subject vehicles built on or before october 31, 2001 contained a safety-related defect and that gm will be conducting a safety recall of those will recall 18,455 my 2002 oldsmobile bravada's and 11,496 my 2002 gmc envoy's (total: 29,951).the recall is identified by nhtsa number 04v-289.not included in this recall are subject vehicles built after october 31, 2001, and subject vehicles built on or before october 31, 2001 that were serviced with the jumper cable or the revised pcm.given that the vehicles outside the recall have remedied, either in production or in service,for the stalling condition, odi has concluded that further expenditure of agency resources in pursuing a safety recall of those vehicles is not warranted.this conclusion does not constitute a finding that no safety-related defect exists in those vehicles.the agency reserves the right to take further action if warranted by the circumstances.
 Of the 697 total complaints, 240 were received for theenvoy and 457 for the has identified about 5,000 warranty claims related to stalling in the subject reports that a transient voltage spike generated in the ecas degrades the performance of the pcm resulting in engine modified the ecas wiring bundle and the pcm for vehicles built after december 6, 2001 to address the stalling problem.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 When i start the truck in the morning it sounds like the engine is reved up with the loud fan noise. i had the fan clutch replaced independently and the loud noise continues and a slight loss of power at times while driving and it feels like it's taking too long shift into the next gear. the noise is really heard when you accelerate on the gas pedal.
 Tl* the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. while driving approximately 45 mph, smoke and flames emitted from under the hood. the contact was able to exit the vehicle and with assistance, the flames were extinguished. there was no personal injury. the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic who advised that the failure was contributed to the wiring harness being positioned too close to the exhaust manifold. the vehicle was in the process of being repaired. the manufacturer was notified of the problem. the approximate failure mileage was 137,000.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. while driving approximately 45 mph, smoke and flames emitted from under the hood. the contact was able to exit the vehicle and with assistance, the flames were extinguished. there was no personal injury. the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic who advised that the failure was contributed to the wiring harness being positioned too close to the exhaust manifold. the vehicle was in the process of being repaired. the manufacturer was notified of the problem. the approximate failure mileage was 137,000. kmj
 Tl-the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. while driving approximately 45 mph, smoke and flames emitted from underneath the hood. the contact was able to exit the vehicle. a by-passer extinguished the flames. there was no personal injury. the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic who declared the vehicle as not totally destroyed. the vehicle was currently being repaired. the technician detected the failure was contributed to the wiring harness being positioned too close to the exhaust manifold. the manufacturer was notified of the problem. the approximate failure mileage was 137,000. js
 Tl -the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact was driving 40 mph when the low engine power warning lamp illuminated and the vehicle stalled. the vehicle was taken to a local mechanic who diagnosed that the pcm was defective and needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure who did not offer any assistance since the vehicle was not included in nhtsa campaign id number: 04v289000 (engine and engine cooling). the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileage was 48,000. kmj
 Tl -the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact stated that while driving 40 mph the low engine power lamp illuminated and the vehicle stalled. the vehicle was taken to a local shop who diagnosed that the pcm was defective and needed to be replace. the manufacturer was made aware of the failure who did not offered any assistance since the vehicle was not included on recall nhtsa campaign id number: 04v289000 (component: engine and engine cooling). the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileage was 48,000. pm
 Tl*the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact was driving approximately 60 mph, the engine stalled with the illumination of the low oil pressure warning indicator. the vehicle restated and resumed normally. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer who informed there was a faulty power train control module. there was a recall associated with nhtsa campaign id number 04v829000 (engine and engine cooling). the vin was not included in the recall. the vehicle was repaired. the vehicle was taken back to the dealer for the similar failure. the technician was in the process of replacing the fuel pump. the failure mileage was approximately 125,000.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact stated while driving approximately 60 mph or more the vehicle would suddenly stall. none of the warning lights illuminated on the instrumental panel. he was able to restart the vehicle and take it to the dealer who diagnosed the failure as being the cooling fan clutch. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure mileage was approximately 83,000. the vin was unavailable.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact stated that while driving approximately 60 mph and higher the vehicle would suddenly stall. no warning lights have appeared on the instrumental panel. he was able to restart the vehicle and take it to the dealer. they diagnosed the failure as being the cooling fan clutch. the vehicle has not been repaired. the failure mileage was approximately 83,000. the vin was unavailable. tb
 Tl- the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. the contact stated he smelled a burnt odor in the engine area. while he examined the vehicle he found an oil leak at the engine head gasket is made of aluminum causing the gasket to fail. the vehicle has not been repaired. the manufacturer will be contacted to request assistance with the repair. the failure mileage was 55,000 and the current mileage was 56,680. li
 I own a 2002 gmc envoy. for the past year or so, i've been having trouble whenever i stop at a red light, the car starts to shake and sometimes turns off. i usually turn the car off and start it up again. on monday, july 27th, i was driving when my car suddenly shut down. luckily i was able to get the car to a safe spot and no further damage was done to my car or other property. i tried starting the car again and it would not start. i had to get the car towed to a nearby mechanic. once there, the mechanic looked over the car and determined that it was the computer engine and that it was under recall. he had me call gmc so that i could report the incident. when i called, i was told that there was no recalls on my exact car but that she would contact the mechanic and get some more information. after a couple days of waiting with no vehicle or call from gmc, i finally get a call back from the mechanic telling me that he spoke to the gmc representative and that they would be calling me back to set up a date and time to take my car to the dealership to have fixed and that the recall information was correct. about an hour later, i received a call from gmc and she told me that they were not going to cover the repair. never having to deal with this before, i was completely confused as to what was going on and why gmc was not covering it. this is a huge safety concern for me and i would like to get some resolution from it. *tr
 I have a roaring sound at times when i first begin driving the vehicle. if i slow down or stop within the first 5 minutes of driving, the vehicle commonly stalls. has never stalled at a high rate of speed. i have the ecas (electric suspension) on my vehicle, but i was not part of recall 04v289000 as far as i know. this recall sounds exactly like what is happening with my vehicle. this problem has been going on for at least 3-4 years, and even the dealer can't seem to find the problem. i'll i ever hear is that the computer doesn't show any problems. the vehicle is a piece of
 Driving on the interstate at 65 mph. without any warning the vehicle suddenly lost power. no warnings flashed on the information panel or anything. able to coast the vehicle to a safe stop. scared too death! could have gotten killed. tried several times to restart the vehicle it would not. waited along side the interstate for 15 - 20 minutes before the vehicle restarted. this vehicle completely shut down without any warning! *tr
 2002 envoy slt also when slowing down to an idle has shut off engine. put up in park and will start back up. dash light states service engine and service on star. have not been able to fix problem yet. *tr
 Roaring sound, no power, vehicle can barely reach 30mph, loud noise has existed for long time (several years) and the power problem usually resolved after about 5 minutes. this is a defect. i found hundreds of owners complaining of same problem on line. dealer replaced fan clutch. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. while driving 50-70 mph, the engine failed and the vehicle lost total power. the failure has occurred on four occasions. the vehicle was taken to the dealer from where it was purchased three times, but they could not duplicate the failure. the vehicle was taken to an out of town dealer and has currently been in the shop for four weeks. the manufacturer stated that they could not assist because the failure was not under warranty. the current mileage was 67,000 and failure mileage was 56,000.
 2002 gmc envoy has a lower engine noise. under extended warranty, adjuster is holding up repair for over two weeks. vehicle has had regular oil changes. vehicle has only 57,800 miles. was recalled for pmc valve and had trans problem brand new. totally disgusted with this truck.
 My 2002 envoy has stalled 3 times now while traveling on the highway. each time the engine quits and will not restart until disconnecting and re-connecting the battery. since this last time the car displays abs light and speedometer does not work even after disconnecting battery. dealer says i have to replace a computer now. sounds like recall 04v289000 but my vin is not included in that recall. *jb
 Failure of engine cooling system and four wheel drive system. *jb
 When the vehicle was started a ticking noise was heard for 1-2 minutes. the driver drove the vehicle to the dealer for inspection. the mechanic informed the driver that the problem could not be duplicated and that the vehicle was operating normally. *nm *nm
 While driving 70 mph vehicle stalled. as result, vehicle coasted to the side of the road. consumer stated he had to wait 30 minutes before starting vehicle again. *ak
 My 2002 gmc envoy lost all power three times at high rates of speed. the first time we had it serviced and i was told a module needed replaced. the second time, the car shut down at highway speeds but restarted approximately 15 minutes later but then the same thing happened again the next day while my wife was driving home from work traveling at 65 mph down a highway. we had it serviced again and this time i was told it was due to a loose wiring harnass. car has had numerous problems since and it is an unsafe vehicle for my family to be transported in.
 When reaching 70 mph vehicle shut down without any warning. vehicle had been reapired three times; however problem still exists. *ak
 Engine stalls, causing consumer to wait a half an hour to start vehicle again. this has happened three times. dealer has inspected vehicle and could not duplicate or correct the problem. please provide further information. also, abs failure. *ak
 Vehicle stalls without warning while driving, posing a safety hazard for other motorists. dealer originally diagnosed and replaced ignition switch, but problem is still occurring. ph *ts
 When vehicle is at a complete stop or idling engine will die out. the dealership reprogrammed the main computer chip, but the problem recurred. they the replaced the chip. please provide more details.
 Water pump failure at 47000 miles on a 2002 gmc envoy. *ak
 Consumer was complaining about having problems with the engine. also, while driving vehicle has lost completely power and had no brakes or steering power. dealer was contacted, and had no idea as why this was happening.*ak
 The anti-freeze is turning into a pudding substance. i do not know why it does this, but on all of my gm vehicles this happens. i have them flushed and refilled but the problem continues to occur.*jb
 A couple of months ago i took my vehicle in for several complaints and a repair under warranty. i explained to the dealer the loud fan noise, loss of power during this noise, which happened occasionally upon start up and disappeared after a mile or two of travel. at this time i was told they could not locate the problem. now the noise is constant. i had a mechanic drive it during this noise and he indicated it was a failed clutch fan. in my research to find a tsb (aka technical service bulletin) related to my issue, i was able to find such a bulletin, amongst many customer complaints with the same issue. *jb
 Air conditioner cooling becomes intermittent. gm dealer commented that they have been having a number customer complaints about this issue and have been having of a lot of problems with the fan relay sensor and the cooling fan clutch. repair calls for replacement of entire fan assembly and sensor/switch. cost of repair approx $1,000. *tr
 Already replaced the fan clutch at 39000 miles. it cost me close to $800, $300+ for the new fan , and $400+ for labor. the dealer installed the new computer software. now at 42700 miles the fan clutch, the thermostat broken. the bad news, i shipped this envoy to the dominican republic , already talking to the local dealer. my question to all was, in observation of all the fan clutch problems, did this require a recall. now , that i knew about so many people having this problem, either the dealer and gmc refund me for the first fan clutch and repair or replace with current one, or i will definitely sue them. has anyone taken this action? *ak
 Engine tended to rev at a high level until warmed up. finally would not come down to a normal level due to a failed fan clutch. vehicle was out of warranty, and dealer quoted $800 for repairs. had the fan clutch replaced independently, which now has us back to the original high level of revving for several minutes before running normal. disappointed to see the number of similar failures, and yet the dealer acts like this is an unheard of event. *jb
 I drive a 2002 gmc envoy and for the last 2&1/2 years during the summer, i usually notice that the fan seems to run very frequently. after a few minutes it usually stops and i don't think about it again until we restart it. we've taken it to two different dealerships including the one we purchased it from and they tell us there is nothing wrong with the car-it's just hot outside and the engine needs to be cooled by the fan so it runs longer and louder. today, i took it in because it would not quit running and my check engine light came on. they want $700 to fix the fan clutch which we've been trying to tell them wasn't operating correctly this whole time. *nm
 Last year (2005) the clutch fan locked up and stayed locked up until we took it to a gm dealer. they said there was a bulletin on this and the pcm needed to be re-programmed. that solved the problem. the vehicle looses power, won,t shift properly and this happens without notice. one minute it's fine and then it's not. now one year later the same problem has occurred. this is ridiculous!! i now have to take it to a dealer and pay to have it re-programmed. if this is a continuing problem, i don't understand why gm can't just replace the chip that holds the code, and be done with it. *nm
 1) periodic loud, but not sustained, engine fan roaring noise for 1-2 years. 2) noise finally would not stop and was diagnosed as seized fan clutch, after warranty expiration. 3) replacement of cooling fan clutch at a cost of $630.16 on a vehicle with only 37,188 miles. *jb
 In my 2002 gmc envoy, i have had to replace my engine fan clutch 3 times. after research on different forums, there seems to a problem with this part. *jb
 Dt: contact owns a 2002 gmc envoy. contact was driving on road fan sped up and the heat went up. contact took vehicle to dealer, and they told her to replace the fan clutch motor. the piece to fix the vehicle cost $350. a local mechanic fixed the problem. no crashes. no police reports. incident date october 1, 2005. *ak
 I am writing to file a complaint regarding my 2002 gmc envoy. it has 46550 miles on it and the fan clutch has failed on it. after searching online i noticed that this seems to be a very common problem with these vehicles i.e. gmc envoy/chevy trailblazer. the dealership is offering to fix it for 900.00. i will have it fixed, i don't have a choice, but i will keep the old part just in case anyone ever needs to see it. i'm hoping that one day your agency will se that this is a real problem with these vehicles and recall them. thank you. *nm
 When engine fan comes on vehicle slows down and won't shift to a higher gear. the dealer says this is normal operation for this vehicle. *ak
 This is my second letter to your company gmc. plain and simple all i am looking for is the value of my investment. i have no desire to get anything free nor am i just trying to get a new vehicle. the 2002 envoy i purchased from you a year and a half ago would be fine if i did not have so many problems with it. about a month ago it had to have a new motor and this past week it had to go back to the shop to have a fan replaced at a cost of $800. i expect that next month i will be paying $500 plus dollars for some other repair. i knew that once this repair was done to the most important system of the vehicle i would have major problems for as long as i have this envoy. i am not going to allow this company to keep me in this situation. this is my final attempt to reason with gmc to work out some way for me to get a dependable vehicle that affords me the years of service any reasonable person would expect for a 30k investment. my gmc sr # is 1-5521-9927. i am quite aware of your assertion that you replaced the engine out of warranty free of charge. i would counter that claim by saying that the problems with the engine started long before the warranty expired. i have the service contract to show this. my point is i am still stuck with a 2002 gmc truck that has suffered a major engine failure and all the problems that come with that failure and this is just 2003. i would also say that the very fact that the engine failed so soon does not speak well of this vehicle or your company. i hope this is not the standard you have established for your vehicle. now only a few weeks after the engine is replaced i am faced with the truck going back to the shop for a major repair. i still have not mentioned the other problems i have had with the envoy. letters to the better business bureau,and consumer protection agency will also be written. please send me a written response to this letter. kelvin oneal buck, customer
 Transmission does not seem to downshift; loud fan noise with loss of power; hard shift into gear from start; missing rear seat latch to hold down seat and easily wobbles when shaken; hook for latch is present but no latch present seems to be design flaw. *ak
 Service engine light illuminates, engine cooling fan engages, engine power greatly reduces and transmission shifts improperly. loud noise from computer controlled engine cooling fan. vehicle will not accelerate or shift properly when driving with fault. fan clutch replaced, computer programming changed with no success of fixing problem. gmc refuses to buy back vehicle. dealership indicates this problem is occurring on all 2002 gmc envoy's at varying levels mine being worse case. vehicle is unsafe for use in any traffic situation as the problem manifest itself rapidly with severe loss of engine power, loud noises from engine and poor shifting and acceleration.*ak
 2002 gmc envoy slt. engine stalls at highway speeds. loss of power brakes and steering. engine will not restart for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. this is the 5th time that this has happened to me in the past 4 years. 4 times on the freeway and once on a surface road. this time i was with my wife and 11 month old daughter. i was not able to pull the car over to a safe location. i ended up in the left shoulder in next to the fast lane with only about a foot of space to my right where the cars were whizzing by. i cannot tell you the terror that i felt, as my daughter was in her child car seat on that side as the cars passed honking. this vehicle is very unsafe. i have read many internet postings and it appears that this problem occurs often with this make and model, yet whenever i take the vehicle to the dealership all i get is: no codes are displayed, we can
 Severe loss of engine power, loud noises from engine and poor shifting and very poor acceleration. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving 20 mph a noise was heard from the engine and the clutch fan was sticking. the vehicle was taken to an independent repair shop for inspection. the mechanic determined the clutch fan needed to be replaced. the clutch fan was replaced and the manufacturer was alerted.
 Driving on road and heard loud clattering noise and then engine died. lost all power! brought to dealer by flatbed and found camshaft broke off due to loss of oil. dealer is supposedly fixing problem. 35,000 miles on it. just bought in march of 04. we think it is engine defect. *jb
 Driving on the interstate at 70 miles per hour, without warning the engine stalled. no crank and the car would not restart. panel lights operational, abs and emergency brake warning lights illuminated. car is currently at dealership awaiting repairs.*ak
 I have a 2002 gmc envoy. it suddenly dies at highway speeds. no engine, no brakes, no steering. and won't restart for 30 or 40 minutes. this has happened 6 times, the last 2 on i-99 and the washington beltway, where i was nearly killed by the truck behind me. while searching the net , i discovered about 12 other owners of the same vehicle who experienced the same problems. the dealer can find no problem and gm refuses to help. after a month in the shop, my envoy was returned to me without a fix. the dealer says gm will offer no consideration. i called gm customer relations, talked to a monica cox, no help. subsequent calls to her were not returned. this is a very dangerous vehicle as i have experienced more than once. i don't know how long my luck will hold out. the date of the event that i will indicate below will be for the last episode and is approximate. the vehicle was used but had less than 1000 miles on it when i purchased it. 953 to be exact. *la
 Re odi#10026102: vehicle with stalling problem brought to dealer who detected no defect. dealer unable to rectify problem. i hope stalling problem does not occur at highway speeds as it has with other vehicles, same make and stated wandering driverside mirror fixed. we'll see.*ak
 While waiting to proceed in traffic with foot on brake and car in drive, engine suddenly stalled out and was unable to be restarted. also, driverside mirror keeps resetting when unlocking the automatic doors. wipers don't function properly when in intermittent mode. car is at dealer now, hopefully they can resolve this. *ak vehicle is equipped with rainsense automatic rain sensing wipers. rainsense works only when in intermittent mode. settings adjust sensitivity of wipers but not frequency. wiper fails to make a complete smooth pass across windshield. they stop several times during their sweep and stutter. after a few second pause they resume their sweep. wipers work fine when set to standard high or low wiper settings. *kmb
 Vehicle's air bag light keep flashing/ vehicle running on high rpm's. *mr air bag sensor replaced and calibrations had to be updated. additional problems included faded window moldings, loss of power and steering. ignition switch and fuse block was replaced. inoperative power mirrors. parts had to be ordered. consumer was upset with the number of problems experienced with vehicle and the number of recalls on this new suv. *tt *jb
 02/11/02 4,667 miles everything shut off. engine stopped while driving. restarted at 2000 rpm with lots of noise. 05/29/02 7,463 miles vehicle died and would not restart until after 15-20 minutes 06/05/02 7,664 miles vehicle died while driving and would not restart until after 15-20 minutes 11/13/02 11,528 miles backing out of driveway engine died. would not restart. towed in. 06/10/03 17,865 miles died while driving. dealer did not even look into this. 06/14 to 06/18/03 18,000 to 18,214 miles car off road for 5 days due to engine died while driving. i referenced ecas and pcm problem nhtsa defect summary ea03007. dealer tells us no-one else has had this problem. suggests driving round dealership until problem occurs, and then calling them. don't try to start until they come out (never mind we're in the middle of a busy road and in the evening time when they are closed). we are lucky we were not rear-ended this last time. gmc refuse to replace ecas wiring bundle and pcm solution per ea03007. help!!! help!!! please help!!! *nlm
 February 2003 engine failed at only 8,000 miles. driving at 45 miles an hour, without warning engine stop and car shut down. dealership had to replace engine. i have had several problems since and nothing corrected. dash board lights/computer does not work at times. very loud wind noise while driving. now loud noise coming from engine and dealership cannot fix 100%. this is the first time i have ever felt this unsafe in any vehicle. manufacturer gave and extension on the replaced engine but that does not make me feel safer. i have contacted manufacturer on several occasions. when they do not do anything about all the problems, you cannot complain or go any further than clerk working on your case. even if you mail in a complaint about the clerk, your complaint will only go as far as that clerk assigned to your case. *jb
 Vehicle stalls intermittently while driving. dealer has serviced 4 times, but has not been able to duplicate or diagnose cause.*ak
 The vehicle stalled without warning. *jb
 I am concern about safety defect that exist in my gmc envoy 2002. i own this vehicle since march 2002 (1 year) and it stalled 5 times already when driving. it happend 3 times when i stopped my vihicle at red traffic light and 2 times when breaking to slow down, driving downhill before a curve. this 2 times have scared me so much that i am affraid to use this car again. i drive cars for 28 years and nothing like that has happend to me in my life. engine stops working, all lights go out and there is no control over the car whatsoever. i am happy no one got hurt in those incidents. this car has only 16k miles on it and has been in service numerous times already, including power steering leak - 2 times repaired. i do not think driving this car is safe and for that reason i cannot use it anymore.
 The engine failed in the middle of a busy road. the low engine power light came on, followed by service engine soon light and then the vehicle lost all power. towed to the dealer. problem was cylinder sleeve flew out and damaged the engine. required a new engine. vehicle had 15000 miles on. gm offered to do whatever it takes to keep me happy and loyal. i request from them to credit all the payments i made on this vehicle to the purchase of 2003 escalade . they counter offered an extended warranty for 60,000 miles. i said no. i am buying a land cruiser this weekend. no more gm cars. the worst. including the high end cadillac . just review the complaints on this site and you will see for your self.
 We experienced, like a lot of people who posted complaints with nhtsa about engine failure in envoys that are not even year old or over 10,000 miles. we had an experience with our 2002 envoy where on thurs. 12/19 my husband was accelerating off of a take off ramp onto the beltway and all of a sudden he heard a loud clattering noise. he pulled over to the shoulder and could not go any further. we had it towed to the gmc dealer and they determined that there was a drive train failure with pieces found down to the six cyclinder head. they are replacing the engine with an updated engine, which means to me that there was a problem with the first run engines. according to complaints posted to your website this has happened to lots of people. when is the recall coming? stopping abruptly in the middle of the highway is very dangerous. does it take someone to get killed before a recall can be done? we are in negotiations with gmc at this time. i would like a response to my e-mail.
 Engine died at high speed on highway, fortunately no accident. engine had to be replaced by gm due to defective manufacture, piston ring slipped and damaged drive shaft. extremely frustrating experience dealing with gm.
 2002 gmc envoy engine stalls while stopped at traffic light. sometimes a near-stall condition occurs whereby the engine idle dips really low, engine shudders, then idle recovers. this usually happens just before or after the air compressor for the rear suspension inflates. so far the pcm, throttle body, and ignition switch have been replaced. dealer is currently making 4th attempt to fix problem. problem has been occurring since 8/2002.
 Engine failure due to manufacturers factory defect to one or two pistons in the engine. engine was replaced by leith gmc service center on 05/10/02 with a new engine.
 Upon being inspected at the nearest local dealership, the #6 piston was found to have splintered a half moon piece off the top of the piston head. this in turn popped the cylinder sleeve retaining ring from the top of the cylinder when the piston came up. with the ring removed, the cylinder sleeve also rose outside of the cylinder wall and was caught by the piston on the downward travel. the complete engine was replaced. vehicle was in the shop for 20 days. the dealer's shop foreman checked the records and found that 150 other engines will be directly affected with a possible 180 probably affected.*ak
 When starting the truck there is a very noticeable ticking sound coming from the front of the engine. the ticking will continue until the vehicle warms or for a max. of 3-5 min. accelerating the engine will not stop the ticking. inquiries revealed other envoy owners are experiencing the same problem. what is the causing the problem. reply needed as soon as possible. *ak
 The engine of my 2002 gmc envoy has stalled twice in the last month while i was driving the vehicle, both time jeopardizing my safety. the first stalled happened while i was making a left turn at night. it stalled and stopped while i was in the oncoming lane on a bend where traffic speed in 75 mph. luckily no oncoming traffic came before i pushed the car off the road. the engine finally started after about 10 ignition attempts. the second stall happened on the freeway while i was drive at 65 mph. the engine just shut down. i steered to the side of the road. the engine started after i let it rest a minute. 've took the car to a gmc shop after each stall. the first dealer told me they couldn't find anything, that it was probably bad gas. the second dealer said they couldn't duplicate the situation so they can't diagnose the problem. *ak
 Service engine check light keeps coming on and dealer can't seem to fix. gas milage has dropped. also, doors rattle and air whistles through windows. dealer says they can't do anything about it. intermittent grinding in transmission. dealer can't fix.*ak
 While passing another vehicle we lost engine power, no acceleration power, foot had gas pedal all the way to the floor. we were facing a car head on and a ravine on the left. the car we were passing realized there was a problem and we were able to manuver back into the right lane without being hit. we stopped and waited and then tried to restart and was able to have engine power and gas return. i called the dealership and they first told me it must have fixed itself. i was really afraid this would happen again and requested they take the vehicle and run a computer history to see if it stored the code. they confirmed that the throttle body was defective. dealer replaced. i reviewed your website and see all of the same complaints about stalls, engine failure, no acceleration. i contacted gm and requested they take my vehicle as trade in on 2003 yukon that had 2500 miles but, was comparable to my 2002 envoy. i would be back in a 5 year note but, i would feel much safer. the gm complaint clerk i was assigned told me there was not anything he could do because my vehicle was repaired and still under warranty. but, he called the dealer and told them he would allow me a $1000.00 cash voucher to use toward the purchase of a new vehicle. i did not ask for a new vehicle, i was willing to trade for the 2003 but this is a slap in the face. they didn't even want to give me the trade in value on my envoy. i would have then been upside down in a vehicle loan. this is the worst service and treatment i have ever received. these vehicles are dangerous..just look at the complaints for the same problem. we were so close to being killed!! do something! i really hope you will do something to help the consumer before someone does die. (this veh was in the dealer in july and i complained then that i was getting 14mpg in town and 18 on the hwy. they tried to sell me an engine flush. i no longer feel safe in this vehicle.
 Engine has to be replaced much hastle. dt
 Engine stalls for no apparent reason. i have contacted dealership and they can find nothing wrong. i advised them of a recall regarding the fuel system that may affected the problem. says they replaced the fuel filter. the first time i took it in, they said that it was the ignition switch. also transmission makes a very loud noise when attempting to take off at times. it sounds like an engine fan that will not go off. there is a major lost of power when this problem is occuring. i bought this car as a program car, with @ 11, 000 miles on it already. i've had problems with it from day one. i have only had it a few months. i am extremely irritated with this engine problem. this is extremely unsafe. dt
 Consumer states that while driving the rpms would rev up; vehicle looses power. please provide any further information. *mr
 Engine failure-car stalls out while driving in traffic for no apparent reason. on 1 occasion, after pulling over to side of road vehicle was able to be restarted, other times it was towed to dealership. have taken back to dealer 3 times where computer system was changed out but problems are still occuring. contacted gm hdq in detroit, sent area zone manager who states nothing wrong with vehicle and refuses to buy back vehicle. i fear for my safety as well as my life when driving this vehicle. have noticed numerous complaints for this same problem, please help to take these dangerous vehicles off the road.*ak
 Consumer states while driving at highway speeds the vehicle shut off and the brakes where not working nothing was working except for the steering, the consumer waited five minutes and then the vehicle started up again. contacted dealer, the dealer found a loose engine control module.*jb
 Without warning vehicle will stall out and die. dealer has been notified. please provide additional information.*aki
 The engine shut down with out warning while the consumer was driving at 75 mph. *yh
 While driving at highway speeds the vehicle stalled out and died. the service engine light and reduce engine speed indicator lights came on before stalling. the manufacturer was contacted. the dealer has not determined the failure. *jb dealer replaced the entire engine. dealership stated gm would not allow them to replace the parts that broke in the cylinder. *jg
 *april 3, 2002  i took a co-worker to lunch that afternoon when upon returning to our place of employment the vehicle stalled without notice. i was traveling southbound on route 17 in allendale, which is a divided highway. all power to the engine was lost, including control of the acceleration, anti-lock brakes and power steering. i was able to coax the vehicle into the company parking lot but was unable to restart the vehicle. *may 6, 2002  i was on my way home that evening and the vehicle stalled without notice. i was traveling northbound on booton rd in lincoln park, with is a four-lane road. all power to the engine was lost, including control of the acceleration, anti-lock brakes and power steering. i was able to coax the vehicle onto a side residence street but was unable to restart the vehicle. *may 9, 2002  i was on my way home that evening and the vehicle stalled without notice. i was about to turn onto booton rd in wayne and was completely stopped at an intersection. prior to the light change, the engine stalled and i was unable to restart the engine. as a result i was blocking an intersection that was an outlet for route 23, a divided highway. after 20 minutes, the police came and blocked off traffic behind me. i subsequently had the vehicle towed. *may 11, 2002  i was on my way to a car wash in wayne after picking up the vehicle that morning. i had traveled approximately sixty miles from the time that i picked up the vehicle. i was next in line to receive a car wash and the vehicle stalled without notice. all power to the engine was lost, including control of the acceleration, anti-lock brakes and power steering. *may 24 - i was traveling south on nj turnpike to newark airport. i stopped to collect the toll entry ticket when the vehicle stalled. i pushed the vechicle to the 'unprotected' center median, between two lanes of opposing traffic.*ak
 When the car had 4500 miles, the engine stopped running when i was driving at 40 mph -- there were no warning signs or other problems beforehand. the car would not restart immediately - nothing happened when i turned the key -- then, after 45 minutes it started but the engine was very noisy and power to accelerate was very poor. the dealer fixed the noisy engine by recalibrating the pcm but they said no fault codes were registered in the car's computer so they can't figure out why the car stalled. i advised them about nhtsa recall campaign # 02v121000 fuel:fuel filter line where the symptoms were very similar to mine. they said there was no gm recall and there was no problem with my fuel filter fitting. the stall occured on 5/14/02 and i have driven 600 miles since then without incident. i called the gmc # listed in the recall notice on 5/24/02 and they said no recalls applied to my car (which was mfg'd in 9/01) and they had no knowledge of the nhtsa recall campaign # 02v121000. i'm concerned that whatever caused my car to stall while driving will reoccur and it is dangerous trying to pull over across traffic lanes to the shoulder without engine power or power steering.*ak
 Vehicle lost power with owner 1 traveling down a hill at 35mph, then stalled again with owner 2 traveling at 60mph. brought to dealer, said couldn't replicate problem. also said unaware of any bulletins and that they called technician assist and no one knew of any similar problems. *ak
 At highway speeds vehicle will stall. when this happens it causes ignition switch to burn out. consumer stated airbag light illuminated.ak tt
 While driving about 45 mph, engine will suddenly stall without prior warning. has happened twice. has contacted dealer . *ak consumer added this condition has happended 3 times, dealer changed board in the computer system, however consumer does not feel that the problem is remedied. *tt
 Vehicle stalled in stop and go traffic. vehicle at dealership at this time.*ak *slc
 While driving 75 mph brake light illuminated indicating a malfunction. vehicle than shut completely down, causing loss of all power. please provide vehicle indentification number, and any further information. *ak
 While driving t 75mph brake light illuminated indicating a malfunction. vehicle then shut completely down, causing loss of all power. please provide vehicle identication number, and any further information. *ak
 While operating vehicle at about 75 mph in fast lane vehicle lost power, almost causing an accident. loss of engine power/ steering power, and once vehicle came to a stop. dashboard illumination showed brake check valve defect. *ak
 While driving, car suddenly shut down completely with no warning. second problem: transmission failed while towing 3300 lbs or less on two separate occasions. *ak
 Engine dies with no notice at highway speeds (twice within 500 miles). *ak
 Vehicle has stalled in traffic five times while traveling between 55 and 60 mph. dealership has examined vehicle, and could not reproduce the problem. *ak vehicle also stalled once while at idle and in park. dealership has replaced computer with no significant improvement, vehicle has been seen by dealer six times. nlm
 When driving and without any prior warning vehicle suddenly stalled, causing loss of all power. problem has occurred five times since purchase date. consumer has contacted dealer.*ak consumer states after each filure, vehicle does not shift properly, the engine must reach a high rpm to shift transmission, even after shifting engine, the transmission makes an excessive noise, vehicle acts if though it is pulling heavy load, symptons persist for 40 to 50 miles after failure.*jb
 Smell of burning plastic coming from underside of vehicle. unknown if heat source is exhaust system or brakes. *ak