Goerlich Goerlich

Model Goerlich made by Goerlich got 3 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to tires. .

Model 9999

Consumer Complaints

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 Dot #bexotu51059 - vibration in steering caused us to have tires balanced. the next day, on the turnpike, the vibration & noise came back. soon after, the tire blew out. tread separated, but did not come off the tire. tread damaged fenderwell, fender, bumper, sidelight & trim.*ak (dot number: bexotu5105 tiresize: p225/60r16)
 Inside tire wall blew. noise like an explosion. no road hazard hit during history of car. manufacturer said damage had to be caused by road hazard since a defective tire never leaves their plant. they were not helpful.*ak (tiresize: 215/50zr16)( dot number: tire size: 215/50zr16 )
 Tires showed tread separation on sidewalls. *ak (tiresize: 17)( dot number: tire size: 17 )