Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Normal driving conditions. malfunctioning/erratic speedometer, resulting in speed 30 mph over actual speed verified via gps navigation. no repairs completed. *tr
 My speedometer failed on my 2004 gmc yukon denali. there is a recall on the instrument cluster for this for model year 2003-2006, but only up to 80,000. i had 104,000 when the incident happened on my vehicle. it cost me $600 to get this diagnosed and replaced. i consider this a safety issue and it should not have a limit on mileage. not knowing how fast you are going can cause problems on an interstate highway. by driving to slow, one can cause other drivers to erratically pass and zoom by you or driving to fast can cause other drivers to hurriedly get out of your way and cause accidents. this is more than likely the cause of a speeding ticket i got back in may 2009. it possibly was acting up, but didn't completely fail until july 2009. *tr
 Speedometer cluster failed. gm is covering the malfunction up to 70,000 miles. i have 80, seems that this is a very common malfunction. gm won't cover over 70,000 miles. its a safety issue if your speedometer quits working. *tr
 In the instrument cluster on my 2004 gmc yukon, the speedometer hangs up indicating a higher speed than actually traveling. initially, the problem occurred at intervals greater than 6 months but seems to be recurring much more frequently - every 2 weeks or so. upon initial problem being noticed, i found that other model year yukons had this issue and were repaired, possibly under recall but my model year was excluded. *tr
 The speedometer is not functioning correctly, especially in cold weather. the speedo seems to stick and reads incorrectly. it happens daily and has not been fixed. *tr
 2004 gmc yukon denali: speedometer needle does not work; auto has 61,750 miles. safety hazard which should be a recall correction by gm. *tr
 We purchased our gmc denali used in july 2007. in june of this year i noticed sometimes that when i would look at the speedometer it would say that i was doing about 40 mph, when i knew that i was not going that speed. i was keeping up with traffic when i first noticed it and the speed limit was 55mph. about a month later i noticed that the speed odometer would say i was not moving at all that my speed was 0, and i would be driving at the time. then in july of this year we were coming back from a family day trip and we were pulled over for speeding. the officer informed us that we were going about 55 when the speed limit was 40. according to the speed odometer we were going the speed limit. now when i drive the vehicle i am either go no speed at all or the speed odometer starts going crazy or gets stuck at 40mph. i have not been able to fine any recall on this matter. *tr
 Speedometer has intermitten failure. it registers incorrect speeds (often showing 80 moh when parked) or does not work at all. *tr
 For the past 2 weeks my speedometer needle has been getting stuck. once i hit 60mph, it gets stuck there. when i turn off the car it stays at 60 so it acts as if it's at 0mph. at that point it looks like i'm going 100mph when in reality i'm going 40mph until it gets stuck past 120mph. after a few days it starts slowly dropping. it's amazing that this problem has not been taken care of after many many complaints from owners. i will make sure to give negative reports to anyone looking to buy a gm vehicle as well as to potential used gm owners. *tr
 On the date listed below, my speedometer began to register incorrect speeds. it then became stuck on 70 mph when my vehicle was stopped. it has not stopped working all the way and is stuck at 140mph. while at my local dealership getting my oil changed, i asked an attendant if he was getting many speedometer repairs for my make/model. he stated that he has replaced many and that the problem is a faulty step motor?? i asked the service manager if there were any recalls and he stated he was not familiar with any problems. he stated he would fix my speedometer for approximately $400. the service tech stated the motor costs $10. i have read a few threads on the topic and there seems to be a serious problem, and not the proper response from the maker. basically a defective part and a car company making lots of money to repair it. vehicle i own is a 2004 yukon denali. *tr
 My 2004 gmc denali has some serious problems with the speedometer and gas gage not showing correct readings. speedometer shows 50,60,70 when you are only going 30. sometimes on the highway i am passing everyone and have no clue as to how fast i am going. i can be going pretty fast just setting stopped at a stop light sometimes. and i have no clue as to how much gas i have anymore. they sent out a letter that stated that they would fix this and extended the warranty for 7 years or 70,000 miles whichever comes first. well my vehicle has 108000 miles on it, because i bought it to travel in and we drive it. they don't consider this a safety issue, so no recall. since when does driving 90 miles an hour when you think you are going 70 not a safety issue? or perhaps running out of gas in the middle of nowhere and freezing to death. *tr
 Erratic readings with offsets in the speedometer. *tr
 Speedometer on my 2004 yukon xl denali has failed. *tr
 Tl* contact owns 2004 gmc yukon denali. the vinyl on instrument panel and console between seats is peeling. dealer stated that the failure is not covered under warranty. current mileage is 75,600 updated 01/08/08 *bf the consumer stated the right axle was leaking. the blower motor was replaced. the odometer was off. it was reading 1 mile faster than the actual speed the consumer was driving. the consumer stated the transmission was slipping when shifting from reverse to drive. updated *jb
 2004 yukon denali speedometer malfunctioned causing wrong speed readings. *tr
 While driving home the speedometer stopped reading any speed. it slowly drifted down to 0 mph. while driving i accelerated thinking that i was loosing speed only to finally realize that the speedometer was malfunctioning. the car has 70,000 miles on the odometer which i am assuming is accurate. this is a very dangerous item to have fail. this could easily caused an accident when approaching a curve the driver would think that the car is traveling slower than it actual. makes an ominous clicking noise. this am on the way to work appeared to be functioning normally!!! very strange and definitely not professional grade. *jb
 Purchased car may 24, 2007 with 68004 miles. on may 25th speedometer started sticking and then stopped working altogether. then working sporadically. was clocking 0mph on highway when estimated speed probably 60mph. have not done anything to repair yet. seems like a defect as per hundreds and hundreds of complaints on line.
 Speedometer started reading 120 mph sitting still right after car was out of warranty i am not alone with this problem there are tens of thousands just like mine with no gm recall this item needs to be recalled it is dangerous driving with no accurate speedometer. *jb
 Tachometer will not stay accurate ,slowley works it way up to be pegged at 6500 rpms with engine off, then it will return to normal and start over.*ak
 2004 yukon denali xl. faulty instrument cluster ( wrong mph readings) on my 2004 denali. not under warranty. had to pay gmc to replace. faulty fuel readings. possibly tank bad sensor. gmc needs to recall these items or offer refunds to those who fixed problems with own money. *jb
 Speedomter is broken, began reading erratic highs speeds, now peggeg out above 120 mph and does not move. occasionally makes a slight clicking sound. *nm
 Speedometer is jumpy and inaccurate. *nm
 Driving down freeway in 2004 gmc denali and the speedometer stopped working. it now works only erratically, along with the tachometer. *jb
 Speedometer stopped working. *nm
 I have two gm vehicles, a 2003 tahoe & a 2004 denali. both vehicles started having speedometer problems this week. standing still the speedometer reads 30+ mph, start moving & they are reading well over 120 mph. i no longer have any idea how fast i am traveling in either of my vehicles. this is unsafe & gm should immediately recall all affected vehicles & fix this problem quickly. i have 8 children & would like to know that i am driving at a safe speed at all times. *nm
 Speedometer sticking and reporting incorrect vehicle speed. speedometer would consistently drop over the course of the trip and finally it will report 0 mph while the car is in motion on an interstate. temporary fix is to pull over and turn the car completely off and try again. it works for around 60 miles and problem starts all over again. dealer suggested to replace instrument cluster which will cost any from $250-350. this is a common issue per my research online. there are many ebay vendors that specialize in this and charge good money. *jb
 The speedometer does not read the correct speed. it doesn't start at zero. once it read lower than the actual speed but usually it is higher. *nm
 Speedometer is erratic and/or just gets stuck after expiration of vehicle warranty. i was told i would have to replace the entire instrument panel at approx cost of $1,000.00. *jb
 2004 yukon denali xl 43,800 mi. speedometer failure. this seems to be a common failure.*jb
 My speedometer broke at 51,000 miles. i have talked to 5 other yukon,tahoe owners who have had the same problem. *jb