H-d Switchback

Model Switchback made by H-d got 4 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference to fuel system, gasoline. .

Model 2012

Consumer Complaints

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 I purchased a new harley davidson dyna glide switchback motorcycle from a dealership in omaha, ne. on november of 2011. upon driving the motorcycle home and parking it inside my garage i noticed a strong smell of gasoline followed by gasoline dripping onto the garage floor. i occasionally rode the motorcycle weather permitting the next couple of days and continued to experience the gas smell and a dripping of gasoline from the motorcycle. i made a telephone to the dealership and they requested i bring the bike in for a check. the motorcycle leaks and drips gas from the gas tank vent line. to date, the motorcycle has been to the dealership to check this gasoline leak three or possibly four time. i've lost count of the number of times i've had the bike in the shop or called to complain. on 3-11-12, i again went to the dealership to complain and was told that they presently have 4 new harley davidson dyna gilde motorcycles on their lot and everyone is leaking gasoline from the gas tank vent line just as my motorcycle is. i was further told that the dealership called the harley davidson technical support line to report this problem and that the support line was aware of the problem but took little interest in the gas leak and offered the dealership no solution to fixing the gas leak. the dealership is now trying to correct this potentially dangerous situation on their own without assistance from the factory. leaking gasoline is extremely dangerous not only when operating a motorcycle but also when parked in an enclosed garage where any slight spark could ignite the fumes. the factory should address this problem immediately and find a solution before one of these leaking motorcycles ignites and causes property damage, injury or death. obviously there is an engineering problem not limited to my motorcycle but to all new harley davidson dyna glide models.