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Model 2010

Consumer Complaints

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 While riding a harley davidson 2010 cvo convertable motorcycle on interstate 40 out of barstow ca the left saddle bag fell off the motorcycle.this bag is a new design.it attaches to the bike with a metal rod.this creates quite a hazard for motorcyles and vehicles behind the motorcyle.when we discovered the bag had came off we inspected the remaining bag and found it to be secure.20 more miles down the highway the second bag started coming off.we contacted our harley davidson dealer in modesto ca and they told my wife they had lost one off the same type year and make moitorcycle.we contacted haley davidsons corporate customer service and they had us take the bike to the closest harley dealer in mesa az.they looked at the bag and said there was nothing wrong with it.we lost the left bag on the highway when it came off and never was ever able to recover it.there was no way to inspect it.obviosly something is wrong.i am concerned someone is going to be injured or killed.often motorcycles ride in groups and this could be devistating.