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07187A09/01/200807187B10026542Gmc: some vehicles could develop a condition where one or more of the instrument panel gauge needles may stick, flutter, or become inoperative. csc letter received. updated 11/6/08. *pe11/06/2008
0718709/01/200807187B10023585Instrument panel cluster gauge needle function may cause inaccurate readings on some 2003-2004 cadillac, chevrolet, and gmc vehicles. *nj updated 2/5/08. *nj updated 9/5/08. *pe updated 11/4/08. *pe01/10/2008

Consumer Complaints

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 2003 gmc yukon xl with 118,000 miles on it recently began to have a malfunctioning speedometer, especially in cold weather. i was about to get itt repaired, when i learned from another owner of 2 yukon/suburban suvs that the same thing happened to their vehicles at about 100,000 miles. if this is a systemic issue in that class of vehicles, there should be a recall and a company-initiated repair of the issue. it is unsafe not to know one's speed. *tr
 Speedometer does not work right. i have had no luck getting it fixed and many people have same issue. *tr
 I have recently purchased a 2003 gmc yukon xl and since i bought this car i have had several problems with the speed odometer sticking at different mph or just not working all the way around. it was never the whole cluster that went out, just the odometer. i spoke to several different people i know that own anything from the gmc yukon to the chevy suburban (total of 9 people from texas to oklahoma) and each one of them have also had this same problem. i have recently got the problem fixed. to which the receipt from the dealership states they replaced the whole cluster. *tr
 Instrument panel inoperative recall notice for 7 years/70,000 miles, received after 71,000 miles even when problem started at 64,000 miles, all gauges go out at random and is interment. a call to general motors and an hour of time i was told nothing can be done i was out of recall notice mileage and i was out of luck and had to pay for the repair myself. *jb *updated 12/12/07 *bf updated 12/12/07 *tr
 All gauges in dash are not working. this problem has occurred since early 2006. took to the dealer to fix, but after several months the problem occurred again. when i would take back to the dealer of course it was working again and didn't need to fix the problem at the time. now however, it has been happening more frequently, ie. 3 times in the last 5 days. the other day we left the house and nothing was working, however when we left to go home the gauges were working again. then 2 days later everything was working just fine, then when i went to drive again nothing was working, but by the next morning everything was working just fine, until today again. *tr
 Speedometer first exceeded actual speed by 20 to 50 mph then would not work at all. called it to the attention of the dealer - ran diagnostics and said was fixed. 2 weeks later problem recurred - now they want $500 to $1000 to fix. asked if this is common problem they denied any issue however internet search reveals this is very common occurrence and has potentially serious hazardous impact. *jb
 Speedometer reads high, sometimes up to 60 mph when car if not running standing still. worse case was pegged at 120 mph +. *jb
 About a month ago my speedometer showed my husband doing 60 mph when in reality he was doing about 10. the next day it was fine. just this week it happened again - only this time it is reflecting anywhere from 80 - 120 mph no matter how fast you are driving or if you are stopped. since i first reported it at the second occurrence - at which i was 306 miles out of warranty - the dealer is charging me $575 to replace the cluster. *jb
 Speedometer will show 100 mph while driving 30 mph. very unsafe if you can't regulate your speed correctly to match the driving conditions. *nm
 The speedometer and oil pressure gauge on my 2003 yukon xl do not consistently operate correctly. gauges indicate speeds and pressures that are not correct. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving various speeds, the speedometer gauge stopped functioning without warning. the vehicle was inspected by a dealer who determined the entire instrument cluster panel needed to be replaced. the manufacturer was alerted.
 I have a repeating failure of the speedometer in my 2003 gmc yukon with 53k miles. while driving at normal speeds the speedometer will read 60-70 mph faster than actually traveling. while parked the gauge will stick at a random speed above 0. i feel this is dangerous because i am unable to properly know my speed while driving. i have read this problem is prevalent with gmc/chevy trucks and feel the manufacturer should repair my speedometer. *nm
 On my 2003 yukon xl, the speedometer exhibiting strange behavior such as indicating 120 mph at a stop sign etc. lowest speed is 90 mph when car is in park. *jb
 Speedometer acting erratically. when the vehicle is stopped, the speedometer reads anywhere from 30 - 80 mph. then when driving the speedometer goes past 120 mph while driving 30 - 50 mph. basically, does nothing but confuses the driver and i am not convinced that it is not tracking the mileage on the odometer as if you were traveling at the 120 mph rate.*jb